Good Neighbor Fence Installation Ideas – Non Sag Easy Building

So this is a nice non-sag fence, and it’s stepped down to match the land. It’s also a good neighbour fence, which means you have boards on each side. When the boards are up like that, they don’t sag. You put your crowns up, and then if they sag at all, it’s just a tiny little bit. And this fence doesn’t take up very much room, it’s easy to keep straight, and looks good from both sides. This is stepped down about six inches every section, every eight feet. And you can see the bottom one is up fairly high. This doesn’t trap any water here, which is a feature to this fence. Some of the other fences, when they’ve got a flat piece there, they tend to trap more water. So that’s a step fence, with a non-sag type of construction. This is also a non-rot fence, and it’s got, just got those flat irons coming out out of the concrete posts. There, you can see the top of the concrete pile there. Very nice fence. Closed Captioning by Kris Brandhagen. [email protected]

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