Hey guys welcome to another episode of one life. Oh Megan ha are you bathing in the river uh yeah? I forgot to take a bath, so you know nice, so what have you been working on My yard, so I’ve added a few things since you last helped me. Added these trees And then I made a little river like squiggly thing flowing across my yard a squiggly thing. Yes. Yeah, come check Oh, I also stole some coral from you, but I’m gonna give it back. Oh. Oh that’s fine. Yeah It’ll just for a renting fee, it’s going to cost you ten mending books. Oh cool Since you already took it. I mean there. You can’t really take it back So I mean that’s just the fee, so I’m just gonna drown myself right now Hahahahaha! Better get to fishin’. Oh goodness Oh, I have your mending book by the way. Oh you do! I do!Oh my goodness.It is In this chest. Really? Aha. Mending and I’m breaking three. Yeah. Oh my gosh I can add it’s my helmet you can ignore the unbreaking. It’s just it’s whatever But mending will be good actually do. What do I have right now? I have unbreaking 3. Oh that’ll probably make it I’m breaking for Oh fancy Oh by the way. I think I’m gonna try the thing that you told me I should do with the redwood tree Oh ok yeah, I just feel like your land looks very flat you need some layers I can’t tell if you’re pranking me, or if you’re genuinely like this is a good idea well I forget how tall they are but I still like God if you’re if this is a prank that you have Decided is like this is a good idea to do and you’re not being genuine. I will be so upset No, I could I’m being genuine I just don’t know if the redwoods are the right choice cause like I don’t know I just like I can just see it like each four corners being a giant tree look here. I’ll come into your property We shouldn’t sleep. Yeah. We should sleep. I love that you have a driveway and a car. It’s awesome Your house is so modern. I need to sleep over – you have an extra bed Uh no cuz my bed freakin disappeared. You don’t have an extra bed I’ll make you one right now It needs to be purple. I only sleep in purple beds It’s gonna be How dare you make me sleep in a regular old white bed? Let’s see if I have people I’m gonna go through your stuff, and I’m gonna find myself some purple. Dye. It’s serious Here’s some problem. There’s some blue Now I just need some red. Dye. Do you have a flower? Oh? Never mind, I found an alien flower. I have Oh magenta This is just disgusting hope this is how you treat your Friends Megan why do you have an egg in your hand because I’m gonna throw it at your face Okay, I just make you a regular bed. Yes, and I will make it a colorful one. I mean a white bed Are you happy with that I mean? I’m not happy, but that’s different than my bed my pads Fred yeah Magenta how That’ll do. It’s not necessarily purple, but let’s have a slumber party. I’m sleeping in your loft Yay, oh the cat locked go ahead look at my magenta bed You’re just in a basic red bed. It’s about I like it legenda is the new purple haven’t you heard I? Know now shoot my car is speaking it keeps changing from red to blue. I have a magical car Okay, so wait come back over here So here’s my idea. I think you should have one. Oh crap you’re Chester over here. You’ll have to move them well Maybe we won’t start over here. You’ll have one big tree here Uh-huh and then you’ll have another one yeah I thought you were saying down there No inside here And then and then one here on the other side and then one all the way down here so at least The fairy lights together so for ya and then another for back there or yeah Alright, I’m gonna. Try well. I don’t know how big was the Redwood is there one a little bit smaller than redwood honestly. I don’t know I Think we could burn them down You know what do you want to go somewhere and plant one and just see what it looks like I guess we could do that Let’s go somewhere far and then plant it and that way we can just evaluate and then what was the other one eucalyptus Yeah, but that one’s not nearly as big well. Let’s go plant one. Oh, what if we just planted one in everyone’s house? oh, yeah, like right in the centre of their house just destroy it I Think that they’ll like that have you ever thought of like how fun it would be if a creeper came and exploded all these chests since you have them just out here exposed for the world I I’ve never thought about that so now. I yes, I know like you have anything that valuable Okay, let’s go me You only have one entrance to your house. Okay? Wow? This is just getting worse taking your advice Nitpicking or should we put? Blue crystals that we found oh, yeah, they look cool at the top shiny Let’s go over here. Well allow everyone to bask in its glory of beauty oh I Feel like we’re gonna see this in the Skype chat we’re gonna be like who the heck planet or bad