This is powerful stuff that I actually
experienced. I really haven’t had an experience like this where I was
transported literally to be before God at a place like Moses was when he came
across the burning bush. It’s not where I went to heaven, it’s where God
transported me from my house as a young girl in the middle of the night to be
before him at a place a real physical place here in the world and I will show
the details of it too. The point though was for a very critical message from God
concerning his viewpoint of those who will be on earth and then there’s going
to be a massive amount of people who are going to be on earth at the Great Day
of Wrath. These are people who are going to not receive forgiveness from
God they are going to be in the people who are going to receive the wrath and
some of those people will be people who considered themselves Christians and saved.
I had posted this before over two years ago but my editing skills were not so
great, and people had complained to me that the audio was difficult to listen
to, that the music was too loud, and also there was some hissing going on when I
was talking and I didn’t have the skills. Well in this time I have learned how to
do it. So I took that same video where I present it, and what I’m basically doing
I’m reading out of a book where I wrote the experience. Now I’m not in any way
showing the book, you will not see the book, I will not say the name of the book
because this is not about the book it’s about a very important message the Body
of Christ needs to hear, people who are unsaved need to hear, they need to see
through God’s eyes how sin within a person looks to him and how those people
on the Last Day will appear to God. Now I know this seems obvious but sometimes
I’ve had people ask me when I have put some retro videos I’ve made that I
either have reposted or never posted but finally gotten around when they see the
difference in my hair they question it as if it’s some kind of phenomenon. We all
know how hair grows. The point I want to tell you is that you’re going to see me
about over two years ago and my hair was a lot shorter and that’s why it suddenly
goes short in the next scene I’m going to put to you because it’s a retro two
plus year old me presenting though very relevant, very crucial information that
even though I had this experience four decades ago, look how God works: he gave
it to me at a time where I couldn’t find anyone to share it with. You will see
that I even went to a leader in where I was at to try to share it, but now I know in
hindsight that the reason there has been no audience because the season for it
was not yet. Now we’re in the last days now rapture will be coming for a certain
number of people in the Body of Christ who are the Ready Virgins. [next scene] Although I had
experienced supernatural spiritual encounters before, one related above, I’m
referencing one where I wrote about when Jesus met my goodnight kiss one time
which is pretty awesome and another one not mentioned here that took place
nightly for two plus months this was the event that changed me
partly because I saw God as a God of righteous judgments and I witnessed
sinners undergoing a frightening condemnation. As a child I did not know
these things as we did not read [Bible Book of ] Revelation as children in Catholic school. Our teaching was limited to the Catechism for the most part geared to
children as I told you. I still retain my original first draft of that account I
wrote a year after it, now the pencil handwriting very faint 40-plus years
later on the yellow crinkled note paper I wrote it on. As an aside, I tried to
find it to do this video but it’s like in a very disheveled storage place that
I have and I couldn’t locate it but I still do have it. The incident took place
nearing daybreak while I slept in the room shared with my two older sisters. I
was 13 years old at the time and we lived in Miami Florida. For those who
haven’t seen my videos, by the way, my name is Vivian Gendernalik and at the
time I’m doing this video I am 58 years of age so this was back when I was 13
and it was in 1972. The life-changing events for me took place that day
afterwards at the Catholic school I attended, life-changing because they
confirmed to me that what I had gone through was real. As I slept in the lower
bunk bed beneath my older sister who had the top bunk bed, my other sister across
the room in her own single bed, I found myself in an open vision that seemed as
real as if I was doing these things in my physical body to which this day
I am uncertain if I was or not because it was as real an experience as I am
sitting here typing. I discovered I was on my knees in total dark, as if
transported directly from my bedroom to this unknown, pitch-black place. Then my
awareness widened and I found myself in my school room, still kneeling but next to the teacher’s desk. All the desks were empty and I knew,
even though I couldn’t see from the lack of light, by some kind of supernatural
awareness that so was the entire building empty and dark. Now I’m
supplying here a composite picture that I have of that school. And the name of that
school, by the way, and the school is still there now, is Saint Brendan’s Elementary
School, and I made a composite of pictures that I had taken at that
time and put them together so you can see there. I’m posed in this picture next to a
nun and I was making bunny ears behind her head and but that picture was in
front of the cafeteria which is not a cafeteria anymore there now and to the
right of myself in that picture which is to the left of the viewer looking at the
picture on the, on the screen now, is that elementary school. Now just off to
where the picture ends, on the second story, was the classroom that I
found myself in. That classroom like I said, it wasn’t random, it was the very
classroom that I was in that school year. It was my eighth grade classroom, and
it was all dark and was storming outside just like in this experience as it was
