Fence Armor 2010 Introduction

[Fence Armor] [Fence Armor Protecting your Fence Posts!] [Wooden and Plastic Posts are the structural pillars of your fence line.] [Without them our fences would fail.] [With the advent of powered edgers and lawn equipment, your posts are under attack.] [Fence Armor is a brilliant and easy way to prolong the life of your posts.] [Made of strong galvanized steel.] [Two piece design for whole or half post protection.] [Safe design with rounded corners.] [Fastening hole provided for secure installation for whole or half post alignment.] [3 inch height provides ample coverage for post protection.] [Available for 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 posts.] [Optional 22 gauge 316 Stainless Steel versions available for the ultimate brilliant protection.] [Proudly made in Canada.] [Fence Armor | Order now 905 777 1786 | www.cam-solutions.ca]

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