Empyrion Galactic Survival, S1EP3, Base Defenses, Using Workshop Factory, Setting up our production

what’s up everybody viper here back in
Imperium galactic survival and today we’re gonna go ahead and end up building
our first ship and hopefully getting our base set up I did quite a bit of digging
and using the little basics constructor that you get when you are you build it
in your survival constructor the portable constructor I was able to build
all the concrete I needed to be able to work on my base
hopefully my old base setup will continue working with the new updates
but I’m gonna put my solar solar arrays out there in the water I got a bunch of
these things that always keep spawning over here but they’re not that native
threat and then I’m gonna go go down in here I got to finish up stuff in here
but this is just basic and I went going way down run and run and run and run and
running and I’m gonna put a bunch of turrets in here and then I’m gonna have
my Constructors over here and I built this concrete just by going into this
basic constructor and then you can build your contra concrete blocks in these
things so I’ll have them all my construction stuff in here and I’m not
sure what I’ll do it here but i’ma put Auriemma put my core way down here so
hopefully if they attack they’ll target the core and I have some places above
the core that actually so I can play some some turrets so hopefully they’ll
be able to take them out and if they actually walk I’ll end up putting a
turret here as well and here and then doors with my cores right under here
I’ll end up armoring in this probably later on but I’m gonna put my Power
Generation over here and the solar battery things and then probably storage
over here and then I still have all kinds of room to be able to expand out
but I won’t be needing to go back and forth to that that area because with the
Imperium you can you can have stuff linked to your to yourself so you can
get your inventory just by standing on a block you don’t have that you don’t have
to actually go to the storage container and move stuff around and I’ll probably
put a hanger somewhere over here at some point just not once I get actual drill
hover vessel or something because I really don’t wanna have to
drill that out myself let’s took long enough just just what I did if they did
add some nice cool little texture blocks for uh and then once I could paint them
it’ll be a whole lot of it look a whole lot better and get some lights in here
right now I’ve been having to use my stupid flashlight or my drone which has
a flashlight on it for when I’m digging and stuff and you can also place blocks
with the drone too so it makes it quite a quite convenient for getting in high
places or places you can’t really get too but I’m going to go ahead and start
construction my shuttle I’m gonna go to the blueprints and I’m just gonna build
one of the basic ships and it’s this one I like usually building it’s relatively
cheap so you go to the factory and then you just start shoving your materials
into this center place right here and it’ll add it I guess Adams the wrong
number of iron ingots copper it’s like it
Carman substrate now let me go get some more stuff I am short some stuff don’t
leave that carbon substrate you can put more than what it needs but early game I
don’t want to put too much stuff in there cuz I need it so I’m just gonna
put the exact amount and you can if you select it with the left click you can
right click to put down individual pieces I need six more all right so we
got everything we need we’re gonna go ahead and start production and then it’s
just going to the timer’s just gonna go down right here and while that’s going
on I’m gonna go ahead and go to those mining those or nodes that are around
these three and I’m gonna finish mining them out but I got I’ll show you the the rest of
it where I have the the turrets already laid out where they’re gonna go and you
have to connect everything by a block if you want it to power for the power to go
up so everything is connected by a block but it’s it’s underneath all right
where’s it at it’s hard to see with the damn rain in so here we’re gonna put a
turret on each one of these let me see if I can get a higher view on each one
of these little pedestals I’ll put a turret and one on the top so I’ll have
five turrets here at least three of them will be able to shoot at any direction
and my core is directly below the center of this middle one but it’s all the way
down to the very bottom of the ground I miss one of these so hopefully this should be enough to
defend my base at least the first part of it let’s go mind some more so we can get
that off that ship will be done and then hopefully we could start building some
generators and some fabricators some storage and ham oh all the stuff we’re
gonna need to actually continue on I’m just putting those remove on wait
remove on approach waypoints all right then I’m gonna pull out my little drone
and we’re good to go I was still 37 meters over here now let me move my ship
I really like using this drone for any type of really mining you can Scout with
it when you go into MPC bases you can use it for scouting so you don’t have to
risk it and killed straight off the bat you can kind of scope out the area they
will target it and destroy it but you can just pull it another one so you’re
not losing your drums so I’ll bring you back in a second when I finish the
mining all this no doubt all right so that’s the copper node completely gone eventually when I get the better drills
I’ll try to close these up so I don’t fall in them but I can’t do it right now
let’s head over to what’s close to Silicon yeah silicon run over here to
the silicon go and kill these guys hey back off all right anymore you all right we’re gonna mine this out get
some good old silicone and I’ll bring you back in a second when
I finish for this one damn thing’s attacking all I’m trying to
work here we go my guys a little quickly begin a revenge
for me kill his buddies all right that’s it for the silicon
let’s go finish up the iron now those guys almost killed me just been using this nice little starter
our vessel and the holes over here know if that
holds me too far away I’m just gonna go right here I’m gonna
leave my hover vessel long that way I’m a little bit higher so hopefully nothing
