(drumming with mouth) – [Bryan] She’s gettin’ a taste of what a big brother would be like. ♫ Wherever you are that’s where I wanna be ♫ All it took was a
laugh in that soft sunset ♫ Big blue eyes looked
up and said this is home ♫ Just running around
you’ve never looked so cute ♫ Hugging you tight cuddlin’
all I could saying I am home ♫ Home’s wherever you’re with me Ollie say good morning to June! The boys love playing with June. – Do you know what makes her laugh? – What? – When you go (blows raspberry). (blows raspberry) – [Bryan] Make the baby laugh, challenge. What are you doin’ Finn? Say good morning. You’re such a little actor buddy, it’s so funny. Good morning guys. We are all awake and ready for the day. This is what it would be
like if we have three kids. The kid has got a voice this morning. He’s got an opinion about everything. And he has to share it
with the world, don’t you? Tickle, tickle, tickle,
tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle monster, tickle monster attack! – Aw they’re holding hands. – [Bryan] Do you guys like
hanging out with baby June? (guitar music) The kids are seriously so
cute but I wanted to show this Oregon day we’re having. It’s so gloomy! It’s like gloomy and wet and cold. And I’m not sure what we’re gonna do today but we have a full day in
Oregon still to explore. This is the same time as
the eclipse yesterday, but if the eclipse were today, we would not be able to see it. Cause look how cloudy it is, in the sky. There’s the sun right there. You can barely even
see it behind the trees cause of all the clouds. But if you guys missed
out solar eclipse video, we did a 3 a.m challenge with it too. It was quite freaky. So please go check out yesterdays video. In the icard above. – We are headed off for a fun day. All the boys are in the other car. And I think–
– Girl car. – Yeah, we’re the irl
car, they’re the boy car. We’re gonna go hiking and go explore. Just see some really fun stuff, it’s just definitely stuff
that you can’t really do in California. The trees and just like the
hiking is just amazing here. So, it’ll be really fun
to do one last thing here in Oregon before
we have to head home. (upbeat music) – [Bryan] Hello crew. – Hey.
– Hey. – [Bryan] We’re in the wilderness Ollie! – We’re wilderness explorers. – [Bryan] We’re gonna be
wilderness explorers aren’t we? – Yeah.
– Let’s go check it out. Finn, you look so cute and that’s probably a great place to sit, during the whole hiking trip. – [Missy] This sounds great, whoa. I can’t even move Finn. – We may need to strap ya’. Alright Ollie what are you hoping we see on our little hike today? – Crinidaurs. – What?
– Is that a type of dinosaur? (laughing)
Oh my gosh. – I don’t know if we’re
gonna see any dinosaurs. – Waterfalls. – Waterfalls! That’s right, Kelsey and
Corbin are takin us up to a waterfall and I’m
so excited for the boys to be able to see it. – This hike is amazing. You guys are gonna, mind blown. – [Bryan] Yes. Can we just take a minute to appreciate, Juniper’s hat.
– She’s so cute. Are you just the cutest little one. – [Bryan] Look at this floral sunhat. (inspirational music) That’s like a huge waterfall. Isn’t that nuts Ollie? Does that remind you of
our pool at home Ollie? The waterfall? (giggling) – Yeah it looks cool. – [Bryan] A 114 acres of timbered land. – He do a spider tree. – [Bryan] Spider trees? – Yeah. – Ollie thinks they look they’re covered in spiders. They’re actually kind
of furry cause they have moss growing all over them. Our trees in California
don’t look like that do they? So we’re hiking along the canyon now. What it’s gonna do is it’s
actually gonna take us right behind this huge waterfall you guys. Reminds me on, Disney on the jungle cruise when they make a big deal about seeing the backside of water. We’re literally gonna be, walking on the backside. Oh my gosh, look at that you guys. It’s so beautiful. Look at that Ollie! We’re about to walk behind a waterfall! (baby talk) – I want to go in that cave. – [Bryan] He doesn’t
wanna fall in the cave, he just wants to go in the cave. Check out this cave we’re
goin’ in right now guys. – [Corbin] This is so cool. – You really freaked me out.
