Justin: Rise in the mercury, squeezing up like so much red toothpaste out of a tube, who’s ready to party with summer jams?! Travis: Welcome to MBMB AM. Home of the worst metaphors in town! Justin: KMBMB AM Your one-stop-shop for summer classics! Griffin: Hey beach babies how’s your bikinis?! Travis: How’s your tan lines? Griffin: Hey hey, do you guys like Ceelo Green? Justin: Tune in as we workshop new characters like “Hey bikini babies how’s those bikinis” guy! Griffin: Nothin’ but coolers ‘n’ babes, NASCAR!! Travis: Crack open an ice cold beer!! Griffin: I would like a Bud Lite-chiladaaaaa! Justin: Make sure to join us at McGillicuddy’s deck for party on McGillicuddy’s deck 2: The Sequellllll PARTY YOUR DECK OFF AT MCGILLICROODY’S!!!!!! Travis: Get your deck wet! Justin: Come gET YOUR DECK WET!!! WITH $2 SPLISHER SPLECIALS ALL NIGHT LONG!! The hottest babes! The hottest guys! The…. drunkest… children! Travis: The wildest monkeys! Justin: The craziest poop-throwing monkeys you’ve ever seen, and good news ladies! Margaritas are just $3 aLL NIGHT LONG!!! Travis: Monkeys get in free til midnight! Justin: Hey monkey it’s 12:30! Come on in anyway!! It’s MCGILLICUDDY’S!!! Travis: 21 and up for male monkeys, 18 fo’ female monkeysss!! Griffin: I don’t even know if monkeys live that long, what the fuck!! Justin: Half-man half-monkeys will be submitted for study at research institutes nationwide So summer’s here

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