will be able to mess with me here and then I’m just gonna go straight down
into the iron this little drone was such a lifesaver
when I actually figured out there was a drone in the game
I remember watching videos of people playing this game and I’m not secret
drone I was like where the hell’d they get this drawn from and finally I was
curious enough to actually look through the controls to find it all right that
completely gets rid of the iron that’s I head back to base and then we can start smelting this
stuff there is nice views in this game I definitely like the way the scenery is
in this game alright backhand I’m gonna go ahead and
sleep til daylight no way it’s a little bit easier to see get my flashlight out
once I built a suit I’ll have the the suit flashlight so I won’t have to use
this handheld one and if you hit up if you hit shift and click it it’ll give
you 10 but if you had shift or ctrl and click it it’ll give you a stacks of 100 get these melted down these bugs were
really freaking me out I thought there was something crawling all over my ass
my monitor earlier I don’t know feels you’ll see him I don’t know more more
when we’re down here but it’ll be like random bugs like spiders and stuff and I
was definitely weird I just saw her well I’m freaking out one
of the other alright I said uh blueprint about done that’s completed right here
so you go to the own once it’s done and then we’ll go upstairs and hit spawn it
in well that’s cooking here but with that uh that little small
vessel I’ll be able to defend my base even if I can’t get enough turrets I’ll
just have to build a bunch of minigun rounds and then I’ll be able to go and
actually Scout the base and stuff so I’m just gonna shove it up here actually
I’ll just those shove it down here I think it’s big enough alright so we’re
gonna go into your blueprints and then you go up here to own and you click this
and you get spawn and you can put it wherever wherever it’s green it lets you
put it and they’ll drop to the ground so this is a basic one I start with it’s
got a four mini guns on it and then you could put other stuff on it later but it
has a detector and everything you basically need these open up shows your
your ammo locker there’s no two station in it
Oh to tank fuel tank cargo has a fridge as well I then have a
construction constructor but that’s fine I don’t really need it right now let’s go ahead and put some gas in it
and if you heard that little weird click it just connected to the base so
eventually I’ll be able to go through the inventory and then which one is it
this one you can set it up for your base this is the prefab to your one small
vessel and you can go through their cargo boxes and you can move stuff it’s
really easy for inventory management this game but I’m gonna go to this
far-right one top one the control panel and I want to add some fuel so I’m just
gonna go to manage and I’m just gonna start dumping this stuff until it’s full
alright now I got a full tank let’s see how long that would give me 175 minutes
60 minutes so an hour flight time if I ever shot a little bit and I wait till it clicks and then I
turn it off and get out if I got something in the fridge then I might
leave it running and I might end up going into the control panel and turning
off the the thrusters and stuff like that just to try to save fuel but I
won’t need oxygen I’m not going out into space yet so don’t need that and this
pin tacks and doesn’t even have a shoot tank I don’t think it does some check if
you go to devices you can see what all is in it as one cargo box one ammo box a
bunch of different thrusters for Gatling guns and then you go to statistics
they’ll tell you a bunch of stuff about the the ship but one thing I do when I
first get a ship is I go to save template on the main screen that way
when I have a repair station later on I’ll be able to repair it to its
original form because it’s gonna take damage and I’m probably gonna have to
put put armor blocks back on it and if you don’t have this saved
it’ll just repair whatever’s on it but you’ll be able to save it or repair it
to a template if you have this saved so I always just try to save that all right
so now we can start constructing all the stuff we need for power and go from
there so let’s get down here we’re gonna need definitely some minigun
around so we can arm that little small vessel actually let’s go ahead and go to our
blueprints and figure out what we’re gonna need we don’t need an o2 station
right now we’ve got a fuel tank don’t need a gravity generator this is for
base like out in them space like a space station the whole the whole shields are
something that’ll be nice to say this will take less damage but we’ll be using
a lot of this pentoxide stuff and the only place to get that around here is to
go to the the moon and we got to get up to level 13 12 and 13 any way to use it offline protection that’s for
multiplayer same with the claim device they have elevators hangar doors
boarding ramps I don’t need any other stuff right now I’d like to get armored
doors plant lights that’s so you can grow inside I’m gonna need a small
constructor and a large control constructor I can advance and let me
build it in advance the furnace is where you can take all your or and it really
smells it down really fast they’re nice to have same with the Deconstructor it
lets you take the the crap you find and throw it in there and it’ll make it into
the parts it comes in to look you know got to get a cargo box I need an ammo
box I’ll need these controllers I don’t know if I really need those or not I
can’t remember good to have a medical device an armored
locker that way I’ll be able to make armor and then but you have to have this
armored Locker to be able to put it on or at least you used to also make sure
it’s still the same repair station I don’t need that right now I want some
large solar panels I want these projectile turrets this is
probably what I’ll make first off and maybe a couple century turrets if I got
enough so let’s go ahead and get that stuff building as this stuff yeah that’s
done alright I’ll shove all this stuff in
here and base I need a small generator a small constructor yeah I might as well build daddy’s fuck
while we’re at it where’s my armor weapons
I think unlock that let me unlock the light armor real quick it’s under
