Exploring GAME MASTER Top Secret Abandoned Prison!! (Trapped and No Escape Room)

– Oh yes Sharers, guess what, guess what, guess what, Grace, guess what. – What? – Well you know what. – Oh, yeah I know what. – Sharers, check this out. You’ll never guess where we are. So you saw in the last
vlog that Grace and I had a cop car, with our police outfits on, we ran, we caught the Game Master, and um, now we’re at the prison.
(metal gates closing) That’s a guard tower right there and look who’s behind the fence. Oh yeah, Mr. Game Master
is in prison right now. Hey Mr. Game Master, Hey Mr. Game Master. – Oh yeah, and he is captured for good. – [Stephen] Oh yeah, you can’t get out. This is a barbed wire fence right here, and it is deep down. You can’t get out. And you got guard towers there, one there, one there, one there. That’s three guard
towers, Mr. Game Master, you cannot get out. – So Sharers smash the like button, he is finally in jail and captured. – Oh yeah, that’s right. So right now they’re on
play time in the jail. You’re allowed about, I think… How long are you allowed
to play outside for? Isn’t it like 30 minutes
or something, Grace? – Yeah I think they get 30 minutes a day. – That’s it, they only get 30
minutes a day to play outside. And that’s what he’s doing right now. So he’s kinda just hanging
out, walking around outside. And then once the 30 minute recess is up, those guard towers will come down and they’ll come grab him
and stick him back inside. And I think he’s gonna be staying in one of the prison cells over here, so you know what, let’s
go give the Sharers a tour of the prison facility. – Yeah yeah, let’s show
them where they stay. – So this is where the Game
Master will be staying. Oh look he found something. – [Grace] Oh he got a toy. – [Stephen] What is that? – I don’t know, paint. I think it’s like paint. – [Stephen] Huh. – [Grace] Oh well, let’s
have him have his play time. – Alright, bye Mr. Game Master, we’re gonna go tour the
Sharers around your jail cell. Have fun. Huh, he doesn’t look very happy. – Uh, I don’t know. He’s outside so I would be happy. – Yeah well let’s go see where
he’ll be sleeping tonight. I think it’s over here. This is actually a pretty big jail cell. – Yeah, there’s a lot of people here. – There’s a lot of stuff at this prison. Like look how big this is. We got a water tower down there. Is that another guard tower there? – I think so, I think
that’s the head guard tower. – That thing is huge. There’s a mountain back there,
so you can’t escape that way. And then there’s stuff there,
stuff here, stuff here. All these white cars
are like county vehicles that are working for the
state prison I think. That’s another guard house there. But I believe where he’s staying are in these houses right here. Look, the 9522 house I believe
is the one that he’s in. Let’s go this way, Grace. – Okay let’s go check it out. Oh hold on, I’m getting a
call on my walkie talkie, let me turn it up. Oh it’s like their lunch time. – [Stephen] Oh. – Yeah. I wonder where they eat lunch. – Yeah you’re right,
I guess they must have a cafeteria or something. Breaker two four, breaker two four. Game Master is currently
in the yard right now. If it’s lunch time we wanna
explore the cafeteria as well. Right now we’re going to tour
his sleeping arrangements in his jail cell and then we
can come to the cafeteria. Over. Okay, let’s see. 9522. That should be the number,
the place that he’s staying. Let’s go check this place out. – Yeah let’s go inside. Steve, what do you see? – Oh come here. – [Grace] What? – We can’t get into this section because it’s locked right now. – [Grace] Uh huh. – But look, looks like they got like a transport vehicle in there. – [Grace] Oh, yeah. Like I guess if the people get away they can zoom out and get them. – Maybe. We don’t have access to
everything yet Sharers, because we’re not actually
like official police officers. But we just helped catch the Game Master. But once we get access to everything we should be able to get a full tour. Let’s go to this section right here, ’cause there’s like a guard tower. So maybe this is actually
the place that he sleeps in. This must be the second
part of the jail over here. – So this prison is a
maximum security prison, so he’s heavily watched. There’s no escaping this one. – [Stephen] Yeah there’s 24 hour security. There’s the security van,
boss car thing right there, SOS Security, which stands
for State of Security. So it’s super secure. Now let’s see, this is a guard tower here. There’s no guard on duty right now, Grace. – Oh. I think it’s ’cause all
the people are outside. – [Stephen] Maybe. This is a guard tower
though, this is pretty cool. – Yeah look, they even have a pet for the people staying here. – [Stephen] Oh no, no, no, Grace, that’s where the dog, guard dog stays. – Oh the guard dog stays there. – Yeah all maximum security
prisons have guard dogs. Grace, this spy tower thing looks cool. Let’s go check this thing out. – [Grace] Yeah. We could be a spy guard.
