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  1. Dragon Nation

    He probably still lives there but it’s just all the layers of glitter that are covering the wall that makes it soundproof 😂😂

  2. Hannah Wilkinson

    This is my first Olan Rogers video. I came here from his portrayal of Box Death in Oscar's Hotel, and MY GOD HE'S AMAZING

  3. Brandon Alexander

    You really didn't give yourself away. The tapping that he heard previously could have been your upside down golf club tapping the ground he wouldn't have known. Great story.

  4. hannahkatebell

    I’m sick as frick and my diabetes is acting up. So of course it entire body is panicking because I can’t have a common cold without my diabetes freaking out. I feel like a phat pile of crap and I’m just watching your videos while laying in bed with a cup of tea and it’s making me smile and giggle. Thanks.

  5. benjamin murphy

    This is one of my favorite stories. (:
    Oh and the one part where he's just saying a light version of what sex is. That's awesome.
    "Two rhinos jumping on a Po-Go stick………………………….Together."

  6. Eagercheetah20 W

    Olan Rodgers you are one of my favorite story time YouTubers and you can always put a smile on my face and make me laugh and this belongs on r/pettyrevenge don’t know if it would be in r/prorevenge

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