ESO Morrowind: Why I’m Still Playing Elder Scrolls Online 3 Years Later

MMORPGs are a particular sort of game, prone
to love, hate, greatness and mediocrity a alike. I am not an MMO fan per se, but I religiously
played LOTRO for years on end, had numerous server firsts on the most challenging raids
in the game and dabbled in RIFT for a year or so. A rather peculiar aspect of MMOs is that they
are built with 10 year cycles in mind. This often creates vision and delivery issues
between the original developer team, the inevitable handover team, the original marketing and
players, the new players, and at last the “casuals” that end up being pandered to in
a myriad of “pay to win” microtransactions once the game goes Free to Play. Knowing the above is inevitable, you must
really enjoy a game’s concept and/or mechanics before deciding to invest your time into one
of these titles. Of course some “serial MMOers” make the mistake
of assuming the game won’t change and end up disillusioned, and quitting loudly on the
game’s forums a few months, or even years, after launch. This article is about why I, in full knowledge
of all of the above, am sticking around the Elder Scrolls Online and loving every minute. Join in for a quick (albeit likely unpopular)
rundown of how Zenimax has actually improved the game over time! March 2014 – Launch! I got ESO because I could not resist… the
music, the setting, the outstanding graphics… the opportunity to immerse myself in the Elder
Scrolls world with a friend. Gimme! I knew full well this wasn’t a classic MMO,
with raids etc. It was clear this was a “Solo game with friends”
and that is exactly what it delivered, to me. I had the good fortune of choosing the best
faction of all, Aldmeri Dominion, because it has the best character in the history of
Elder Scrolls, Razum-dar. My Khajiit partner in crime guided me through
my faction’s quest, while I slowly discovered the world. I ran into some issues, like having to be
in the same faction as your friends, or getting instanced out if your friends have completed
a quest because the landscape adapts to your individual progress. However, I made it through all the zones and
experienced the 300+ completely voiced quests to the fullest. I even ran into some people doing ERP to the
tune of the Lusty Argonian Maid. Good times. May 2014 – Trials added Just about when people were getting loud about
there not being great grouping, Zenimax added Lower Craglorn. This free new zone focused on group questing
and introduced Trials, the ESO equivalent of Raids. This began to define what “endgame” would
look like, and to me it looked great. A challenging but not impossible or time consuming
“raid”, that drops good loot and can be done with a pug? Sign me up 🙂 – This push to give endgame
more body continued later in June, adding the veteran version of Crypt of Hearts as
a taste for what was yet to come. August 2014 – Set Bonuses, Guild Traders,
Guild Heraldry, Armor Dyes! Moving towards what would become FashionScrollsOnline,
ESO added an Auction House equivalent: Guild Traders. This made it so people had to join specific
guilds to trade their equipment and materials. This also created a need to group, recruit
and collaborate, and came accompanied by some guild management tool improvements so that
players could keep up with what was happening, and wear their guild colors as a tabbard to
show their affiliation. But the real game changer here for me was
the Armor Dyes. Up to now, achievements had little purpose
save giving you a cool title now and then, but with this update they changed it so your
armor customization could be improved by unlocking them. This appealed to the completionist and fashionista
in me to go around hunting for hard-to-get achievements to unlock specific colors I wanted
to try. Patch 1.3.3 made an ENORMOUS change to how
ESO handled itemization by adding 2 and 4 piece bonuses on all traditional Sets vs the
previous approach of only 3 and 5. In my opinion, looking back on all the changes
made in the past 3 years, this one was likely the most significant because it radically
transformed how Sets were viewed and how everyone approached them. Figuring out how to have the best combination
of bonuses became the fuel for build theory crafting, and to this day it is by its Sets
that ESO lives and dies. September 2014 – Upper Craglorn & Dragonstar
Arena and Master Weapons At this point, ESO had a healthy amount of
endgame players bored of running the same instances over and over. Enter Upper Craglorn with it’s new trial Sanctum
Ophidia and the Dragonstar Arena, ready to keep us busy figuring out how these new sets
and pieces would match our builds, and contending for the best rewards from the Arena. With the addition of this content also came
the inclusion of Master Weapons which further redefined end game gear. Now not only did you have functioning Sets,
but you had to factor in the unique qualities of these power items. November 2014 – Pledges, Crafting Writs, Veteran
City of Ash Another significant game-changer, the addition
of Undaunted Enclaves and daily Pledges, pushed the game in the right direction towards becoming
“more of an mmo”. It had been 9 months since launch and we had
already done all the quests for our Faction, and gone on to do the ones on the other two
factions (on the same character) – we had explored Craglorn and were hanging out wondering
what was next. Pledges made us all remember previous zones,
and gave us a reason to go redo a dungeon, learn all of its ins and outs, and look forward
to new loot from doing them every day. Crafters got a similar treat, with daily quests
called Writs, that rewarded the production of something rather than the destruction of
materials. Furthermore Zenimax introduced Surveys, which
became a great reason to visit old zones again. Veteran City of Ash… was also added in this
update and it remains one of the more difficult dungeons in ESO to this day. March 2015 – Justice System, Champion System,
Game Rebalancing It had been 5 months since the last major
