fix your gates, repair your fences,secure your property

and if you don’t think times are
changing fast you are not paying attention I’ve done a lot to increase my
maybe not so much my level of security maybe what I’ve done you may not think
it really does much but it makes me feel better and you know that’s half the
battle making yourself feel a little bit more comfortable I’ve raised the height
of my fence almost two and a half foot so it’s almost six feet around on the
back side of my property back up against the woods I’ve got oh it’s two four six
eight thousand it’s about twelve hundred feet from this corner of my property –
way out in the woods the other corner of my property and I’m gonna be installing
all new fence back there a hundred feet at a time it’s gonna take me forever but
the way you eat a elephant is one bite at a time
at the mean time I can’t afford to do something to this gate I just painted it
yesterday don’t think I look pretty this you know this is really easy to hop over
the gate is oh let’s see the gate is probably about four and a half foot off
the ground here’s one one day all the way across
the top here I’m going to put spikes all across the
top of this thing here here here there’s gonna be 32 of
them all the way across the top and you know I’m sure somebody really wanted to
they can just hop right over the top of it I’ve got a knot in the washer that’s
gonna go up under here but I’m gonna paint these red since they’re gonna be
off I’m just going to dip them in the paint and let them dry as I make them
but that’s just gonna make me feel better having them there if you man if
you watch my channel you probably gather that I’m somewhat of a prepper and I’m
telling you folks if you’re not prepared to go it alone with your own food and
your own water and maybe even without the benefits of a banking system you
really ought to give some consideration to that or start doing some research I
just come right to the point the way I feel and I don’t care if you think I’m
loony you know I’ve debated on how far how much of how I feel I should tell you
and because I care about a lot of you I got to tell you I don’t think we have
much longer to just go about life as we know it I think life is going to change
drastically for all of us and I think it’s going to happen very soon and I
think it’s going to happen with hyperinflation to start off that’s just
my opinion gathered on based on all the information I’ve been able to gather I
know what is what what would John say financially gist I’m just a dude and not
a very smart one at that but uh I do gather a lot of information and just
can’t see how we can possibly continue down the road we’ve been going printing
money a thin air and it not having an effect on our
economy so anyway I believe that if you don’t have a means of protecting your
home believe there are going to be people very soon who are desperate and
hungry and have no money and I’ve got to resort to things that they never would
have considered before so protect yourselves and store food and if you can
store enough to help people I don’t mean be a patsy
but don’t let people starve to death if you can help it there’s strength in
numbers friends and if you feed somebody and you make a friend out of an enemy
you’ve multiplied your your ability to survive anyway I’m going to show this to
you as I go along tomorrow this is late even and I’ve been
over in Texas visiting I did a little something for Bev put a belt on her
mower but I visited with my friend weren’t get her if you haven’t seen worm
Gators channel I’ll put a link below oh and uh I’m also gonna show you what he
give me and why his channel name is worm getter I’ll go in and do that let’s go
now I gotta put stuff away anyway see inside okay let me just show you well
I’ve already told you his name was worm getter worm getter and this has patent
pending but he told me today that he got his patent his patent was approved so
this is his design and what you do is stick this in the ground and then you
take this other one here and you rub it up and down here and it makes these
worms come up out of the ground and he’s got videos on his channel showing how
easy that is that I want to put a link in the description and he’s got a good
channel and right now he’s kind of experiment with rocket stoves he built
one out of a trash can just as I could think he was experimenting and see if he
could fry a fish but anyway I met worm get it today heck of a nice guy I met
his wife really nicely good people salt of the earth
my kind of people do-it-yourself kind of guy he told me what he did for a living
but you know some people don’t want to give out information like that but he’s
a kind of people I gravitate towards and that’s people that do things or make
things or build things and the kind of people that don’t be it I don’t feel
attracted to as a friend are the people that don’t do things you know they would
rather watch videos and complain about people that do things there’s this guy
named Troy the do yourself world this guy has built from scratch from a
bare frame a home and he lives in it and he’s not a perfect guy and he didn’t do
an expert craftsman because you know he’s not a perfect guy and he’s not an
expert craftsman and neither am i and neither are you but you would not
believe the grief that poor guy gets from the most horrible people that do
nothing and they’re all the same and the kind of people I gravitate towards our
people that do things and Troy is one of them anyway this guy is one of them I
got another friend that I’ve met through YouTube his name is Rob he’s a doer and
his channel is 5 acres on the bayou just you know all through my life the
only friends I’ve ever had are people that do things make things build things
go places and hard to find friends like that because not everybody’s like that
some people are quite content to sit in front of TV and watch football anyway
I’ve blabbed enough I’m gonna go ahead and put this video up and tomorrow I’m
gonna get to work on them spikes it’s gonna take me a long time it’s half inch
threaded rod that I got out of scrapyard and I think I got enough to make 30 of
them and I do believe 30 is gonna be enough I’m also gonna put some on my
walk through gate and I have some more 3/8 rod that uh not 3/8
at 7/16 rod and I’ve got enough to do that gate so I’m gonna be able to do
think I’ll walk through gate and the drive driveway gate so I’ll show you
that as I get it done but that’s it for now and folks man I’ll tell you keep
some cash on hand and you can afford it if you’ve got food and water covered man
pay some bills off debt is going to be just a ball and chain when the ball
drops when the bottom falls out of it debt is gonna be the thing that makes or
breaks you I know it’s kind of scary thinking about it if you have debt but
do everything you can to eliminate it to me if you’ve got some food stored and
access to water if you have some guns ammo the next step is to eliminate as
much your debt as possible keep a little cash on hand for emergencies but man
good luck to us all I think it’s gonna be a very bumpy road ahead of us thanks
for watching y’all and all I’ll give you an updated video as they get these
spikes built and put on the gate see ya it was hungry