happening live. It felt as if the experience was taking place right then
in real life time as a time I was supposed to be asleep in my bed, dark
outside it was dark like it should be in my bedroom, if in fact I was out of my
body and my body was still there sleeping, like Paul himself said, same
exact time. I mean I had no way of telling because it was real as I’m sitting
here talking to you. There’s no difference of, of any dream, however
like John in Revelation, I think I meant Paul but I put here John in Revelation, I
couldn’t tell if I was there in the body or if this was my spirit there only
or the most lucid dream ever that strangely coincided exactly with
real-time and all three-dimensional detail which I had never experienced
before. Because it was so life-like, I felt I was actually physically there. I
mean I could feel the hard floor in contact with my legs in my pajama pants
and as far as I could tell I was really there. Not even the smallest light was on
anywhere in the classroom, the brick, 2-story school building and room where I
knelt dark exactly as if it was really happening at that time of night. It
seemed to be 3:00 to 4:00 a.m. just by the total quiet and darkness. This is a
day when it was in the 60s no it was in the seventies I started going to that
school in 1963 in kindergarten and this school itself was founded in 1955. At the
time that this took place in 1972 there still was no fence fencing
surrounding the school as it is now and it was there was no security cameras as
there are now. Now today schools are like forts. You know they got security cameras,
they’ve got guards, they got fences they’ve got everything and but this was
still in the day when those things were not put around most schools and this
school was, was completely dark. I was by myself in there inside my classroom
that I had just been in there a few hours before going to school. [back to reading the testimony] Only the
lightning bolts accompanied by shattering thunder occasionally lit the
otherwise dark and desolate classroom that was my normal classroom during the
days. By the way I’m reading this without glasses because I’m sitting next to my
computer, I want to avoid a glare in reading glasses, so I’m squinting a little bit but
I’m trying to read this so not to give you a terrible glare on the glasses. [back to reading] For
a few seconds I was alone until I heard a voice, medium of tone and full of power.
Without having to be told I knew I knew the voice belonged to no
other than God. I had never heard God talk before, but I didn’t have to be told
it was God, I just knew. Now I didn’t see God’s face. It was just his voice and his
voice was like in front of me above in the air as I knelt down so this is kind
of interesting because looking back to that, I was put in a kneeling position, I
was delivered to that room in a kneeling position not knowing that I was going to
be in the presence of the Almighty God. So God, being high and mighty, had me
delivered there kneeling down, a servant kneeling down, a child before him and
that’s where I found myself, kneeling, and then the voice that I knew was God as
soon as he spoke was about maybe five feet above me speaking speaking down to me.
And as God told me he was going to end the world, and when he said that I
thought he meant right that night. Hwever he did not specify that as he
went on elaborating elaborating on the evil that was going
on within the world. As he spoke my young mind could not perceive the horror of
the things he said. But towards the end of his talk to me, I could not find a
reason to debate his decision, as his decision was totally justified by the
level of evil he revealed. Instead of the conversation coming to a close as I
anticipated, God split the room starting from the
center of its floor until I found myself kneeling at the outermost atmosphere of
the world. Now I have tried to find a picture even come close and I have to
actually meld images together because I really cannot. Because I am not
trained in computer graphics, everything I do here is just amateur. I, I
cannot make such a picture because I found I was literally: I was kneeling once
there before the desk and then this floor split without my even moving.
God just split that floor and I was inches looking down
through the material of the building split. You know the floor,
the terrazzo floor, the layers of it going down in the darkness, to then it
ended to the outer atmosphere of the world and the depth going down, the
clouds. It was life-like, it was life-like as if I had just.. the classroom had been
put there and..[background sound of dog barking mouth closed] and my little dog sleeping I’m sorry..[back to testimony] and I was looking down truly
at the outer atmosphere of the world but somehow having a scope of vision that I
could see the world from there but truly a depth of that height. I just can’t
convey something like that. It just was incredible incredible. So I found myself
kneeling at the outermost atmosphere of the world. The sky below grew darker as he
showed me the people on the earth living out their daily lives. Like I said I
could see somehow with bird-eye vision everything, that the people were talking,
working, laughing, and so on. No more than five seconds passed when he switched the
scene to the end of the world and how the people’s souls would look then. They
were ugly, repulsive, horrifying for me to look at from my high perch. They no longer looked like people, because their ugliness within them had
so transformed them, they had turned into repulsive creatures.
Now I, like I said, showing here pictures of, you know, normal people walking and
then people contorted but I cannot find images to to convey the people because,
excuse me, they didn’t look like people when when he
stripped away their flesh. Everyone was contorted and twisted and no longer
looked like people. They really looked like twisted contorted demons, every single
person. Everyone. They were..uh, it didn’t matter how likable or attractive that
person had seemed on the outside. Inside, now this is God’s perspective he was