weapons light armor I just want a light armor so I can get a put my helmet on
and I’ll have a light and also have a Jump Jet like a jetpack all right so we
got the basic stuff done we’ve got a small generator fuel tank a small
constructor and then some body armor I’m gonna put my small constructor over in
here you can’t place it with against the wall because I have the these little
half walls so I got to place it away from the wall I’m gonna put it there and
then let me go put the generator and fuel tank down give me a sec I’m gonna
run down here alright I’m gonna put down my fuel tank
and you can rotate it to wherever you wanna however you wanted to look there’s
different sides on it and then I’m going to sub and then I’m gonna put my little
generator down and I guess I’m just gonna put it right
there for now if you go into your devices you can turn it off or on so
right now I’m just gonna turn it off until I get back to my other side of the
mat so I’ll be right back once I got everything constructed you
know the base really running I won’t have to be going back and forth all the
time all right so let me pull this stuff out of here all this materials and we’re
going to shove it in here I don’t know man I can’t do that I need to make a
storage first I should remember that and I need cargo box to make an ammo box to
you I’m just gonna make four of them right
now I’ll end up making I don’t know a whole lot of these maybe bringing in a a
couple of the different uh box vessels there’s like let me just pull it up so
you can see it there’s cargo like each one of these small vessels has a whole
bunch of different uh cargo on it and then you can dock it into like a mother
ship or your base and you can use that as a lot of storage all right so I got
my cargo boxes here I’m gonna put some ammo boxes on the other side and
eventually expand it out and put more cargo boxes I went ahead and tried these
little circular blocks but eventually I’m gonna change this out so I can
actually ride my bike through it I tried to ride my bike in earlier and I ended
up just glitching on top of the surface which is kind of weird but you cannot
use your bike for long you know if you got a long base or whatever you can get
on your bike and run through without any issues if you’ve got a decent sized
corridor see I don’t even have to be this big it
just be one block one block square you can use it just fine all right so now
you take go to your constructor and you go to your input and then you have like
cargo box and then cargo box one for your output or the same cargo box I like
to have different ones so now I’m gonna have to take this stuff and I’m not
gonna have to go all the way back to back down to where I put the cargo boxes
I could just go to this little tab here the logistics screen and then I switch
this down to base and I want the cargo box so now I’m going to shove all this
stuff into the cargo box and now it’ll start taking from that cargo box and then now I want to make a larger
constructor and find the ammo box where’s the ammo box cannot make an ammo
box in here looks like I need the other I need to
use a large constructor to be able to make the ammo box I can’t make 15
millimeter bullets in here which I believe that minigun takes
where’s the mini guns 15 millimeter bullets so I will queue up like ten of
those all right I’m gonna I need to turn the power on as I turned it off remember
so nothing’s constructing right now cuz the power is off so go back into here
and I’m gonna turn the power on and then now it’s it’s started constructing well
that’s build I’m gonna go ahead and put my lock her down oh shit I don’t know where
the hell I want with this I’m just gonna put it right here for now
I’ll probably end up moving it later but I’ll need to get another another tool to
be able to do that but to put your suit on you go to your locker and then you
put it in your armor so now I have armor and then you’ll be able to get these
edition like these boosters and stuff and you can put them in there so now I
have my armor I can use my my regular light without having to use this hand
hand one so you for me it’s just elf or light the hand one’s still a little bit
brighter but it’s convenient it’s to be able to hit the L and then you got J for
your jetpack and then you for Mia’s helmet so now my helmets off and how
much fun just thing done alright to get it out of here you’re gonna have to go
back into your your logistics and then I’m gonna pick cargo box to one take
that out as well put that down here and then man that’s gonna be a pain in the
butt to be able to get to that other stuff let’s go ahead and add another block
here just dig it down a little bit and then
I’ll put down this next little ro gopher that should be good enough and it
doesn’t really matter which way you have it positioned you’ll still be able to
use it but I like it this way because you can actually see the little consoles
and stuff alright so now we got the advanced constructor we got to do the
same thing where you put the input and the output so I need to make I need two
fences so we’re gonna make let’s just make two of these for now to projectile
turrets and they take these 30 millimeter bullets that means you get
for this seventy so I get seven hundred rounds
should be good enough I need to make a a most storage ammo box I only need one
for right now that’s that’s bad I’ll all mean and then we’ll look at our
resources and see if I can’t make some more and then a couple of these on a
couple small turrets as well sentry guns I think I’m gonna try to make one more
big turret as well so we got three large turrets and I think 700 rounds so let me
let this build I don’t know if I open the large doors but I’m gonna go ahead
and I get some armor doors at least one or two armored doors cuz right now like a bug or an animal
could just walk through my front door and come down here and start attacking
me and I’d rather avoid that if I could I can’t make an armored door I’m missing
materials all right it looks like I got most of the enough research that most of
my odd defenses in place so I’m gonna head in cute v turret some more bullets
and I have a capacitor solar which is like a solar battery I went ahead and
put two of those and then I have 15 solar panels in the queue but once the
