Extreme Block Interior/Exterior Stain Blocking Alkyd Primer – Sherwin-Williams

Really tough stains require a really tough
primer – and that’s what you can expect from the newest member of Sherwin-Williams
extensive family of quality primers – that’s Extreme Block Stain Blocking Primer/Sealer. This fast-drying, premium alkyd primer has
‘all the right stuff’ – starting with excellent hide. Extreme Block not only handles the stains
found during typical property management repaints, it also has the strength to cover stubborn
stains – including discoloration from smoke, fire or nicotine. It even has the power to stop tannin bleed
from bare wood and conceal unsightly wood knots. Extreme Block is versatile. It works inside and out, on multiple substrates
– from wood and drywall, to cured masonry and plaster, even primed metal surfaces — forming
a strong bond so topcoats will perform as expected. It sands easily, creating a smooth surface
for a more uniform finish. Well, with the Extreme Block it’s a very
good oil-based primer. What I liked most about it was how well it
covered. Some of the water-damaged areas we had here
were pretty intense and one-coat application covered it right up. No problems. No questions asked. Extreme Block dries fast, too – In many
cases, it can be topcoated in less than two hours so projects stay on schedule. When common stains require an uncommon remedy,
Extreme Block is the name to remember.

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Reader Comments

  1. Aaron Singer

    How about using it over wood trim that has been stained or varnished so I can paint the trim white or is there another similar latex product?

  2. Ryan Hess

    I’m a painter so pretty much extreme bond primer is the same thing as Ben more cover stain primer just different name cause different store both oil primers smell the same ? Right ?

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