showing me, every one of them turned out to be deformed from their sins to the point
they had become contorted into creatures that were far from human and were ugly
and vile, not one standing upright but deformed and changed so extreme they had
lost all human traces. Really they looked like a sea of demons if you hadn’t seen
the transformation they were people and what you were beholding was their true
insides from their massive sinning. Now here’s another aside I want to put to it:
every person was contorted and deformed, that this didn’t matter whether there was
tons of sins or two or three unconfessed sins or a single one– to God anyone in a
sin that was not confessed anyone found in that sin on the Last Day unconfessed
was demonized. They were demonized. So it’s not a layer of “Oh, I only have one sin,”
when God comes that you haven’t confessed; he’s going to see you as repulsive to
him because a high holy God has nothing in common with anything of sin. It is
repulsive to him. So he will see you– see what God was showing me
was HIS view of anyone in sin and I could see
that everybody, no matter how many sins or how little sins, to God was repulsive
and I’m talking about people who had sins that were not confessed and
repented from. These were people, not people that were just limited to unbelievers
but people who were, had the name of brother yet had sins within them that
they were not repented of. [back to reading testimony] I could no longer see them as they were: a vast
pitiable multitude with arms outstretched— because when they were
doing this they were somehow aware of God’s judgment on them at the time and I
was seeing the future scene of the Last Day, God’s Day of Wrath when they
realized this is it— both shrieking and screaming out to me asking for
forgiveness and I say to me because I was before God I received the impression without words
that these were people who had thought the devil’s lives were entirely true,
people who were shocked, I mean these people were shocked to find the Bible
was literally correct, which seemed from my view millions and
millions. I mean the whole, I mean the whole populace I was looking at down
there. Perhaps this was after the rapture
because there was nobody there I in my view that was not demonized. They had
brought the demon, they bought the demons mistruths and had become ugly creatures
in sin over their lives and now they suddenly discovered they were righteous
judgment and condemned rightfully before a holy God. This was in 1972 before
computers, cell phones, big-screen televisions, DVDs and even VCR players
being affordable–for those maybe too young to know: VCRs were like
cassette tapes to record movies and so– before affordable for the average person,
medias which give methods of transmitting visual messages that are
not family-rated on the individual personal level, and personalized, that
allowed people to privately indulge in all kinds of perversions and sins on a
scale that exists now, but not back then, scale wise. Though throughout human
history people have not been puritanical and have greatly sinned, because,
you know, sodom and gomorrah, they have not done so on the tremendous scale of
mass involvement that computers and cell phones and easily created affordable
mediums like DVD, mp3, etc allow today. I mean, we even have children.. Satan, satan
reigns in the houses through these things. People, people voluntarily every day, make
a decision to turn on that tube and let Satan reign and direct the whole
family. In 1972 if you wanted pornography you had to travel by car to one of those
stores in the bad parts of the city or get embarrassed getting one of the three
magazines available on select bookstores. If you wanted to bully someone, you could
only do so by traveling in person. There were no cell phones with cameras
available to humiliate or tempt people with. So from my frame of reference,
I couldn’t understand then how so many people could have vile interiors, could
be all so corrupt. Well, [laughter disbelief] fast-forward to now, I know now, this has changed. It is, it
is something in the hands of everybody, something that Satan reaches everybody
with. It’s impossible to escape it. In the early 70s, these kinds of sins
happening stayed secret for the most part, but today, you are just about
considered a nerd if you don’t interact on these kinds of
activities, which is now considered many a person’s right and healthy expression
thanks to the enemy’s very layered and well-crafted plans to make sin seem
right and not sinning seem wrong. But there far below me, giving me a great
view that seemed somehow to scan the world, were multitudes and multitudes of
people who by sin were deformed creatures inside, no denying this from my
supernatural view. The mass sea of corrupted people I was looking at were shown in
their spiritual condition at what would be officially the end of the world
as in Biblical end, the end described in Revelation of which I had no teachings then
at 13. I understood from the sight I beheld that people were sinners,
however, sin would prevail so much as the Day of the Lord got closer that they
were going to get even worse, become ugly beasts when that end time would finally
arrive. There had been such a difference the way
that people looked on the outside and the true states of their souls when the
end of the world would be when I had seen them with their physical bodies gone,
and just as their soul man, they were like ugly creatures, depraved
and evil. Everyone looked different from each other, but they were all repulsive,
their true nature was offensive and vile. Then they began a unified chant
asking for one more chance, just one more over and over, until I realized that
all the souls that I could see, which were many upon many, that saving them
from destruction was being left all up to me.
I couldn’t bear the sight any more and turned away quickly from them to God. The
morbid view closed itself back into the school room, leaving me or I had been
