Galileo’s Secret Episode 8: The Reveal | Films on the Fence

Are you enjoying your stay? Who has recently discovered a secret that Galileo kept from us all those years ago. Excuse me. Uhhh The secret is… Yesterday, my colleague tried to reveal a secret that Galileo has kept from us… It’s not like I murdered him or anything… This spoon, oh dear is that blood? Okay, here’s the thing. I was arrested for murdering my partner. You are no longer on the planet Earth. Just tell me the secret won’t you? Hello? I’ve kidnapped dumbfounded octopus… I’m a government agent. We know you faked your own death. I am a man of magical powers. What shall be your wish? Switch places with anybody really. We’re going to extract as much as we can about Galileo’s Secret. From that little mind of yours. It’s been four years… what happened? When we left off I was trapped in the alien’s lair. And you were captured by the government by some kind of machine built to extract the secret. Panda was about to visit the alien and all was nearly lost. Three organizations that would do anything for the secret. Torture, extraction, exploitation… And then it stopped. But what is the secret and who really cares? Everything that ever was and everything that is, is bottled here in this universe. But for years the human race has been trying to make sense of it all this time. And Galileo did. He discovered why we exist and as a whole who we are. He documented this in that last days before his tragic death. And everyone wants to know just what’s going on… And the news agency that has been interrupting Galileo’s Secret for years And have found the answer. Every time we try to reveal the secret we get cut to a commercial or to some dance sequence. Who’s doing this and how do they benefit. Well think, who’s controlling it all anyway? And who ever it is wouldn’t they want the secret to themselves. The TV Network Galileo Galilei was the smartest man alive. He discovered life’s biggest secret: the reson for living And he encrypted it so it wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands. Those were powerful words and he’d hoped they’d never be used by those who planned to use it for evil. He had hired a group of people to create a news agency called Epsilon News They’d never actually reveal the secret, because when people actually decoded it the time would be right. They’d want to reveal it and that’s when we knew the human race ouwld be ready. And we are that team. So what the big plan? Naturally Galileo figured many groups would seek after the secret once the announcement was made. And that’s what he needed. See Galileo knew he was going to die. When they killed him he was ready and the secret you know to be true That’s not the secret. There is none. The secret’s just a decoy but see we preserved his body. The news of the secret was spread all over the world, airing on countless programmes. Like BBC World News and TMZ. See Galileo knew that when humans finally decoded the secret it would be a futuristic world that he would want to live in. And across the entire world anyone who wanted to know the secret would be thinking one word. GALILEO GALILEO GALILEO GALILEO GALILEO And that much power is enough for just about anything. Galileo lives on! HEY GUYS WHAT I MISS?

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