– Did I really? – [Bryan] Dude we’re explorin’ a cave! – Yeah! – [Bryan] That’s so cool. – I told you there’s
not dino eggs in here. – [Bryan] No dino eggs? We should check, we actually might find a couple in here Ollie. – Is there some in here? – [Bryan] I think so, maybe. It’s literally dripping you guys. The top is even dripping with water. So crazy. What do you wanna do Ollie? – Let’s find dino eggs! – [Bryan] Alright. Enter. Walk along the back Ollie, I bet you’ll see some kay. Watch out where it’s drippin’ though, it might drip on your head. The boys are on the hunt, lookin’ for dino eggs. Corbin did say, dinosaurs
used to exist here. Be careful boys, watch your heads okay. This is so cute. The boys actually think
there’s dino eggs in here. Do you see any? Look around in these rocks Ollie. Some of ’em might have
got stuck in the rocks. What do you see? What did you find dude? Did you just find a dino egg? What! He actually found a dino– Oh my gosh, look it Finn, another one! How cool is that dude? – But where’s the other one? – [Bryan] We found two authentic dino eggs in this waterfall cave. Babe, they found two dino eggs. – Wow. – [Bryan] How amazing is that? – That is so cool. – There’s more around here. – [Bryan] I bet there is. – You wanna hold it?
– Hang on to your eggs guys, and we’ll open ’em later okay? – [Missy] We’ll open them
a little bit down the road. – Dude you just found
a dino egg, in a cave. How neat? I just, I don’t understand
how this always happens to us. Ollie’s like a master
dinosaur expert you guys. He’s basically a paleontologist by now. – I am an alien guys. – And an alien guy. We just explored this little cave, behind this amazing waterfall. And the boys found dinosaur eggs. – Isn’t this so cool? – [Bryan] Bro, Oregon is amazing. What do you think of
the backside of water? Corbin used to tell
that joke all the time. The backside of water! This is so cool. I feel like this is, almost
like a little play area. There’s so many kids
like climbing on rocks and fences and stuff. Come on Finn. – Yeah. – Yeah. How cool? This is seriously like Jurassic Park. I’ve never seen anything like this though. That’s amazing. You can literally climb up and crawl all the way across over there. If you were crazy! (upbeat music) – That’s so cool.
– That is so neat. This is like Tomb Raider stuff bro. So you could technically climb up there and walk across on this ledge. – Let’s go. – [Bryan] Is there anything in this one? Oh wow. You boys are in a cave! So there’s a pretty
mysterious cave over here. Ollie, I think I heard a dino noise! Whoa, yeah! There’s a dinosaur in there dude! Yeah, do you think there’s a nest? What? – Another dino egg! – [Bryan] You found another one? That is so cool! We have three dino eggs. This one can be for June. Ollie found you a dino egg. – A dino egg.
– That’s so cool. – That’s so nice of Ollie. – [Bryan] And we’ll open it
up and see what’s inside. Do you see any other, anything else? Do you see the little
lines in the dirt Ollie, I think a dinosaur was here. – Where is it? – I don’t know. Finn come on, we better get out of there. We don’t wanna be here when
the dinosaur gets back huh. Yeah let’s go. He found another dino egg babe. How do these just keep popping up? I don’t understand. Like I’m surprised that, like National Geographic
hasn’t like called us up yet. These little caves on
the side of this rock are so amazing! Oh my gosh, Missy look it,
we’re in a cave together. – That’s crazy. – [Bryan] Wow. Hello? Hello? – Hello. – [Bryan] Is anyone at the cave? – Hi! (laughing) – [Bryan] There’s like
a little window there. We’re now makin’ our way from the trail to the bridge. Isn’t that a cool shot of the waterfall? Oh did he just throw his dino egg? – Yep.
