First Play Batman: Arkham City Ep. 6 The Bat Who Laughs

Hey everybody Ultimate Oddball here, and
today we’re doing episode 6 of Batman: Arkham City. And I was just trying to get
up onto a ledge but I guess I jumped into a thing. I don’t know. We’ll find out.
So, I hope everyone’s been enjoying this series. I’ve been enjoying playing it. You
might have noticed that I tend to switch up series quite a bit, and that’s because,
pretty much, if I get bored of a game or if I’m not really enjoying it, then I’ll switch
it up, ’cause… I like to, uh.. enjoy what I’m doing. I think that’s important, to do things that you
enjoy. ‘Cause, you know, like, life is.. is short, sometimes, and.. don’t want to look back
and think “Aw, I spent all that time doing things I hate”. That would be unfortunate. So… but yeah. I hope you all have been enjoying this. Let me know in the comments. I’ll probably be playing this for a bit and
then doing some different things. Oh. This is a nice environment. This is a
nice break from the, kind of.. the city, the backdrop. The gray was getting a little
bit.. little bit overwhelming, so, it’s nice to get some red in here. Red and orange.
It’s pretty cool. So, I’m just.. I guess I’m going and looking for Joker.. although, I don’t really know how i ended
up in here, and if I’m honest this place kind of sucks.. because.. it’s all on fire
and stuff, with the lava and all that. I don’t really know why we have lava in
here. I feel like that’s not up to city code. I think that the, uh.. oh, okay. I feel
like maybe the city.. the city inspector would have not approved that if they
would have known. But, uh.. that’s alright. You know. This is the same city that
literally turned part of itself into a prison, so, I can’t say that they’ve got
the best city inspectors. Oh, that smo…that stuff just kick the crap out of me. Am in in first person? What the hell? Oh my god… How do I get in there? Crap… Okay..again, I don’t feel like this is up to city code…but… that’s the problem when you wall off part of your city and turn it into a jail.
It’s hard to get people in there to inspect the buildings. I’m coming. Yeah, who doesn’t love backtracking? Like
I’m back in the.. back in the nineties. These clown guys.. they’re pretty cool, I
guess. (mimicking New Yorker accent) “Who is Harley talkin’ about?” ‘Pressure release valve’… Oh, this way. Oh… Uhh…oh yeah, I know how to do that. Alright. Cool. So now I can go beat ’em up? Double takedown! Ah, don’t just stand there, Bats. What the..alright, there. Now it’s working. Stop throwing things at me. Stop that! Ah, I should’ve played something before I started doing this. It’s like seven o’ clock in the morning, so.. I gotta, uh, get
warmed up here. There we go. Double counter: that’s good. (Enemy): “Dodge this!”
Me: Alright, I will. Just throw it. Alright. I knocked it..I knocked it back, I guess. (Enemy): “Your mommy won’t recognize you when I’m done!”
Me: Joke’s on you, ’cause… oh, nevermind. Joke’s not on you, I guess. Come on. There we go. Come on. Keep it up. ok I think that’s possible but not likely. Every time I get beat up and knocked out,
they just.. come and talk crap to me for a while, so…I didn’t stun that guy, apparently. ..Ah, there’s nowhere I can go. Just get on the stairway, here, keep ’em…relatively contained. I feel like it’s kind of… This is one of those times I really wish there was a way to get health back. It’s gonna be tough to kill all these guys after
that bad start I had. Ooooh, that was close. Ouch. I hit the wrong one on that..that was too close. Oh, come on. Huh! That was a super cool super weird kick. There we go. One of ’em at least. There we go. Two left. Come on. Oh, yeah! I thought for sure I was losing
that one. No, I don’t do that. Uh, no. I don’t want to do that either. So, it gives me health all the way at the end, there. I like..thanks, Alfred. I call him: “I’m sure you’ll figure it out.” Oh, okay. That’s..that’s good. I’m glad I called you. Using my minutes, here. Yeah. Yeah, I got minutes. Batman’s got minutes. Why are you… What do we, go this way? Is this a thing? No. Alright. Let’s get the detective mode back on, here. Solid, reinforced security door. That seems.. odd. How long did it take ’em to build this? This is pretty, uh.. I’m sure they didn’t get building codes..they didn’t get the permits or anything. Alright. Where?? I haven’t seen him. Who? Batman? Never
heard of him. I feel like the cape is a little long. Is that.. is that just me, or…I feel like Batman’s cape is too long in this game. It’s very weird.