update, but a year after launch Zenimax unleashed truly amazing changes that re-invented the
game once more. Whilst it’s tempting to lead with Justice
and Champion, the real game-changer here was the removal of stat soft caps previously called
Overcharge. Before this update, if you focused too much
into one stat you would “overcharge” it, making further investment pointless, forcing you
to diversify your stats. No longer! Now players could mold builds to their specific
desires, and having full sets of light or heavy armor would yield significantly different
results. To date this remains one of the most significant
changes to the entire game. Not to be outdone, the Champion System was
introduced, bringing a way for level capped players to still “level up”, which is a progression
system akin to Rift’s Planar Attunement or Diablo’s Paragon Points. This new take on the “Constellation” mechanic
of Elder Scrolls made for a fantastic change that gave long-time players a reason to continue
playing and earning experience, as they could feel their character getting better with each
point invested and perk unlocked. I found myself loving this particular aspect,
and together with the removal of soft caps it allowed me to rebuild my character in a
completely new and fun way. As a cherry on top, the long awaited Justice
System added the option to pickpocket, trade contraband goods, and be chased around by
guards. A new skill line associated with this would
also be added, and cities came to life as you saw fellow players running for their miserable
criminal lives with a tally of town guards breathing fire on their sorry behinds. The word that sums up this update is: fun. BONUS: “Tamriel Unlimited” On March 17th 2015, a year after launch, the
game changed from its initial “Buy and pay subscription to play” to “Buy and play for
free, subscription optional”. Those of us who had been with the game since
day 1 (subbed the whole year) got an awesome Senche Tiger Mount, and hordes of returning
and new players joined in the frey for the fate of Tamriel. This change was a very successful one for
the game’s economy both in-game and for Zenimax pockets, which is a double-win for me as I
want the game to do well since I like it so much :). May 2015 – Set Scaling Fixed Sets were changed to scale to your highest
stat, which is taken for granted nowadays but did really bring the Champion System and
Overcharge removal into full effect. June 2015 – ESO on Consoles This is the second defining moment of the
game for me. I have never enjoyed PC gaming much, and the
option to move the character to my PS4 and play from my couch was one I had been waiting
since the game was announced. I made the swap without hesitation, and so
did another 3.2 million players (estimated consoles sales). Playing from my couch on my TV has truly made
ESO accessible to me, and I would absolutely love to see more quality MMOs delivered to
console. The arrival of One Tamriel, combined with
the console launch shortly thereafter, was so significant that it drastically altered
the course of the game’s future, all but guaranteeing that it would succeed for years to come. August 2015 – Imperial City And Crafting Styles Imperial City, the first “expansion” for ESO
added new pvp and pve content, delivering in the form of challenging dungeons and interesting
multiplayer variances to the tried and true alliance war. After doing the same dungeons for more than
a year, I was ready to be challenged with new content, and the new sets were excellent
rewards for my efforts. These dungeons remained the most difficult
in the game until the release of Shadows of the Hist many months later. My crafter also got a beautiful new motif
to learn, and a necessary change to the way these work was made, dividing them into several
chapters rather than one book. This was a controversial change, as many people
saw it as a way to promote the “easy buy from crown store” and take away from the actual
gameplay, but for me this meant the multiplication of in-game goals. Up to now, I was looking for 1 item, and once
I had it, I had the style and I was done in my quest to obtain it. Now, I have to collect 13 different chapters
of the book to complete a collection and learn the style, which improves the longevity of
the hunt. This would prove to be a very successful change
for Zenimax, and it opened the floodgates so that instead of having racial + 3 or 4
special craftable styles we have 50+ (as of 2017). November 2015 – Orsinium DLC – New Crafting
Materials and Maelstrom Weapons! Free for subscribers, Orsinium, a large sized
new zone, brought about many fun activities for my character. I could do the quests and collect items, grab
skyshards, defeat bosses, do the new delves… and I could enjoy collecting the new styles,
all while enjoying an increase my VR and Champion Point ranks (so further endgame progression). Crafting writs began gifting me fragments
to collect and transform into Glass motifs, and this zone was populated with special endgame
crafting materials that were needed to craft endgame gear, as well as new crafting stations
that make some of the best sets in the game. This was an overload of content for me, and
I could not have been happier about it! The new sets and materials boosted the game’s
economy and motivated old and new players to push to the limit and attempt the Maelstrom
Arena: a solo-friendly “trial” that yields similar rewards to the now one year old Dragonstar
Arena including Maelstrom Weapons. These weapons remain some of the best in the
game to date. Moreover this DLC introduced another subtle
change, that would ultimately shape the entire game later on: Battle Leveling application. In order to sell the DLC to new players, and
still keep it interesting for veterans, Zenimax had to figure out how to fit us all into the
same challenging area. This was done by automatically scaling lower
players Up, as it’s done in the PvP zones. Thanks to the game’s seamless instancing of
materials, this did not affect crafting for other players, and created the first integrated
