GiANT CLUE GAME in Real Life to Win $10,000! (Game Master vs Hacker Battle Royale) Rebecca Zamolo

– You are here because
you are my top hackers. – Who is that? – One of you is a traitor. – No, wait! – I don’t know what you’re talking about. – Go! The Quadrant’s following me! Okay, ZamFam, that was close. Matt and Daniel dropped a
pin toward the hacker van. As you guys know, I have my disguise because today I’m gonna be
going to the Red Hood’s mansion in disguise as a member from Clue, because she’s having a
Clue in real life party. There’s the van. Guys? – Rebecca. – Guys! – Just get in the front and go. – No, but the Quadrant was following me. I lost them, but they went that way. – Get in. – Come on, go. We took over the hackers’ truck here. – We just tested it, we’re gonna be able to see everything inside the mansion. – Oh my gosh, okay. ZamFam, you guys saw the
secret meeting, that there is going to be a giant Clue in real life disguise party at the Red Hood’s mansion. You guys’ll never believe this, I found a costume for Mrs. White. – What? – I’m gonna go in disguise as Mrs. White, because you guys know
I took the invitation. I’m gonna be putting on this disguise, and then the Red Hood’s
mansion is right over there. – Yeah, and we’ll be able to
gear you up with some spy gear so you’ll be prepared once you go inside. – But the most important thing,
as we know, of this mission is to get that remote. We need to stop E3. – So we have less than
24 hours to do that. ZamFam, smash the thumbs-up button, we need a ton of good luck right now. I have no idea who’s gonna
be at the hackers’ mansion, but you guys comment who you think it is. The Red Hood said at the secret meeting that some YouTubers might be there. So we’re gonna have to figure that out. – [Matt] Okay, we’ll let you get changed. Good, here we go. – Okay, guys! – Okay. – You good? – Back in the hacker van. – So what do you guys think? Mrs. White. – Whoa! – This is cool in real life! Mrs. White was the maid. I have a mask, I think
I need to put on a wig. What do you guys think? How’s it look? – Yeah, you don’t look blonde. – Yeah, not at all. – The mask? – Yeah. – Whoa! – Do you think it’s a good disguise? – You really could be anybody right now. – I have my spy gadget like
it said on the invitation. I’m bringing a blacklight. You guys know I love a blacklight, and maybe I’ll be able to find clues. – We need to communicate with you, so you’re gonna have that. – We have the comm setup in here, so we can actually use this whole van to communicate with you. – Oh my gosh, it’s perfect, you can’t even tell I’m wearing a hearing device. – [Daniel] Not at all. Also, we’ll be able to see you
on all the cameras in there. – So if you need to talk to us, just talk to us through
one of the cameras. – Do you guys have like a camera? – There’s an extra camera right here. – Okay, if I can hide this under here. – Also they said on the
invitation that they’re gonna be broadcasting this, so
they’re gonna be filming. – Yeah, so when you get inside, take this SD card. I’ve hooked it up so that if
you can switch out the camera’s SD card that they’re gonna
be using with that one, it’ll transmit directly to us. – How am I supposed to do
that without them knowing? – Ninja skills. – I guess we’ll just
have to see, you guys. Let me know if you have
any ideas on how I’m gonna get this SD card into their camera. – [Daniel] Let’s take a look at ’em now. These are the ones that we planted, and these are the new ones
that they’re using right now. – [Matt] Right. – [Daniel] We can see everything. – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh,
it looks like there’s a couple Quadrant walking around. – [Daniel] Yeah, look
upstairs, there’s multiple Quadrant walking around everywhere. – Kay, ZamFam, so I am all
dressed and I’m ready to go. I have my spy gear on. Smash the thumbs-up button. I need to go and find the remote while I play this Clue game. – Gotta stop E3, just don’t be in there longer than 24 hours, kay? – Okay. Okay, ZamFam, so I’m about to go inside. I see two Quadrant. Okay, I’m gonna put you guys back here so you guys can see