– Aw. We lost one. Finn! – [Ollie] I see it! – [Missy] Yeah I see it too. – [Bryan] Uh, Corbin, what
are you doin’ down there? – I’m just gonna go for a swim. – [Bryan] Oh okay. Hey can you get that dinosaur
egg that Finn dropped? – Oh sure. – [Bryan] Thanks man. Did you get it? – I got it. – [Bryan] He saved the dinosaur egg! – It was being guarded by a a crawdad. – Nice. Yeah there’s crawdads in
there, they’re so cool. Everyone say thank you Corbin
in the comments down below and make sure you subscribe
to them with a icard. Thank you Corbin. He’s such a good dude. – Hey Corbin, thanks for
gettin’ the dino egg! – You’re welcome buddy! – [Bryan] We got a little water here, we can open our dino eggs
and see what’s in ’em okay? What kind of dinosaur are
you hoping to get Ollie? – I don’t know. – [Bryan] You don’t know? – A T-Rex or a hot lava T-Rex. – [Bryan] A hot lava T-Rex,
that’s a new kind of dinosaur. Ollie is a pro at this, look it. He’s like you roll it in the water. What do you need to do next Ollie? A toddler’s DIY right now.
– Maybe put it, do it on like the rock. – [Bryan] Yeah hit it on the rock buddy. That rock, there you go. And that is how you open a dino egg. – Ah, June are you takin’ notes? – [Missy] Look at her. She’s like okay. – [Corbin] Is she holding it? – Yeah.
– Oh that’s cute. (upbeat music) – What’d you get Ollie, what’d you get? Nice. Just a couple of dino pros
openin’ eggs by a waterfall. Just casual, no big deal. Finn has gotten so much better at this. He got it so close. Oh that’s a cool one buddy. It’s a pteranodon you guys, or a pterodactyl, could be too. Ollie’s still workin’ hard on this one. Finn you did it! Let me see your dino Finn. Ollie is opening Junes
very first dino egg, and it’s the cutest thing ever. It’s free! Clean it off. Present it to June. – [Corbin] Go give it to June. It’s good. – [Bryan] It’s a Brachiosaurus. We found a snake! Look at that snake Ollie. – Is it a nice snake? – [Missy] Yeah it’s a nice snake. – Look at him go! That was so cool. That was just a cute little snake. (tranquil music) Look at what we found you guys. It’s a little tree tent. It’s like a little fort bro. Oh no, look behind you! Finn you’re so funny! We found a chipmunk. Bro, he’s gonna run. (laughing) Did you just find big foot, bro? Walkin’ in to get lunch. Ollie has raided the candy section. We have stopped our hiking day and we are here gettin’ some lunch. A late, late lunch. Is this all of them? – [Missy] I guess. – We’re playing Chinese Checkers, but I’m not sure we know what we’re doing. (upbeat music) – [Bryan] We’re drivin’
back home from lunch, and hiking, and there’s
like a huge, huge cloud. – A huge wildfire.
– Look at that. – Yeah, that’s definitely a fire. Oh, that looks really bad. (drumming with mouth) – She’s gettin’ a taste of what a big brother would be like. – She’s like, what? – [Ollie] Night June. – [Bryan] Night Junebug. Alright you guys,
– I hoped you enjoyed the– that’s all for today’s video.
– If you liked today’s video– – We are doing that thing–
– Go ahead and give it a big thumbs up.
– Where we end our vlog at the same time as Kelsey and Corbin. – Also be sure to subscribe–
– I hope you guys enjoyed our video, if you did be sure–
– Subscribe to Daily Bumps– – To give it a big thumbs up! Go subscribe to Kelsey and Corbin, they’re ending their vlog also. You can do that with
the icard in the corner. – Way too long–
– Thanks for watching us. See ya’ manana! – [Together] Bye!

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