Guests : Narsha, Jea, Block B’s Park Kyung,Taeil,Jaehyo[Hello Counselor/SUB : ENG,THA / 2018.02.05]

We will counsel you on your unspeakable concerns. National Competition on Worries! We haven’t seen them for a while. Narsha, Jea. (Narsha and Jea are back) Block B’s Park Kyung, Taeil and Jaehyo. (Block B “Don’t Leave”) Narsha used to have an image of a strong woman but that changed after she got married. Is it nice to be married? How about you? I love it. Why are you asking me? Is it nice? I couldn’t be happier. Jea, are you jealous of Narsha being married? I couldn’t imagine her being married at first. I would like to meet a guy who’s like a friend and younger than me and get married. How much younger? Up to 10 years apart. About the age of Block B members. How old are you guys? We’re 29. I’m 27. You guys would be perfect. (Hahahahahaha) They fit in that age category. How does it feel to be here today? I’ve enjoyed watching it on television. I didn’t know the studio was so close. No, the audience is close to the stage. Right. The audience. The studio is where we’re sitting. Kyung, you’re known as a smart guy. It is a bit overwhelming though. People don’t know me as a member of Block B and think of me as a quiz whiz only. When I go eat, people say, “You answer well.” I recently went out to drink and an international lawyer came and asked me what I think about the international community. It’s not that. His creativity is just amazing. Jaehyo, you like to fish, right? He’s on the cover of a monthly fishing magazine. – Jaehyo? / – He’s the first idol to be on it. First idol singer to be on a fishing magazine. What was the biggest fish you fished? 1.2-meter long yellowtail. 1.2-meter long yellowtail? If you’re on the cover, you’re a professional. (The force of a professional fisher) We have 3 concerns here today. Please show us the keywords. “A Nerve-wracking Concern.” “Honey, Let’s Do It, Please.” “Tough Middle-Aged Life.” “A Nerve-wracking Concern” is mine. You’ll be quiet surprised. Why isn’t the second one yours? What? Title-wise, it should be, right? If it were mine it’d be, “Honey, please, no more.” (Ha!) There’s no point in arguing anymore. Let’s start off with “A Nerve-wracking Concern.” “A Nerve-wracking Concern.” Hello. I’m a 24-year-old man from Gyeongsang-do. I am terrified of going home these days. While I eat, “Ah!” During my sleep, “Ah!” It’s because of my sister’s pet. What is she raising? “Oh, my baby. You are so cute. Look at how cute it is wiggling.” – A worm? / – My sister is raising… What is it? A snake? She’s raising leeches. Leeches? “Oh, my baby. Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah.” – What’s that? / – She’s kissing it. – A leech? / – A leech. “Why do you look like that? Are you sick?” No matter how much I stare at it, I can’t tell which side is the head. They look like this. The problem is, they crawl on the table when we eat. They crawl all over my bed while I’m sleeping. – They’re not caged. / – Don’t they suck blood? What’s even more terrifying is that what started out as 5 leeches increased to 10, 20 leeches and now there are more than 60. (Oh my god) What’s worse is… “I can’t stand it anymore.” My mother ended up in tears. I’m tired of this disgusting cohabitation with leeches. Please make her stop. This is the concern. Do they look like centipedes? – Chubby worms. / – Chubby worms. They’re not as long as worms. Are they like slugs? You could think of them as cockroaches. Cockroaches aren’t that bad. Jea, you prefer cockroaches? I can grab them with my bare hands. (Oh my) Are you saying you kill it with your bare hands? I grab it and throw it out with a tissue. But leeches stick right to you. That’s more terrifying. I think leeches are better than cockroaches. (Can’t imagine) Let’s bring him out to talk to him. Come on out, please. (Park Giwan) (10 points for his sliding style!) He was stuck to the slide like a leech and walked down. Please introduce yourself. I’m 24-year-old Park Giwan from Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do. So your sister is raising leeches at home? Yes, she is. It’s disgusting as soon as I get home. She’s had them for 7 months now. – Since she first brought them? / – Yes. She started out with 3-4 leeches and there are more than 60 now. Because they bred? No, she bought more. – You can buy them? / – She bought them? – They are sold in stores? / – Yes. Where would they sell leeches? I argue with my sister every day because of it. She’s so loud that our neighbors report us. How loud is she? So I would sleep over at my friends’ houses, but I can’t do that for long. So I live with the leeches. That’s why I’m here today. How did she end up having leeches as pets? She always liked reptiles. She started to own a snake as a pet 3 years ago, but my dad accidentally stepped on it. (Oh no) – Did it die? / – Yes. He must’ve stepped on it quite hard. My sister has a bad knee, so she was looking for something that could help and found leeches. But now she loves them more than anything. How can she kiss a leech? I don’t get it. I’m curious. Are leeches hermaphroditic? Yes, they are. Hermaphroditic? (Is it time for a quiz?) By the way, why are you curious about that? I, too… You too? (You’re a hermaphrodite, too?) You scared me. I used to have worms as pets for my fish. Many types of worms are hermaphrodites. 2 worms can become 30-40 worms in a month. But I’ve never heard about leeches. Where does she put 60 leeches? She puts 5-6 of them in a single plastic box. She puts one in her room, my room and my parents’ room. Why? Why does she put them in different rooms? Every room has different temperature and humidity. She wanted to check. She’s looking for the best environment. What’s worse is that she keeps hungry leeches in our refrigerator. – They don’t die? / – No. So you see leeches every time you open it? Yes. It scares us to death. We’ve only heard about leeches. I’m sure many of you have never seen them. We asked her for some pictures. Oh my. They’re so big. They’re huge. (They look horrific!) – They’re huge. / – They look like dog poop. They’re gigantic. – They can stay underwater, too? / – Yes. They live underwater. Next to the milk. I don’t want to drink milk anymore. They are so big. I’ve only seen small ones. I thought they were this small. There