Electric Dog Fence – Richard Stops His Dog from Escaping & His Neighbour From Threatening His Dog

Hey folks this is Cooper and this is
Richard. We’ve just finished installing a radio dog fence and Richard has a
quite a serious story actually… He’s had a very long journey trying to
keep Cooper from jumping the fences. So what happened? Yes! We just moved
in a couple of months ago spent about $10,000 so far on fencing and every
single point that he could get underneath the fence he has managed to
dig and get out and then yesterday unfortunately he dug underneath some new
fencing that we just put in to dug a hole and he got into the neighbor’s
garden and the neighbor threatened him we’re doing some serious harm with a
with a large knife. So yeah not so good. That’s crazy okay we won’t give you
the legalities of that but can you imagine having your neighbor chase the
dog back under your property wielding something similar to a machete that is
real serious stuff but look at the serious fencing that’s going on over
here this is like seriously seven foot fences down the bottom richard has
actually put wire from here down to here which is also very stretched along the
bottom but Cooper was still able to dig out and there’s rocks holding this down
as well and he’s so determined and the funny thing is Cooper wasn’t too
concerned about getting out of the last house this is only just since you moved
in and I’ve just finished training him and we’re still best buddies so he does
like me still so the training was done at a low level. Well how did you think
about the training? Yeah it’s good! I mean the thing that was interesting for me is
that his experience with the neighbors allegedly have a very aggressive dog and
as you can see he’s not I’m not exactly an aggressive dog and he loves Colin
immediately responded to the training effectively and yeah doing really well
the key is that we have such low levels on the collar it’s no impact of Cooper
and it helps him make his own decision not to go near the fences so now we have
a complete barrier all the way around the property. With Richard’s property
we went all the way around the boundary and you can’t get down the side or
through the house area but there is a gateway coming across that we actually
came inside and did that that side fence for you and made sure that you can get
through there so any way… all happy with the kit? Yes I’m happy hopefully Captain Houdini here can get a reformed character Cooper come and say goodbye.. come on… come on… come on say goodbye… oh you’re quite happy? Go and see… can’t you see I’m chewing a pinecone! okay so get in touch if you want to see some of the training videos we do have case
studies and then if you fill in that form you become a member and you can see
the training videos where you see dogs like Cooper being trained in
experiencing the radio signal for the first time with the low levels in the
collar. Anyway Thanks very much Richard great to meet you and thanks for calling
us and let us know if you need any help but you’ll be fine if you follow that
training guide okay thank you all right thanks guys see you next time

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