Equestrian Preserve Committee 03/06/19

Good evening everybody welcome thank you very
much for joining us tonight it’s our second annual open for him to hear from the farm
owners in Wellington equestrian preserve committee and before I go any further the microphone
is not working very well hold on Skull Church weather can you hear me now yes better okay
is it can can you hear me okay yay and thank you again for coming with our second annual
open Forum to hear from the Wellington Farm owners and before we begin let’s start with
the Pledge of Allegiance I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
and to the Republic for which it stands one nation introduce committee your committee we are
appointed by the Wellington Council are there five council members in each have an appointee
and their two at-large members I’m one of those and we get appointed every two years
and we meet monthly if you’re around so we live here year-round fall of us are horse
people and between us we cover all the disciplines start with Christy and she has owned and managed
a large exercise Barney and boarding facility in little ranches for many years no basically
I joined this crazy because I feel that Wellington has a special place and I want to keep it
that way and then we all should work towards doing that I would like to take a moment to
thank you the public for electing the current Council this is for the best Council that
they questioned preserved many in my opinion has ever work with and I’ve been on the sport
long the longest out of all of them on my field at Wellington setting in a really exciting
Direction and this Council listen to us they look to us for advice so I just want to thank
you guys for putting them in office next. Children have written but Bob actually manage
the South Florida Fairgrounds back when it was the horse equestrian venue in this area
and you are still on the Polo Club board that right
we started coming here in 1978 for my daughter were showing horses and liked it so well we’ve
been coming back every year since I’ve seen a few changes made around here and some good
and mostly good few and few I didn’t care for it but I love the horse or so I’ve ridden
horses all my life didn’t show but I’ve ridden horses and I want to keep the horses around
here and keep the horse Community going thank you all next Glen Fleischer who’s one of our
newer members Clan is a retired marketing executive and lives in Palm Beach Point South
he writes are wonderful trails and he sponsors and competitive jumpers everybody can you
hear me it’s it’s great to be here I want to build on what Kristi and Bob said and just
tell you how thrilled I am to be able to be part of this committee we’ve got a great committee
we’re only as good as the community so thank you to all of you for being here tonight and
helping us guide us give us your input we work we’ve also got beyond the great Council
we’ve got a great staff and a great group of people to connect to within the staff at
the village and we’re grateful for that so thank you very much I look forward to hearing
from everybody thank you to my love to is Rachel Adelman Rachel is a writer herself
she and her daughter both ride hunters and she is a cardiologist it has been a pleasure
to serve on this phone now my second term my family and I moved here in about 2,000
I didn’t think I’d get back into riding a road originally in Texas and loved it and
now my daughter is grown up riding and she absolutely loves it we’ve also gone to the
schools here in Wellington and have been lucky to be part of such a fabulous Community thank
you all Nexus Annabelle Garrett another new member Annabelle is a polo player has her
own Farm here and her daughters are Underwriters or Jumpers down here in 2013 I’ve been coming
to Wellington since 1986 so every winner for the equestrian festival and was a show jumper
until four years ago when I made the switch to pull over at my kids still jump so I live
it but the show grounds in the fields on seems like a daily basis next is Carlos Arellano
who probably knows more about the equestrian preserve than any of us cuz I think you were
the first one here and it drives in the seventies and created his own South Hills real estate
company to Market and sell the farms and he and his children and his grandchildren all
play polo hello I’m Carlos Arellano like Jane said I came in 1979 because of Polo I play
polo for a while my horses got old my kids are playing and my grandkids are playing now
and I’m very happy to serve in the committee and the whole idea of this committee is to
make Wellington a better place to live thank you and last time I am James Cleveland I am
a competitive dressage Rider and I grew up in Miami and spent Mike the bulk of my career
in Nashville and would come here to compete every day to be back in South Florida and
just absolutely love Wellington and I will do everything I can do to help this equestrian
community and I have a lot of a lot of land used to work in my career so Siri set thank
you very much we depend on hearing from you all we do the best we can to take care of
this community and this industry and this preserve but we need to hear from you as well
and all of your neighbors and friends to so thank you the format of tonight is big mistake
I forgot to introduce our staff cuz we can do a darn thing without them on my on the
right there Mike Odell is the head of planning for the Village of Wellington he knows more
about the equestrian community and how the Farms work and what’s goes on with livestock
waste removal and the manure topic which is the most challenging one we Face since that
sell all South Florida faces next to him is Ryan Harding he’s an assistant planner he’s
been our committee secretary for many years but he’s moving up to assist Mike and then
third on the list is DJ a blouse key and he is our new secretary anything from you all
thank you all for being here so tonight I’m going to give you a summary of what we did
last year talk about what we’ve done since then talk about some new topics and then we’re
going to open it up for questions and answers and comments and suggestions normally wait
when we are over in City Hall and we have public hearings which we have frequently on
land used topics there’s a three minute we’re not going to do that tonight and all of you
all to understand that a lot of people have commented so keep your time respectful starting
with just an update last year we gave a presentation on the plan of action which was a plan of
action two-year project with the goals of looking ahead to see what we can do to help
the industry and help to preserve and it covers such topics as promoting the industry infrastructure
things like golf carts and trails a lot of work on zoning the zoning code is being Rewritten
still it’s been about a year-and-a-half in the works but Wellington zoning code was copy
from Palm Beach County and they’ve the staff has decided we need our own driving time between
absolutely do and so they were almost finished working through that and we spent quite a