PVE zone in the game, where new and veteran players could quest side-by-side without one
getting carried or the other one getting nothing from their efforts. It also added some improvements to the “looking
for group” tool that allowed players to challenge dungeons with friends or randoms from different
alliances. All in all, Orsinium still remains the best
overall DLC ever added to ESO since it’s creation. March 2016 – Thieves Guild DLC – New Skills,
Content, Trial, Assistants! Also free for subscribers, this medium-sized
DLC added a lot of fun little things for players to do. Following in Orsinium’s footsteps, new and
low level players would be battle-leveled so they could enjoy the content, making the
zone a bustling hub in no time. Besides adding a new trial as well as world
bosses and quests, the Thieves Guild skill line improved the already available Legerdemain
system for player misbehavior. Players could now be caught “tresspassing”
and be penalized with a bounty, but may also obtain rewards called Edicts that are used
to falsify a pardon for a certain amount of money. The addition of these checks and balances,
as well as criminal quests, made for a fun spice-up of the Justice System, with Abbah’s
Watch becoming a den of unlawful players constantly running for their lives within the city. An often ignored, but one of my favorite retrospective
additions, was the addition of a new category of collection: Assistants. These are NPCs that can be summoned anywhere
you are at that perform a service that would otherwise cause you to travel. The first one is a smuggler, who conveniently
fences anything you have stolen on the spot, with the mitigating factor that she takes
30% of your earnings. May 2016 – Dark Brotherhood DLC – Murder,
Champion System, Crafting, Motifs & Personalities! A smaller DLC than the previous ones, but
still introducing a zone and free for subscribers, the Dark Brotherhood brought about a fantastic
change and further upgrades to the justice system. The Dark Brotherhood questline may not have
been the best one, but its effects on the overall world changed the way towns work,
forever. Players could now not only pickpocket NPCs,
but could also murder them and gain enormous bounties if caught. Assassination quests and targets populated
all of Tamriel, and the inexperienced hitmen of Tamriel found themselves out of pocket
or life fairly quickly. Some improvements made to PvP item vendors
as well as the Imperial City and its mechanics, meant some more PvP action to be had there,
but again the underlooked change was the addition of player Personalities. This collectible was introduced with the “assassin
personality”, which is awarded for completion of the full quest of the zone. It alters the regular animations of your character,
from walk and sprint to idle, boast, or other emotes, providing some fun to “waiting around”
and allowing for further customization of your virtual avatar. Most personalities must be bought in the store,
but I’m hopeful Zenimax will reward us with some more as content is released. This patch had a significant change in the
road to where the game is now: The removal of VR ranks. Players would now simply level to 50, and
then automatically scale to their champion points accumulated on any character over 50. The conversion was automatic and simplified
the game, and its progression, without penalizing players who had been around all along. In short it made it easier for players to
create and play multiple characters, increasing the overall activity of the game greatly. If that wasn’t enough, Zenimax also introduced
poison crafting to Alchemy, allowing players to use their materials in a whole new way,
and providing an alternative to weapon enchantments that soon proved to be favored by most PvP
players, as poisons could have deadly effects on unaware enemies. For other crafters, new styles to hunt for
were added, including some for the Thieves Guild. And what for me has been the single largest
change to the game: THE CRAFT BAG! Unfairly available only to ESO Plus subscribers,
this amazing invention puts all of your collected crafted materials into a bottomless box, freeing
up your 220 inventory slots and bank space for sets, pvp oils & coldfires, collectibles,
treasure maps, stolen stuff, research items and whatever else fellow hoarders need. I cannot stress enough how much this changed
the game from me. I went from not picking up resources because
of space to gathering everything, using everything, and finally fully maxing out all crafting
professions. I could quest large zones without having to
stop every 30 minutes to discard materials, and pick up anything I wanted in a dungeon
without worry. All praise the craftbag!! (Best 15 dollars/month I spend) August 2016 – Shadows of the Hist DLC – Dungeons,
Sets, Console text chat The smallest of the DLCs, Shadows of the Hist
is also free to ESO+ subscribers but it only added two new (really hard) dungeons. The gear within them is quite good, and they
reward character skins and motifs, so this was a welcome endgame challenge for smaller
groups who didn’t want to do trials. The real jewels of the update were, however,
the addition of several new sets and for me in particular the addition of console text
chat. This was something I had wanted on consoles
all along and Zenimax had been uncertain about, but eventually the playerbase demonstrated
the need and it’s implementation has been a lifesaver. It really changed the way we PvP by allowing
soloers , and has made trading items easier by allowing us to share and barter in zone
chat. On top of that, it gave a much needed boost
to the game’s economy by allowing players to link what they have for sale in the chat
window. October 2016 – One Tamriel – Any level, any
zone, any alliance, all the fun! This massive update redesigned the entire
way the whole game is approached, finally recreating a feeling of complete open world
for new players. From here on, all players are automatically
