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where’s your bag show me the bag Yalcin Mahmut made some friends Welcome to Berlin we got Yalcin’s dream car. How do you say good morning Guten morgen (German attempt) guten morning. Wait is it guten morning? No it’s not, it’s guten morgen Good day is guten tag guten tag good evening is guten abend We’re learning German from a person who can’t speak German? Correct! yes! That’s brilliant one feature that I have noticed it this that feature is there a bomb in the ground that I step on no are you sure Sydney? Yes what we are doing right now is, Sydney has found this place that is in fact a Soviet base from the
world war one world war two we about the fence hop. Into a place that may have mines I’m going to try it. Hold on a minute, wait, I’m wider than he is. Hows this gona happen? Your lucky you lost weight Oh, watch the top of your shoulder, careful So these are Sydney’s glasses that I have just taken. Check out my Life in Paradigm hat. (Phone rings) It’s fine we are allowed in here. Are we? well like no one has given us permission but they let people in here. It’s no like.. Look, if there’s barbed wire and someone has broken through, I don’t think they give permission If for some reason something happens and the
boys ditch me because you know blood is thicker than water. I just want everybody
to know I found this place and I’m giving them this good contents. Ok Lord Jesus this is soo exciting. (Screams) Sydney? What’s that? what’s what? You A hole! so we were trying to walk, film the scene oh you know these things don’t like me in attack we are about to be attacked by a group of F goats Oh on the blog said bring food for the livestock Did you? Where’s the snacks? I don’t have them what do you mean you don’t have them? Yalcin Mahmut made some friends Hey (Sings Star Wars theme) Wow! basically that. So this place is
originally known as little Moscow it was officially abandoned nobody has lived
here since 1994 which is actually surprisingly early. But it’s kind of all
started after six years after the formation of the German Empire in 1871
so that’s how long these buildings date back to It’s an open door people hey I’m back in the office and I’m editing the video and I realized that we’ve not made
it really clear why we were there we got so excited. So this year we’ve been
really inspired by early military outfits how men looked really sharp even
during times of war. We found out about this place that supposed to be a
time capsule in Berlin. The trip there was exciting Sydney being a troublemaker and all so let’s check that out. Where’s your bag? Show me the bag. Look at that bag. Does that really look like a travel bag and then she’s stuffing stuff into my bag. This is pretty impressive, a two day trip and I have everything I need in that bag. I forgot my toothbrush He goes to me how you doing sir? I said not bad how are you? He says “I’m living the dream” and I started laughing uncontrollably. Because his face looked so sad Because his stopped him as Mahmut put them all in to one big bag people upstair are like “What’s in his bag?” yeah, just a load of batteries. What did she wish? that you feel down the stairs. It’ would be awesome. We found Sydney It’s not! that is you! And now back to the video. It looks like a way in It looks like a bloody casino Oh someones decided that want to. Ow! Careful with the glass at the bottom, you nini Sydney good thing I packed bandades you guys want to go upstairs? Come theres stairs This place looks like you would torture someone. there is just a chair and everything has been gutted. yes that could be a torture chair Hey, how did we miss that? Wow how did we miss this? oh my god Google translate people it’s Russian look it’s hand written you can see the marker pen what do think it is? Is it a map of this place? is it? or is this where they are going to attack? I don’t know 1945 let’s go keep recording was it straight across? I’m not getting eaten I don’t know if this is the gods or
whatever it is but we’re in little Moscow and it’s snowing so it’s tradition that when you come and
visit Lenin that you bring him news about Russia and what’s going on the
world events so we brought in a little bit of news and we have our Coban ribbon around it. We’re going to go give it to him so, this is behind the scenes we got caught we are about to get a little bollocking yeah keep filming my arse Sydney (inaudible) This is so frickin cool (phone rings) That’s how people get caught! oh my gosh there’s water dripping everywhere oh my god!

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