bit of time looking at that part that applies to The Preserve starting this year with this
we have a new committee as of the summer every two years we get reappointed we at the plan
of action that was approved and went through it over and talked about what was the most
important thing to address so put on the top of our list for this year and topics to look
at sooner rather than later and there was three major topics livestock waste disposal
which is going to be top of the list forever and ever probably at the difficult subjects
and we’ll come back to that we have talked a lot about partnering with the schools in
the school system as a way to introduce the children of our activities 60,000 presidents
many of which have nothing to do with the horse industry and I don’t know as much about
it as we would think so call us if you don’t mind will you give us a quick report on our
visit last night I’m sorry I just giving them a quick update on our visit to the education
committee yesterday we meant to leave the education
committee and we propose to them that they can come to see any old Apollo game from Tuesday
to Friday free to the schools they asked me if we can cover the expense of the bus of
the day is school coming to the game so I told him that we will take care of that and
the whole idea was to get the kids involved in the equestrians activities they will understand
a little more that will go home and tell their parents take me to to a game of take me to
the jumps onto a dressage competition on the weekend and have our neighbors in Wellington
join us during the activities and I thought I would be a good way to promote the sport
and a good way to reach the residence of Wellington through the kids if the kids like it the parents
are going to come with him we spoke to the committee and they were going to take it higher
to see if it is possible for them to come this year we only have March and April for
the games they said that they were tight with the test and the end of the year but they
would make it a point for next year but we continue pushing for this year I even proposed
to them that we can bring a horse to their football field and bring in a one or two players
to show them how how is is done they were excited we were excited to so I hope that
they would take advantage of this opportunity and I’m come and as you know most of the residents
of one haven’t been south of Lake Worth Road they probably don’t know everything that is
back there and we were trying to get him involved and get the resonance involved in coming to
the game son participate thank you after topic has to do with continuing interest in monitoring
and supporting the industry because without a successful competitive industry here we
don’t have the rest of the island that the pieces of The Preserve and the farm is in
this competition environment so we have been talking about producing something like a state
of the industry report the tracks attendance figures across the disciplines year-to-year
not doesn’t have to be in much detail but just so we have some facts as to what is the
attendance up or down your the year so we can pick up a trend if we got it we’ve ever
had to Connie numbers we’ve also talked about a little bit about marketing and branding
and promote of the industry further with the help of our work here to my right do you mind
adding a little bit to that sure what we’re trying to do is you heard in some of the introductions
some of the kind of observations of how special Wellington is and what we what would like
to do is build on some of the work that Palm Beach County tourism is doing to promote Palm
Beach County but take a slice of that if you will with their help and blessing and use
it to leverage helping the rest of the country in other parts of the world to understand
how special Wellington is from an equestrian standpoint in particular are priority coming
out the plan of action was to look at some infrastructure improvements namely Lake Worth
Improvement perhaps widening and South Shore Boulevard prep widening between the traffic
and The Preserve traffic and general traffic the intersection of Lake Worth and South South
Shore may need some attention so that’s on the top of our list to look at with the staff
in the engineers of course so those are our priorities for the year before we get into
public comments there’s one other subject that I want to cover tonight or we want to
cover tonight and it took it’s a tricky one and there’s been recent developments that
we want to make the Special Reserve owners aware of it has to do with the current situation
has to do with livestock waste removal but the topic has more to do with General land
use Florida state statute 604.5 on a metalloid not a lawyer model and he’s learned to do
the best I can hear but there’s nothing there is a Florida State Statute that covers agriculturally
used properties it was David putting place in 2000 my correct me 2010 or 11 is evolved
over the years as a different municipalities have reacted to it differently and most recently
here in Wellington one of the farm owners challenged The Villages interpretation of
that state statute that legal challenge went to the 4th District Court the landowner one
it was a peel the landowner one it may go to the Supreme Court but I want to read you
the statute I want you to understand what this is all about because it’s got really
broad implications for Wellington and The Preserve land use bear with me okay I’ll flatter
bare with me this is a law so this is 6 of forest Florida State Statute
604.5 it’s not very long non-residential farm buildings Farm fences and farm signs notwithstanding
any provision of law to the contrary any non-residential Farm building farm fence or Farm sign that
is located on land use for bona fide agricultural purposes is exempt from the Florida building
code and any County or Municipal Code or fee simple many local state or federal floodplain
management regulations Farm sign located on a public road right now. Record used operated or maintained in a manner
that violates any of the standards provided and it’s for the definitions what that says
if land is used for bona fide agricultural purposes is exempt from Municipal Code or
fee so this is all very current but it what that essentially means is because of this
state statute Wellington zoning and permitting does not apply to agricultural use properties
I’m talking slow cuz I want you all to think about that what that means is no zoning and
Zoning covers things like setbacks like we’re the highest related to the pop property lines
where the manure plants are placed the number of horses on a farm never been animals on
the farm no permitting so a barn can be built without a permit wherever however many you
want the only thing that Willington can control is water quality drainage and flood management
the state has regulated that the water that comes off the properties and that’s got to
be a certain minimum level has got to have a certain have a cap on the phosphorus level