boy Let’s go put it inside Lucy’s house. I’m sure the fan her fans would love that. Oh my gosh That is a great idea. Haha Frankie living here. Hi good prank. I think I’d be really pretty. Let’s do it um Let’s do it on this island thought. It’d be kind of cool Okay, Kara. Let’s chop down these trees. So there’s room. Hopefully we don’t both Suffocate or something yeah, I’ll get out of the way when you plant it. All right only one of us suffocates and dies Thank you. You’re so gracious And that one’s from over here good luck. You’re so kind. Okay. I’m trying to think at all where’s the matter I don’t know somewhere in the middle well. I’m trying Good and just be as far away as possible when you bonemeal it all right ready for me to die Yeah, oh, don’t worry. I have my axe ready all right here. We go. This is gonna be bad. Oh I’m scared It’s fine all you have to do is log out, and I can protect you okay? Wow Maybe yeah, yeah, maybe it can’t be in the way of that stuff Maybe that the tree stuffs in the way I am down to five vana. Yeah How many of you used I don’t know I had like over 20 Okay Are you sure you only planted one next to each other Yeah, it did take a lot though. Oh the first time. I mean it is a big tree. Yeah. Oh, it didn’t do it I always sit on my bone now I Feel like these things were in the way these blocks you think I’ll go get some bone meal okay I feel like it did take a lot last time I did it cuz I was that’s how like I got too close Wow 25. Okay? That’s crazy Cuz then if you think about it, that’s gonna require a lot We need all of them Bentley how’s the tree grown? Now okay, I’m coming back with lots of bone meal making more dirt around it. Oh smart, okay? Here’s a bunch of bone meal good luck. Okay. Thanks here. It goes. Oh what holy crap I was dying That was crazy. It’s really pretty. I like it okay now look at it and imagine it over at your house I guess I could look really pretty I think so yeah, let’s do it. All right wow. That’s a lot of street. That’s a boot Let’s do this thing. I’m so excited Yeah, that’s pretty cool. I’m excited too Wow so glad I have your guidance Oh, yes, and your endless supplies of stuff Oh, don’t you just love my fame by a little thing I had it. Yes. Took me so freakin long I didn’t realize how hard it was to make a damn rainbow yeah, and then it sucks when you break the glass Oh, I just use silk touch. Oh Yeah, totally yeah, you see oh, yeah do that too one time? I can’t believe I have all mending now all because of Megan yeah, I’m a good friend if you ever need anything I will help you ah what a great. What a great guy Yeah, I mean unless of course you need help chopping down these trees because you hate them, then I mean that’s your problem But anything else like I mean totally I figured that I ant some like extra dirt or anything Yeah, I mean I definitely just go into your chest anyways No, I got an idea of a way to repay you how about since you fish a lot? what if I gave you an enchantment cuz I was gonna do it for myself, but you’re the fish sure I Could give you luck of the sea enchantments because I have my bunny farm oh I think that would be awesome. I bet your weekend. We were mending bugs Yes, exactly it that you can give me cuz I need one for My bow my sword oh Yeah, I just need about 20 more that way I can sell them at the store for a lot of money I mean need it for my armor. Oh my gosh. You’re dirty So this is four blocks away, and it’s nine by nine This is the center this is where it would be okay, so plant it there. Oh good here. She goes all right there She goes wait, maybe we have to move the torches, baby Beautiful it looks like a Marge Simpson tree But I guess it works, I’m like into it it’s okay. I’m gonna go look from outside. I want to see what this looks like Wow, that’s a big tree Oh my god Maybe I could do something cool where I like create like a spiral Staircase or something and like light it up to I don’t know I think it’ll look better once you have More of them there, and if you do the berry lights in between yeah I don’t know if I should do for that’s gonna be a lot I hate that’s gonna be loads unless I went in and cut off the tops like you know Yeah, actually might work. You’re supportive wasting your sarcastic voice are a little too similar. You’re really good actor here Okay the other one Pvp’s. I’m enabled should we move your chest? All right, let’s go do that and then we’ll be back. I wish there was a way to just move chest You know I’m a hoarder. What some will just take me oh I think we can What yeah? I think if we do so right-click and then merge deposit sort I think I can merge it into another chest Oh Freddie yes, I did take off half of my fish farm because I think it’s gonna be in the way But I can fix it you ready to save me okay I’m scared. Are you okay? Well, I’m