everything I see, okay? Wish me luck! Hello? What? Daniel, Daniel, I thought you were staying in the van while I snuck inside. – I don’t know what you’re talking about. – Oh, oh, you’re the film, okay. I’m gonna use the restroom,
I’ll be right back. It’s not, you guys, the remote’s gone. It’s not here. I’m really glad you guys are
here seeing this with me, but I need to talk to Matt and Danny. – Matt, Daniel, I think I saw your clone. – That’s not me. – Daniel. – No, that doesn’t even
really look like me. – You’re here. – No, it looks exactly like you. – [Daniel] Rebecca,
Rebecca, look to your left. Look to your left. Yes, right there. – Guys, what am I supposed to do? – You need to switch out the
SD card with the cameraman. – How do I do that? – You know how to do this. – Come on, Rebecca, you got this. – Ninja skills. – Yep. – Okay, I’ll figure out
a way to extract them, but I’m gonna need your guys’s help too. Okay, ZamFam, so I need to get
this SD card into that camera with the cameraman that I
think looks like Daniel. Let me know if you think that
looks like Daniel’s clone too. – Hey, Dan, I mean Quadrant, that’s a really cool camera you have. I was wondering, may I take a look at it? It looks like it’s a Canon. Ooh, yeah, that’s definitely
the lens I’ve used before. Oh, wait, what are their names again? – Quadrant doesn’t have names. Are you- – Oh, sorry, yeah, sorry. I might have hit a button, I’m not sure, sure why I did that. – All right, we’re connected. We can see what their cameraman sees. – Look, someone’s coming! – I’m here! You’re all very welcome. – All right, this guy’s
going by Colonel Mustard. That’s the alias that they
have in the system for him. But he looks like he’s a specialist in setting up video gear. That’s probably why he has
the camera around his neck. He was responsible for
setting up all the production of the cameras in the E2 event. – I am so excited to be here! – [Daniel] This is Ms. Green. – She seems way too happy. – Really peppy and happy. I guess she’s an expert
in light and lasers. Oh, she set up the laser
room that you got trapped in in the Game Master mansion. – Oh, in Orlando! – Yes. – It was actually Rebecca and myself. – You’re right. All right, this is Scarlett. She is a human lie detector, basically. She can look into people’s eyes and know if they’re lying or not. Specializes in listening devices. She has a listening
device with her right now. – Is that, oh, that’s it right there. – She’s showing the camera. Uh, Rebecca, she was responsible for the hypnotic tune of E2. – What are you talking about? I didn’t hear anything,
I don’t remember that. – Exactly. – Hello, darlings. – Mrs. Peacock. She’s the top hacker of all of ’em. She just recently took down Snapchat, and she specializes in augmented reality. – Like Snapchat. – You remember, Rebecca,
when we were in Kurt’s house and the floor was lava? She set up that augmented
reality that we had to shut down. – That makes sense, that’s
why she has those glasses. – The Professor has arrived. – This is Plum, Professor Plum. The database is empty. – Does he look familiar? – Yeah, now that you mention it he does. Who does he look like? – I mean, there’s nothing in here. It looks like it’s just been wiped clean. – So weird. Comment down below if you
know who he looks like. – Okay, you guys, so I’m gonna have to figure out who that is, you guys. Let me know if you have any idea. Some of these people might be YouTubers. – I hear the Red Hood had
this entire party to meet me. – Oh, that’s interesting,
because you got up to meet me. – Sorry, what have you
done for the Red Hood? – What’s Scarlett doing? She put the device down. That’s a listening device. – Oh, she’s overhearing
their conversation. She’s spying on them. – I thought only spy ninjas were invited. – I’ve never met the Red Hood, but she can’t possibly