originally situated, next to the teacher’s desk. Then I turned to God and
began to plead with him out of the very depth of my soul to give these people
one more chance. From the state of their corruption, I personally felt that the
situation was hopeless and my feelings of desperation continued to grow, however,
I kept on pleading for them. What moved me most was their terrible shrieks and
screams for forgiveness. I couldn’t help but be moved no matter how vile they
were. They were a sight to pity, and I feel now my own pity was God’s
pity for them, his mercy working through me despite their clear inner vile nature,
and they’re deserving condemnation. It brings to mind the Scripture where Jonah
was angry God had not destroyed the wicked in Nineveh who clearly were
deserving a destruction, and God replied, “But Nineveh has more than a hundred
and twenty thousand people who cannot tell their right hand from their left, and
many cattle as well. Should I be con– should I not be concerned about
that great city?” Jonah 4:11 Like those clueless people in Nineveh,
God was revealing a concern for all these depraved people I was viewing,
millions and millions of people who had lived in clueless sin that led to his
righteous wrath and destruction. By their ugly transformation into some other kind
of creatures when God show them to me how they really appeared, it was clear
not just one sin changed them like that, but living in sin so long
it had transformed them into deformed evil creatures within. Yet, like Nineveh,
they did not know one hand from the other, and had lived clueless about their
lives of sin, total pawns of the devil. At any moment God had the power to destroy
them; just one word they would get their
justly-due punishment. By his staying his mighty hand and showing me by the
situation it was my job to help them, somehow I don’t know how, it was apparent
this was God’s mercy, his setting up this way for them to be delivered despite
they deserved immediate destruction. But it was also clear, those who would not
respond to this final mercy chance, would get God’s eternal wrath. The storm
outside was really lashing about. It was at its top fury when one dazzling flash
of lightning filled the schoolroom. At that moment I found myself in a half
kneeling half, begging position in my lit up bedroom, for real, for physical real,
in the brilliant flash of a blinding lightning bolt exactly as had
filled the classroom, followed by a clap of roaring thunder. I mean, people, it was
like I was in that classroom begging, that lightning hit there and I was in that
kneeling position, without a nanosecond later I’m in that same kneeling
position, in the middle of that same clap of thunder and lightning, in my bed.
I was transported instantly, it was amazing. I was awake for another ten minutes,
expecting more lightning and thunder, but that was the end. Instead soothing pitter-
patter of gentle rainfall followed, as if a sign of God’s mercy, lulling me to
sleep. There had been no difference between the
last second in the classroom and my time finding myself in the same position in
my bed: at that age I did not know about visions or getting spiritually
translated, so I thought it was real, felt it was real, but could only name it
“dream incident” because open visions and closed visions were not terms taught in
Catholic elementary school. The day that followed full of supernatural signs.
Well I say day that followed but it was that very morning, the day of that very
morning, not the day after. When I awoke in the morning I immediately fell to my
knees thanking God the world was still there. Even though the scene from the end
of the world he had shown me I knew had been the future at some unknown time, I still
wasn’t entirely 100% sure he would, he could withhold his hand for that length
of time, due to the level evil he had first shown me which justified his holy
wrath at that very moment. I mean it justified it. When my mother called me and
my two brothers, who were still of the age to attend the grade school, to go to
the car for the normal ride to school a mile away, I told her I wanted to walk,
not telling her, though, the reason why: because I was happy to see God had not
ended the world, so grateful for his mercy, and the precious world was still
there. Although she looked at me queerly, she consented. I strolled happily to
school, stopping often to look at flowers, inhale the fresh morning air and
laugh at the iridescent rays of the sun that played on the street I walked. I
mean, people, it was so real that I felt we had gotten a sentence spared from
destruction. If you’ve gone through it you would be the same way. It was a
gorgeous day that could validate any miracle. When I reached my school there
was still a half hour before classes so I strode into the church. Using my lunch
money I lit a few candles, spending the time in thankful prayer. It was, however,
when I was inside my class that I noticed something unusual about myself.
I was looking at the classroom door half swaying between shutting and opening. Its
indecisive manner led me to wish it would open fully. At that thought, it did
as if an invisible person pulled it back. Amazed, I wished it to close. Instantly it
did just like that same person complied with my desire. By now my emotions were
rising as my teacher was deciding who was going to read. In my mind I directed
her to pick me, and she did. For the rest of the day everything obeyed my thoughts,
or that is how it seemed to my mind ignorant of Old Testament stories how
God worked directly through prophets like Elijah
so at their word to strike someone with fire, fire would come down from heaven, with
the prophet not the power, but it being God responding to the prophet for
confirmation to those God was really behind the prophet’s word. But to
uneducated me who had only seen something like this done by the magician
Uri Geller popular back then in the USA, it appeared
as if by my thought the door opened and closed several times, not knowing God
