Foil Fencing Attacks : Coule & The Glide in Foil Fencing

O’kay this will be the glide or an attack
that is always known as the glizade which is just that it is my blade grazing over the
blade of my opponent to make an attack so we are going to kind of demonstrate that in
action here. If my opponent has just come in for a thrust I would parry but while maintaining
contact with that blade and applying pressure over the top I could glizade over the top
to score a point. So the whole time I am maintaining contact and I am also pushing her blade out
of the way, keeping her off line so that I am maintaining pressure to the side as my
blade comes over the top I spin and thrust and that is the glizade. We will now demonstrate
the glide in action. Say my opponent has just lunged and I at the same time as I retreat
I parry, to four and establish the right of way. I am now going to glide across her blade
and score a touch. As I glide I am pushing both to the side and down as I graze over
the top of her blade to touch at the end. This has quite a few effects; it gets her
blade out of the way. It is like a beat so I can get to the target area. She also does
not have a lot of control over her blade while I am making a glide which I will do quickly.
It also makes a noise that is startling and it is a vibration in your own blade that can
actually give you a little bit of a psychological tactic in your glide as well. A glide is a
useful tactic to follow a parry when you can pull your opponent’s blade out of line, graze
over the top and make the target area. That’s the glide or the glizade.

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Reader Comments

  1. Jeremy Norton

    a pris de fer is defined as taking the blade. there are several pris de fer actions, including the coule, envelopment, and a bind. but i do agree that this isn't really a coule. i'm not sure what to call it, hah.

  2. Dirk Broersen

    @heyyguesswhat i've been fencing for 5 years, and quitted it 3 years ago. Now i'm about to start again, and thanks to these video's i know about the (basic) techniques again. They're very helpfull to me.

  3. ChaoticNarrative

    These vdeos are fairly good but I must tell you… this is not the Glissade, the Glissade is something else entirely, infact… it's most often seen in Classical Fencing rather than sport because in Classic, it's legal to disarm your opponent and that's exactly what the Glissade is used for in Foil, Epee, Sabre and Smallsword.

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