fine. I’m fine. Okay wow that was crazy Let’s go from down here. I think it’s a good idea that we did that because Yeah, I think it adds a lot. Yeah, good. Call Joseph. Good. Call okay. See how far these travel That’s crazy. Oh, okay. This is this far So I think if you I think you should do one on each side brace yourselves. This is gonna be a bumpy ride Yo my throat cut Scratchy come on Marge Simpson reveal yourself oh? Okay, it just keeps me back a little bit. I think that looks really cool right next to your path Actually, yeah, that does look kind of cool. It adds a lot it does oh You know would actually be really cool to is if you had like one of those rope bridges going in between them Wow that’ll be awesome I have like little lookout stations or something you could have tree houses up there like your old house like a throwback. Oh my gosh I love that careful It’s violent Okay That’s crazy, it’s like I’m in I’m back home This is cool, and then I think what we should do is make you white pink and red fairy lights Wow Between to stick with your theme yeah, that’ll be awesome. I started to make fairy lights I made like a little bit And then I realized I needed a string and then I gave up because I don’t have any string yeah I’ll give you something he’s so generous. What a good friend. Yes. That’s what I give back for the mending You’ve given me he cares I love the episode when you like like so I gave Joey three money books for building materials And then you go to my house, and I have nothing I Kept checking it. I’ve just been like I go I go to your place like it’s Walmart. I’m just I don’t think too much. I just take a little bit Okay So all you have to do is make the three color bulbs so make a white bulb a pink and a red got it Okay, all right. I got it boss okay, so now in the top left and top right put an iron ingot or a couple and then in the middle of the top put some string Okay, underneath that three across put Whoa that’s crazy-looking I ran out of iron. Do you have any more? Yeah one sec I? Don’t need anyway You don’t need that much Well, okay. I just already started, so just kept going there. It is through it It made that many sixteen is that not enough that’s too much. Oh my gosh. You didn’t tell me Okay, I need you to tell me where abouts you want these lights opee all right? Let me let me actually go out in front of the house to see real quick there. Yeah Is so brave and so kind his name is Joey? How many is that that was only one oh my gosh shut up, I mean so many Is that a good spot, uh yeah, that looks really good job that looks dope airhorns Glad I have 16 of those well. I guess if we do them all around your property. Yeah, that could look cool dang You’re right that really does that a lot see what I like to you when my Marge Simpson eyes lie to you Yeah, they would I’m like your handyman. You really are Oh, Gigi You’re a genius. I try you do I think I want to actually bring the middle one closer You know best, what do you think of this? You can’t see it from the outside It’s not a problem But it’s cool when you come in so where do you think you want to plant the other ones you want to do it around Your entire base or just the front and back I like the front and back if I do it all around it might be too dark. I’m gonna grow these trees up, okay mm-hmm Holy crap it’s a giant oh Cool that’s bed tray wonderful, we’ll kill this pig oh Yeah It’s a pig a pig still alive. Oh no a lot of materials What do you need either? Just giving dirt actually. I have a bunch in the Third chest of the to the back. Oh, it’s really to me go walk on over there. I see oh I Can get some some I was just I thought you’re coming back. Oh. Oh what do you need? It’s all right here. There’s oh, you can go back to your house and get that dirt My place do slave labor moving my farm animals out of the way let them suffocate oh Yeah, you stupid pink follow me follow me or die Follow me are for the consequences of Bacon good math of placing these cheese by the way. Yeah are so perfect Sometimes I can math only sometimes Oh My god. Oh my god, she just long oh My god. Oh, my god. Guys. Are you looking at the chat? It’s a CC sisters died in lava. Oh she typed it She typed it. Oh my god. Oh She got us good Oh my god, my heart actually stopped. I was recording guys I was like my heart sank and I was like oh my god so Stacey wrote she put in the chat Stacey CC says died in lava We were like silent for like I’m like shaking. I’m like my heart is beating so fast like I was like. Oh my god wait wait No that can’t be true like Heart drop I was like how it did she died in lava. She’s supposed to be building her shop oh Wow, what a little jokester huh she thinks she’s real What do you think he’s so funny doesn’t she I’m about to go plant one of these redwood trees near