sometimes would do whatever sign a prophet said to others in order to prove
that prophet was a servant of his, and confirm a message
a prophet had received was indeed from God. So to me it seemed that the teachers
would follow my thoughts to pick me, pick someone else. I played with what I
thought were my newly found powers, not having known anything about the
supernatural signs God can sometimes give to confirm he has spoken through a
person. I believe because I was an unguided, untrained young girl that God
for a short time, a short while did this for me, though I was not speaking any of
these things in his name but just thinking for these things to happen, in
order that I could be sure the encounter I had had with him and what he had said,
was a valid supernatural word I could and should take seriously. Without any
person to instruct me on what I was experiencing that whole day, my young
mind could only think I had a sudden development of psychic powers. However
for the first time I was fully conscious of the contrary behavior of all the
people around me to God’s will. Their behavior was definitely often in clash
with a holy God and never before had I perceived this. I am sure if I had someone
trained in the prophetic, they would have cleared up my wrong thinking and
instructed me and what was really going on. And perhaps if I had had such
guidance it might have gone further but I believe God cut off that overt
outright response from him to my every proclamation by that day’s end to keep
me from the error of my mind I now had psychic powers. That morning I told two of my
friends at school only, out of fear of being ridiculed, but I mostly wanted to
tell one of the priests. At my lunch time, having spent my lunch money earlier to
pray on the candles and un.. and unable to buy food, I used that time to
go to the rectory to tell a priest about this monumental vision, how after
experiencing it that it seemed I could now move things with my thoughts. I
remember sitting across from the priest telling him these things, about the door
opening and closing as I wished, about the teacher following my thoughts to
pick me, pick so-and-so. He told me that it was a dream and
nothing more, and he had no comments to say on my experiences with moving things
and people with my thoughts. And that was an effective end to any guidance. Not
only decades later– oh, excuse me (lack of) glasses– not until decades later when I became
familiar with the Bible did I understand what I experienced that day, which was an
open vision from God, the following supernatural events isolated to just
that day to correlate it as a true experience. At the end of school day
nothing more responded to my thoughts, as if God called it a day,
validating something special had happened to me more than just a waking
dream, perhaps because God knew I would find no guidance concerning any open
vision from my spiritual leaders at that Catholic school as I might have found at
another denomination believing in gifts of the Spirit visiting people today. At
the end of that day I was a changed teenager. It gave me the desire to live a
religious life and I actively explored becoming a nun. I then would spend a lot
of time at that convent I showed in the picture as I seriously explored
becoming a nun. I wrote then convents across the United
States. I spent time with the nuns in that convent pictured,
specifically exploring pursuing that life. I spent time at the convent
at my school, asking questions about becoming a nun. I corresponded with
several convents across the United States to get an understanding about what becoming
a nun required. For several months I exchanged letters with various nuns while
I seriously considered this as my calling, while spending time at my local
convent learning and make rosaries while considering this lifestyle. This
also improved my relations with the nuns at my school who went from a
disapproving attitude, because I was a rowdy kid, to a totally approving
attitude by the end of that school year when they knew I was contemplating life
as a nun, although none knew about my experience that day, the priest’s negative
response completely suppressed my desire to share what I held as a very special
experience. The only thing that kept me from joining was I was not set up to
wake up at 4 a.m., live in cold weather, having lived in
Florida all my life, and be ready to live a gypsy life going to whatever convent
in the world I was ordered to go to for as little or as long as told and gladly
as obedient to one’s religious superiors was the foundation of that life. Since
that time I’ve had other supernatural experiences which have led me to firmly
believe we are in the last days. As I had seen in the vision it definitely appears
God’s judgment is on the horizon, and because of that the demonic
principalities are increasing their warfare against us to snare as many as
possible to embrace the depravity and evil God had let me see within the
people as acceptable, and view righteousness as an offense. [scene change] I want to
pause a moment to interject this to you: if you want to know how to not be
found as one of those in the sea of sinners watch my video
“The Second Unpardonable Sin” all the way to the end.
Some people, they jump to conclusions over the title, and they think they have the
knowledge. Well, this is also another way many people make grand scriptural errors
by the Bible. They leap to conclusions without actually reading the verses. If
you see it all the way to the end, you have the basic knowledge.[return to testimony] In closing, I’m
sharing with you a Holy Spirit inspired song that I wrote in response to that
darkened understanding … It was an unbelievably powerful experience I’ve carried the grandness and the burden of it without any outlet for decades. However, I can see in hindsight that the time that I have come
to share it is appropriate, for the season is approaching, the season of the rapture, the season when there will be people left behind, and the season of The Great Day of Wrath.