battle-leveled to Champion Level 160 by stat buffing, and their incrementally gained levels
take them in a steady gear progression towards the level 50 mark, and on Champion System
progression until Champion 600. This update revitalized the game in ways few
could have predicted, as it also introduced a myriad of new Sets, and added them as rewards
for completing Dark Anchors, Quests and World Bosses, all whilst allowing all players to
access all alliances without restrictions of level, origin or quest progression. It created a month-long frenzy of world boss
farming, and a chaotic rush for Guild Vendors so that players could match their new sets
to the best Weapon Ultimates introduced. Undaunted Pledges (dailies) came alive with
activity thanks to smart revamps and simplifications to the reward system, and towns became hotspots
for the newly introduced Dueling feature. The game was on non-stop congestion as we
all enjoyed the sudden influx of new and old players who wanted to try out the new system,
and reinvigorated long-time players who now had more reasons to go do the many smaller
daily tasks. I personally spent time farming Deshaan and
Stonefalls until I could deck out two characters in my desired sets, and it was a blast thanks
to the flood of players running about. And as a little quality of life improvement,
players can now pay to change their character’s race, name and appearance – providing those
who have invested a lot of time into a character with a way to refine their initial choices
from so long ago. October 2016 – Holiday Events: Witches Festival! This month also marked the introduction of
seasonal festivals to the game, following the path laid out by many other MMOs. Following a unique Elder Scrolls style, the
quests for this are actually enjoyable and the rewards thematic. Players loved to transform into skeletons
to gain more XP and obtain loot boxes from world bosses – again giving unprecedented
livelihood to usually quiet zones. More events would follow, such as New Year
Celebrations and Springtime, all with a unique flair to match the ocassion and introducing
consumables and other festivity collections for the players. February 2017 – Player Housing! Player housing had been a day 1 request from
many players, and it materialized almost 3 years after release. The homestead patch added a new and completely
optional aspect to the game, and is easy to ignore by anyone who is not interested…
except there’s a lot of gold to be made from those who are! Whether you want a house or not, the process
of getting unique and special items through the newly introduced Master Writs is a slow
one, so all players can benefit from the boost to the economy from the trading and bartering
of crafting recipes, materials and of course the writs. For me, this added a whole new collection
of recipes to learn and unlock, as well as new objectives and incentives to complete
daily writs as well as uncommon achievements that grant special rewards such as monster
busts which can be displayed in your house. For large guilds, glamorous halls with trophies
of guild achievements as well as crafting stations, assistants and mounts became a symbol
of power and prosperity, bringing players within those guilds closer together as they
rally to complete collections and sets to display. June 2017 – Morrowind! And… here we are! I am now playing daily to collect housing
and other crafting items, whilst doing some PvP, and waiting to set out on the Morrowind
Chapter. It won’t be included on my ESO plus, but I
hear my bank space will be doubled, which can only be welcome at this point as I have
already admitted I’m a hoarder. I’ve already played it on the PC closed beta,
so I’m very much looking forward to this launching officially on PS4. We’ll have an article with details on Morrowind
changes and impacts sooner to the release date. Summary So, having gone through the 3 years of ESO
history in as few paragraphs as possible, I look back and what I see is a company that
did give me what I needed in incremental upgrades. Many players fear that the monetization system
of the Crown Store will push the game towards microtransaction hell as it inches closer
and closer to Free to Play. So far, I have been very satisfied, and in
the three years I have played I have bought a grand total of 1 thing from the Crown Store:
A vendor assistant during the One Tamriel set gold rush. To me, this means that players don’t necessarily
need to use the store or spend money to get great value out of the game, and if you’re
willing to put in the time or effort you can obtain the same rewards with gameplay or simply
by farming gold and purchasing from other players. During all this time, many changes have been
done to the main class I play, and many times for the worse, but still enjoyed the game
for it’s many opportunities. I quested and explored until there was not
one undiscovered location in all of Tamriel. When PvE got boring, I went into Cyrodiil
and helped win campaigns and get myself delicious gold jewelry gear. When PvP got bad because of a class nerf I
didn’t like, I immersed myself in the DLCs, completed all the veteran dungeons and pledges,
found every lorebook. When I got tired of walking aimlessly, I returned
to Cyrodiil to find the new Town mechanics had changed spawns and all for the better. When that became stale, I went back to Anchors
and Dungeons and farmed gear or traded with others to fill my gold coffers to purchase
a house. All of this and I still have motifs to finish,
trials to master, and fish to catch! I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. So Morrowind is just around the corner, and
given the care Zenimax has taken of the game, and how they have kept me around for this
long simply by slowly adding activities and making sure I always have something to do,
I am genuinely excited and hoping they can keep this up and the store out of the way
for another 3 more years! If you haven’t given ESO a try yet, I strongly
recommend you do. The game has never been better than it is
now, and it shows very few signs of slowing down.