her house Oh My gosh what a jerk no, you know we should do for prank to her. You know how her house is surrounded by water Yeah, let’s surround our house with lava Okay, well you just you took it too far Choza. No I have a better idea. Let’s set her dogs and fire. Oh my gosh You’re getting evil you’re being very dark sited right now. What were you thinking? I I didn’t I was like whoa what are we gonna? Do this is like we just I was like we gotta get her on Teamspeak have to talk to her right now for her reaction That’s too much. It’s too late for her to be pulling pranks like that I know we’re busy building and here she she thinks she’s so funny I’m gonna try that on someone now She kind of has it because no one will believe when it happens now. Well. I mean you can still try I really ain’t still work on you if someone did that? Yeah I can’t believe I died I fell from a high place. Oh, I can’t believe one life’s over So bum she said that’s cute DC says a girl who cried wolf I Can’t believe she did that that was pretty good I was I was actually really sad like that Yeah, it was just like wait. I wonder if there’s a way we can just force it Oh My gosh you and a half heart. I’m going back to my spa Holy crap. Oh wow that was very dangerous. Do you see me kill it you did are you sure what do you mean? Am I sure look at I haven’t had a pearl my hand I hear it making angry noises. Yeah, I killed it Why did you some make angry noises? That’s terrifying know what I’m going to my spot. Oh, my god, okay, Megan We need to go up these trees. There’s a zombie that just came down from your tree. Holy crap you have imprisoned me Rob spawning things this is terrifying oh gosh these trees can’t be trusted how Oh? God it’s about to really say one of us have died in just a second You want to come to my spa yeah Stacey must be real proud herself. Oh, she is you know she’s just loving Herself for doing that I don’t know how both of us didn’t realize that She wins that was pretty good. That was really good I don’t think we would need to put torches up where the leaves are right because I don’t think mobs can spawn and leaves well I don’t know where the heck did that zombie decide to fall from I think um up on the log like just at the base Pretty sure I’m just gonna put Yeah, cuz they can’t they can’t just spawn on the actual tree, so I would just do the beasts and anywhere There’s a flat surface and then just experiment and see if more if mobs are still like spawning in well do captain We need to work on your protection upgrades. I know that needs to be the next thing right time to Grow watch out dog come on Doc come on another dog you too. Doc. I wish these lights actually gave off light Fairy lights they don’t Oh Point craft there for prettiness my lamppost give off light they do Yeah, maybe they do You also need to get better falling Oh, you should go to the store and get stuff see I have full feather falling And I just fell from up there, and I only took half heart what that’s what the upgrades Yeah, all right. I definitely need that well. Well. Well if it’s not Little Miss prankster herself Hello Hello, this is like swimming I’m good Stacey says or is it Stacey pranks. I don’t know the difference Good like I was recording in a week buboes you like killed us We like at the same time gasps, so loudly you can feel it in our hearts I Was so sad Yeah, I Was like well first of all I was like how is she so stupid that she? Logout like the rest of us would have if we fell in lava To like have someone turn the lava to stone or water or something We’re both in the zone building right now so you gotta Well, I I mean I would have never expected anything like that Anyways like when would you ever just think someone would type that in the chat I guess It’s still pretty good yeah, that’s good. Did you get scared when I said Joey fell from a high place? Because I said to Say that you what did you say you just said like you were making big trees at your house Yeah, well I came up with this idea For Megan to plant redwoods around her house because it was too flat though Yes, do you know what I was doing when I was like no. I can’t come to your house. Yeah And I found willow well I have loads Crawling over after she pranked us oh She’s here. I’m on my way Get some more stuff at my house. You want to know how I got her out of a tree and all of the saplings I’m gonna go with you found a redwood forest No, I went to Joey’s house because I didn’t know what redwoods were and I wanted to test out the difference And I almost died I got caught in the tree And when I got out of the tree I realized it was like 60 feet tall and then yeah And then it took me like at least six minecraft days to chop it down I’m I can’t wait to get closer to Megan’s house to experience all the lag Lag yeah, every leaf