FROZEN JELLO TIP POPSICLES – ice lolly block pop – disney movie princess Elsa Anna

– Welcome to Charli’s Crafty Kitchen,
where you can eat what you make. – G’day, welcome to
Charli’s Crafty Kitchen. Today we’re making frozen
jelly tip popsicles! Bridgitte from Eyedolize Makeup has some awesome tutorials
on her YouTube channel. She did our make-up today. I’m Elsa, and she’s Anna! We’ll leave a link to her channel in the description box below. She can do rainbow make-up,
and Frozen makeup… – And…
– So pretty! – And she also has Gregory dog. – That’s her dog. Today our ingredients are
some blue jello or jelly, some popsicle moulds, and some Sprite or lemonade. Make your jello up using
the instructions on your packet. – First we gotta get the lids
off the potsable mode. – Popsicle mould.
Oh, there goes your tiara! You’re funny. We’re gonna fill them up halfway
with blue jelly. You might need a little help
with your mum or dad. Just like that. – Just like this. – Now we’re gonna stick the lids on
and put them in the freezer. – Now put them in the freezer. Careful you, careful. (giggles) – Now that they’re frozen,
we’re gonna take the lids off and fill them up with lemonade. – Yes! Oh, yes oh! – Now we go fill it up
with no lemonade. (shrieks) That’s enough! (shrieks) – Just like that! – Just like this. Now we’re gonna put the lids
on and put it in the freezer. – You might have a little hole from where the stick went in before. Just find it and put the stick back in the same place. – Taste test! – After they’ve gone in the freezer. Now we have to put them
in the freezer! – For like ten minutes. – Once they come out of the freezer, they should look like this
and they’ve got jello on the tip! – Yay!
– Now for the taste test! – I gotta say that, mister. – Mmm, it’s so yum! What do you think, Ash? – 10 out of 11. – These are really good! I love them more than anything! Charli: If you like this video, please share and give us a thumbs up. Please!– Ooh! Ooooh!– This is the reason why I only have a little bit for the taste test because I want to save it forever
’cause it’s so yum. – I get to eat it all! Both: Sword fight! (mumbling)

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