Equestrian Challenge Courses : Trotting Over a Single Jump Fence

We’re now ready to start jumping. We’ll begin
by just trotting a small fence from each direction. I prefer to have a cross rail, that’s what
helps to keep the horse straight and we also want to make sure we have ground lines on
each side of the fence so that your horse has a clear place to leave the ground. And, we’ll come back the other way. Still
thinking about maintaining even trot rhythm and keeping your horse extremely straight.

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Reader Comments

  1. cathrynxox

    ya, you do. im not arguing that point. i AM however, saying that the jump they took wasn't that great -especially for an explanation video.

  2. vhou555

    i once rode on this horse and when we jump, she starts canter and i cant make her back into a trot before she jumps the second one

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