– Whoa. – Check this thing out. Let’s go up here, Grace. This is awesome. Look at this. – [Grace] Whoa, you’re really high. – This is super high, come up here. – [Grace] I’m coming. – Oh my goodness, this is so high. Whoa, come up here, Grace. – Whoa, I see their jail cells. – Whoa, oh you’re right, you can see the jail cells from here. Look, you can see the
jail bars on the window and then the cells are inside. – [Grace] Oh yeah. – Whoa, look at this, you
can see everything from here. So this must be where the guards stay to watch over everybody when
they’re in the jail cells. – [Grace] Yeah. – Look, you can even
see the field over here. So the Game Master is currently playing in the field over there, and there’s the watch tower’s over there. So they must all
communicate to each other, like, “Hi watch tower there,
hi watch tower number two, “hi watch tower number three.” You can see them all
connecting to each other, this is so cool. – Steve, let’s go find the cafeteria, I’m kinda getting hungry. – Oh yeah, true, I wonder
what the Game Master eats, like what kinda food do you
get when you’re in prison? – [Grace] I think like hot dogs and mac and cheese and like beans. – You think it’s good
stuff or like yucky stuff? – I think it’s pretty good. – I don’t know, that’s interesting. Oh no, I dropped my spy gadget. Oops. I might need this. Doesn’t really work, but,
just in case we need it. Let’s see. Oh here we go. We can get a good look at the jail cells right through this window. This door might be locked. We don’t have the key into this door yet, but we should be able to
get a key for another door. But look, Grace, you
can see the jail cells. (gasps) Look at that. – [Grace] That’s probably his. – You’re right, look at that, there’s a jail cell and
everything in there. It’s loaded with jail
cells in there, whoa. Okay, we gotta get the
key to go inside, Grace. I really wish we were actual
police officers, Grace. We would have full access
to this whole jail. – Uh, we are, we’re police in training. – Yeah you’re right,
we’re police in training. Alright, let’s go get the keys. We gotta get inside, this is so cool. – Steve, there’s another prisoner! It looks like they’re on like
a walk break or something. – [Stephen] Oh yeah,
Sharers, comment down below if you can see that prisoner. You’re right, they must
be on like a walk break. – Yeah or like gym time or something. – [Stephen] That’s not
the Game Master is it? – [Grace] No I don’t think so. – You’re right, it looks
a little bit different. Oh, Grace, look, this might
be his cell where he sleeps. – [Grace] Oh let’s check it out. – Look how barred up it is. – [Grace] Oh there’s a chair in there. – Yeah, it’s like… Oh it’s super barred up. There’s no way you’re escaping this thing. Look at this. I’m literally… – [Grace] Whoa. – Pulling that with all my might. – [Grace] Whoa. – That’s not going anywhere. Whoa, this is one tight prison. Okay come over here. Yeah all the windows are barred. Look at this, you’re not getting in or out. Look at this. – [Grace] Whoa, you’re like flying. – Yeah. Try it, Grace, you’re not going anywhere. Pull as hard as you can. – Whoa! – [Stephen] See? – Yeah it’s not moving. – It’s not going anywhere. There is no way the Game
Master’s gonna get out of here. Even this window’s all barred up. These are barred up too. There is no way. Look how thick this metal is, this is even thicker
than this window here. Look at this, this is crazy. – Yeah, this window’s even painted up. They can’t even see out. – Oh you’re right, you can’t
even see out of that window. This one you can at least get
a view, it’s a clear window. That’s all painted up and white. Whoa. Oh, whoa, this must be the yard. – Oh. – This must be like– – Yeah like the courtyard or something. – The courtyard. This is actually kinda nice. That is a pretty nice
courtyard if you ask me. – Yeah I think in different buildings, because there’s numbers,
there’s eight, nine, 10, 11. I think it’s like different
categories of people. – Maybe they split
everyone up into groups, like online hackers go into
like house number eight, YouTube hackers go into house number nine, Project Zorgo members
go into house number 10. Stuff like that, I have no idea. – Oh Steve, look, it looks
like they can do their laundry and they hang up their clothes to dry. It’s like a clothes line. – Oh, whoa, that’s cool. So Sharers, this is like
an old fashion technique if you don’t have a drier. You take a clothes pin
like this, and you can… Let’s say this hat was wet. You could hang it up, just like this, and it air dries in the wind. So they must not have driers here. So when the prisoners wash their clothes, they probably air dry it,
and then when it’s dry they can put their clothes
back on and wear ’em. – Yeah Sharers, that’s pretty cool. (phone ringing) Ooh, oh wait. I’m being paged. – [Stephen] Hold on, what’s it saying? – Oh, the game master is
going back to his cell. – [Stephen] Okay call and
tell them we’re gonna watch. – Roger that, me and Stephen
are going to go watch. – [Stephen] Oh Grace, look, there goes a prisoner into their cell. – [Grace] Oh yeah. – [Stephen] There goes a
prisoner into his cell. Oh, and there goes one
of the security vans. – Yeah they must be
patrolling around the campus. – Yeah hold on, let’s go catch, make sure we get the
Game Master going back in so we can see that he
actually goes into his cell. Breaker two one nine, we are heading over to check out to make
sure the Game Master’s going back into his cell properly. Over and out. – Sharers, I think this is a good place for the Game Master to
stay so he won’t bother us, and we can do really fun things. Smash the like button if you agree. – Yeah. Oh, look at this, what’s this thing? I’ve never seen one of these things. Come, right here. – [Grace] Oh it’s like a car.