as we all know horse manure Wheels phosphorus so that can be tested and maintained but that
is the only regulation that Wellington has this is all very new and it says it’s a lot
to think about because without any regulatory Authority for agricultural use lands Wellington
Wellington which is about don’t build out those Farms can add to their property and
the new Farms going to be built at will why don’t we don’t have an answer for this this
is all fairly new and they are other communities like ours in Florida that are half facing
the same challenge of small farms in that are designated actor agricultural used land
but they’re small lands and they are in a more urban environment and so how to how to
handle those he said it was a challenge that’s coming up with the State Community Center
hours we here had talked a lot about making Wellington world to class and keeping Road
Wellington world class and that applies to all the venues and it applies to all the Farms
we we we all know we are we are we are a world-class place and that’s why we have set the number
of competitors in the class of the competitors in the class of the competition’s so the question
is how we remain world class without any authority to regulate the land use that we there’s no
situation and there’s not an answer I’m not promote we’re not proposing anything tonight
some potential Solutions or just leave it as it is 90% of the people do the right thing
and it was kind neighbors neighbors but there’s the 10% that aren’t we can go to Tallahassee
and start changing the laws and the possibilities are coming up with a new classification that
gives Wellington some regulatory Authority and that’s possible but that’s that’s got
to be Desire by all of you I’m I miss Vonda extremely important Point everything and I
have nothing to do with your tax exemption absolutely nothing this is all land use the
tax classification and your tax exemption is separate and apart from what this discussion
adoption is HOAs by the law neighborhood association rules Prevail so while the state statute prevails
over Wellington if there’s a neighborhood association for example Southfield has their
own rules those rules are off help those rules apply so again this is this is a small education
presentation just to let the community know what we are all facing and there’s not an
answer we want to make you aware of it so what I need from a comment about any of this
let’s let’s just Dive Right into public comment and we have to the public comment we will
all respond again and just as just took a pill you in how we handle this last year is
we and our next meeting and see what we can best respond to all of that so we have a microphone
up there and we are here all night and would love to hear everybody’s comments who’s first
why do you got to go he’s going to screw with your Machinery I’m Michael Whitlow I live
at 2070 Appaloosa Trail I’ve been here since 90 91 I can’t remember and I have a 8 stall
barn and I’ve been riding horses since birth it seems like it but at any rate I have two
points that I want to make one is I think it’s time that we hold of the developer of
the equestrian shows feet to the fire and fix Pearson and South Shore their plans here
he’s sitting together our plans available that he’s agreed to and ever time he gets
away with not doing any improvements because well last year he had a good one. It’s just make sure everybody understands
the when the State of Florida declares a an Emergency that is Statewide or specific to
an area such as South Florida area that gives an opportunity for a developer to postpone
any of their improvements it’s it’s one of the opportunity has arrived for a developer
to postpone those improvements the improvements the mister Whitlow is it has a dressing is
intersection improvements at South Shore Boulevard and Pierson Road have to do with turn lane
improvements and widening of that intersection to move some more traffic through it so that’s
what he said he’s addressing at that point it seems that every year did The Village bandages
to give Mr Bellissimo a variance for that intersection and as I said last year there
was a Statewide emergency on opioids the drug which I don’t think really has anything at
all to do with the intersection of Pearson and a South Shore I mean I might be wrong
but I doubt it and I also think that would a large traffic need connect the dots in the
plan that should be done I mean this has been going on for years and years and years and
years and nothing has been done and the Village Grants variances like eating M&Ms or something
like that and frankly I’m a little sick and tired of it it’s about time we get off the
sitting down and and get the job done the air and I had and I think it’s this committee
and I was cheer for a number of years has a lot of influence on the Village of Wellington
and has the opportunity to move something like this so long and it is very very important
and it hasn’t happened yet praise the Lord but there’s going to be an accident at Pearson
and South Shore you know it I know it everybody rides horses knows it and let’s do something
before it happens okay number one those two intersections second or third whichever doesn’t
matter turn the equestrian preserve into a conservant that way the end of their is it
becomes almost impossible to build on there you can’t take land out of a conservative
conservancy and it it it it holds things together it’s done all over the country and I think
it’s time that we go from a preserve to the conservancy and I think it would be the best
thing in the world for the equestrian committee they push this through I think it would be
the best thing for for the Village of Wellington so that we are secure knowing that somebody
isn’t going to take a chunk of land out of the Conservancy otherwise known as the equestrian
preserve and and turn it into a shopping mall or whatever I mean I’m not even to say what
could be done but so important and I believe that it is keep it that way and we have the
power to do it and that’s the way to do it and thank you very much good evening my name is Cynthia Gardner I
tried to watch the meeting last month I wasn’t able to attend and it wasn’t on TV when I
called The Village the next day they said we’re not going to broadcast the meetings
live anymore is this true Mike the council approved the other night some ADA requirements
so we’re trying to comply with that so we when we get the equipment to comply with that
we will bring the life of videos back together right now they’re they’re delayed one about
one day 24 hours so they will be coming back that’s what council indicated wants the equipment
is installed and I do not know I think that’s important you know the village is always held
itself app is being very transparent and I spent six years as chairman of this committee
and I was always surprised at how many people watched it on TV so for us not to have it
on TV live I think would be a big shame thank you thank you shorter than they are I’m Carol
