The Fencespace Flash Layout Designer allows you to create a professional layout of your fence projects. You can simply drag & drop terminal posts to the grid from the Tools menu on the left. Click a post on the grid to expose the popup menu. Then drag the arrow and click the next post to establish a fence line hookup. You can drag & drop all the elements you need on the grid that best illustrates your project. Hookups for gates work the same way. You just drag each fence line and click to the terminal post on each side of the gate to hook them up. all dimensions are calculated for you to the scale selected in the scale box. Standard gate dimensions are provided in the gate drop list, however you can enter any custom dimensions that your project requires. You can manually enter dimensions as well and fine tune the positioning of each element. Your project will be calculated with all the material and hardware to complete the project. It’s just that easy, it’s just that simple.

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