be better than I am. I’ll be bigger than her someday, surely. – Better than the Red Hood? – What? – Hi! – Oh, hey! – Isn’t this amazing? The Red Hood got all the
best hackers in one place! – Yeah, it… – So cool! – Yeah, it’s really cool! – What spy gadget did you bring? – I just brought a black light. – Oh, like the one from the invitation. That’s so cool! – Yeah, so I was wondering, like… – Oh yeah, but what’s your name? – Oh, my, uh… – Oh, I really like your
mask, it’s really cool. – Thank you. – So exciting! Have you met the Red Hood yet? – Uh, no, have you? – Do you wanna see my new
ninja move that I just learned? – Sure. Oh, it’s like a cheerleading move. – No, it’s a ninja move. – Oh, yeah. What are we doing here, again? – Welcome to this dinner party. All of you have proven
yourselves very useful. You are here because
you are my top hackers, and have all done
something valuable for me. – I’ve been waiting for this moment. – Yeah, me too. – Her top hackers, did you hear that? – Mm-hmm, she meant
singular, stop talking. – Tonight is a night of celebration. – I just, oh. – [Group] Cheers. – Rebecca, who knows what that is? Don’t drink it. – Although tonight is
a night of celebration, one of you is a traitor. – [Voiceover] Lockdown has been initiated. – It’s locked. – Oh, it’s locked? – [Daniel] Lockdown? – [Matt] What? – [Daniel] They’re trapped in there. – [Matt] What do we do? – Wait, there’s that secret tunnel. Maybe we can get in. Maybe we can get in and
they don’t know about that. – I think you can climb the fence in the background, like the wall. – Okay, but I’ll go in
and figure out a way. – You? – Yeah, I’ll go in. Let me just go in and try to see if I can, like, spy on what’s going on. And then you can keep Rebecca
safe, keep talking to her. – I’m not a good hacker,
but I’ll try my best. – I think you can figure it out. – Your job tonight is to
find out who the traitor is. You must all stick to your
secret names I’ve provided. I will present you with
a series of challenges, and whomever wins the
challenge gets the opportunity to accuse who they think the traitor is. Get it right, you win $10,000 and become my head of security. Get it wrong, and you’ll be trapped here! Now head to the dining room for dinner! – You know what, I’m just
gonna head to the bathroom. – I’ll be right back, okay? – Okay. – Hello, they’re onto me. You have to get me out of here now. No, you have to get me
out of here right now. No, they’re going to find out. They’re going to find out about me. You have to get me out right now. Who are you? – It doesn’t matter, but
I know you’re the traitor. – No I’m not. – Yes you are. I just heard your conversation. But I can get you out of here. You have to switch places
with me though, okay? – Yeah, yeah, here. – Switch places. But once we switch places, you’ll see a secret tunnel, you’ll find a balcony. Balcony is your way out, okay? – Thank you. – No problem, let’s do this. – Well, I know it’s definitely not me. I mean, I hacked Rebecca’s
tree house video, so I’m not the traitor. – Well, it’s definitely not me. – What did you do? – I, um, I hacked one of
Rebecca’s YouTube videos. – Who hasn’t? – Right. – Well, I took down Snapchat. – Wait, this past weekend, right? – Yes. You’ve been awfully
quiet, what did you do? – I took down YouTube on
the entire east coast. – You were the one that took
down YouTube this past weekend? – I mean, yeah, well, I
mean, we’re all hackers. – What happened to your pants? – Oh. The sink was powerful and sprayed, and they had some pants in
there and I put them on. – Oh. – That makes sense,
because I had nice pants and now I have sweats cause of the water. – I’ve totally done that before. – Ms. White, I need to
speak with you for a moment. – Okay. – Yeah, just follow me this way. – Yeah, okay, yeah. – Daniel, is that you? – [Daniel] Yeah. – How did you do that? – [Daniel] Colonel Mustard. – Colonel Mustard was the traitor? – [Daniel] Yeah, he was