Coleman I live at 14224 stroller way I actually am right behind the equestrian center and
the traffic on Pierson Road is just awful if you leave before 4 or you come back after
7 because you cannot get in and out of our development and it’s in a travesty we shouldn’t
have to worry about Pierson Road and South Shore or the extension of Genius way to not
cold 40th Street anymore but I really think that this needs to be taken care of and opioids
have not got anything to do with this the hurricane that was in the Panhandle had nothing
to do with this something else two years ago had nothing to do with it but every year we
allow the situation to continue and it’s time to stop and thank you thank you
my name is Carlton Saunders I’ve been here since 1988 and horses all my life and one
of the things that came out of that long statue you reading from the Florida for taking regulations
way that we’re able to do did very clearly state that we can still control our own manure
management and waste management we have to do anything as far as the state’s concern
and I agree with all these other people bought the yard has been going on for years and years
and years but right now we have a major issue with environmental impact of Menorah and I
think that’s extremely important subject of the other subjects are just as important but
we’ve been beating those up for a lot of years this subject to something we have to dress
now and there I think there’s some people here that have offerings that they’d like
to present present to the town future regulations of how we can handle this this problem cuz
it’s only getting bigger it’s only going to get worse so I think we should try to try
to look at that at this point and if if one of your people want to get up and explain
something about what they’re what they’re thinking about but I think that was what from
what I understand and you said it was a number one issue at this point was going to be a
manure situation the problem and I think we should listen to it now and I’ve heard there’s
some other people have some ideas also thank you hi I’m Shelley Townsend I’m Todd minikus
and I’ve been addressing this for many many years probably 10 years now and I’d love nothing
more than to supply a solution Michael Dell came and visited our play out with Mark ellisimo
we built it we tested it Todd tested at Tryon Daniel bluman tested at Tryon is tested by
Amos fidone at the National Horse Show I took it to Churchill Downs Dale Romans tested it
it hears samples of it but I brought do you mind describing it and then this is recycle
that came from Haven shot her other half Fred and Kentucky this is 3 weeks old that was
recycled this is new the other we plan on selling it this is if you do a comparison
of a straw after it’s been mocked and it’s been in there for a couple days and here it
is after it’s been recycled the funerals are removed there’s no allergens there’s no dust
we can sell it for 10:25 yard and 8 cubic foot bag for 3:54. Cecina I brought people to see it as well
and it’s closed loop there’s no affluent discharge and we had offered at several times to the
county and to Wellington for 1.97 and not included a couple years of Licensing fees
and all the equipment and I heard from the meeting last time I was kind of disappointed
that the cell process being presented cost 8 million and I’ve been trying and trying
to have people listen and see this we are getting ready to open in Ocala we’ve been
welcomed by Marion County I cannot say how wonderful they been to us and so will be opening
up our plants there and just a few weeks but we did run this and we do know that it works
we ran it for almost 18 months and that’s when we supplied it and I’ll talk to you if
you were has been a 8-year project of mine being involved with this in and we sure have
one solution I’m sure it’s the the ultimate solution but it is a solution it also is one
of those The Greener options because if we can reuse the shavings it’s obviously less
original material that’s being cut down buy a tremendous amount I’ve used to shavings
at horse shows that we found the excuse my language we found the shittiest shavings we
can possibly could find and ran him through our system cleaned them they come out sterile
through the heat process there’s nothing that can survive those temperatures and it’s something
that everybody should consider thank you thank you a question for you operate because we’re
such a seasonal type of town what would you do in the offseason so that we could operate
year-round the equipment is is that why and then I heard well what if you can’t scale
up we can support it on 1400 horses alone all the way up to 500,000 a year operating
24/7 so it is very flexible operating at the beginning what I told you would be $125,000
way up to 500,000 and it’s very simple to add in lines are you are you building a plant
here we haven’t been allowed to build a ride I tried for many years were building one and
Ocala and we felt when in Kentucky as well Carlos if you have one in Ocala and what do
you need to put one here and have you put it on the rail and send it to us yes we looked
into it and there is an opportunity for all the waste to go on rail up to Ocala so we
would continue with our trucks into in the farms on this truck will go to a transfer
station or they go straight to the rail either or it would have to be organized but there
is a need I mean Ocala is three and a half hours away from here so there is a there is
room for a plant here there is also room for a plant
and Miami absolutely absolutely Gulfstream runs almost year-round the fact of the matter
is is the horse show and the surrounding farms around the horse show are are one of the smallest
problems we have to consider that the race two race tracks plus all the equine activities
south of here and it’s a big deal really what’s the name of the business you can find us online
find ecogreen Us. Com have you run the number so how much will
it cost the cubic yard to move the stuff from the barn to the transfer station to a collar
they did do all that yes okay is that better than what we are spending right now or is
it going to be more I can’t the whole nother year since they ran the numbers and I can
stay current I do know that if it was to go in if we were to have a company like this
and we sold a license and we worked with a holler they should be able to reduce their
prices and help some of the cost by making it and I combined package with the services
that’s what we’re doing in Ocala are haulers are offering a reduction and removal cost
and then we’re off for a very cost-effective and cheaper than anybody else for the shavings
so we could follow up with you offline from meeting this evening and get more information
on process and economics and that sort of thing how does your solution eliminate the
transfer station eliminate it but I think it’s better because
I think it. Would monitor the illegal dumping I think
that that needs to be harnessed so that’s just my opinion but that’s not I’m not here