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  1. Diane VanHandel

    Well, the world does not end until after the 1000 year reign of Jesus on earth 🌏 then He will make all things new 🙌🏽 But, life will end as we know it just before the 7 year tribulation! At the end of that 7 years, Jesus returns for 1000 years! I believe in a pretrib rapture! I believe the depravity you saw in your vision was the time during the tribulation! I pray everyone I love is saved just before! 🙏🏽 blessings sister 💗. Only the blood of Jesus can save us! We are only saved by grace through faith in Jesus!

  2. Christian Forever

    My Vision of the Return of Jesus Christ

    The Word of God says that young men have visions and old men have dreams. I was a young girl when I had a vision from God. I was 13 years old when it happened and it hasn't happened again since that hot July day in 1976. I'm getting old, but not one detail of that vision has ever left me. It was profound and life altering, yet as a young girl I didn't know what it meant or recognize what a significance it would prove to be in my life and others. I pondered it for a while and eventually I just got on with life, and though I put it aside, it never went away. For the past five years, this vision has been in my thoughts constantly, pressing me to write it down and share it with the world. The Holy Spirit won't leave me alone about it; I have to do it. I can't sleep at night for thinking about it; I feel like a grape in a wine press. The need to do this is pressing and oppressive and urgent.

    I find it ironic that I grew up in the middle of the Bible belt, yet I had not been to church more than two or three times in my life and that was limited to Sunday school when I was a much younger girl. I had no idea of the symbolism or what these strange things that I would see would mean to me or anyone else. Church, God and the Bible were not a part of my family or our lives. My Mom was taken to church as a child and baptized as were all good Southern Baptist in her day. I don't recall that she ever went to church as an adult, nor do I ever recall seeing a Bible in our home. I do remember the plaque with praying hands in the den that hung there for many years as it did in many southern homes. We were never taught how to pray or worship or praise God and as an adult, this is something that I am just now learning. I do have to add that when my sisters and I were very young, I remember Mamma teaching us how to say our prayers at night. You know, "Now I lay me down to sleep…" Oh, yes, then there was the print over my bed, the one with the little boy and girl crossing a broken and crumbling bridge, and a beautiful guardian angel in a pink dress was helping them safely across. That was the extent of my Biblical teaching.

    Nothing that I learned in our home prepared me for what God would show me. I remember that right before I had this vision, I was fond of telling everyone that I was an atheist. Never mind that I really didn't know what that meant, let alone the ramifications of what I was saying. I think I was doing it for the shock value, like all teenagers in the 70's. But God heard me loud and clear and saw past my smart mouth. He knew the disobedient path that my life would take and he knew it wasn't going to be pretty. I guess he figured I needed a visual aid to bring me back to him. It only took me 30 years or so, but I am home now.

    My family had finished Sunday dinner, which is lunch to those who aren't from the south. Everyone decided to go down to the river for a swim and fishing, but, for some reason, I did not want to go. I felt tired and I just wanted to lay down for a nap, so my Mamma allowed me to stay home alone for the first time ever. It was like any other dry, sultry, boring day in mid-July in South Georgia. We lived out in the country in the middle of dusty plowed fields, dirt roads and woods. Everything looked kind of brown and crispy, like it needed rain bad. The corn field across the road in front of the house was starting to turn brown and die.

    As soon as everyone left, I went to my bedroom, which faced out the front side of the house and looked out onto our front yard, which had a semi-circular dirt driveway and beside the left entrance was an old dogwood tree which had to be at least a hundred years old. Highway 341 ran from east to west in front of our house, which faced north, and the cornfield I spoke of earlier was on the other side of the highway. There was a slight rise in the middle of this field and you could not see the trees on the other side, so it looked like an ocean of corn that went off into the horizon.

    As I lay across my bed looking out the window, contemplating what I saw before me, I began to hear music in the distance. I specifically heard it in my right ear and the direction from which it came made me think of the high school band which practiced several miles southeast from where I lived. When conditions were right we could hear the band playing, but usually only heard the faint beat of drums. This sounded like trumpets and as I was thinking this to myself, I began to notice the music getting louder and louder, coming closer and closer, very quickly.

