Fencing – The Public Access Olympics ft. Andrea Navedo and Gabrielle Ruiz

Oh, we’re live. Good evening, Fairfield County. – I’m Camila.
– And I’m Tony. Back to Rio today where the world watched
the gold medal match in fencing. We’d love to bring you
the highlights. – But we don’t have any money.
– So… here’s Tony’s girlfriend’s baby
brother Jackson fighting as team France. Call me “Sir Jackson.” Yeah, I couldn’t get out
of babysitting so– And fighting for Colombia
is Sheila, the new self-defense instructor
for Fairfield’s after school program. I had nothing better to do. All right, everybody, set. And…fight! The gold medal match
was full of drama from the start. I’ve come to save
the princess Liliana. Ah…what? I know you’ve imprisoned her
in the king’s keep. And I’ve come to save her. You couldn’t get anyone better
than this guy? His sister is super hot. You wouldn’t get it. Wait, hold up.
What makes you think a princess needs rescuing? You tell him, Sheila. Theldric the Wizard told me everything. I know she’s helpless and fragile. And she’ll waste away without
my help. Women are not helpless
and fragile, and they definitely don’t need
help from a little man like you. Prepare to eat my steel, wench! The strong and beautiful Colombia
took the gold! I’ve been wrong all along. You are the rightful savior of the princess. I pledge myself to you,
Lady Colombia. I am nobody’s… woman! Okay, okay, that was a match.
Very good. Yeah, that was very fun. Come on, buddy. Come on. Hey, just don’t tell your sister
about this, okay? She’s gonna dump your ass. Hey, thanks for that. Oh! It was another glorious day in Rio. That was abuse!

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