to but as far as I understand you’re not eliminating that aspect it could be if you had a plan
everybody understood why then don’t you take your technology and build a plant I don’t
know I think it’s I think Mike Odell you said something now that all manure land would have
to be on the 95 Corridor is it did I make that up or is that correct right now the way
the county has a setup and Beyond industrial lands and they’ll be on the I-95 in the turnpike
or doors and and set up your factory and do that so that one can a be closer than a real
car and eliminate the need for a transportation we’ve come here for 10 years and if everybody
sitting here and I know Mike that is very familiar with us they allow they made a rule
and they allowed properties to be used for recycling centers out in the EAA this got
approved in February by the end of April it was taken away I had some disagreements with
my partners because they wanted to go ahead and do land and I said let’s wait and see
this is all backfire before so there was some people that were out of a lot of money and
it bit them pretty hard they invested to go out there and then it was rescinded I mean
that said there has only gotten approval on Pike Road in the industrial area near the
turnpike are they a competitor or did I don’t know what they’re going to be doing they put
in an RFP County and they just wanted it’s on oyster Farm I can tell you that I wouldn’t
know that we’re offering a solution I can tell you one hundred percent that what we
have our technology we do own our patents and we are legitimate I can promise you that
it is our technology thank you for working on that we who’s next my name is Iggy heartbreaks and I’m also in
charge of the Anglo European studbook we have a property on Trotter Court in Wellington
here since 2010 and there’s a couple of things I would like to share with you and a couple
of questions as well last year and this place I said we love Wellington because it is the
winter capital of the equestrian sport I also warned everybody and I said if we go on like
this we have to be very careful because we’re not alone in the world you have other parts
of the country like Ocala which is developing very well and you have the sunshine in Europe
in the southern part of Europe you had or whether also contest and these people are
now competing to get a writer’s are horses are Global horses and Riders to their destinations
rather than to come to Wellington if we go on like we’re doing we’re probably going to
lose that competition not next week not next year we have to be careful when we have to
take a number of actions that’s why I was very very pleased to hear that you’re preparing
or at least that you have discussed a stage of the industry report and also a marketing
plan and I would really encourage you to move now from the thinking and the discussing to
the action stage so that by September you can roll out this plan and also include in
the state of the industry report and a nice evaluation also of not only the number of
people are coming here but also the supply and demand of stores in our area here
but the increasing number of stores at the show grounds plus of course people building
farms at their barns at their own properties but mostly the increasing number of stores
at the showgrounds is depressing is finally starting to depress the prices of the properties
in our area so it’s going to affect step-by-step the tax base of our area so I hope you realize
that and that you have a sufficient a dialog based on your industry Report with those people
who can affect mostly and most easily the number of available stores versus the number
of required stores for the spirit of the season that’s one suggestion that I have a number
of questions and the first question is a couple of weeks ago we could see on the television
that there were problems in Okeechobee County county of the water quality and that they
had a problem that they needed more money to build sewage public sewage I’m not talkin
about the septic tanks so my question is what is the quality level of the water in the canals
in our area is there a similar problem or a similar problem coming in our Direction
with the water quality in our canals because it is going to affect the water that we give
to our horses you know you can have the best systems in place but if the basic water is
not good enough it percolates it gets into the garage and the horses eat also the grass
so that’s a first question the second question I don’t know at what time is it a evening
you started closing the windows I buy saw this morning on the television again that
they were talkin about well you know there were some burnings well there are more modern
techniques now then this burning with which are doing on some Farms a little bit up north
and yesterday I talked to a gentleman from Columbia in Colombia they made this illegal
to use this kind of technique some years ago in the United States we’re still doing it
and there are other ways to do this in a more cost-efficient and a climate efficient way
because you can remove that and and the the what you remove can be then used to create
bio energy so we have to look at the whole picture instead of polluting some things and
in a way where is there are new techniques to be used to improve on that the last question
that that I didn’t had or have is about the finishing of some hiking trails there is a
draft horse Lane a trail that goes in the middle of that area but it starts on fraud
report it ends on rafters and that’s it so it’s not even a hiking trail is just a sort
of you know about that goes beyond some properties but goes to nowhere and I would really ask
if it’s possible to finish that so that it connects to the hiking trails to the showgrounds
thank you very much thank you very much the Bernie we don’t have any control over
that snap out of Palm Beach County the water quality question from The Villages point of
view we have a sampling point so we do throughout the equestrian preserve area and hand also
threw the rest of Wellington so we very are discharged levels Alright by permit 4940 49
parts per billion or discharge levels which is along the Southern Boulevard quarter they
go into the sea 51 Canal we have higher levels in that as you go south into the district
and they very obviously during different times of the year so we’re coming out of the dry
season going into the wet season will have higher discharge levels at this point but
on an average daily basis we will be at our permit discharge levels so it varies while
water quality is is improved over the over the years but it still remains an ant as far
as compliance goes we we are compliant with our discharge levels but internally we have
some improvements we could do obviously the burning is not something we’re in control
of that belongs to the State of Florida and in other areas and the trail I think you’re
talking about his the Brown Trail which we just completed the connection from Charter
Court in along the maybe I’m missing it but I thought we had it connected that that was
