Fencespace Quote System

They can also option to receive quote requests from registered consumers at no extra cost. The project summary is broken into sections to help you apply pricing and other information. Application pricing allows you to quickly apply pricing to components that make up the material group. Each application contains the materials that apply to the project layout and used to make the material list. You can modify item descriptions, delete items, add components and apply pricing. Enter the footage price for this particular project and click update. You can add or modify Accessories and list Additional Fees. Just enter descriptions, quantity and price and click save. You can indicate you pricing intentions in the pricing summary And click the save button. your pricing setups can be saved on the fly as your own standard offering and use over and over again. Enter the information and click save. Your modifications and pricing will apply to a new layout when used on future project quotes. You have many options to deliver the quote to the customer. It’s fast, it’s easy, It’s what professionals need.

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