All of Batman is very over-exaggerated in this, as far as, like, his body and his
suit, and everything. Those muscles.. they’re show muscles, ’cause when I punch the guys in the face.. their faces don’t pop off. And that’s what happens when your muscles are that big. That’s why you can’t punch anybody. I got a call coming in, hang on. Hello? Alright. Where am I going? Not very… oh, okay, there’s a door here. Can I open it? Oh. Well, that was easy. I really should’ve looked around a little bit more.. Trophies.. scan currently unattainable trophies. Okay. Tagging Riddler trophies. I took a picture. You gotta selfie. Hang on, let me get a selfie. There we go! Bam! Batselfie. Alright. (In New York accent) “Out there!” Yeah, she’s gonna be real impressed when she finds you sleeping on the floor. Level up? Combat armor. Yeah. Alright. Got the combat armor upgrade.. was this the window i’m supposed to dive through? That one? Alright. I usually use the door. I’m not
the ‘Kool-Aid Man’, but.. that’s fine. I don’t know who built this office ’cause.. I
guess there is a door, I just didn’t want to use it. Batman, so rude. Crap. Alright, good. Double takedown. Easy. Looks like we got some fire extinguishers I can use, too. Where did those bats come from? We are inside. That is very strange. Alright, there’s the hostage… I feel like you could just make a Batman
game… I was really hoping that would draw ’em out, but… just this one guy. Yeah, do what he said. That’s what you think this is? Fear? I’ll
show you fear. Wow, that guy was ready. I’m glad it threw up. I was really worried
there, for a second. I think that was all of them but let’s
get up high just in case. Alright. Hey! I’m Batman. How ya doin’? No problem! So much ableism. She’s right. No. No, we’re not. There’s going to be poison gas or something coming out… What just happened? What did he just make? What is that? “Remote Electrical Charge”. Um…how did we just make that out of
something we pulled out of the wall? Do we… we’re not going to go over that
anymore, like… you don’t want to, maybe, uhh… you know… not gonna address that, how we, just, pull some crap out of the wall. Wam. Bam. (tool sounds) There we go. It’s a gun now. No. That doesn’t…oh, that’s what these are for. Okay, cool. Did I do it? Oh, wow. That’s cool. Alright. I’m
sure you’ll be alright, Miss whatever-your-name-was. Good luck
getting outta here! I got Batman stuff to do so.. maybe..
maybe I’ll be back later. I don’t know. Upvolt. Upvolt or Downvolt? That’s pretty
cool. I don’t really know how that’s supposed to work. Does it..does that work
against the electric fences? Like, it cancels it out? Well… I mean, IF you had a chance… Oh okay, cool. That was pointless. Why would I do that? I thought it was
going to hit all of them, but, it did not. (Enemy): “I’ll turn your bones to dust!”
Me: I don’t think so. (Enemy): “Catch this!!”
Me: Okay. And I threw it at nobody. Great.
That ghost..I took that ghost out. Even though he wasn’t gonna hit me, I wanted to, uh.. that is pretty useful. It’s definitely gonna come in handy against the…uh… against the guys with the guns. Dammit, stop doing that. Stop punching me. I’m Batman, alright?
I don’t appreciate it. (singing) “Yeah, Batman! Batmannin’!” Your face…not good. Is that all of them? Yeah. Alright. We’re gonna go ahead and
wrap up the episode there, so, thanks so much for tuning in, thanks for coming by, have a great day. Hey everybody, Ultimate Oddball here. If
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