Germany marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall

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  1. Red Pill

    What an AWESOME EVENT then and now. KEEP celebrating to REMIND people of what TRUE SUPPRESSION AND OPPRESSION looks like and to become FREE!!!

  2. Marcus

    Today we have an American President who is subservient to Putin who refuses intel from his own agencies in favor of our enemy how times have changed….. for the worse!

  3. Samuel Ross

    Let's all remember the contribution of Mikhail Gorbachev. If he had acted as Chinese president for life Xi Jinping, the Soviet Union might still be around today. Mikhail Gorbachev is a man of decency, honor, and truth, who had a pivotal date with history 30 years ago.

  4. We will Win yet

    Good God, the last significantly-achieving President that we've had. George Bush, his follower, was a very decent man, but didn't accomplish as much. And to think that today young students want us to go back to socialism and communism. Considering the US won the Cold War peacefully, and without military action, it's one of the biggest accomplishments of recent time. Put the man on Mt. Rushmore, already..!!!!

  5. Jay Mudd

    1Hungary opened Border to Austria 2East Germans began roundabout to West Germany 3 Wall superfluous … No mention in 2019 Media of these events

  6. Stephan Maurer

    Ronald Reagan plays no role in the mindset of Germans when it comes to reunification. It's Gorbachev and Bush that most of us appreciate. Reagan is seen as the man that put nuclear weapons on our soil and used our country as a deplorable pawn in his dangerous game.

  7. Song Master

    The last great President we had, Ronald Reagan.
    "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." ~ Ronald Reagan

  8. Sebastian K

    Wow. How to make a segment about the the 30th anniversary of the east-german people freeing themselves of stalinist dictatorship with the help of Gorbachev all about a quote from Reagan, that he made two years before.

  9. Joy Burton

    I was there as a teenager in 1975. Took a tour of the East side and was deeply affected. Guess that's why I eventually joined the Army with President Reagan as my Commander In Chief. Loved him, and today dearly love our President Trump.

  10. Lost Cause

    The prime political forces in opposition are Communism and Fascism. Lets not forget – Communism, with Georgy Zhukov
    leading the way, defeated Fascism, closing the second World War. After the shift of the center of Communism from Soviet Russia to China, Soviet Russia died. However, when that happened, Fascism had the room to stealthy develop in the United States of America. At the same, China learned from the mistakes of Soviet Russia and corrected them, as a result, China thrives like never before. In WW2, it was Soviet Russia (Communist) VS Germany (Fascist). In WW3 – It will be China (Communist) VS. America (Fascist)…

  11. KEN TOGO

    I'd like the Millennials and Gen Y to know about what the Socialism/Communism has done in human history and also why the Berlin Walls were teared down.

  12. Ggg Ggg

    Now the world witnesses an even more encompassing and more insurmountable Virtual Wall surrounding China. The fight between Capitalism and Communism is far from over. The idea that the War has long won is a dangerous one and will surely lead to losing the War to the insidious CCP.

  13. DB Cisco

    The wall was a political sham from day one. It was a border of a foreign city within a sovereign state. There was no wall separating the USSR from the rest of Europe.

  14. Golden Empress

    Why were the 2 of these people meeting?
    Hot Butt is probably cozied up to Putin.
    In Russia it's cold weather! Gotta keep warm SOMEHOW.
    Jr. Your girlfriend can't cum back to the US. I guess you'll just have to fly over to Russia. 😉🧸
    Don't forget to take her a cute teddy bear.

  15. Bob Domler

    The wall fell, the USSR fell, but Communist infiltrators are still rotting our civilization from within, and we're being sold to COMMUNIST CHINA!!!!

  16. the wall is secretly rebuilt…now around whole Germany…!
    Thanks Puppet Merkel..and the rule behind her !
    nothing to celebrate…we just switch into a renewed socialism…!
    Germany already is finished:
    our laws are given to EU
    our industry is falling down (clima/ car / DIESEL forbidden…)
    our money stolen ( negative interest 0,5%)
    our freedom taken – 100% censorship
    our brains washed by ideologies
    our children abused by gender hoax and clima fear…
    more and more migrants – not happy people!
    good night, Germany!

  17. Peter

    It was the biggest mistake that this Wall was teared down, this wall should be bigger. In west Berlin was much better life under America and this east are very ungrateful and rude people and they forgot how hard life was 30 years ago. Mostly east Germans hate America and like Russia.Germany has never deserved American help. MR.PRESIDENT TRUMP SHOULD BUILD A WALL SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! 🇺🇸

  18. Shawn Begley

    That missing FBI Agent Looks alot like the Man Beheaded in the Philippines Floating to Close to Shore by Rebels and Decapitated with a kookery 🔪 !!!,,,, It Looks alot Like Him !!!?,,,, 💀🗡🕸💀

  19. Rudy Centeno

    fox news and their dumb followers hypocrisy is outstanding,they are celebrating the 30th.anniversary of the tearing down of the Berlin wall.while chanting build the wall!!in the US.Mexico border every day!!

  20. Rodney Armstrong

    They tore down the Berlin Wall leading to a world of crookedness, now America is building our southern wall to save Americans lives. If Berlin needs to rebuild their wall I say get going on it.

  21. Veralto

    Obviously, Merkel did not invite Trump to the celebrations. I recall back in the early eighties the West Germans did not like Reagan, either. They marched by the thousands with fake nuclear bombs to protest Reagan, now they unveil a statue to him!

  22. Benjamin Breeg

    Then Merkel popped out from communist Germany after she flew there to live behind iron curtain. Oh then she flood EU with Islamic terrorists.

  23. Keith Plymale

    I remember that moment in 1978 and the Wall coming down in 1989. Today freedom is just one election away from ending. This happened in Virginia in the last election. Writing from behind enemy lines.

  24. Michael Saint

    they should build a wall between Europe & Russia 400 miles thick & 2 miles high loaded with anti aircraft armourmorment & another wall to surround Korea & China & another wall around Israel & a huge one around Iran & Arabia

  25. Edward Pike

    Today the EVIL EMPIRE exsists in the bureaus slitheringaround in the DC swamp. TRUMP 2020. This lady must have been a kid when the wall came down. Is she in her 50's?

  26. UncleSam1776

    13 August 1961: The Germans were slaved during 30 years of the Vietnam war and free until November 1991 the during the Persian gulf war. The Berlin wall was destroyed finally.

  27. Saba6611

    And today three Communists Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and Nancy D'Alesandro – Pelosi should be hanged already and buried outside the walls of the Kremlin, next to Joseph Stalin.

  28. Roger Borroel

    1,000 Germans were shot down like dogs as they tried to climb over Da wall. See, there was a German Wall before the American wall. To trump: Where's Da Wall? Oh yeah, Mexico is gonna pay for it….LMAO!

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