block is like an entity Know If there’s a redwood forest Then I didn’t like when I went there And she didn’t like when she went there all right hold on. Let me see. Yes. Well, maybe maybe it’ll be fine. I’m here Oh What do you think first thoughts Wow? I’m walking really fast. Holy cow you’ve got like a modern house in a car It’s pretty good right I got a pool you didn’t mention the pool Careful Stacey will freeze it she’s Trying to kill me under there Wow Megan I am impressed how did you get a cat I gave it to her for a Mending book I still went from the cat cafe This really isn’t your cat like you can’t sit this cat up. It’s just decoration Oh, no. No, she can’t I went back to the jungle and got her one. It’s called. It’s called Megan I’m gonna name it after one in the comment with my video Wow so they actually just grow like this with the crazy trunks like this yeah They’re so cool Are you talking? What do you want it for? I don’t know? Fences that’s so cool Megan good job. Thanks. That was all my idea. I was like I don’t I Joey said I don’t know if you should do that and I’m like I’m The bonemeal rate on top of that When when you get suffocated? It’s good for you nine blocks away like how do you not get you I get a lose half a heart every time oh Yeah, it’s kind of dangerous, so be careful. Don’t get suffocated well I don’t really have anything to give you I have to sneeze I can give you it okay. No, it’s passing Your blessing you with this sneeze, okay? Anything exciting to give you do you have a cat What am I gonna do with that I don’t know well it melt if I put it down That’s good, you can honestly trade Megan a piece of turd and she think would be good yeah She’s been treating people very badly How about a little IOU for the future yeah Megan minecraft manager, I’m gonna have to actually ask for that in writing so wait I still Yes, but I also get That was a part of what is it cause when someone gives you something and it’s like collateral. Yeah, it’s collateral But I will be required Minecraft managers fee as well of diamonds yeah here, Joey I’ll give you so oh shoot really all I got was ice to it. You want eight nice Nice, cube. Yeah, just a cube. Just a cube heard Thank you, what are you? What are you aspiring to do? Well? I’m going back to the woodland mansion Are you free C. No, I’m not. Yeah. Yes, that’s insane I I don’t even have protection high enough I have Protection for yes first of all you get fire resistance going on wait Jer she only has protection one Yeah, you come right now Missy we need to change that see that’s crazy No, you’re gonna die you’re gonna actually die in lava because it’ll you’ll look at it. You’ll die I’m only two hearts down you should go to Joe a spa. I use it all the time blocks earlier You need feather falling in chances. Well Stacey goodness gracious. You girls are just not Prepared for this awful world that we’re in Something that I could give to you that you would kick me out all my armor for what oh my goodness Zombies could fall from the sky. Did you bring a bed Stacey? Sleepover anywhere, I don’t have furniture Okay, it’s like a real. La house. What about Joey? What if I brought you a polar bear of your very own Hmm is that enough like that’s not so hard to get well actually how can you lead polar bears? Are you going Wait what’s your shot? Right yeah, it’s just like you know free walls for everyone what oh right. You said that I knew house giving away free dogs Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah, you’re good person You know I guess you could just like breed your dogs too, but like I’m really trying to cut down on like illegal puppy mills Yeah My my dogs, just love each other so it’s not even like a puppy meal well I mean you should really spay and neuter your pets so you could just rescue Rules that need to be in a pack from my shop, okay, you’re right, I know These trees are incredible they’re pretty grand Thanks oh so much. I love you Stacy. I’m talking about the trees Megan. I don’t got talking about you Hey you trying to push me off into the water oh I almost pushed her, but I wasn’t smart enough Your house looks so cool from down here Megan come on Whoa it looks crazy Yes, you’re welcome Joey what’s your current spa price? It’s currently a diamond, but for a friend rate. You can just go since I feel bad for you. Yeah Because you literally Have no protection on yeah, let’s actually go to the shop because I think Kyle’s selling them for real cheap So don’t even worry about it Oh girl – a boy need to lend you some honestly I don’t really need my diamonds anymore because I’m fully protected Wow let’s go look at Kyle’s shop and see what he has I need to get some stuff – a protection upgrade for one diamond ok guys You have one diamond I do oh my goodness, okay well In my defense