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The Deck of Many and Humblewood.net Welcome back to the Gallant Goblin. I’m Theo, and today we have the premium set from
the Pathfinder Battles set, Legendary Adventures. This is the Goblin Village. I have been looking forward to
this one since it was announced. So let’s get this bad boy open and take a look! As of second edition, goblins have become a core playable race, or ancestry, featured in the Core Rulebook. It seems that many changes have
occurred over the years to goblin society. Perhaps in response to the reputation
that have made for themselves, many goblins are now actively fighting against
the stereotype of the chaotic scavenger who’s only good for eating up the waste
left behind by more civilized people. Many goblins are becoming more worldly and want to become adventurers to prove to the
other races that they deserve a seat at the table. While they may still enjoy setting the occasional fire
or singing repetitive songs around the campfire, many are blazing a new course for all of goblin-
dom, though their reputation still persists. When they visit cities and non-goblin
settlements, they’re still met with derision. Goblins tend to flock to strong leaders, though their settlements rarely have more than 100
goblins unless the leader is particularly strong, as goblins remain difficult to govern. Goblin villages have even started forming
loose alliances to assure their survival in the face of threats rising across the Inner Sea Region. Since goblins are known more for
their song than their work habits, you’re more likely to see a goblin village
singing and dancing around the fire than tilling soil and harvesting crops. Family bonds can be strong among goblins, and
they will fiercely protect those they care about. Goblins, not known for the reading or writing
abilities, rarely keep detailed records, so most of their history is simply passed
down through stories and song. They tend to live for the moment rather than
trying to establish a legacy for themselves that will live on after they pass to the next life. They also don’t have much time for organized religion. Instead, they like to pick their own deities. They may choose to worship a natural
formation, a powerful monster or ally, or whatever they find shiny and captivating. Sometimes if a goblin spends enough
time around people of other ancestries, they may come to adopt their
religion, if it piques their interest. Many goblins still enjoy gathering up random
odds and ends to feed their tinkering interests. They may put together odd mechanical devices, throw
together strange effigies to their personal gods, or just develop bombs they can hurl at invaders. Many goblin adventurers are drawn to being
alchemists to help feed this tinkering desire. As sometimes happens, the box is
a bit inaccurate on some details. It leaves off the goblin babies,
but they’re definitely included. It labels the huts as large and small but they’re all
the same size, occupying a 3×3 space on the grid. The outhouse tent seems to be meant to
attach to the chief’s tent, per the box art, but it works fine standing on its own. The barricades are listed as one item on
the box but they’re four separate pieces. Three unique sculpts and two of the largest one. The child cage listed on the box
is really just a single fence piece with a goblin child attached to it, peeking through. I usually just put it in a corner between
a tent and the wall and it works fine. A few other things to note: the pigpen pieces
are all different sculpts, which is nice. The assembled pigpen has a 4×4 footprint. Here we can see the village populated with some goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears
from the Legendary Adventures set. The bonfires don’t light up as in other
sets, but they are translucent and hollow so if you have a little battery-powered LED
around, you could put the bonfire on top of it. Wall to wall, the palisade fences form
a circle thirteen inches in diameter, though counting the bases, there is only twelve inches
of exposed floor on your table or gridded map. The goblin chief is the same character as the
one in the Legendary Adventures booster boxes though of course, here in a different pose. He’s the same size as the other goblins. The Goblin Village is one of most elaborate, and
expensive premium sets we’ve gotten to date. It provides a load of game play opportunities and can certainly be used for settlements for other
types of creatures if you remove a few of the pieces. It’s certainly nice to have ready-made
fences and bonfires and tents and junk piles to use in many different circumstances. I could see many of these items hitting my
table really often, for Pathfinder and D&D. The set has a steep MSRP [Manufacturer
Suggested Retail Price] of $99.99 [USD], but you can find it at a bit of a
discount if you shop around. Again this set is the premium figure in the
Legendary Adventures line of pre-painted minis from Wizkids releasing in October. To get an idea of what’s inside, click on the “i” in the corner of the screen
to see our unboxing of a preview brick. And be sure to subscribe to the channel to see our
full review once we get our hands on it in October. And one more little thing I left out, the goblin
chief can be removed from his little throne though I don’t know where else you would
have him sit, but you do have that option. Any questions or comments or concerns, please
leave them in the comments section down below. We’d love to also thank our sponsor
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see you next time at the Gallant Goblin.

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