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Reader Comments

  1. None None

    My 4483 Hours of Play in ESO….This was an awsome game but now it its filled with overpriced crown store items, Vegas style RNG loot boxes, numerous game breaking bugs, Bot trains, exploits a plenty, and continous broken patches. The last patch was so broken that it enabled people in Imperial City to get 2million exp points per kill. Intead of taking down the server immediatly or giving a warning they chose to Ban the people that were in Imperial City for 2 weeks. There are numerous Utube videos that show the Bot Trains farming in zones for 2 years. Even videos of players trolling the Bot trains by pulling mobs onto them to interrupt the bots….ZOS is completly inept at and enforcing a stable anti bot anti exploiting game play. The amount of bugs have increased with each "Bug Fixing Patch". They have had terrible LAG in the Cyrodiil PVP Zone for over 3 years now such as weapon swaping, using abilities, and rubber banding issues. All the while solving nothing but adding an ever increasing amount of Crown store items and more buggy DLCs. I can now see the writing on the wall for ESO. This kinda of neglect and a completly useless response from ZOS is the same thing you see in all MMORPgs that fail to address thier problems and end up with a mass Exodus resulting in the end of the game. I would not recommend anyone waste money or time playing this buggy mess…they will not fix it…they are not capable of fixing the game but rather they can only try to suck more $ out of this ever increasing buggy pile of garbage.

  2. Morph Productions

    i agree completely, its even better in 2018! 😀 I play on PC with an xbox controller while chilling on my couch, im glad they added the console UI for PC players 🙂

  3. Tazz EightSixFour

    18:45 A feature of Housing that was omitted here and frequently overlooked is the ability to fast-travel from any part of Tamriel to your home for FREE… This is extremely useful when carrying out Assassination Orders for Dark Sacraments or Pickpocketing in a crowded city…

  4. The pokeblock Guild

    So I'm debating on buying eso but don't know which pack I should get . What do you recommend I'm thinking the digital delux but I was reading the other packs on steam and they all say the same thing and I'm really confused


    I’m having a good time being a dark elf on this game just picked it up yesterday lol and theirs still a shit ton of new players starting off aswell! I’m left shock

  6. Ereboz

    I've played since first beta, right up to the most recent anniversary event. Sadly I've left, because there's just nothing to do at end game. Once you've leveled all the classes, ran all the dungeons, there's no character progression at all. I really wish there was something for long time players to do in game that felt rewarding and fun

  7. robinwitch666

    It's a testament to the depth of ESO that I hate or am dreadfully bored by just about everything this person loves, and I still have 300+ DAYS of play on my main character. I'm thankful for things like the nearly complete isolation of PvP in Cyrodiil, which has become the adult daycare for the game, and the way that you can simply skip tedious nuisances like the Undaunted (which my main refers to as the "Unwashed"), the pointless and dreary "trials," and most of the dungeons (again, full of witless tricks that make it seem you're fighting the developer, not the enemy). I almost never group, never for long, and never more than four people; any place that needs a command of predictable "mechanics" to overcome is more fit for the attack of a robot than a person. So long as the main quest lines can all be done without PvP and without constant companions, I'll be there, enjoying the story, and a bit sorry for those who think they are "proving" themselves or "accomplishing" anything beyond their immediate goals. Those whom, in other words, are playing a game. I'm living in a world.

  8. Tazz EightSixFour

    14:58 UNFAIRLY?? I'd say BRILLIANTLY…. Anyone who crafts that much in game will have no problem with an ESO+ subscription…

  9. Alifi Fi

    Enjoyed ESO and how it evolved over the years however really hated the animation cancel and weaving mechanics. It was unintended but Zenimax still never remove it. In competitive content, PvE or especially PvP, this is a make or break for peeps running with high latency, just like in TERA Online. Just this made me quit this awesome game.

  10. Adrian Hayes

    The truth is this is the most complete game I’ve ever played, there isn’t as much variety, content, skill in any other game I’ve done.
    If you play this game don’t worry about being great in the game for a year or two. Complete the environment and enjoy it. It took me just over a year to complete every quest, delve, plot etc to get to the top level. Didn’t go into a dungeon, trail until I was half way.