I had to make eight pairs of diamond boots to get my elite frost walker upgrade Oh, and then you found out that you couldn’t even add that to your boots no Yeah, so then I had to make a regular frost Walker upgrade – if I made like Wait, so what’s your price walk right now. It’s Frost over three. Yeah. I don’t really notice a difference like at all in fact If I sprint I’ll fall into water Not funny Megan oh, sorry Okay meter Kyle shop, I’m buying everyone some upgrades Shopping spree for my girls okay now pick out what you want you all can have Did you say Did you say free Oh you guys need feather falling Oh, he’s selling things for iron. I didn’t bring my aunt. I have iron here I actually got too much feather falling, so you could have that cz oh my gosh So cheap I think so don’t buy thorns unless you have mending on your armor because it will destroy your armor very quickly yikes Wait you have a you have a power for bow stays. Yeah, well. It’s an advanced irregular. That’s just regular You know and infinity ball is really not that Exciting because you can make that yourself I have a advanced bow with infinity and power X on it Yes What you need you need you need, okay, let’s get you By getting you the record disc well all you get is 3 that’s fine, you guys are spoiling me too much I don’t I don’t want to be indebted to you mine thread. I mean like just record with Record with this morning look at weave shower you it guess. There’s two sharpness What’s your sharpen is that right now wait? What’s or do you even have an advanced iron? It’s got knocked back Maybe don’t use those in chats. I’ll actually you should cuz you need diamonds Don’t you know Megan Juvonen bad Simon sword no I got a diamond sword Iron sword Oh, what is wrong with you two? I am ashamed Stupid stupid girls, I know How dare you why do I have so many villagers at my shop. They’re the only ones who like me oh? That’s sad. No one buys my stuff. Oh wait. How is this happening? Are they stealing your things? No, I’m selling glose ten Go sell iam for three diamonds, and I have one diamond in my shop oh-ho someone helps themselves They’re hacking into the system, I don’t get it if it cost three How is someone only spending one here someone come and try this out? I’m gonna give them diamonds to try it out come to my shop, okay Destroy diamonds you know go buy some gloss Eliam from my shop how much they charge you How much they charge you three, where are your diamonds they’re in there no, they’re not there’s only two now in here I want my money back. Oh, my gosh. It just ate a diamond what if Scott is taking a cut, that’s My shop because that’s unacceptable How does that happen? Actually clicked on one of my dogs. I was carrying the bone meal and then I thought I untrained it But it’s collar just turned white that was crazy that is crazy Megan That’s a been trick for you Stacy The color of your dog’s collar you can’t you should do that in dog crap just A co learn a few things your houses cost scary at night. I know cuz the trees I told you dark side in I gotta brighten him up You should put some glowstone up there wait till you give Stacy the red one. Yeah, it’s too late should I take it back? We did good girl we did good yeah, this looks so good. Thank you for your help, Joseph. You’re welcome Truly are the king I sure AM and once I have the idol of life. You will all bow down to me Oh, I didn’t even get that oh The totem of undying yeah, but what am I on dying girl? Now there’s there’s a couple Know there’s a couple totals totems. I’m dying there’s usually a few of those guys Who drop it really yeah my power ex advanced bow is extremely powerful Okay, Joey listen. I think you should wait and then I’ll be really good. I’ll keep watch Second I’ll build a fort around me, but I’ll protect you Yeah like I’m on watch yeah, yeah, what do you think about putting the rest of your area lights? under your bridge What Perfect I love it. Oh Couple things safe To make more are you sure stays Crazy yeah awesome, so it’s gray all right. I’m bringing you back some string. Do you need anything else? Oh? Yeah, I could just take down more of my garage oh My god somebody didn’t have any iron left to make the fairy light So she literally just turned to her wall and started breaking down her wall because part of her walls made out of iron blocks It literally just was like two second thought and I was like I don’t think they’d fall for that You killed us Stacy if my heart was weaker, and I was like maybe ten years older I would have died Fred attack right on the spot Wow yeah, I mean She was like over 200 Serious, what are you signing for? like 60 diamonds oh I don’t know how much should I sell for Joey. I think you should do two for diamonds You know I just don’t know what to do What do I sell the nametags for