stir is done I’m gonna go in place his stuff and add some bullets to it put the
turrets up put some doors up I need to get some more doors and I’d like to get
a medical device if I got enough room for it and a couple of these water
generators the water generators produce water and hydrogen gas and you need that
to make the better fuel types plus you get a neat oxygen for to be able to
breathe out in space and stuff alright let me go to my logistics so I can grab
this stuff alright I’m gonna go ahead and stick a turret right here you got
different types of visuals for the blocks so if you want
them to come out of the ground or you know I just sit there I’ll these are
projectile rifle rounds I need to get the different rounds I can’t use these
right here I use these I don’t know let’s try using these hopefully I can
get around it and then I need a door put a door right
here so they have to fight that uh that turret and then I’ll put a door right
here as well and another one of these turrets turn this thing around and then let’s put the solar cells down
I’m just gonna stack these on top of each other alright now I need my ammo box in so I’m
gonna shove over here and I’ll shove the ammo in it right now it’s just these
thirty millimeter bullets because I need to make a rifle projectile rounds for
these about that lost so many things but I’ll be able to add those rounds from
anywhere long as I’m connected to the to the logistic Center I’m gonna go ahead
and grab all the stuff out of here that’s hopefully built alright so we got
our solar panels and our turrets got ammo for my yep oh yeah let me put these
toys down and we’re going back upstairs he’s
having a hard time seeing where that a turret came out you can’t get in the
turrets and now look around so that should be well I don’t know how good
it’s gonna be but we’ll see hopefully nothing a little to come mess with me
anymore doors done I have any doors being made another thing you can do from
your devices is you go to your large constructor and hit access and you can
tell you can build stuff with you without even actually going into your
base as long as you’re on top of this bricks or something connected to it then
you can build like from way out over here let me go ahead and sleep sit start
alright so way out here as long as the blocks are connected in some way you can
get a hold of your logistics you can take stuff out of the boxes you can put
stuff in it you can go in and manage your construction constructors you can
add fuel you can you can do pretty much everything as long as you’re on some
type of blocks that are connecting everything we’ll put down these solar
panels and I think I’m just gonna make them go straight up in the air just
because I’m lazy it’s not gonna be floating and I don’t
want that floating one of these has uh there you can only put 15 solar panels
down so I like to put them in you know groups of five or three or something
like that all right so now I gotta add some more
concrete another good thing about this drone you can go in the water you’re
still probably going to have to have generators to be able to power
everything but depend on how much you’re using structure your different devices
and if you’re letting them recharge and only use it on certain times sometimes
you can get away with just using only solar now if you build a space station
solar is great now let’s go ahead and get in our ship and fly over to the
turret area I’m go ahead get my drone so I can put
down these other turrets it doesn’t really matter which way
you’re turning and facing the turrets that will orient themselves when they
need to all right we got the turrets going let’s
go back into the logistics and add the make sure the ammos in there so we’ve
got base and we’re gonna go to ammo box put that in there put these projectile
rifle rounds in there is there any more base nope I’ll probably have to make
some more of these projectile rifle rounds alright let’s reload these so each one will hold 300 rounds and
they got a decent amount of range on them 246 meters if you go into space the
range will increase and one thing I want to do is I’m gonna change these so I’m
gonna go to device and then I’m gonna go to these cannon turrets just start at
the top and then you have player faction NPC factions predator alien I’m gonna
turn this predator alien off that way they’re not wasting rounds on those
stupid spiders and stuff like that and I’m gonna do that with all of them the
ones inside out lady care cuz it’s if something gets in there I kind of wanted
to get killed so I’ll leave them predator alien I might even turn them on
prey as well just in case those little little stun fuckers get inside my base
on how and they’ll kill them all right we should be good you go manually reload
all these turrets now I just gotta wait for a drone attack to come and hopefully
the drones will come to my core and these turrets will be able to take them
out but the first one I’ll definitely be a around in my little vessel so I can
assist if I need to I need to load this thing up I need to go to prefab stick
all these rounds in it I want to turn my turrets and weapons on and now you see
they just popped out gonna do it from here and now they went back inside that’s kind of I think kind of a cool
little feature of the game alright turn the power back on what else we have build me I don’t know I need to expand this
little landing pad so I don’t have to uh so I can get around it easy and then be
able to land fully on it but eventually right above I’m gonna have a big hangar
doors that’ll open up somewhere around here and I’ll just be able to land all
the way down at the bottom so I have to walk about worried about walking all
these stairs and crap let me expand this out a little bit if you dig underneath
where the grass is you can get rid of the grass but I definitely forgot about
that I’ll worry about it later all right we good enough landing pad I
need to put down these uh these water generators and I’d like to have them
close to my little pad here that way I can collect this stuff without actually
having to get in the water and then I can put it directly into my inventory or
my boxes and then this needs fuel shift-click will bring everything over
there to fill it up alright that burned almost all my fuel
alright it’s another thing I’m gonna need to get is a harvester so I can
