Forks and Fences, What is the Fear of God

What’s the fear of the Lord? The fear of
the Lord is this: it’s a recognition that God is God and I am NOT. And I really,
really need Him. And it starts with this idea of like God is God I am NOT and so
when I recognize who God is – that He is a God who is full of majesty and a God of
worthiness and glory and holiness. And in light of who I am and my sinful self, it
causes me to shrink back a little bit. Like it’s a healthy kind of fear but
because of that, I know I really need Him. That without Him I have no hope and I’m
absolutely dependent on who He is. And so that recognition makes me want to draw
near. And so I shrink back at His worthiness but I need Him and I want to
draw near. What is this? It’s worship… it’s worship. It’s the
natural posture. It’s aw. It’s a healthy fear and who God is and so it’s from
this place of worship – that’s where wisdom, that’s where
understanding are truly forged.

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