talking to somebody. – Where did he go? – [Daniel] I came in
through the secret tunnel, the one that you found
last time we were here. – What? – [Daniel] Yeah, so I made my way in. – So you helped him escape? – [Daniel] I helped him
escape, I switched roles. You need help, you’re locked in. – Okay. – [Daniel] But now that we’re in here, we need to find the remote and get out. – I don’t know where it is. It wasn’t in the same spot as last time. But we need to escape,
we’re trapped right now. Also, ZamFam, someone is a YouTuber in that group of hackers. You guys let us know if
you see anything at all. Okay, we need to get back or they’re gonna suspect something, okay? – This is boring, when do
these challenges begin? – [Red Hood] It already has! Don’t choose the wrong cup. – Well, I must have spilled mine when the sink sprayed everywhere. – There’s something. – It says you choose. – That means you get to choose
who you think the traitor is. – But if I choose wrong
then I’m eliminated, and I don’t have enough information. – [Red Hood] Fine. If you won’t decide, I’ll start making the decisions for you. – Huh? – What? Who is that? It was this one, remember? – Open. – Hold on, wait. – Wait, no, no. – It’s locked. – My gadget is lockpicks,
I can get us out. Lockpicks, lockpicks. – Ooh, yeah, this is perfect! Okay, Professor Plum, lockpick. – They’re not here. – We need to find a way out. Everybody just look around. – Okay. – Okay, sure. – There’s a note. There’s nothing on it. – What do you mean, there’s nothing on it? – Hold on, I have a blacklight. Hold on, okay. It says, she goes to bed at 10. – Well, there’s a bed. – Okay. – You guys see anything? – You guys, 10, 10. There’s a clock right here. – [Daniel] What time does it say? – The time, it is 8:30. If we just move the time, move it to 10. – Oh, you’re right. – 10. – 10! – Wait, do you hear that? It’s like a clicking. – Ssh, wait, everybody just be quiet. I hear clicks. – Okay. – In the statue. – There’s one, one click. – Okay. – Three clicks. – Three? – And four clicks. One, three, and four. – One, three, four. – See with my glasses. – Oh, she’s using her glasses! – What was that code again? – One, three, and four. – One, one, two, three, one, two, three, four. – Wait, wait, everybody stop. – We’re missing someone. – Scarlett. – Wasn’t she here? – Where’d she go? – She was right behind us! – Behind you? – All right, everybody. – [Daniel] She was last. – Yeah, what happened,
did you see anything? – No, I was running! I was not the last one. – But she was. What happened, if you
were the second to last. – I didn’t see anything. – All right, everyone empty your pockets. Let’s see what’s going on here. – Okay, I don’t. – I don’t even have any pockets. – Fair enough. – Where did she go? – I don’t understand. I don’t have pockets. – You do. – I mean, you were the one, oh! – How did those get there? – These are Professor Plum’s lockpicks. – That’s why we couldn’t
get out of that room. – This is Scarlett’s lipstick. – Ms. Green, you have
Professor Plum’s spy gadget, and you had Scarlett’s napkin
with her lipstick on it. – I solved the escape room, it’s my turn. – Scarlett told me that you thought you were better than the Red Hood. – It was you. I’m accusing Green. You’re the traitor, Ms. Green. Oh, see, they’re coming for you now. – Oh no. – It wasn’t me! – I was right. What? – No, wait, wait! – What’s going on, you guys? – She was wrong. – Oh my gosh. – I didn’t do it. – Look, look. – What is all this? – What? – An obstacle course. – [Daniel] Wait, what are you doing? What are you doing? How does… – You guys, when I put on her glasses… – What do you see? – Look. – What do you see,
Rebecca, what do you see? – Oh, my gosh. I know the next challenge. It’s the floor is lava challenge. Step onto this with me, you guys. There’s all of this lava
and you can’t see it except when you’re wearing these. We need to hop over everything and we cannot touch this floor. The only places that we’re safe are all of those cushions or chairs. – What do you think happens