    Ive been playing for three years now, 8 characters and have completed all but one dungeon at vet and two trails in vet. If I could advise one thing to players is don’t be so hard on others that aren’t as good as you. Keep them in the game. That way we can make more money the bigger the game population. Perhaps eso could devise a system where better players gain points, gold, writs whatever for getting low levels though dungeons and trails.

  11. DialatedPupils

    Love this game so much. Came in at this game and had zero info/experience in the ES world. I loved it so much, my next fantasy Campaign is set in Tamriel

  12. Jay M

    This video was really enlightening to me.  Here are a few things that really made my ears perk up:

    1. The initial mention (imagery) of "love" for WoW.
    2. Saying that dungeon daily quests made ESO feel like "more of an MMO."
    3. Saying that splitting of motifs into pieces was nice because it increased the time that you could look for them.  I.e., you enjoyed that time spent searching, so increasing that time was good.

    I came from the pre-wow generation of mmorpgs.  I consider the era of wow as a dark age in mmo gaming that we still have not recovered from.  I briefly played wow (a few times), and while I did, I really wanted to like it, but there was just something odd and unfun about it that I couldn't put my finger on.  Something was missing; some itch that previous MMOs would scratch that wow did not.

    As a player who, in past MMOs, enjoyed PvP and PVE, my most eye-opening moment in wow was after I had done a few battlegrounds and was left with a kind of "meh" feeling that I couldn't pin down.  Being in a reasonably sized guild at the time, I posed the question to my more experienced guildmates: "what is the purpose of battlegrounds — why do them?" (In hindsight, ideally I suppose the answer should simply be: "because they're fun!") A guildmate answered: "to get sweet gear!" To which I responded: "what do I need the gear for?" His answer: "so you can do better in the battlegrounds!" … Light bulb…  I suddenly saw everything in wow for what it was, and I had a better idea of the "je ne sais quoi" that was lacking. (I won't get into it — partially because I still don't know what it is — but I think it has something to do with social immersion.  I think previous experiences were more about having fun with people than chasing some carrot on a stick — though that was certainly part of it.  Perhaps the feeling that the carrot was incidental, not the focus…)

    So, I quit playing and tried other MMOs to try to see if any captured the feeling of the prior generation.  Alas, because wow was so successful, the next couple generations were trying to emulate their success by trying to capture the feeling of a game I never enjoyed.  I think it's still a problem today.  I definitely enjoy ESO more than any mmo I can remember in the dark era of wow, but I'm always hoping some game will break the mold that wow forged.

    Anyway, very long write-up to say that I never understood why a game like wow was so popular, but I feel like this video was a glimpse into the mind of a wow fan.  That's not supposed to be a jab, if it reads like one.  I've just never understood it at all, and I found this video enlightening to that purpose.

  13. Michael Coffey

    Really loved this, and will be jumping back in ESO for the next 3 or 4 years as soon as wife and I can get new pc's in a year or so. Such a amazing game with so many different types of things to do.

  14. Morgan Schiersmann

    This is a very good review, I started recently a couple months back. I've been playing World of Warcraft since MoP and slowly it have become more boring and lost it's touch. When my guild mates decided to try eso I decided to follow. And never before have I've had fun in an mmo since the beginning on my play on wow. An I don't think I will be returning to wow anytime soon. 🙂

  15. Blent 1050

    Somehow I keep finding myself coming back to this game. IDK what it is but after a few months of not playing it I just all the sudden get back into it. It must be the awesome content they keep coming out with as well as an amazing base game.

  16. Seouloved

    As a brand new player as in (never played… not even anything similar to a mmo) this video was really helpful and helps me understand all the content a little better! I always feel like I’m jumping from zone to zone doing this and that lol

  17. Echo Punk

    I clicked on this video hoping to get ideas on how to make the game fun while I'm doing the mind numbing grind. This is essentially a recap of all the changes since release…

  18. Centurion

    This game is great is like 10/10 for me but the only thing that makes me not play it (i tried many times) are the classes dont get me wrong classes in this game are unique and fun but i just want to play warrior [not dragonknight or templar] WARRIOR ! U CHARGE IN U SWING YOUR AXE AND THINGS DIE ! I get it i get it u can get this from using 2h weapons but then again i dont want to be templar or dragonknight it kills the fantasy .Why they just dont add warrior or hunter ?Hunter same problem i have to choose warden or nightblade so i can be something like hunter is just makes me mad i want to play this game so much but my 2 favorite classes hunter and warrior are not in it

  19. Jorge Ocampo

    Cool that the game is doing well, however I still refuse to support a company that treated me (as a player) like a cash cow and delivered an aberration of a game at launch.

