Frankenstein Book Trailer

The story begins when a sailor and his crew
members get stranded in the Arctic ocean. They spot a monster on a dogsled and a man,
who is also on a sled, chasing him. They decide to rescue the stranger and he has quite a
story to tell. The man was known as Dr. Frankenstein. He
had created a creature using human remains, but decided to abandon him as soon as he came
to life. This monster had no name and has no idea what was going on. While the monster
wanders through the forest, discovering his basic needs like food and water, Dr. Frankenstein
became very sick, and was being cared for. The monster stumbles through villages looking
for shelter, but alas, everyone is terrified of him and they scream and run away. Eventually
he finds a cabin with a small shed built against it where no one will see him.
The shed has a crack in the wall, so the monster can peek through and observe the daily lives
of the people inside. Here he learns how to speak and associate with people. He also learns
morals and realizes that Dr. Frankenstein was wrong to abandon him.

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