    Within a few seconds the sound wasn't just something that was exterior, but it was inside my head as well, reverberating throughout my entire body. It was so loud and it sounded like lightning crashed directly over my head and, in that split second, the trumpet sound thundered throughout my body and throughout the entire world…everything was dark and my bed and the earth shook so violently.

    In a flash, I was no longer lying on my bed, but I was standing outside my bedroom window in the front yard and I beheld the scene in front of me with tremendous awe. It was still my front yard, only now everything was different. It seemed as if my entire range of vision was a huge 3D movie screen and I was in the middle of it.

    The trumpets continued to sound and I saw that the blue, sunny sky had turned black and the clouds churned and the wind blew with a violence that I had never experienced. The corn field was now a sea of wheat that was golden brown and ripe for harvest and I could see every stalk of wheat individually, billions of them. And I watched as the wind thrashed the wheat until it was beaten down by the storm. I now know that the Bible speaks several times about, in the end time, when the wheat is ripe for harvest, how the wheat will be separated from the tares. The tares are gathered and bundled together for burning and the wheat is gathered into the barn.

    Then I noticed the dogwood tree. It was mid-July, so of course I know there should not have been any blossoms on it, they usually bloom around Easter…but the tree was in full bloom. I had never seen anything like this. You couldn't see any leaves on the tree because of the thousands of dogwood blossoms. It looked as if it were lit from within, by a glowing whitest of white, neon light and it glowed gloriously against the darkened sky. Now, I know the Bible says no man knows the day nor hour that Jesus will return, but if we watch for the signs, we can know the season. I have always felt that He might come back in the spring when the dogwood tree is in bloom. Of all the things that could have been highlighted in a vision; why the dogwood tree? I believe there is a specific message here. (Update: recently, I prayed about this and I feel the Lord placed into my spirit that this represents the fullness of the gentiles coming in).

    Just as I was taking all of this in, lightning filled the sky and the trumpets thundered over head again and in an instant there appeared two angels. They were dressed in white robes, facing each other up in the air and blowing golden trumpets. They were huge and filled the sky in front of me and I knew that the entire world must be seeing this as well. When I say huge, I mean like the size of the highest mountains, literally.

    I didn't think the trumpets could get any louder, but they grew louder still, building to a great crescendo and I heard a great shout that was louder than anything that you could imagine. And with that shout, it's as if the earth fell silent, the black, violent clouds began to roll back onto themselves from the center of the northeastern sky and I saw light in the distance. It was more a combination of light and clearing of the clouds in the distance that got my attention. As I looked up at this shaft of light and clearing sky, I saw what seemed to be fluttering and movement in the distance. As it came into view, I saw Jesus on a white horse and behind him were millions of angels and saints on white horses. It was at this moment, when I realized what I was seeing, that it disappeared and I was back in my room lying on my bed. Everything was back to normal and I was again looking out at a bright, sunny day.

    As a 13 year old girl, I had no idea what I had just experienced. I had no frame of reference; I didn't even know what a vision was. I'd never heard of such things. I certainly didn't tell anyone about it. I didn't know how, and I didn't want my family to think I was crazy, but, to be honest, I was starting to think I was.

    Time passed and I filed it away in the back of my mind where it gathered cob webs for many years. Every once in a while I would think about it but always re-filed it as an unsolved mystery.

    After all the years of pondering about it, I finally picked up a bible in 2009 that had a concordance and looked up the word trumpet. The first scripture it sent me to was Mathew 24:30 And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other. The next scripture I was lead to was 1Thesalonians 4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.


  3. Christian Forever

    cont…from post below…

    I know that what I was shown was from God himself and since that day, I have known that I would see Jesus come back for us in my lifetime. The time is urgent and God has really pressed upon me to share this with you. Please let me know how you feel about this. If you are a Christian, I hope this blesses you and gives you reassurance and that you will share this with others. If you're not a Christian, I beg you to repent now and ask Jesus to forgive you and be the Lord of your life because our time is very short.
    The one question people always ask is why I feel this urgency now. The only way I know how to explain it is that I remember how I felt when I had the vision. I didn't feel like I was seeing it through 13 year old eyes. I remember how I felt emotionally and physically and spiritually. I felt then like I feel now and that's the only way I know how to articulate it.

    Whether you believe this was a vision of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, or, if you believe this was a glimpse of the Rapture to come, even if you don’t believe at all, no matter your eschatology, just know that it was real and every word of this is truth…if you have even a measure of the Holy Spirit, you already know that.