if we touch the floor? – I don’t know, but maybe
we’ll get eliminated. That’s what I’m thinking. – I don’t wanna find out. – Who goes first? – [Daniel] I mean I could go, I guess. – Okay, I’ll go last, I’ll take the glasses and I’ll guide you guys. – Okay. – Okay, one. – Daniel, be careful, don’t fall. – Be careful, don’t fall. – This chair? – Yeah. – Exactly, step on it. – Whoa. – Okay, this one’s easier. – He’s right next to you. – What? He’s so fast. – Do exactly the same thing. – Okay. – [Daniel] Careful. – Okay, you’re good. – Just gonna be on this. – Yeah, be careful. – All right, for the kingdom. – Yeah, good, you’re good. – Careful. – Okay. – Okay, okay. – Yeah, we made it! – So where do we go? – We just have to make it onto the table. – Okay. – It looks like we just
have to go out that door, and then we’re safe. – All right, Daniel. You got this. – Okay, I made it. – Who’s Daniel? – I meant, uh, Colonel Mustard. I got confused, I have a friend named Daniel that has that jacket. – I’m gonna go. – All right. Careful. – Oh my gosh, this is a giant table. – I’ll go next. – Okay, be careful. – [Voiceover] Ten seconds remaining. – What? – Wait, I need help. – No! – The closet! – Go! – Get in here. – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! – No, Ms. Green! We lost Ms. Green. – Why are you laughing? We just lost another person. – All right, you can drop the act. Take off the disguises. I know who you two are. – What? – Rebecca, Daniel. – What? – Why don’t you guys take a seat? – [Daniel] Rebecca. – Who are you? Kurt. It’s you, Kurt? You’re the one who pushed Ms. Green? – Just hold on. I need to make a phone call. You guys don’t move, stay right there. – What? – [Daniel] It’s Kurt. – Yeah, I know it’s Kurt. – [Daniel] No, I mean, it’s Kurt. He’s working for the Red Hood. – Kurt? Wait. – [Daniel] What are we gonna do? – Do you think he’s still hypnotized? – [Daniel] Maybe. – We gotta get out of here,
we’re trapped right now, Danny. – [Daniel] No, remember I
have schematics of this place. We have it. – You’re right. – If we’re in this room
there’s a secret stairway back around here, we
gotta sneak over there. – [Rebecca] Okay. – [Daniel] He’s still on the phone. – Now’s our chance. Go, go! Here’s the stairway. [Daniel] Go up the stairs, go, go, go. – Hurry. – [Daniel] Where are we
going, where are we going? – I don’t know, we need to hide somewhere. [Daniel] I mean, this
isn’t a great hiding spot. – Look, there’s a hiding spot up there. – [Daniel] That’s really high up. Rebecca, we don’t know
where that’s gonna go. – This is our way out. – [Daniel] Careful, careful. – ZamFam, do you guys think that we could get out going that way? – Where’d they go? Where’d they go? – Did you hear that? They’re coming, they’re coming. – [Daniel] Hold on. – Yeah. – [Daniel] Let’s throw ’em off. Leave that there, open
that up a little bit more. – Okay. – [Daniel] Open it, open it. Yes, great. – You’re right, okay. – [Daniel] Okay, if we leave that there, they’re gonna think
that you went up there. – Oh, yeah, and then we can like hide. – [Daniel] And then look, that’s open. They left it unlocked. – They’ll think we tried to escape. – [Daniel] Where should we really hide? – I think they’re up here. Hurry up, hurry up. – [Daniel] They’re coming, they’re coming. – Okay, here. – Look at that. Hey, it looks like they escaped up there. They could’ve gone out that door too. Okay, you go check the door. You go check and see if
they escaped out that door. – Okay, we need to find the
remote and get out of here. Let’s go. – [Daniel] Go lock him out. – They might have gone out this way. – There’s a passage up here. – It’s locked. It’s locked. – [Daniel] Let’s call Matt. – Okay. Matt. – Rebecca. – They know that it’s us, and
Kurt’s chasing us right now. – Kurt Hugo Schneider? – It’s like hide and seek,
but we need you to meet us. Can you meet us downstairs? – [Daniel] The tunnel. – Yeah, can you get
