GoPro: “Two Roads” Fencing with Miles Chamley-Watson (Ep. 3)

every little kid loves swords to have a sword or hand it just feels like so powerful gives us a one-on-one combat you can see their eyes through the mask you can see that what they’re doing and movements but also if you don’t know what do you meet you at the same time just one-on-one use the same thing in your hand that I have let’s play example you have weapon your hand who’s better born in London I moved to New York I was 10 years old I was like Wars kid and suppose my mom didn’t put him up for adoption I was literally the principal’s office like every other day I was bad I first tried anything just for fun was it offered in gym class I fell in love with right away and we start to win we kind of start to really see a little end goal I don’t know where I’d probably be without fencing to be honest with you I don’t think where I was Tanner would take me took for him now hey Bobby are you good it’s a whole mindset of New York if you want to make it you gonna have to fight for it I no one’s gonna just give it to you what motivates you like failure a little fear of like you got to make it in York City now it’s like that’s always like a career in my career and like you don’t want to be living day to day paycheck to paycheck so so many average joe’s here which is my fear in life for like I don’t ever be someone who’s like somebody else never that’s so many amazing moments to live into his career is it like he was just forget about you know it’s like some amazing things that you could win something once so if you don’t do more than just that like you’re just you’re just good which is not good note first one in last one out it’s super nice to be a little early and I get to just like do my own thing hit my time welcome some things I need to work on I don’t watching video on all the fuel a lot of fences a very tactical mental I just I’m 99% feeling I am a friend but I do what I’m doing right I will be anyone he’s one of the fastest people for being his size he has amazing footwork so he’s just really hard to deal with my style is unconventional but yeah it works applied doing exactly what everyone’s done hard to do but this is the way I am so I’m just different a lot of people think the fencers as like nerdy kids who join it after joining the Chess Club but he’s really like paved his own way people think oh he just like show boots alive but he puts in the work I’m here every day with him I know that before practice he’s at the gym working out at boxing afterwards he’s probably one of the people that would say like works the hardest why’d you practice look at the condition you don’t want to lose any up any moment the key yeah I can control emotions but it’s like some time together and go to ok let’s go again you are hoping you know that preparations now multi-touch how much it Angry my mind the nice touch that counter jack dude I clearly remember this one time I was 13 years old this guy came up to me I was just saying I never be good I don’t my attitude I never not to anything you said you know stop into now stop wasting my friends money that moment then was like I went from a little boy to like the young man there was definitely some truth in that you know considerably get into trouble every day that’s probably what I needed to hear that was like I said kind of like take a to the leap always feels I do it’s all to get your feet moving right away that’s why boxing is something I do too what work is probably like the most important thing so I work so hard in that aspect the competing in schools mostly smaller me I’m tall they only put two on your eyebrows the direction is so important don’t work Wow time away time oh yeah can I see ha you say frappe we got it the sport is sold right the perception of it it needs to be changed you need someone to kind of say things up we’re so emotional with screaming with yelling at least I am and hopefully I’m someone who’s changing the perception I’ve always had this like fire inside of me where I’m gonna make it I want to be someone who’s just at the top in every category there’s no question you know cuz I don’t have that option I just do what I wanted I follow what I love I have a tattoo it says a legacy not a moment what will you be remembered as that to me do anything I wanted to take advantage of my gifts and my talents I want to do the fastest wherever I went I know I wanted my gift is shining on the world stage and I knew I’d do it whatever it takes you

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Reader Comments

  1. JakeStanleyTravel

    in my latest video i walked up an extremly narrow path over the clouds on an island in the atlantic ! check ot out if u like i just hit the 1000 mark :)))

  2. xeamus

    its sad to see fencing became just a game of tag. that shit this kid do is so far removed from effective combat sword techniques, it hurts my eyeballs. plus he's a douche.

  3. vintatsh

    I like the series.
    Lot's of interesting guys and production quality on another level. Great stuff!
    Also, props for the music

  4. Roys_RuneBall

    Love seeing some good fencing action. Great video. I completely agree about the sword in the hand. I dont feel complete without one, I love the feel of the one on one duel, as much as a melee. Hey Go Pro, I dont suppose you would send me a free GoPro to get some video of RuneBall? Probably not, never hurts to ask though. Everyone, check out Roys_RuneBall on YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Leave a comment, like, and subscribe to let me know what you think. Thanks.

  5. Nick Huff

    I watched this guys set against the Russian team and it was exhilarating!!! He's got so much emotion it's amazing. I was running on the treadmill and this guy gave me so much damn energy lol


    Lol,dude ! Throw a mask or a weapon (any of them) it's black card and disqualification.
    what a good image of the sport you give here…

  7. Lord Chanka

    Do you think I would be a good person at fencing if I am a really big person, like 6ft and wide in my shoulders. I want to start it in high school.

  8. Santino Jessie Avilapreslie

    My good Friend you havent really lived long enough to apprectiate. your life and your so called ambition of thinking your the Best.."Until you meet your Niemasis Centruin Jessie …the Roman Hybred..🙏Be Kind to yourself my Young Friend and remember your not the only Champio n walking the Planet..😎🎸🎶AKA.Rocket

  9. Sophie Jayne Lee

    This sort of fencing would never go with my coach in my club, his attitude is so bad. You got hit once, no need to throw all your kit like a little kid. Also he does far too many 'tricks', too much flicking and fleching and getting too close to his opponent. Plus he just doesn't seem all that cool.

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