Energy Bill Movie

She bought the house without knowing the it’s story. That place is haunted by Energy Bill. He’s not gonna’ give up easy. It didn’t take long to figure out something was wrong. Let me go close this window. It’s already closed! Where is that draft coming from? This house is bleeding… … heat.

It’s an old house, what are you gonna do? And why are you so creepy? Energy Bill is coming for you. Ok.

Ok ok. I’m starting to get really scared here. If you think that’s scary, you should see how residential energy use is causing climate change. I have this graph that is showing our certain doom. How do you not find that scary? I do care about that, but right now what
I need is maybe some help… … with my suddenly very scary house. Good news! We can solve both problems at once! Better news – we have caulk. Don’t forget to change those every few months.

Alright, what’s next? What about your insulation?

My what now? Insulation. My what-er-ation? Insul-

*sigh* For crying out loud. There is nothing between your rafters up here.
You need at least 19 inches of insulation. Does, um, the, uh, tumbleweed count? It does not. Even if you fill up ever crack with caulk your still going to need more insulation if you want to keep Energy Bill away. Let’s do this A sixth of our problem with climate change comes from how we run our houses. and I want Energy Bill’s target off my back. Is it over? Did we win? Um. Let’s talk about your appliances. I like your new fence! Thanks!

But, you know, really the most valuable improvements we made
are the ones you don’t even see. Oh. Is Energy Bill coming… for you?

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  1. Vic Steblin

    The best is to heat the individual instead of the silliness of heating our whole surroundings … including your whole house. Cault up yourself with many layers of clothes, like double socks or two sweaters and keep the INDIVIDUAL warm … not the whole house and planet!

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