through that hidden tunnel? – Did you find the remote? – No, we haven’t found the remote. We’ll meet you soon, okay? Just get there. Matt, grab the red light. – The red light? I think I have that here. We need to rescue Kurt, get
the remote, and stop E3. I’m goin’ in. – What’s up there? It’s like they’re looking for us. – [Matt] I think that’s
where Daniel got up. Okay. – Stay back, stay back. They went up, okay, now let’s go. Matt? – [Daniel] He was supposed
to meet us here, where is he? – Matt. – Guys, I got in. – Quadrants are out. Look, they’re right there. – [Daniel] Look, it is gone. It’s gone, she was right. – That’s where it was before. – Did you hear that? Something’s coming downstairs. Let me shut this. Come on, we need to take the
secret tunnel back upstairs. Come on. – [Daniel] Go, go, go! Come on, roll. – [Rebecca] Come on, come on, come on. Okay, come on. This is it. Okay. We need to check every room in here. The remote has to be somewhere. – [Daniel] You’re right. Locked. Matt got in. – Daniel. – [Daniel] Oh, oh, oh. – Get in, get in! Okay. – Do you guys see anything? – There’s like a huge closet. Do you think the remote’s in here? – [Daniel] Maybe. – Jacket. – [Matt] There’s a box up there. Mystery boxes? – This is just like a
storage room or something. Okay, I say we look around and come back. If it’s not here, then we
should check all those bins. – [Matt] Nope. What? – Guys, these are drawers. I think I found it. – [Daniel] That’s it! – The remote and $10,000. – [Daniel] There’s $10,000 in there? – Yeah. Okay, so we have everything! Now all we have to do is
figure out how to get out. But I think the ZamFam, they figured out the three-digit code,
so we can get this out as soon as we escape from here. – [Daniel] Great, okay. What about Kurt? – I mean, I wanna rescue
him, but look what he’s done. – Kurt wouldn’t act like
that, it’s not Kurt. – Yeah. – I have the red light. If he’s hypnotized, this will work, just like on that RZ twin at the pool. – When we give you the cue,
Matt, turn that light on, okay? All right, we need to get out of here. – Found you, guys. – It’s Kurt. – Couldn’t run forever. I think you have something
that belongs to me. And I want that back. – He has the remote. – That’s mine. – Why are you doing this? – To be the new head of security. – Okay, but… – I’m Red Hood’s right-hand man. – But Kurt, I just wanna know, how did you take out all the hackers? – It was pretty easy, actually. When Ms. Scarlett put down her drink I got her napkin with her lipstick on it, and when we were sitting down at dinner it was so simple just to put it all in Mrs. Green’s pocket along
with my lockpicking kit. – Wait, Kurt, you framed them? – What about Ms. Scarlett
and the escape room? – Closed the door behind
me on the way out. She was locked in. Then I ran right in front of Ms. Green so it looked like she did it. – Whoa. – And then the floor is
lava challenge, you… – [Daniel] Yeah, you pushed Ms. Green onto the ground, I saw that. – Let’s just say she fell. – Okay, Matt, Matt. – This is not him, this is not Kurt. – Come on, Matt. – [Daniel] All right, you ready? – Ready. Three, two, one. – It’s working. The remote! – [Daniel] The lockdown
remote, the lockdown remote. – [Matt] Kurt, just do
everything that I say, okay? I ask you to turn around
and just follow me. Follow me, follow me. We’re going out, okay? – [Daniel] Look, look, Quadrant! – Another Quadrant! – Okay, we’ll kick him out. Use the box! – Yeah. It’s clear. – [Daniel] It is, it is all clear. – Okay, so I’m gonna
release the lockdown, okay? Three, two, one. – [Daniel] The lockdown’s
lifted, the lockdown’s lifted. No, Quadrant, Quadrant, hold on. – What do we do? – Rebecca, Rebecca, here. Hold this for Kurt, okay? – Okay, all right, what
are you guys gonna do? – [Daniel] We’re gonna
have to clear the way. Whoa, Matt, great more! Got two of ’em on one. Go, go, go!

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