Foleon Tutorial – Working with Blocks

Quickly build pages by dragging and dropping
content-blocks onto your page. Start by hitting the blue ‘add content’
button at the top of your screen. A drawer with pre-designed content-blocks
will open up from the left. Choose a block you like and add it to your
page by clicking and holding it with your mouse. Drag the block onto your page, to the spot
where you want it, and release your mouse button to drop it in place. A page can consist of as many blocks as you
like. You can recognize a block by the purple label
in the top left corner. Once blocks are on your page you can: Rearrange them by simply grabbing the handle
and dragging it to a higher or lower position on your page. You can also copy the block or delete the
block. All blocks are structured the same way. A block can contain one or more columns. Columns are indicated by an orange label in
the top right corner. Each of these columns can contain multiple
content elements such as titles, text paragraphs, videos or images. Now you know the basics when it comes to working
with blocks.

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