on the east side of panic part 2 my secret so that trail now comes down to comes along
to c-15 Canal goes Westward to Wellington Trace and then from Wellington Trace it goes
along the right away to the Blue Trail and that connection was made so that that Trails
been completed and then I guess they are the pathway that connects to the I’ll take a look
at it I don’t right now I’m what’s in my head I guess is the Brown Trail and we did complete
that connection so could you please come to the microphone cuz this is being filmed counts per 100ml the highest concentrations
recorded where 33000 / 100 ml test samples were taken from January through April the
height of the equestrian season in Palm Beach County the West Palm Beach Canal what are
body was verified impaired for fecal coliform because more than 10% of the values exceeded
class 3 what are body Criterion a400 counts per 100 ml of your accounts for fecal coliform
to ensure that the fecal coliform tmdl was developed based on current conditions in the
canal that recent Trends in the water quality were out of Philly captured monitored monitoring
data collected from January 1004 to June 30th 2011 were used to develop the tmdl high fecal
coliform concentrations exceeding the fecal coliform Criterion were observed in January
through April it should be noticed that the noted that the highest fecal coliform concentrations
were observed and February with 8636 counts for 100 and April with 33 counts per 100 ml
where was that testing done by the county and was on public record
Canal water body areas Beyond Wellington like Mike more the expert but in Palm Beach County
Wellington it takes and Royal Palm Beach box that you grows the acreage there’s a lot of
land that goes into that that that canal and it flows Westward now into the the stormwater
treatment area in a lot of studies too and I have those studies as well thank you next
I’m Justin hickey I’m in charge of Jay telling and Services I run the transfer station that
everybody’s talking about on 50th Street I guess the reason I’m here is to so I take
it personally I think it’s a great idea for Wellington I’ve been doing this for over 30
years last year unfortunately I lost a dear friend and horrific accident put one of my
truck now because we’re rushing to take care of things and season do the right thing for
our clients and our customers the transfer station to me is more of a personal dream
and a goal I have access to a hundred and twenty-nine Thousand Acres through local farmers
to a grave sugarcane farmers who all have stepped up for the last 10 years helped me
personally helped Wellington personally solve and deal with this problem I know Gary Ivor
glad I’ve heard you say that you think it’s something’s going to change down the road
it’s not they want it it’s beneficial I have to follow more BMP guidelines nutrient management
plans because of the farmers stricter rules and regulations I have to keep it away from
the water hundred yards hundred feet on the canals everything I’ve spreaders tractors
equipment out there to deal with it I have to spread in 48 hours and take care of business
I’ve done the right thing I’ve always done the right thing my business has been successful
in Wellington this year I lost one of the biggest accounts don’t know why probably over
money but I know it’s some of its being illegally dumped some of it isn’t I’m here I’ve been
here in Wellington since 88 I grew up being a private duty nurse I started my business
as kind of a side job and grow it into a big successful business because as I got bigger
and bigger I knew I was having problems taking it and getting rid of it that’s why I approached
the farmers of sugarcane Farmers so that it was a win-win they give me the property I
get to spread it on their fields they get the benefits of crop grow less pesticides
herbicides less fertilizer because it’s mostly carbon there’s not enough manure in it or
not enough phosphorus in it to really help with anything except it helps hold water and
Sandy fields as far as I’ve been around the country seen a lot of great ideas depends
on the money you want to spend 8 to 10 million dollars you can turn it into jet fuel I’ve
actually seen Shelly’s I did I think it’s great for a couple million bucks it can be
up and running the problem is land in the county it’s so expensive to do it in a dust
rural area if the cost is prohibitive you’re not going to make a fortune in tipping fees
or unless you recycle it properly and I do have a market for it for me it’s worked out
well cuz the sugarcane Farmers I want it they need it I’m trying to help Wellington I’ve
got a few of the hollars here they all love the idea right now I’m taking it from 90%
of the hollars they’re all doing the right thing to bring it to me it’s making everything
easier for everybody involved dump trucks come in single axle small dump
trucks usually 20 to 30 yards they drop it off with a concrete slab in a loading ramp
I have 18 wheelers come in with her called Walking floors by 210 yards does the dump
trucks come in and jump 5. Loader is loading 18 wheelers and taking it
out to you why sugar it cuts the traffic by five hold gravity five trucks I take off the
road that’s one 18 wheeler the traffic’s always been going there in and out of Wellington
anyways now it’s just a little bit different because everybody is dumping and I can find
area and it’s all going out to a century Lube to the farms and being dealt with properly
I’m an equipment out there I’ve men and equipment at the transfer station and I’m happy with
the way things have gone I did have a couple hiccups over the holidays Christmas and New
Years it was quite a bit left on the slab I didn’t anticipate take people not wanting
to work with the holidays were here I couldn’t help it I did clean up I did find out somebody
did run my Lauder at 5:30 in the morning through the computer so for that I apologize if I
did say it would be from 7 to 5:30 we did put asphalt on the road to help with the dust
I know we’ve agreed to some other terms and conditions to help I eventually put up a building
if things go well and I’m just trying to prove concept and point that it works and it’s helping
the hollers and the industry so I wanted to say I have a quick question for you as far
as I have read been told with our new governor there is a big likelihood that the manure
will not be able to be dumped anymore on Florida Sugar Land how then if that is the case where
will if they change that rule don’t have to change it for bad guys chicken manure or some
Dora cow manure anytime tomorrow. My attorney is a told me that’s not going
to happen us Sugar’s attorneys to happen because if they do they’ll have to change it for all
the land and any application on any field this is considered batting not Horseman there’s
not enough horse manure in it it’s 10% if we’re lucky is this in the courts already
or is this something that it’s going to start with with the governor and for everything
not just one thing and I doubt they’ll do that and then you I could be wrong if you