start making fuel a whole lot easier and I’m gonna modify this little crappy
thing to be able to be my harvester I’ll have to put a landing pad or whatever on
it hold on we find it off to put a docking pad on it so it’ll be able to
connect to my logistics just like everything else so I need to get a I need a cargo box for it I don’t need
these right now I need a harvester module the harvester module lets you cut
down trees so you can get a wood and I have a docking pad if you get this hover
boost it’ll make your vehicle be able to jump I don’t need it right now I’m gonna
open the Gatling guns cuz I might put one of those on it and then I need a
container or an wood and let me go and open the ammo as well and I’ll let me
unlock that and where’s the thrusters RCS and thrusters open up some of those
and might put some of those on it I’ll unlock this other stuff when I need it yeah let’s get a detector all right this thing on yes it’s on all
right let’s go down and make some stuff to be able to I don’t even know I’m
going down here I have logistics devices Lars constructor access going to hit the
the hover vessel I need a docking pad where’s the harvester I need a wormwood
container probably a car the locks not a weapon
yeah it’s a weapon Harvester module it’s gonna pick ten of those and some carbon blocks probably and a few
steel blocks let’s put an RCS on there I’ll put a couple of these make six of
these I guess you get some of these doors on now I have a respawn station as well and I’ll also kill you I mean you get
some food I’m stop it all right while this hover vessel stuff is cooking let’s
go get some some food real quick where’s my bike one thing I like about being by the
water is there’s a lot of these little vegetables these are good for making
those little emergency rations and there’s usually quite a few of those
laying around somewhere plus their spices and stimulants and all kinds of stuff around
the the water’s edge these guys will do quite a bit of damp run quite a bit of
damage but they’re not that hard to kill want to stay far enough away from him and he’s toast anymore you I know I’m
low on food calm down getting something the bane of my existence these little
fuckers you can drink milk from those uh those
big things that is killed a second ago they give you milk well that’d have been bad
that thing would have stunned me and then that big thing got me I need to make some guns as well one thing I haven’t done it make guns
get away oh never seen him actually eat me indigestion
really I’ll give me indigestion you hit me
chewing on me all right I need to find some herbal leaves to get rid of this
indigestion I think these will get rid of ya these
are beliefs all right never leave my indigestion I
don’t know if I got it from the milk or him biting me all right back to base
check my stuff maybe cue up some of weapons and then might call it quits for the day
that’s quite a bit of stuff I’m going the wrong way that was justice
I know I can’t do a logistics from here I actually got to go down and put that
food in my little survival constructor all right I want meat a lot of meat if
you don’t mind dying and respawning in um you could just let your food just
completely go away and you’ll start you back off and like to got on something all right good enough all right now
let’s add some of this mess to this monstrosity they call a hover vessel I’m
gonna go and leave the engines running and then get out so I can put this the
things underneath I need to put this docking pad all right just gonna put it right there
I had another one of these the front and back I should be able to put it down now and
then I want to put this thing on the front just go ahead and Shh and shove it
there and then we’re gonna put these thrusters on this thing these are kind
of pain in the ass to figure out exactly which way they’re gonna be blowing all right danger exhausts so I know they
go this way and then I’ll put a probably put a light here in the middle just in
an off chance that I’m actually doing something out and about shove the RCS
there shove that there but he’s still face in the front yep
so I gotta rotate these around yeah I’m not gonna get no combat with this thing
well not much and then I want at least one on each side fill this lower mess and I’ll put a
little bit of armor on it not much hopefully I’ll have enough power there’s
a way you can go in and you can which button is it I think it’s in yeah you
can go symmetric since symmetry plane and you can put stuff on each side of it
but we’ll go over that maybe more in detail later I’m not the best like
builder so I’m definitely like a blocky kind of builder come on get up there I just want something right now that’ll
actually just fly around and work well let’s see
unless I need to put on here oh yeah my turret do do all right that should be enough for a
little bit of Defense if I’m out cutting cutting some grass let’s go into
logistics and add hover vessel oh I need a mo let me get out of here I needed a
Hamill box I don’t think I actually took it out of the inventory just gonna put a
dare call it a day yeah let’s check see if this thing will actually move around
looks good to me when it seemed a little more stable that
was before let’s go ahead and see if they’ll cut grass I need to get down
close to the ground and now I can just clear-cut the whole
area when I need out what I need would if I put a construct on it then I would
be able to just go ahead and make fuel directly from it but I like to use those
little small constructors just portable ones mr. Z I don’t know quiet power
until I get a lot of promethium from some auto miners I’m kind of skinny on
how I use my power all right let’s get enough back to face all right gonna land
this on the base up here this will be my little hover platform right now I hold C
till it lands and you hear that little weird noise all right we got a lot
accomplished today got our defenses up got our our construction stuff started
and then hopefully tomorrow I’ll make a bunch of weapons and ammo and we’ll
start actually exploring a map and looking for different resources and
attack in some of the thes iraq’s pio is hopefully find a nice couple supply
depots because they’re pretty easy and figure out where this drone base is so
thanks for watching and I will catch y’all later

