Five Nights At Freddy’s vs Minecraft Toys! Night of the Zombies Unboxing FNAF Action Figures

Say hello to my little friend! Yay! Freddy’s here, are you ready for jump scares? Yay! Chicka’s here, with my cupcake! Bonnie’s ready to rock the house Oh yeah, Golden Freddy’s master of ceremony in the house hello my friends, have you heard the bad news? someone has stolen the head and torso of our friend Spring Trap we must help him and bring him back I bet I can scare him off with my cupcake my cupcake is VERY scary ahahahhaah whoa! I think I’m gonna go tell them a funny story that just has to work I know what we can do we can play them a song let’s go Bonnie hahahah I think I’m just going to shake their hand great now I’m stuck on this fence Hey you guys, my name’s Freddy and I’m gonna tell you a joke you ready? you ready to hear it? Ok, here we go… so one time I saw this log and I rolled it over and underneath was a little stick and i said, “that log had a child” oaooaooahaohoa hey everybody who wants some cupcake? ahuaujaha um, uh oh heyyehheyha uauahuah What’s up guys, I’m Golden Freddy and I’m Bonnie and we’re gonna sing you a song Oh I, I just died in your arms tonight… Dude, I seriously cannot stand that song surprise it’s now time for Foxy to take care of business say hello to my little friend come with me hombre it is time for us to go home oh sorry here we go let’s go you heavy fella Spring wait a second this isn’t right where are my elbows and knees guys? hello? hello? hey…hey guys what’s up it me Steve and I’m here with the Night of the Zombies Minecraft pack gonna open this for you today so sweet it’s huge look at all these characters…yes! I’m super excited about this all right let’s see how do I get into this thing? gonna need some sissors there we go that will be good man this pack it cool, it’s got the Iron Golen a Librarian Villager a Zombie 2 zombies actually and some fences here we go awesome I really like these fence pieces it’s gonna be sweet ah yeah check this out whoa all right let me get these out here for ya Villager and let’s see some Zombies fences lallalla ah he’s stuck, OW!! always take time to smell the Popies ok let’s see we have some other parts in there yeah here we go ok we got em alright let see wow look at all these guys let me show you one by one alright here we go here is the Librarian Villager very nice this guy cool detail he’s got check it out you can push down to reveal items ah interesting ok let’s see here and ah we got this back spot where he can store items in his back that’s pretty cool nice like it you can also push down on this button to reveal what’s in his chest all right, who do we got next? alright how about this guy Iron Golem push down and raise his arms whoa look at that Iron Golem it says on the box are powerful utility mobs that are great for protecting villagers against Zombies and other hostile mobs as a kind gesture sometimes the Iron Golem is know to give a Poppy to his fellow Villagers as one way to protect the village and keep out Zombies is to use fences which Zombies are unable to jump over huh I really like the detail on this guy sweet all right here’s the back and there’s that little button you can push to make his arms go up and down cool cool do you want some poppy? all righ next ah fences like how these fences lock together you can put them in a lot of different formations pretty nice very cool put that in here awesome all right, what else do we got here’s the zombie zombie you can push down on the back piece to raise his arms here’s his legs and arms some nice detail on this guy oh I like how his green hair is all goofy and he has scary black eyes yeap here’s the zombie close up pushing that little button on his back let’s see here here’s a little mini-Zombie that comes in the pack that’s pretty cool all right, here’s the poppy close up and a let’s see we got this thing do you know what that is? if you know it, write it in the comments ahh.. let’s see what do we got here ah yeah, what do you think that is? put that in the comments too and let’s see if you can go for all three if you know what this is and get all three in the comments you are the best all right, cool thank you so much for watching it’s great to see you guys see you next time later yo yo yo, what is up? It’s TED, yeah! gonna bring you some Five Night’s at Freddy’s check it out are you excited or what? check these out man I can’t believe we get to open these yeah, found them the other day at Target and actually this is kind of gonna be a “fake” opening because like as you can see the back of the box is already kinda open cuz I got so excited, I had to open them up but let’s do it again! so here we go break open Bonnie alright let’s see what we got I can do this I can do this what is up with toy packaging? man I don’t understand this stuff look, I got some tape come on now! I don’t know if I’m cut out for this unboxing business alright, let’s see come on, I can do this I can do this just focus yes! heheh yeyah ok now see what we got here uh what how you get it outta the plastic? oh there’s two pieces of plastic ohhhhh ok, cool got it got it all right so here’s Bonnie and I, oh man I kinda broke it well uh… I gonna put it, no I’m not gonna put it back together see here it’s got a guitar! cool here’s what he looks like all put together pretty sweet I dig it and a yeah that’s a nice electric guitar there Bonnie cool cool cool oh yeha check this out it came with this piece right here arm…. I guess I’ll figure that out later ok so Chica is up next let’s open this one up I’m gonna be better this time I gonna do it come on got it that was a little better all right hold up hold up I’ll be right back there we go actually turned on the microphone so you can hear the unboxing, oh yeah you can listen to the ambient noise no just me talking, so anyway so yeah, here’s Chica oh yeah Chica scary! oh comes with a cupcake that’s cool here’s Chica all put together with a cupcake right on it’s a crazy looking duck, chicken whatever it is look like it came with this here leg and ok, whatever we’ll see what happens with that later let’s get into Golden Freddy he’s gotta be the best cuz he’s a Teddy like me, TED what’s up!? hahhha all right let’s go get off come one all right let’s see let’s see if I can get into this one this time one piece of plastic oh that was easy a little microphone, cool all right cool I can do this, I can do this and there’s a piece of a thigh or something Golden Freddy check him out microphone….hello? here we go, here he is Golden Freddy very nice like his top hat and his dark black eyes mysterious! cool and now oh dude you are not going to beleive this so like I said, I’m not really good at this unboxing stuff right and I uh I ran outta tape or disk space or whatever you want to call it ah man I’m terrible I’m like the worst unboxer ever so I’m just gonna show you what they look like outta the box cuz I’m not gonna put it back in there ok so here is Freddy Fazbear with his top hat there he is he’s gotta microphone there’s his back how come he doesn’t have a tail? I don’t understand that what else did we get? another leg and here is Foxy the pirate I like Foxy, he’s got some crazy legs look at those little things he’s got a hook for a hand and a robot hand for the other one man he looks scary I’d hate to get some jump scares outta this one cool and let’s see here ah, got Spring Trap all the pieces fit together to make Spring Trap I get it now nice that’s cool, all right well thank you so much for watching sorry it wasn’t the easiest video ever to watch cuz I’m not that good at unboxing sorry man I don’t know what’s up anyway I’ll see you later This is Ted and I’m out!

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  2. Deborah Hill

    The green thing was at Emerald and other white the other Brown thing was a book and and and the black thing with the red line was a clock

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  4. Kevin Bethea

    I know I know we can see why we can't see your face I know you were in a Steve head mask you're just want to do it because your head might look like this Steve's and just doing one of your videos how you did the Five Nights at Freddy's I know you going to open up Five Nights at Freddy's

  5. Diego Romero


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