know I don’t know but I could be wrong so but I’ve been told that that would not happen
there so many farmers out there that need stuff in their fields every year they harvest
they lose they lose soil I’m helping replenish fields what times you made it starts the dogs
carbon so I have a question for you I actually went out and watched it and the big trucks
are like going to the West how did they leave Wellington Florida girl
so thank you thank you hello my name is talking so I live at 13703 53rd Street Road on the
resident of Village of Wellington as well as a registered voter here first I would like
to ask the committee obviously they are in existence and of the transportation committee
ever asked for an environmental impact statement if so can I get a copy of that to be reviewed
I’m going to ask my cuz they’re there were injected engineering approvals for what what’s
the environmental impact statement for what were you looking for fire protection stormwater
Public Health groundwater air quality fees liability and also investigation requirements
if you want to make a public records request will provide you what we have by the way an
idea for you Carlos if you bring the kids over to the during the week give them vouchers
maybe for half off for a lower discounted rate if they come back during the weekend
might be an idea for you what is the U of L when you bring over the high schoolers if
you have to take him out to the field to the Polo Fields during the week give him a little
voucher little coupon for a discounted rate during the weekend you might increase them
coming back just an idea for you I’ve heard the argument of a pre-existing nuisance I
would say that has no precedents in this matter yes the nursery has been there for years as
an agricultural operation but yet the moment that the began supporting a transfer manure
that NC change to a commercial at that point that should have been submitted for permitting
as well as meeting all the requirements of the village will into ordinances Florida Mission. Code as well as Florida Statutes that’s why
I asked for those impact statements Isla del Sol review The Bona Fide and I are cultural
yes the building code might not apply but other regulations would apply a pollution
prevention stormwater I’m all that would apply I’m to various entities
in terms of the transportation think there is a zoning constraints in The Preserve they
are now commercial that’s not allowed for the easy OD on bugs Department of Water South
Florida Water Management District a few requirements to be financial responsibility
fence secured setbacks containment stormwater operational trainer training anticipated waste
codes on closure plan as well as emergency plan as well as a Perimeter Road for fire
trucks in case there is a fire monitoring Wells and gas monitors these are all presidents
that should be considered when granting this entity to be here in the question Preserve
it is a solid waste and should be handled as such any questions so far I’d like
to point out that is also an equestrian trail that is right up against set property and
18 wheelers are going back and forth very dangerous I think someone is already commented
on this earlier as well as the village should think about non-compliance with a Village
of Wellington ordinances and parking of commercial vehicles on set property without any Land
Development memory chords to the manure processing I would ask if it complies with all Florida
menstration code requirements 62/7 760 as well as for Horticulture Atmos 262 709. 530 through 600 meatball is requirements and
close I would like to say Florida relies on groundwater or 92% of its drinking water as
such has the most stringent rules in the country and I asked of the council in accordance with
your question overlay zoning District all applications within the equestrian Reserve
area must be reviewed before the planning zoning adjustment so it’s up to you guys first
to say no before them and I’ll ask you to do so if not I request a temporary restraining
order for them to cease all operations I know who I should contact about that this was not
brought before they question preserve committee so we had nothing to do with it Mike I don’t
know why was it not brought before us it’s an agricultural activity yes or no it was
before as a nursery yes it’s kind of in the same realm but as soon as they started receiving
it there meet the requirements of Florida Administration 62-7 01709 n 734 hazardous
waste transfer station requirements stock waste is an a is not classified by the state
of Florida as a solid waste I wish it was we wouldn’t be talking about it I can show
you on my iPad before I met your coach that talks about all the manure as well as Solid
Waste in the classifications if you’d like to discuss that can do it offline but thank
you very much any other comments no not this time hello I’m Marcos Magnolia Mountain to
171 Cottontail Drive I just had a question on the dirt road I think it’s 50th or Indian
Mound I know the manure trucks are going in and out of there are the 18 wheelers but I
would just ask that if they can pass the machine a live it more often it’s every 3 days now
and by the second day it’s the trailers and horses are pretty shaken up with the way the
roads are I don’t know if there’s a possibility for at least every second day and especially
since there’s a sign that says no trucks more than three axles or whatever and we using
it will work on that thank you greater and what about is the plans we pave it at some
point or no Paving of 50th Street to get to Flying Cow Road yes that’s a whole nother
subject that is not right now no it is not okay thank you thank you very much hello everyone
how you doing today my name is Jose Gomez I’m the president of Wellington agricultural
Services I’ve been the owner of the business for the past 15 years and we are one of the
hollars in our industry just want to say that our industry is in very shaky X right now
because of the waist and where it’s going where it’s not going who’s picking it up you
know it’s a very big competitive market for us because you know Wellington is a big Revenue
stream for that has turned into a big Revenue stream for all of us so my solution is to
become a completely green environment for our equestrian industry where zero waste will
be taken out of Wellington will be used for something other than just dumping It On The
Ground I think that our time is in need of something new something we’re basically we
could have something energy efficient or we can have a revenue stream for our community
streamline the process because it’s realistically Manorama was one thing are we can make it
basically make it a perfect environment where we can clean up after ourselves at after the
season because I think the biggest complaint after the equestrian season is over is all
the messed that is left behind because of the equestrian waste or any other waste that
is generated during the season so if we came up with an eco-friendly in a process where