– What is this? – It’s like a… Whoa, this thing’s so cool. What is this thing? – I think it’s like a little
car that they can ride in. – [Stephen] That’s awesome. – Yeah they can like play with each other, like one person will sit in there, the other would push them. – Whoa, that’s so cool. Who says prisoners
can’t have a little fun? This thing’s awesome, Grace. Here, give me a ride. – Okay. Oh yeah. – Oh yeah, here we go. – We’re going for a little ride. Yeah see, on this campus they do have toys for the prisoners to play with. – Whoa Grace, watch the curb, watch the curb, watch the curb! I don’t know what this is but they must have a lot of fun on this. There’s a lot of fun games to play here. – Yeah, whoa whoa whoa. Whoa it’s really hard to steer. – Okay, I’m getting out of this. But this, oh! Almost lost my walkie talkie. Oh yes we’re coming, we’re coming. Hang on, we’re coming. Oh Grace, come on, we gotta go, we’re gonna miss the Game
Master going back to his cell. Hold on. Where is he? Oops. Where is he? Over and out. Where is he? Over and out. Okay, over and out. We’re heading there now,
we’re heading there now. Grace, I think B12 is
that building right there. – [Grace] That one? – Yeah, this one. – [Grace] Hey wait! Whoa. – [Stephen] What? – [Grace] Hold on, I
just saw a note fly by. – [Stephen] Up here? – [Grace] Yeah. – Let’s go check it. I see it Grace. – [Grace] Grab it, grab it! – What is it? Ew. – [Grace] What is it? – I don’t know. The explorers club. – [Grace] Oh. – What is that? Club member handbook for 1879. – [Grace] Whoa, that’s old. That’s ancient. – Thank you for attending
today’s performance. About the crew, Rob Cork. Who’s Rob Cork? – I don’t know what that is, Steve. Sharers, comment down below if you have any ideas what this is. – It could just be a piece
of trash that just flew but I’ll keep it on me just in case. – [Grace] Okay. – Hold on. I think it’s this
building right here, B12. – [Grace] Okay, so this
is where he’s staying. – I think. Although I thought he was staying in the other building there. Are you sure he’s staying
in this building, B12? Over and out, over and out. Okay, over. – This is like an abandoned building. This is not it. – [Stephen] Are you sure? – [Grace] Those windows are like broken. – Oh Grace, look at this. – [Grace] What? – Look at this, these chains
are just dangling in the wind. – [Grace] Whoa. – Look how like haunted this is. – [Grace] Whoa, what is this for? – It still works, look. – [Grace] Whoa. – Oh my goodness, do you see it working? – [Grace] Yeah. It’s like a gate or something. It’s like to trap them. – Yeah look, look, it says no trespassing. This can’t be B2. – [Grace] No, this isn’t it. – Okay. Oh wait, there he is, over there. There he is, he’s going back to his cell. Do you see him? – [Grace] Oh yeah, I see him. – Okay let’s go. He’s going back Sharers, come on. – [Grace] Wait, are you sure that’s him? – Yes that’s him, come on! Um, we got a report, we
do see the Game Master heading back to his cell,
over and out, over and out. – [Grace] Oh that’s so cool,
he’s going to his cell. – Oh we can go up in the guard tower. – [Grace] Oh yeah we can watch him. – Come on, Grace, quick. – [Grace] Okay. Whoa this is really steep. – [Stephen] Come on, Grace. – Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry. – [Stephen] Come on. There he goes, there
he goes, there he goes. There he goes. – [Grace] Oh, there he goes. – [Stephen] Up up and away. Okay, bye Mr. Game Master, have fun. – Bye. – [Stephen] Bye! Have fun. Oh he’s looking back. – Yeah he knows we captured him. – Oh yeah Sharers, well
now that the Game Master is officially in jail, comment down below what kind
of videos we should do next. We can do a bunch of challenges. We’re not gonna get interrupted
by the Game Master anymore. – Yeah we don’t have to
worry about him anymore. – So Sharers, comment your
awesome ideas down below, and until next time, you know what to do. Stay awesome and share the love, peace. Woo!

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