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Reader Comments

  1. American Expat In The Philippines

    Antonin Scalia was found dead today. That's bad news for his family, but also the USA. He was a reliable conservative Supreme Court Justice. This means our beloved president can appoint another progressive dipshit progressive to the court. After that happens Jobama can pass any legislation he wants. These are dark days, indeed.

  2. Daniel M

    great vid love the ideas you know apoxy snd broken glass works good like on the back of your property works well on fences judt an idea dan in ohio

  3. Recycled Cottage & Garden

    Cool idea for the gate, but are you sure there's no laws about that? Public safety & all…I'm thinking stupid mail delivery people.

  4. HorseyPeeps

    Great video. Ever consider a string of bob wire on top of the addition to your fencing (unless I missed it). Anyway, I agree there is a "feeling in the air". I think there's a reason so many people have taken interest in homesteading/prepping/etc. Good luck with your gate sir. – AJ


    Hey Brad! My wife and I really enjoyed our visit. You and I are alike in certain ways and as I was leaving I felt as though I had just met a brother. We are grateful that you are willing to sacrifice your time to educate and urge others to prepare for the future. I know this willingness only comes from a person that has a love for his nation and its people. Thanks for supporting my channel and we are looking forward to seeing you the next time!

  6. Wallace Knifeworks Fishing & Outdoors

    Agree. I like the worm stick! It can be used to get food,people can eat worms,,Not me ,but some people 🙂 Headin to check out worm getter now!

  7. Greg Homestead

    I agree with you 100% about things going bad.
    Good idea on the spikes but may I suggest painting them black to match gate. just a thought.
    Great ending to video.
    Have a Jesus filled day
    Greg in Michigan

  8. Bobby's Solar Homestead

    I am a man who makes things. I do think we need to make things happen soon. Right now food is hard for me to have in the house. We even had to eat a lot of are food we put up over the years. 2015 was a real ass kicker for my wife and I. Brother Even tho we may have not ever got to meet. I can say this I love you as a brother and look up to as a brother. I keep praying things will be all rdy. But I am a smart guy who all prepps for things that may come.

    One thing do you know where a good place to find seeds cheap this year? We had to use are seed prepps the last few years and we do still have the seeds from last summer but I had a mouse eat most of my seeds. Thanks for the info.

    O btw what not make some kind of spike that you can place out in the road? I am trying to get what I need to make one now. Sorry for going on and on. Just needed to get tho's feels out. God Bless Brother. Pray for peace but prepp for war.

  9. Rusty Glovebox

    Good video, Worm getter, I've heard of those. Show us when you they it out. That's some good fellas channels your talking about . Thanks for sharing.

  10. Ben Brindle

    I am wondering what I can do for my family at 16 years old. I get what he is saying and would like to help my family. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks .

  11. hawknives

    Christ Bless Brother!
    I found you through Jnull0 a while back.
    You sent me some of your home made gun lube, way back.
    All ready to go!
    Stay Safe Man!

