Exploring the Florida Keys – Marathon, Big Pine and Summerland Key

You see that?
It’s a dolphin. We’re on Marathon key here in Key West and we have found the Dolphin
Research Center we’re gonna go in and uh see what we can find in there I guess
there are dolphins, sea lions, and turtles and birds and all sorts of fun stuff so
we’re going inside and take a look around. We’re very excited about this
so. She’s more so than I am but I am excited because she’s excited. Let’s go! So here we are we’re inside the Dolphin
Research Center and this is more of a a research and and rescue kind of
operation versus a facility where they just have dolphins to show off and do
tricks and this and that. They do a little bit of that here too
because that involves training and and manipulating that manipulating off of
the training and working with the dolphins for their behaviors
so they do a bit of that but it’s more about the research, rehabilitation, and
getting them back into the wild so it’s not as a you know not
so flashing and frilly and all that kind of stuff but it’s still…. Not as Zoo attraction. Yeah not as zooy. there’s another more zooy type attraction up on Islamorada that
we might head to in a couple of days but this one here is more of a research
center so we’re gonna take a walk through and see what we can find dolphin versus iguana The dolphins are very interested in whats going on right now yeah No, no Big Dude So this is a hurricane band. Oh Gypsy. Gypsy can you wave? Gypsy does not want me to put it on Pandora right now. But basically it goes around their tail. like this During hurricane season when we have huge storm surge like with Irma we couldn’t see the fences it was over five feet storm surge They wear these just so if they get washed out it has our number and a tracker on it so we can find them. Now gypsy I thought
I could ask her to do it first so that way she would give Pandora a turn But she didn’t She still doesnt want to give Pandora a turn I’m gonna put it on you. Gonna get you…. You got it You got it. You got it… Go get it. Im doing some fun stuff with Miss Pandora Caitlin here is our medical technician. and she has just as good as a relationship with the animals as I do. So she is going to say “hi” and talk to Pandora We are gong to do some blood practice. We take blood from their tale flukes so what I am going ask Pandora to do is just show me her tale fluke. If she didn’t want to do this Pandora’s over 400lbs and obviously thats not…you know she’s very strong. This is her power source so this is where she is very strong. Shes really nice and relaxed, even just lifting it up is heavy. but I’m just gonna wait cause right now
she’s looking around for gypsy considering Gypsy was butting her out of the way I’m sure she’d
like is she here Now that she’s over there she’s nice and relaxed which is awesome Say for some reason we needed to get it then she would be comfortable because we were practicing See how she is a little wiggley and then she relaxes? So Caitlin did everything, she did all the blood swipes She put her pinkie down, then put the needle on her, thats when she got a little like ohhhh, we’re going to do this and then she calmed down and I blew the whistle and then she decides to be nice and calm and then she got excited she didnt even give blood so we always want to do what’s best for the animal, Make them comfortable, make it exciting yeah…she’s all proud of herself and excited So you see how Pandora I’m going to put it around her puduncle we do
flip them but since she did blood practice today I am going to take it easy and just hold it I always want to keep it positive Good girl Well we’ve finished our time up here at
the Dolphin Research Center this was a lot of fun we learned a lot and a lot of
the staff took the time to really educate us on what they do here. The cost
to visit this facility is $28 per person adults, and I feel that our money went to
a really great cause. The animals here are well taken care of and pretty neat
to interact with them. Being out on the road months at a time one difficult task
for us is keeping Spirit and Sofi groomed. While in the keys Sofi was
well overdue for a haircut but luckily for us we found a groomer just up the
road from our RV park so we made an appointment Sofi, are you going to get a haircut? While Sofi was at the groomers Gary and
I headed out to explore around Big Pine Key and found some of the famous key
deer that is known to inhabit the area. The Florida Key Deer are an endangered
deer that live only in the Florida Keys it is a subspecies of the white-tailed
deer and it is the smallest deer in America. Sofi did not take long to get
groomed and soon after we found the local watering hole for the doggies After two weeks in the Keys it was time
to leave but before we left we spent our last day out on the water
exploring the backcountry waters of Summerland Key. While paddling we saw
several turtles, tons of different fish species and even had a couple of sharks
swim underneath us. We want to thank Florida Keys Kayaks and Canoes located on Summerland Key for taking care of us when our own kayak failed. Your expertise and advice made our backcountry adventure that much better. This time on
the water was much needed. This is how Stacey does her live Facebook live while we kayak. holds a phone with one hand paddle with the
other hand and its shallow enough she can use the paddle along the bottom of
the water to propel herself along. It is only about a foot, foot and a half deep
here so it’s not ready deep here at all. We’ve seen quite a few little fish and everything here. It’s a pretty pretty cool little paddle we got going on so far. We’re
getting kind of blown into some of the mangroves right now so probably should
move away. But this is this is Super Bowl Sunday folks this is this is the best
game ever right here just playing with nature we love it
I could care less about Super Bowl right now especially one of the specific teams
that do it so guys enjoy Sometimes its kind of amazing in what you find in the mangroves. This looks to be a axle from a boat trailer. I’m assuming a
leftover from a hurricane. Next time on Pau Hana Travels we review
the two RV parks we stayed out while in the Keys and mythbust what it’s truly
like to RV down to the Florida Keys. Be sure to hit the red subscribe button
below so you don’t miss our next Pau Hana Adventures. As always if you like
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we thank you for watching. Until next time
Pau Hana!

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  1. Christina Pittsley

    We missed the Dolphin Research Center when we were there, we'll have to go next time, we've been to a similar center (Clearwater Marine Aquarium) in Clearwater the home of Winter from the movie Dolphin Tale. Well worth the visit.

  2. william rizzo

    This is an awesome video as it is in my backyard, I've lived in Marathon for 35 years now. One correction Marathon is actually called " Vaca key" in Spanish meaning cow.

  3. Dianne Golubski

    Yay!! You're back! Missed you guys. Dolphins sure are fascinating creatures. Love the kayaking scenes, truly a better way to spend Super Bowl Sunday.

  4. Bearfoot Adventures

    Since I’m a subscriber can you subscribe to my channel too
    It’s new and trying to get it up and running thanks guys I appreciate it

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