we can take our waste and generate income off of it or maybe you don’t help out environmentally
by you know it coming out already as compost from your Farms to basically going to one
sector and use it as a energy and feel so I think that we’re a large enough entity I
think of this is the biggest equestrian cluster in the whole entire United States and there
is no reason why we haven’t come up with a solution to become 100% green and not produce
any waste any residual any smoke any emissions the technology is here it’s been here for
a while it keeps getting better I am working on a few projects myself I’m after you know
seeing all the great projects that have been presented but I feel like our industry it
is it expensive to put a plan up like this so I have gone back to the drawing board and
I believe that there is a technology out there that can be placed on your actual Farms that
is completely quiet no smoke no emissions no water no waste and within 24 hours of putting
in your waist it reduces it down to 70% and then within 24 hours you have a clean biofuel
that you can either use yourself or your property or you can have a contracted company come
and pick up your waste your compost from your actual you know farm so is there a name for
this Jester and basically it’s it’s a technology where you know you and it’s used in restaurants
and using in all kinds of applications but it basically takes all kinds of waste and
turns it into a biofuel doing with your oil this similar you know what we can do here
is if you know everybody says no $8000000 10 was yes trust me I’ve been after that for
a couple years now and I know that is not easy to raise all that kind of money so what
is a better solution is you know why not put it on the actual Farms you know a lot of people
are bothered you know depending on what time I go to their farm and it’s making noise or
you know we’re riding right now or you know not today or we couldn’t make it you know
there’s a lot of variables in our industry which makes it you know very costly for us
and at the end of the day we work very hard and we work long hours but the amount of money
that were left with at the end of the season does not let us survive over the summer so
you know I think I think that it’s time that we make a change I am having an event on March
21st Debbie Wellington club that I would like to invite all the equestrians and basically
the topic is going to be hot how does the equestrian waste impact our community the
other one would be as how can we become an eco-friendly equestrian industry so if you
like to get if you like to have some more information about what our projects are and
where we see the future of the equestrian ways going everyone here is invited to come
out to the Wellington Club. Day on March 21st 11:30 a.m. that’s at the
show grounds excuse me excuse me where we are recording
this and we cannot have so you need to come up to the microphone or you need to have this
discussion offline but this meeting is not not for this just to give you a my thought
on that is basically you know where we’re on the cusp of technology technology changes
everyday you know when you may think you have the greatest shiny thing in the world but
you know tomorrow something else trying years going to come out so I say that you know technology
is moving fast so thank you very much adjuster adjuster adjuster anybody else are you guys
do you want to finish up with, comments from the committee
we will be at our next speak place I guess I’m the the biggest complainer of the years
since the mid-90s bought my place from Carlos and 99 I live next door to the manure transfer
station run heavy equipment I do site development work understand the need for master plans
understand the need for preserving the community I understand the need for getting big trucks
and getting them loaded and getting them out of there I don’t understand where you put
it right in the middle of what the part you’re trying to preserve I do get the manure I myself
hauler it takes me 3 hours a month to haul my manure for over 20 horses I have a place
to take it it it’s not that difficult if there’s a place to take it in Wellington I think needs
to provide that place someplace that’s not in the middle of over backyards I do live
right there they’ve been great at not starting the big loaders at 7 but there is a loader
that runs everyday at 4:30 and that hole saw dust out in in the truck traffic is ridiculous
you’ve destroyed that pull into town and I’ve been there long enough to know how long you
what you done to you can ride there you can’t go on those Trails you’re talking about building
expansion on a bridle trail that in the town down near the horse show is always been busy
the end where we live was always quiet and it’s not quiet anymore and if you’re going
to preserve something that’s south side of town is what you need to preserve for the
equestrian Community if not just run it on up there one meeting I stood up here once
before in my life was Paving 50th Street about the traffic that was going to happen on 50th
Street don’t you did that get paved It Anyway the traffics ridiculous all the traffic in
Pierson and South Shore is not horse-related so much as it is the people cutting through
Wellington and if you you paid Flying Cow it’s going to be worse I do think there needs
to be a transfer station I do think it needs to be someplace other than in the center of
the committed all the dirt that came in to fill out these forms came and Tony yard trucks
in maybe that place can help them you know but but we’re that is setup is not the right
place I have plenty of videos one one thing about the water quality is is if it’s Solid
Waste is if it’s not a solid waste in horse manure is a wedding why did I have to build
a manure bin and why do I have to have that inspected and why do I have to have everything
else but the worst water on my property is in my manure of it it’s disgusting and I have
maggots in mosquitoes and flies and disgusting water I got pictures of it you know it’s gross
so I didn’t get that if it’s so bad I have to build this pit in and keep this nasty water
to protect my manure from running in the environment you know why why is that not a solid waste
I don’t get it I don’t know anyways I appreciate you guys all in all the stuff out I know it’s
a hard deal at all so appreciate it. Run a loader at 4:30 in the morning everyday
Palmetto Mills finish it up thank you very much appreciate your comments anybody else
so we will meet this group will meet in a month and give her all these comments and
see how we can take the next step as you heard from the gentleman that lived indeed a lot
of the conversation that we’ve had about tracking the nutrient and promoting it and thinking
about Ocala and Ohio and other places came from his comments last year so we do listen
and very much appreciate you coming any other comments for the rest of the committee or
the staff okay we’re adjourned thank you so much

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