  12. Linda Smith

    Your place is just beautiful! I'm not near as ready as I'd like to be but we won't starve for awhile anyway. I think you are spot on – it's going to be bad. I remember the stories my mother told as a child of the depression. My folks went on to be quite successful but she was always afraid it would all disappear & she would be poor again; marked her for life. Oh, by the way, just because we agree with you doesn't mean we don't still think you're a little looney. Haha

  13. AnnBearForFreedom

    Youre preachin' to the choir, my friend.  Speaking of making stuff, got a couple boxes in the mail to you next week-ish.  But yeah, I'm afraid I agree with your time table.  Its gonna be soon and its gonna be severe.  Workin' on it!

  14. JM at The Nuthouse

    Gotta get a worm gitter! I dig them up in the fields and put them in my raised beds. Love to pull back the mulch to plant and see big fat juicy worms! Thank you for sharing. Blessings brother.

  15. Just Plain Common Sense

    Now how the heck am I supposed to hop over the gate for coffee dang it? You are a on target about the future and it don't take no crystal ball! Thanks for the plug!

  16. TheRealWorldPrepper

    BCT, you may very well be right as to there being something on the wind. Whether it will be hyper inflation, as you suggest, a global natural catastrophe or some other widespread calamity I cannot say for certain. However, it behooves us all to be as prepared as possible for whatever may come in The Unknowable Future.

    My suggestion to everyone is to begin with: Becoming Truly Informed, Studying the Situation, Developing a Threat Assessment & Establishing Estimative Probabilities, Making Informed Decisions, Evaluating & Planning for Those Circumstances Foreseen, Prepping & Stockpiling to Meet and Exceed Anticipated Needs, Undergo and Continue Training & Skills Development in Relevant Disciplines from Basic, through Advanced, Specialist, Expert and, then, on to Sage Level of Competency (B.A.S.E.S. Protocol), and Conducting Community Development & Networking.

    Then – in order of priority – work to ensure you will have the following in both the short and the long term: Shelter, Water, Food, Energy, Security, Medical Care, Communications, Intelligence (Gathering & Analysis), Navigation, Transport, Sanitation, Hygiene, Housekeeping, Safety, Maintenance & Repair, Education, Physical Fitness,and Mental & Spiritual Well Being (through Comfort, Entertainment & Recreation, Relaxation & Suitable Privacy, and Religious Activities & Prayer ).

    Next develop your plans and preps to cover Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency and Secondary/Special Purpose uses (P.A.C.E.S. Protocol).

    Throughout, work toward stability and sustainability in all of the above through: Striving to Attain Practical Personal and Group Self-Reliance & Self-Sufficiency; as well as being capable of Barter & Trade, Construction & Fabrication and Rebuilding & Restoration.

    Lastly, but – actually – of utmost importance from the first, develop not only a Survival Mindset, but a Fully Held Dedication to Overcome focused upon what it takes To Thrive, Not Merely To Just Survive.

    Just my thoughts on the matter. I hope it hits home with everyone who sees it. Remember, as my avatar says: "Winter Is Coming, Stay Calm and Dig".

  17. HWhit9000

    If a person doesn't know how to "Sow it, Grow it, and Stow it" by now, you better start learning now.
    When I moved into my cabin, I made sure I was debt free and able to fend for myself with very little cash flow going out.

  18. Tomo

    you know, what you're doing now to protect your property and yourself, remind me on seeing that fences with spikes all over Italy, but 2-3 times higher, and way expensive. Not only on private houses, but also on companies, along with dozens of security cameras covering everything. Spikes on top are so common, that you probably can't buy a fence without spikes. As much as it makes you more safe and comfortable, it also attract more of those you want to avoid, because it sends clear message about you having something valuable inside. I'd rather go for a much hidden way of protection, but that brings bigger electricity bill and possible life threat if someone touch the fence… Anyway, I hope that your project will be safe enough 🙂

  19. tblbaby

    we just lost Scalia, at a very opportune time for Obamas organized crime buddies to make big drom his death as the court went against ridiculous restrictions on energy

  20. Daniel M

    I think I'd electrify that gate. Build a switch so the power only turns off when the gate is opened. Just for fun you connect it to the mail box also LOL.

  21. rchopp

    Brad, show that worm thing working and I'll buy one. Hope your fencing project goes smoothly, you wouldn't catch me jumping over a bunch of spikes… ouch

  22. lakelure4me

    Some of us who lost everything during the last recession haven't stopped prepping since. That crap won't catch us off guard again.
    Been off grid for two years plus now in the woods. Good life but not for everyone.It takes considerable time to adjust as many are about to be baptized by fire and learn. The only sure prep any of us have is Jesus so never forget Him in the whole process.