  20. joe grimes

    I love ESO. It didn't really get me hooked until the got rid of level gating of areas. I too joined the Admeri dominion and whislt the game is very story focused and clearly designed to funnel each faction on a path towards Cyrodiil, it felt at odds with it's main series counterpart allowing you to explore. So I slapped on my walking shoes and hiked up to Skyrim to check out the differences between the two games maps. Before the changes to the level scaling, I basically had to sprint past every enemy and kept dying… a lot. It was very much akin to Polygon's Griffin doing the pacifist run of WoW – running from everything. Now you can freely explore and take the odd quest here and there and it feels so much more free. On PS4 the community is pretty decent, I've never run into griefers or on the opposite end condescending min-max players like I have in other MMO's like FF14.

    It's good fun and the free-to-play aspect hasn't really impacted the game in a negative way. Sure they've now introduced loot boxes as well as a premium content store – but you can ignore them entirely and get log in bonuses so you dont feel cheated or cheap for not "Buying in." MY other favorite Online Game is Star Trek Online. It too is built as a Solo game with friends. So this means you dont NEED to join a guild or arrange times to meet up to do raids etc. You can just go at your own pace and is designed perfectly for RP minded people. ESO is very much in this spirit, but it is for a certain type of gamer. If you like Morrowind or Oblivion, Skyrim for its mods and open ended sandbox – you might not like this and probably best sticking to the main series and wait for ES6. If you like the lore and history (though it bends canon in places, but canon in the elder scrolls universe is kinda wobbly – look up Dragon Breaks) and want a good romp return to Tamriel with friends and explore the Second Era – then this is for you.

  21. Ratatatabumbum

    This game eso full with bug,game crash,and dungeon,bg finder disconet.dungeon fight total caos,tank not control mob,boss.always alfa version.15 y mmo exp.

  22. Kogoro Mori

    the bad thing on console is that you need a ps4 pro or xbox one s or x because pvp for example is unplayable on normal ps4 because of the heavy load

  23. George Reiss

    Anyone admiring the bottomless craft bag is forgetting that ZOS first created a massive problem and then provided the solution that can only be, practically, solved with monthly subscription! It amazes me how many people just love to be such MMO slaves and fanboys that they dont mind being exploited and think they are getting a great deal.

    Dont get me wrong, I love the lore, game world and story but some of the business practices ZoS employ are questionable. I dont want ZoS to end up like Blizzard because I want this game to be around and improved as it is great fun BUT so was WoW back in the day and look where it is now.

  24. Sam Jones

    Funny thing ESO would die without those Filthy casuals spending money on DLC and chapters. Some people just don't want to pay a monthly fee for a MMO game anymore.

  25. Plankton

    I really wanted to like the game, hell I have almost 780 hours in the game, but it came down to it.. I never liked the end game and no matter how much I played and how much sets I collected I could not enjoy the set collecting. I like the fact that you can do so many unique builds, be it the majority of players are extremely toxic when playing "unique" builds even if they work and work well. Just like the Race / build combo's. Oddly enough I have had less reactions to my odd race/build combo's than I have on unique builds that work with the race.
    I guess when it comes down to it, the main stuff I really enjoy to do.. Farm mounts, motifs , pets etc etc, Collectibles the mounts is actually impossible to do, there have been very few that are not horses that you could get and had to get it through an event. Motifs could take years of RNG shitting on you…. and the pets, just not enough of those bastards while the store has a shit ton on it.

  26. Brooke A.

    I have to say, I hated this game so much when I played it on my playstation in 2014. I hated the graphics and just everything about the game. But, I bought the collectors edition 2 days ago to give this game another shot. If they keep coming out with dlcs and expansions then that must hint that this game is a success. They have changed a lot and I'm already hooked. College and eso do not mix well. XD hello procrastination

  27. Dave Dom

    Weird… but only one "minor" thing killed it for me. Having to pay every month for craft bag… yup.. i got tired of it when i realised that i'm basically playing a p2p game not a b2p game like it was advertised :/ (and playin without craft bag is painful)

  28. Professor Kaioken

    If feels a bit in authentic when you read another's story and list the video "Why I'm Playing" I honestly didn't like the video style. Write your own story or be upfront its not yours in the video title. I don't mind the theme I enjoy many shows that discuss others tales like drama time for warcraft but being authentic is so important for success online and its almost impossible to judge how authentic a story is when its not owned by the teller.

  29. Roy Normann Lee

    They have great expansions and still a big player group, with new arriving all the time. Love the lore and gameplay, and it reminds me of Skyrim and Oblivion. Good music yes

  30. Kevin Pedersen

    pls put your sound in mono, this was a horrible experience, sitting in a perfectly set up studio XD – edit: nvm it fixed itself 26 seconds in.