    For some reason, God chose me to deliver this message to you at this time. I'm not a preacher, nor a teacher. I'm just a mamma and a grandma and a sinner in need of a Savior…and I found Him…I am the least likely person to be chosen to deliver such an important message. I have pondered and prayed about this and I feel God gave me the following analogy: You have two clay pots, one is perfect, the other full of holes and cracks. Which one lets the most light shine through? God Bless Us All, In Jesus name,

    Shelia D. Hughey, 10/2010
    Georgia, USA

  4. hogiebb1

    The sea of demons, I believe, are the "Tares". They are not HUMAN. They are hybrids. They have a nano technology embedded in their DNA that enables them to appear human.

  5. S True

    Your hair is GORGEOUS! Im trying to grow my grey out now. Stopped dying my hair, got convicted over the vanity and it turns out I like the grey better. How bout that….God knows best 😂 great vision….. thanks for sharing

  6. Rachel Ewe 888

    I would like to know why right before you spoke about the door opening and closing my front door flung open for no reason…it was locked. I really dont like that, not sure why that happened. But I will say this, I had a vision that christians chloroformed me and left me unconscience in the street for another christian to run me over while the teachers stood there and watched and did nothing. A teacher handed me a piece of paper that had their secrets written on it and they did nothing because they didnt wanna be found out. Christians are suppressing the workings of the holy spirit in spirit filled christians and the leaders do nothing because they are sticking to their false doctrines instead of listening to the spirit of God. Dont ever let anyone make you keep what God shows you to yourself unless God tells you to keep quiet. What an amazing testimony

  7. dunamis333

    Greetings Vivian, Today, the 14th of August 2018 begins a 8 Day countdown to Pentecost. We have so many Calendars now no one really knows what time it is. The good news is that no one can be in error with regards to the positioning of the sun, the moon and the stars. Because of this, I believe, God's Calendar has finally been revealed. We had a Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August, 2017, and now we've had a blood moon [a Total Lunar Eclipse], over Jerusalem, on the 27th of July, 2018. By my count, according to the Celestial Calendar, Pentecost correctly falls on the 21st of August 2018. Could this really be it? Are we about to see the Word of God, spoken by Peter on the Day of Pentecost, come to pass in August 2018? I surely hope so!

    "…Peter, standing up with the eleven, raised his voice and said to them…this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel ‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy…The sun shall be turned into darkness [21st August 2017], And the moon into blood [27th July 2018], Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord [21st August 2018]. And it shall come to pass That whoever calls on the name of the Lord Shall be saved.’" [Acts 2:14,16,17,20,21]

    In other words, on Pentecost, whoever's  going to call on the Lord Jesus Christ, by the Spirit of God within them, is going to receive their glorified bodies and ascend up into heaven in the Rapture!

    The Celestial  Calendar is the most accurate Calendar to date, for it's based only on the positions of the sun, moon and stars. These are the heavenly bodies Mankind can't interfere with. According to the Celestial Calendar, if we count off 7 Sabbaths and then number 50 days, Pentecost will fall on Tuesday the 21st of August 2018. The following is how I arrived at this Date:

    Day 1 of the 1st Month of the Celestial New Year fell on the 30th of April 2018.

    Day 14, which was Passover, fell on May 13th 2018.

    Day 15 was the 1st Day of Unleavened Bread as well as a Sabbath. This was on May 14th, 2018, Israel's 70th Year Anniversary.

    Day 16 was First-fruits and it fell on May 15th 2018.

    It's important to remember that Sabbaths ONLY fall on the 8th,15th, 22nd and the 29th of every Celestial Month.

    We FIRST count off 7 Sabbaths from  May 15th, 2018, being Day 16 of the 1st Celestial Month of the Celestial Year we're now in.

    1st Sabbath [Day 22 Month 1] 21st of May 2018.

    2nd Sabbath [Day 29 Month 1] 28th of May 2018.

    3rd Sabbath [Day 8 Month 2] 4th of June 2018.

    4th Sabbath [Day 15 Month 2] 11th of June 2018.

    5th Sabbath [Day 22 Month 2] 18th of June 2018.

    6th Sabbath [Day 29 Month 2] 25th of June 2018.

    7th Sabbath [Day 8 Month 3] 2nd July 2018.

    We then number 50 Days starting from  the 3rd of July 2018.  It's interesting to note that when we count 25 Days, it brings us to the Blood Moon [Total Lunar Eclipse] that occurred on the 27th of July, 2018. When we then count another 25 Days, from the 28th of July, 2018, we arrive at PENTECOST., which is on Tuesday the 21st of August, 2018. This is the Date on which we should all be expecting the Lord to come for us in the Rapture! See you in the air sister!!! Hallelujah!!!

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