Explosive Birthday Party (Part 1) | Duct Tape Rope Challenge (Comedy Short Film)

(cries) (giggles) oh boy, oh boy (horror laughs of enjoyment) (laughs and snorts) (laughs) Ooooooooo! let’s see you try to get out of this! ooooooooo! hehehehe! (muffles) don’t go, don’t go! Good luck! (Vindictive laugh) (muffles) Don’t go, nooooooo! (cries) huh! (growls) (hums) Happy Birthday to you! (giggles) (huffs) (tape rips) Gizmo blow out the candle! Gizmo!!! (gulps) (high amount of wind blows are heard) (barks) Good boy Gizmo! Good boy! Good job Gizmo! Yeah!!! (Giggles) oh no. No, no no! (gulps) Please be a dud, please please please be a dud oooohhhhhhh 🙁 (whines and cries) Gizmo I love you! I’m Jahnnalee and I played both of the characters. Yep, both of them and I also did all the crew and post-production work which makes me a One-person show and crew and this is gizmo the Chihuahua he is a working actor if you enjoyed our video Click the like button and subscribe A big thanks to Harry and Maria who wrote an idea in the comment section that sparked this video pun intended And remember, why wait for opportunities when you can create them yourself until next Wacky Wednesday stay authentic Byyyyyyeeee! If you enjoyed our video click like and subscribe hit that Bell icon so you’ll be the first to see what’s new click here for other videos or in the card section above join our Why Wait community on Patreon so we can continue creating videos or support us for checking out our merchandise all links are in the description below and we’ll see you next Wacky Wednesday!

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