FOUND GAME MASTER LIVING IN OUR BACKYARD!! (exploring abandoned woods)

What could this be Grace? I have no idea but
it’s huge huge okay so Sharers last video the Game Master asks
you’ve got this package delivered to our house we have no idea what could be in
this thing all we know is it’s pretty heavy open this thing yeah it says
Sharer 0 0 9 1 3 6 Sharers comment this down in the comment section below so you
can remember exactly yeah yeah ok so what is in here there’s like a little
peephole I can see stuff what is in there what was it I don’t know is it
like alive wait grace look what what whoa there’s someone down there you see
them yeah who is that it’s good a closer look I’m pretty sure some of them that
you saw that person you’re right yeah should we hide what might be the game
looks like a black lights thing whoa whoa you’re right I can kind of see that
oh my goodness you know what let’s grab some tools hold
on grace we gotta go you think we should follow them grab the share the love bag
let’s go we gotta follow this are you sure this is a good idea you came you
could be in our back here the whole time that’s a look at do you think he just
dropped out the package and now he’s down there wait what is this what is
that oh hello it’s like it’s like it looks
like it was part of the note it got ripped off or something yeah yeah we
can’t lose them we need to follow him we already went this way Steven whoa that’s
so weird it’s like how he tracks his path whoa we can’t lose him wait how do
we get across here jump here go oh come on grace go quick look check this out
there’s markings and posts big Rebecca gets this post all the time just
straight there’s writing on it huh it says some thoughts it’s it oh whoa that’s something prop prop life what
does that say what does that mean I don’t know no with the blue there’s one
there blue ribbon baby one there maybe it’s trying to make a rainbow because
remember how Rebecca stakes room I have rainbows on me yeah but this is a blue
ribbon yeah yeah so when you find the other colors Oh see there’s an orange
one over there Oh way back on that tree you’re right whoa grace look at this
what is this more posts it’s like a post make a factory back here yeah what be
careful grace I don’t know what this could be
whoa something weird is going on here maybe the game master has been living in
our backyard and this is where he makes all of his clues look you’ve got
everything drawn out post there blue ribbon there another blue ribbon there
more over there there’s a whole line oh my goodness you like keep some marks
sure is the game master might be living in our backyard hang on grace let’s go
check the top this way swear you’re right Chris beneath all this pain in my
face come on this way why don’t you go up this way up this way
come on come on where wait what oh that’s a leaf behind the wood okay we’re
okay for now but come on somewhere up on the hill grace wait here’s another
ribbon another ribbon on the tree is a different color look at that it’s like
an orange ribbon look look at this an orange ribbon on the tree what does this
mean I don’t know I think it’s one color closer to that rainbow and at the end
the rainbow might mean something okay okay but where’s the next orange clue I
don’t know where did he go what he was up here right yours wasn’t he up here
yeah I music okay but now what where’s the rest of the orange wait wait him
where no no I don’t see anything she was coming you see anything oh wait I think
that’s the orange way over there you see orange yeah this way come on this way
come on let’s go a jungle-gym center like whoa that’s
really weird what is that thing I have no idea grace well look more clues blue
and pink blue and pink check this down whoa Cher’s we’re onto something
look at that blue and pink blue and pink what does that mean gathered that must
mean something look another steak it says something it
says prop core prop core so what’s prop core mean pop live and
prop core what does that mean prep prop what is prop stands for grace wait I
know what this means this is how the game master he gets back and forth
between our house yeah because he follows these little rainbow foods yeah
we keep following the clues we’re gonna end up a wherever the game that’s your
sustain yeah where you live does all this is how he gets into our backyard
grace come on we got to keep going yeah but we can’t lose
we can’t lose track of him so we got to keep going let’s go come on grace he
won’t we’re far enough behind but just but Sharers we have to stay quiet something different do not disturb two
exclamation marks whoa wait why does it say that I don’t know look there’s
something on the other side too these are numbers these are numbers numbers in
a triangle look at this sure look at 511 five one one wlp with a triangle and a
dot what does that mean no I’m wondering it says do not disturb which mean this
is a quiz for us it’s clues for the gamemaster
to track his way in and out of our house you’re right grace this means do not
disturb for the gamemaster so he knows not to ever move the state because if he
messes the steak he won’t be able to find how to get to our backyard I wonder
what these clues are that symbol looks like from Chad’s doomsday date you’re
right it could be something with Chad wild clay yeah work Chad wild clay could
be the game master I don’t know we need to follow me come
on yeah before listen let’s go keep going keep going
what sure Boone flow if that looks like a feed to you it’s definitely not
natural look I I and mouth a doomsday type thing yeah it looks like one that’s
symbols from the doomsday thing and look look a baseball you like baseball you’re
right the game s likes to play games have to be close with house this is it
we’re getting close to something grace yeah yeah keep going
we can’t lose track of it I think just keep going this way he’s got to be that
way yeah come on come on quick quick quick
wait guys look what what what don’t touch but this could be electricity
wires oh do you think it’s like electricity to his house the gamemaster
must be living in our backyard and it’s setting up these things yeah because
look our house is just right there that’s our house
this is how big yeah something’s going strange come on this way let’s go I
think there’s a trail back here there’s a trail wait yeah yeah look right there
is right up on the berm we’re close whoa I think he saw us
Stephen I think he saw us be sure no he’s still walking again look he’s
walking okay we’re good we’re good and best part chairs check this out
Chris look we’re in a slow low area and look look how wet this ground is if we
follow the footprints we’ll be able to keep up there’s a footprint in the
ground it looks more footprints see another footprint
here we’re not going to lose him now this ground is so wet look he’s still up
there shoe size look at boy look how big that
it is huge that’s like double my hand cream is person it has giant feet wait I
think I see something what this way there’s like something whoa wait hold on
look there’s an orange dot right there and right here that’s another steak post
right in the treatise Oh what is this what a pipe for book grace I’ll walk on
it this is not nature no someone planted this here he definitely needed that yeah
grace this is not nature look at this thing yeah walk doing it says warning on
it too what does it say huh maybe that’s how he gets his water
or something you go okay we’re almost there I think we’re almost there
wait there he is there he is there you oh wait false alarm I don’t think that
was him I’m not sure let’s just keep going
whoa I just where is he yeah this is definitely a path t-shirts or game
clothes keep on here thanks thing I keep my gun
come on we’re getting really close we’re getting really close we’re getting so
close we’re getting this little thing whoop Stephen stay backside stay back Oh careful careful where do you go wait
right in the Sun whoa the gamemaster goes really far back come on grace is
the straight path there straight path look at this great path hang on oh hang
on there it is well there it is right in the direct sunlight look at this thing
perfectly set up four solar panels come on grace let’s go let’s go let’s go
we’re here we are here I’ve seen this before sure this is from when I got lost
in the woods a while ago that means a game Esther’s been living in our
backyard and following us for a while wait see careful he’s in there
careful careful get in we got to open this up grace come on side I don’t want
to meet the gamemaster quite yet sure it’s the gamemaster is behind the store
this is crazy this is crazy it’s not even locked
ready unpin it okay I think that’s Richard it’s time to find out who this
game Esther is they’ve been living in our backyard and waited long now yeah we
need get to the end of the female spy mystery challenge thing open it who are
you who are you

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  1. Ayden Tuwairua

    Mixing pink and blue would give you a more pastel purple, or light purple. The lighter the red, the lighter the purple. … You just add white to red to get pink. A shade of anything is that color + black.

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