I sell mini bun dough is like Costco. I don’t know dang. I gave Shelby like 15 nametags What are you so bad? I? Should have texted you I really didn’t know she got me a lot of coral and she like wasted three golden hearts on it So I thought it was a very good deal No no I just she’s not She’s just she’s doing her her humbug thing where she goes and she’s homeless and like gets stuff for people buh buh, buh Bah humbug same thing guys I Know yours to sell Oh Like she stole, what do you mean like? Who are you to take that polar bear put a price tag on it and sell it Yeah, you me a polar bear Excuse me, what would I pay after I’m giving you everything I have Well come to the front of Europe and games Wow Looks so pretty especially potato centered and like perfect it really is Dang that looks great gorging on yes. Good teamwork. Yes Stacy Wow oh my gosh you brought the things I’m gonna leash it right there. He goes stay there Sure they only bite if they have a cub of Megan they’re perfectly nice and we sleep I Don’t know you brought a polar bear Polar bear over. What are you doing? It’s going to my shop? Oh? Okay quick tour sleeping quarters Stacy is really close to me. We almost had like a king-size bed here I Was cute Stacy I was real cute, yeah, I want to see see look at Something just flew across my face. What was that? That was terrifying no Sophie. I swear to god. It just said it did that noise I swear to God I saw something What was that? Okay, oh my gosh, just following me. What is it? Oh? It’s an Enderman. It’s an Enderman everyone calm down Oh, I’m scared I think I’m in the water. I swear to God if he’s chasing me Oh my gosh stop Stacy come put this in your black market It’s a real cute one solo guy. Oh see see also you can give me with their skeletons goal Okay, I mean you give me a lot, so I guess it’s appropriate And I’m gonna spawn it in your house Stacy I don’t know a lot, but this seems like a bad deal Apparently someone told me in the Commons that I should spawn in a baby wither and that requires one skull. Oh, they’re a lot easier Yeah, I should probably get going guys all right. Thanks for all your help. You’re welcome. Bye, Joey Bye You two don’t stay up too late. Now. Okay, okay? Be good, okay? Bye all right guys It’s time for me to finish up this two-part episode that original who plays like I think over four hours worth of footage so shout out to Leena for editing this she’s she’s a real wizard so much has happened in this episode, so that’s why it’s a two-parter but I’ve been working on my Front yard doing a little bit of landscaping and since it’s about to be Halloween I figured it would be a perfect time to start playing some pumpkins. I’m gonna turn them into little jack-o’-lanterns I have already made a few jack linens. They look so cute, and here’s all of my crafts. We got some green onions We got some cucumber some tomato some cotton I mean I got like everything cuz when I was like cleaning out this whole area I got a bunch of seeds first stuff In it I just planted everything cuz I was like hey why the heck not oh I have some strawberries – those are Chili Peppers. That’s corn, and then my strawberries are right there super cute I might put them more up there, but I added the coral to my river and along this river as Hey, where’d it go? Hey? What my girls went missing a creeper did blow me up? So maybe that’s what happened I stuff to fix the wood on these guys But I’m so happy with the way everything’s turned out, but anywho this is what my place looks like now. It’s really coming together I’m gonna put a little bench over here still work on the waterfall But I’d like to end this episode because it’s getting just crazy crazy long. Oh my gosh wait I forgot to name my cat. I went there all the comments, and I liked this one the best it made me laugh I just think it’s really funny To have a cat named burrito, so I’m naming my cat burrito Kitty come here. You’re no longer two Megan. You’re a now burrito Well stay still okay. Yeah, it’s um some little moves to name out there, too So if you guys want to keep leaving some names for my animals that will be awesome well That’s it for this episode of one life if you guys liked it be sure to give it a huge thumbs up And I’ll catch you guys next time What do you know?

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    Your voice is so cute it’s like a three year old girl !!!!☺️☺️☺️

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    Am I the only one going back and watching funny moments of one life in 2018,
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    i went from stacie's channel to joey's to urs and u guys when u react
    joey-gasps super loud
    meghan-gasps way louder than joey that the mic goes craZAY

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