  31. Caligula

    Instead of making skyrim online they made an mmo with all the flaws of the mmos.
    Rotation spamming,low variety of builds with 3 stats of which only 2 are viable but not mixable cos hybrids are not viable. There are THREE possible combinations but the devs never got arsed to make this system work so in reality people either go full stamina or full magika withiut touching health cos its just not viable.
    There are five clases of which templar are not even viable in pvp and keeps getting nerfed so you buy the warden.
    Some races being mandatory like redguard for anything stamina cos they are just so much better than the rest. Decreasing variety even more.
    Fewer inventory slots than any mmo I've played so you buy more, specially if you want to collect materials for crafting.
    You have to pay for more mount speed,for imperial race (one of the best and most versatile) for thieves and assassins guild despite them being part of the eso universe since always and should have been in the base game,and many other aspects in which they try to chop the game and sell it to you in parts….
    You cant auction, you have to join a trade guild and pay them to use their vendors. Thats AIDS.
    Pve is spamming rotations,which are the cancer of mmos and have become the standar sadly,aimation canceling and other cancerous meta mechanics…
    Another example of how much a money grab this game is you can pay to make your mount have more stamina (otherwise it runs for 5 seconds and gets tired. Have you seen this in a y mmo ever?) and even make them faster. There are a lot of quests which consiat on going to one point of the map to the other and back so you pay either gold or real money to get your mount un-nerfed or pay to recall to a shrine. Thats right, recalling costs gold.

  32. Caligula

    This begs the question. Why make a video reading an article someone else wrote just praisig all the companies new decisions and changes? Honestly this reeks of commissioned """"review""""

  33. EQOAnostalgia

    Good review, but i don't think 3.2 million players made a "switch" from PC. That's called a downgrade… that's incredibly rare i'm sure comparatively speaking. It's a shame the OP couldn't narrate, there is definitely a disconnect and lack of enthusiasm in the narration. Otherwise i enjoyed it.

  34. BlaZe

    Guys how do I get the dragon priest staff from 9:13 ? and great video, I love the game so much and I'll keep on playing for a long time!

  35. skwozies

    I have only bought 1 thing from the crown store, a vendor assistant (opens up assistant and see's a 10 pack of crown riding capacity). Hmmm!!! Great vid bud.

  36. Keilink

    Sounds like a spread out stockholm syndrome… laughed my ass off when I heard how many players switched to console.
    The only thing I remember from this game is two of my friends and I trying to quest in a group during the (commercial) beta and having to wait for an event to respawn 3 f*cking times for each of us to validate. uninstalled at level 5.
    I'm not judging the game as it is today though, but back during launch it's still a mystery how people came to trust these guys, especially when you add all the shitty buisness decisions (race locked behind collector edition, mounts bullsh*tting, etc…) ~

  37. metalmaster6

    I bought ESO a week after it came out and have had a membership for like 6 months of that and its an L that they dont hand over summerset and stuff like that for the ogs.

  38. Zi&D

    ZOS said there is no point to invest into upgrading server hardware to fix the not being able to log in or the infinite loading screen as there is no return to investment anyway.

  39. Diskhate

    Few games improved so much with time…infact, the only one that went to this extent (and even beyond) that i personally played is probably Warframe, which completely changed once stuff like Movement 2.0/Damage 2.0 and stories like "the second dream" began rolling, making it not just "a better version of itself", but a totally different and much better game with only the same art style & theme.
    Most games, in this era of patching, content updates etc improve with time, but few go to this extent: from a borderline abysmal release to being one of the best MMORPGs you can play today, and personally the only one i ever truly loved (seriously…ESO at release had so many issues, many of which so basic, that wasnt it for the "Elder Scrolls" name, it would have probably died within a year and a half)
    Most important of all? It turned from being a single player game where you could see (and hate) other players ruining your immersion to being a true MMO with mechanics that incentivize grouping, an active and (mostly) positive comunity, a well balanced mix of sandbox/themepark style (more tendent toward the sandbox) and a well structured system of rewards.
    PS: Yes, i know about No Man's Sky, but i was never interested in it so i can't tell from personal experience

  40. Maky

    I just started playing ESO two weeks ago and my god…. this is an incredibly good game. The fact that its a buy to play and that the base game without DLCs gets you so much content is amazing.
    I initally felt like I wasted years and lot of money playing wow the last few years but then my guildies told me It just got good recently so I pretty much came in at the right time.
    I would recommend this game to everyone : )

  41. Zocker Jimmy

    The crown store is what bothers me the most as someone who loves to look fancy in online games, if you are completely F2P, like POE, i dont care if you sell all your good optics in the store but as a p2p mmo + a monthly subscription, thats a big no no. But yeah, still better than the Atom shop

  42. naterod1719

    I'll always play ESO. There will be times when I leave for like a whole year but I always come back, it's a great stop gap game to fall back on.

  43. exenderlloyd

    Hmmm, let me see LOTROs player count nowadays…
    Average 500 players
    Peak 1000.
    That's just sad.
    Sad it's already kinda dead…

  44. 最後のものKCG

    The problem with ESO is that I would need to pay 50$ in total just to play necromancer class, which is totally not worth it

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