Going Off Grid: Episode 2 – Drainage, Workshop and Retaining Wall

G’Dday mateys! and thanks for tubing
in to pirates in teepees! Joshua Besneatte here and I am going off grid! This is
episode 2 and thing I’m working on now is getting this kitchen put in and a few
basic things so you’ll see behind me I have a retaining wall that I am building
like dry rock style and filling that in that’s gonna end up being the kitchen
counter top. If you haven’t already be sure to hit that subscribe button and
turn the bell on for notifications and maybe even like this video if you are so
inclined. The other things I’m working on is getting drainage put in here. I’m
making the French drain right now I have this EZ flow pipe with perforated
holes in it and I’m gonna be running the water off my system with that. And I’ve
also got a little shop put in just using old frames from like a tent garage that
I had before the frame and my neighbor gave me the frame and used an old pool
cover to create the roof. So, alright, that’s the next step here I’m gonna have
to cut some more ditches and I will keep you guys posted. All Right! Thanks for
tubing in, hit that subscribe button and have a piratical day!

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