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Reader Comments

  1. Asheira

    For making Iron (Steel Plates), I just dismantle the wrecks all around.
    Something I find extremely nice is when you cut off a section of a wreck like disassembling the last block connecting them.
    Now that part drops to the floor soon as it's disconnected from the rest.
    Then you can quickly pick that up and get a hundred or more steel plates etc in 1 grab.
    Nothing gets wasted, just a cool time saver.

  2. Asheira

    Leaving the hover engine (and its lights & turrets) on during drone mining is not much of a problem I think.
    Soon as you got the tree cutter harvester module added to it, it's just a few trees to make back the biofuel.
    I've lost like 4% of the maximum fuel fill when I left it on and did the tent thing sleep until morning, when I was in hostile territory.
    Not sure if critters can spawn / add when doing the tent thing to skip the night?

  3. Asheira

    Woah love the anti-personell turrets.
    Should be able to make a hard to beat gauntlet now with the force field supported blast doors as well
    Now all you need is a surveillance room where you can watch the invaders getting slaughtered =)

  4. Asheira

    Stability for a hover seems to increase when you have the anti-G thrusters spaced out all the way to the sides.
    I'm still experimenting with a multi-purpose "tank" type of hover that is relatively tough to destroy and also good to move through difficult terrain.
    Trying to have the cockpit low to the ground and also the guns since those are all quite heavy.
    And minimizing the overall hitbox is a plus, whatever gets shot at you.
    At the moment I can take on 3 alien drones but still not able to take out POI turrets.
    Might need the big cannon for that and more practise with strafing while shooting

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