  23. Pocono Prepper

    I agree with you a thousand percent with the way the world is going and preparing is for the smart ones. Like the ant, a little at a time. As for the spikes, I do like the red idea but if someone wants to get in, they will. But perhaps it will deter them for a while.

  24. 40CaliberDude

    Been subscribed and watching for a long time now. I don't reply to many videos…..but I will say, I'm 100% with you. Too may people with their head in the sand….hoping things will get better. Not a matter of if…….but when. Sad times we are living in……sadder times to come.

  25. gil halamish

    About those spikes on the gate, You should get a long rods, really long, and add them as high spikes beneath the low spikes. this way any wise guy who thing he can just jump over the gate, will consider again. Also glueing brocken glass piesses or sharp tinmetal shavings to the gate upper side and the spikes, so no one in his right mind would dare touch it, couse it cuts the hand really bad.

  26. timothy thomas

    You are not crazy . The crazy one's are the idiots that believe Comrade Barry Obama saying the economy is fine and that people saying it isn't are lying .

  27. Bob the metal guy

    I love the spikes and the plans for protecting your home, anything you can do to make it hard for them make them work for it, and make them go to the next house and not yours.

  28. GooseArrow

    If nothing else, I am seeing a huge surge in crime and layoffs all over the place. Here in OK, the oil prices being low are killing our economy. As we have more desperate people, you will have more problems so the extra security can never hurt anything. Great video.

  29. Mark acres

    yes I agree troy gets a lot of crap I had to walk away from his channel because if you said something on there and I think you know them dang trolls

  30. james baker

    Thanks I live in east Texas and I am a lot like you I fix repair or reuse almost everything. You really woke me and the wife up we cleaned and refilled all our coal oil lamps, cleaned all my gums buy extra ammo , I am buying a larger back up generator. Love your shop I am going to paint my shop inside you have inspired me .

  31. 1crazynordlander

    Put a "Danger High Voltage" signs along your fence line. Who is going to check it? If you are worried about that, put a sign up that says "Intermittent Phantom High Voltage, Enter at you own BBQing"

  32. saltyshellback

    How about some high voltage electric fencing too 🙂 Dig a moat around the spam stash and put some job applications in the moat to keep the Bernie voters away…lol

  33. GrandsonofKong

    The way to eat an elephant; one bite at a time and hopefully with a side of bacon!
    100% on the dark times ahead and best to get the ducks in a row and ready for what may come. The Scalia passing really took the wind out of my sails….he followed the Constitution which is getting to be a rare commodity in the Judicial Branch these days.
    Troy's a doer regardless, despite the trolls that seem to have nothing better than try and tear him down.

  34. james baker

    BC just a thought love your idea with the spikes but ever other spike should be a little longer and bent at about 30 to 45 degrees outward towards the street might be a little more difficult to get over. The barbed wire they install on chain link fences is on a bracket at about that angle

  35. Mark Thieme

    your blessed to have fellow friends close by. worm gitter's good peeps…….I agree lot of negative stuff on troys pages.. he keeps his chin up and keeps moving forward though

  36. Daniel McQueen

    Ya know Brad, I think your right and I'm ready for the next Great Depression or worse.  I would love to see the banks go under cuz I got my real money and a nice home stead.  All my neighbors are like minded and we all have skills to make it thru what ever happens… God Bless you and love your videos!

  37. DachshundsRule

    LOL, I think the word "hungry" is known by all dogs around the world, in every language, where dogs are kept as pets! They also know such complicated terms as "treat" and "bath", although they run from that last word. P.S., I think you're right, time is short. Take care my friend.

  38. Susan Rogers

    I think if " they" stopped "loaning" to other countries and "borrowing" from other countries, we wouldn't be so bad off. But then that's my opinion.

  39. Theredneck Prepper

    When I was a kid my best buddy's father who showed me how to make a worm getter sort of like that I forgot about that ! ( he called it fiddlen for worms )man Im getting old ! lol

  40. Sheila6325

    The clock is ticking? Yes, and at jet speed lately! I can see a real mess right before the election, and because September is the end of the fiscal year for most businesses, we better look out this year, if we last that long. My family thinks I'm nuts, but I'm ready for them too. I just got a Worm Gitter from him, and I can't wait to use it. He's a great man in my book. Great reminder, Thank you. Bless, Sheila

  41. Tom Cook

    Solar powered electric fencing works damn good at keeping even the stupidest moron out of your property. You can isolate your metal parts so you can electrify it and the wire fencing itself with a top wire that's also constantly hot.

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