GADGET Deck + Análisis 📈 | Post Fists of the Gadgets

Presented by El Exordio del Duelista Gadget DecK: The Destroyer Dynamo will direct the Gadget machinery to maximize its power.

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  1. Andy Bolanos

    Gadgets are my second favorite archetype and any new support they get I’m happy. This new wave of support was kinda disappointing. I do love the artwork on these new cards and I don’t think they’re 100% terrible. Maybe with some future support, support that is actually really good can help stitch together the archetype and maybe make them a solid rogue deck. Boot-Up Admiral – Destroyer Dynamo is such an epic looking boss monster.

  2. Taegii Kin.

    Muchisimas Gracias Exordio!!! Por sacar este fabuloso Arquetipo (Uno de mis favoritos), por muchas cosas, mayormente Decks y Combos que me das, te doy todas las gracias del mundo!!!.

    Yo: Auto Like.

  3. Pues eso y tal

    See that low reward boss?
    Just put "quick effect" on the destroy effect. The deck would be a lot better only with that. Not broken, not meta. Not even at the level of the Fire Fist, the other deck with support on the expansion.
    Just better. Just not garbage.

  4. Lord Starscream, True leader of the Decepticons

    "Oh boy! The new Gadget support is pretty cheap, let's build deck… Aaaand I need the expensive Train support. Shit!"

  5. Julio cesar Botello

    No sé. Este nuevo soporte no parece ser lo que el arquetipo necesitaba. Creó que seguiré con mi clásico Machina gadget stun.

  6. Heckels of Sheckels

    Honestly I feel like just using the Gadgets for literally just toolboxing rather than summoning the new boss monster and using the new mediocre combo extension is really the best option for this deck. You can just fill up the rest of the deck with Floodgates, More consistent playmakers, handtraps or even splice it with ABC or Cyber Dragons for actually impressive Boss Monsters. Though I guess Boot-Up Corporal is handy as a 1 off no matter what Gadget deck your playing. Welp regardless the new support is very disappointing for me

  7. Devin Holyan

    As a devoted witchcrafter player, I was apauld at the absolute laziness of that play. Why would you bring out a Haine? He should have went into the red one. Specialed the blue one, specialed Edel used pitorri effect in grave to toss verre and then used Edels effect to special verre from grave, then got all your spells back at the end. But HAINE?! WHY!?

  8. GuyNCorner

    If i may suggest, Infinitrack Tunneller could be used as the Urgent Schedule's target cause of its in grave ability to banish itself and shuffle 5 Earth Machines aka the gadgets back into the deck AND then draw 2. Just another option.

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