Get the Most from HD Media Routers with OpenDNS Parental Controls

As a parent you protect your kids and
all sorts of ways, you hold their hand crossing the street, install safety fences around the poor, and why
not protect them from the seedy parts of the internet as well. Today children have all sorts of internet
connected devices from computers, to game consoles, to smartphones, and tablets. Open DNS and D-Link’s Amplifi HD Media
routers give you the ability to manage internet access across every device on your
network, even the devices your kids friends
bring in the house. With open DNS parental controls on
your router you just choose the content you want to block,
and because each household is different your D-Link router with opened DNS give you
tremendous flexibility in blocking content. Packed into multiple categories like adult,
games, academic, fraud, social media you can block entire categories or just
certain websites. So let me show you how to set it up. Start by logging into your router open up a
web browser and type in in the address bar. Log on and if you haven’t changed the
password the default is blank. Click on setup and then parental control
on the left navigation. You have a couple different options but we’ll
start with open DNS parental controls, because it gives us a little more
flexibility to configure the filtering specific to our needs. So select it and
click on save settings. You’ll be prompted that you’re going to be
redirected to the open DNS website, no need to worry, click OK to continue. If you already have an open DNS account
you can log in, but we’ll assume you don’t. Fill out the required information then
click continue, and that’s it activation is complete. Click the link to continue and your router will
take a few moments to restart. Then you’ll be redirected to the open
DNS settings were you can customize your filtering, but as you see here you need
to confirm your account and you should of received an e-mail but we’ll do this later, just don’t forget. We’ll start off by selecting the filtering
level that we want to begin with. We’ll fine tune it in a moment but for starters
I can tell a high is a bit to strict for our needs it blocks all social networking
sites, and even other video sharing sites and other general time wasters so we’ll start with
moderate. You can click on view to see descriptions
about the categories that are being blocked, and then customize to add or remove any
specific categories. For example, you can click academic fraud
to block sites that promote plagiarism or cheating, and tobacco if you’re looking to filter
out websites that promote tobacco use and related products. Now click on apply and it’s that
simple just be aware that can take a few minutes for the settings to apply, so
be a little patient before testing it on your web browser. And if for some reason you want to block a
site or even unblock the site that’s been included in one of the categories you
selected above you can add those at the bottom. From the drop-down select always block
or always allow and type in the domain in the field
provided and click add domain. If you added the “WWW” in front of
the domain you’ll notice open DNS asks if you want to block all sub-domains and if so, you should leave out the “WWW”. Most likely you’ll want to block all sub-domains
so it’s a good idea to leave them out. Now let’s take a look at some the other cool
things you can do with open DNS. Up top click on security and you have open DNS
help protect you from malware, bot nets, fishing and other suspicious sites
and viruses. You can also customize the web pages that
appear when you visit a block site or an unavailable site with your logo or photo and a message. Another helpful feature is that you can
turn on stats and logs to show you interesting charts and statistics about the internet usage, and even show
you the block size that your kids tried to access. And lastly, some advance settings that
can help you speed up your web surfing by auto-correcting some common
mistakes that you make while web browsing. Now let me show you a hands-on on how it
works, start they opening up a web browser and type in one of the block what sites and as you can see the user gets a
message that the site is blocked, it’s that easy. D-Link Amplifi HD Media Routers are
packed full of features and open DNS parental controls is
just one of the features that puts you in control of your network. From HD Fuel that helps you prioritize
high bandwidth applications like Netflix and VUDU, to to protecting your
little ones from the seedy side of the internet with open DNS parental
controls, you cab do it all with Amplifi HD Media Routers from
D-Link. Thanks for watching.

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