are small ones, too. She just has big ones. They’re so long. So they stay inside that container all day long? We must change the water 3 times a day. 3 times? Have you ever touched them with your bare hands? My sister sometimes asks me to change water. You help her out? I wear gloves when I do it, but they are still slimy and sticky. That must be aggravating. Did you change their water even though you’re here today? It was done this morning. While we listen to his story, Kyung looks quite peaceful. I don’t understand why this is a problem. That’s great, because they will bring out the leeches later. I was worried about who will touch them, but you… You can let them suck your blood. Are you okay with that? I think leeches are disgusting, but as long as they’re caged, it’d be fine. Yes. As long as they’re in the box, it’d be fine. Why would she let them out? She leaves them on the table when we eat. Why does she do that? A man came to change our water purifier filter and she let them out. He accidentally stepped on one and she witnessed it happen. She yelled, “Why did you kill a living being?” – It died? / – Yes. Many living things die in your home, like the snake. He must’ve been speechless. Yes, he was. When we kill a mosquito, blood splatters. What about a leech? Blood splatters a lot. Yes, since it has sucked on blood for 3 months. What’s the current market price on a leech? The market price. I am wondering how much each one costs. My sister would know. We should ask the sister. I want to meet her. I have so many questions. Let’s meet his sister. Hello. Hello. Nice to meet you. Do you understand his concern? I’m sure you don’t. I’m 50-50 on that. Many people have pets. Reptiles, dogs, cats, turtles… People have many kinds of pets. My leeches don’t harm anyone. Just because they look disgusting, my family hates them. I don’t get it. What’s the charm of leeches? You don’t understand. They’ve got a lot of charm. I really, really don’t understand. I’ll tell you. They breathe underwater, so they swim and dance underwater. They dance underwater? They get their butts stuck in rocks… (Hahahahaha) (You little leeches…) – She really loves them. / – They’re cute. If you watch them closely, they yawn. But it’s hard to see. Because like he said earlier, you can’t tell which side is the head. Which side is the head? How do you kiss it? One side seemed chubbier than the other. If you leave it on the floor, the direction it moves in is the head. (Speechless) The direction it moves in. Sure. They wouldn’t crawl backward. Snakes can’t slither backward either. You never know. They could be crawling backwards. They could be moving backwards. How do they yawn? – Do they yawn like we do? / – Yes. They have teeth deep inside their mouths. But it’s very hard to see it. How did you see that? I spend 1-2 hours a day watching them dance. How do they dance? Why do they dance? They’re digesting food. It looks like they’re dancing to you? Yes. They are so lovely when they do that. (She’s head over heels in love with leeches!) You bought them to use as a treatment at first? Yes. It’s not so bad that I can’t walk, but I have weak cartilage, so I ended up studying about the leech treatment. The leech treatment was approved by the FDA. – The leech treatment? / – Is it effective? I think it’s effective. It feels good after they suck my blood. How does it feel to be sucked by them? The leeches I have at home are quite strong. So it hurts a little when they suck on my blood. It hurts a little. If they’re helpful to you, there’s no choice. But you can raise them in your own room. Why do you have to put them in others’ rooms? That’s the concern. I don’t understand why that’s harmful. I just can’t understand. We can’t understand why you let them out. I like my room warm, but not my brother. He likes it cool. I’m trying to provide them the best environment. She’s testing different places. And I want them to like the leeches. – What? / – You’re doing it for them to like them? But why do you let them out? It wouldn’t be too bad if they’re in water. You leave them on the table. I’m letting them exercise. (What?) It’s like you’re walking a dog. That’s right. To help them digest food. You want your family to love the leeches? Yes. I want my family to love what I love. Don’t you think it’s selfish of you to force your family to like what you like? They are so charming that with time, my family will inevitably fall in love with them. You said you don’t understand how it harms your family. Victims decide it, not the offender. (There you go!) He said that the offender doesn’t decide it. We are quite curious. The market price for leeches. They aren’t too expensive, right? It would depend on the vendor but it costs from $25 to $40. – Per leech? / – Yes. They would’ve cost about $1,800. They’re expensive. A small one is as costly as a plate of sashimi. The water purifier guy. He accidentally stepped on one. Why did you get mad at him? That baby happened to be chock-full of blood he sucked on the night before. It was quite full. So blood splattered everywhere. You should’ve kept it in a safe place. Wasn’t that your fault? It was your fault for leaving it out. I admit that I was partially at fault, but he’s more at fault for not looking carefully. I’m curious. Whose blood did it suck on? Whose blood? My brother’s. What? (How did that happen?) Are you ill? We’ll talk about that a little later. All right. We’ll do that. We have so many questions. First, let’s meet the leeches that she loves so much. They’re his nephews. Let’s bring them out onto the stage. Please bring them out. Kyung. Get ready, Kyung. Roll up your sleeves. He has a bad knee. Jaehyo? Jaehyo has a bad knee? It’s all better now. (Here come the leeches!) They’re dancing. – They’re so big. / – They’re dancing. Did she only bring big ones on purpose? They’re too big. They’re huge. They’re so disgustingly huge. Small ones look like sea cucumbers. Please put on gloves. Why would we put on gloves? (Ahhhh!) Gloves. Gloves. They’re just gloves. (Why are you screaming at the gloves?) I was so grossed out by looking at the screen. I’m sorry. (Leeches’ mom comes up) – Give them to me. / – They are so big. Wow. Do they differ in size depending on their age? They grow when they suck on blood. Something is written on the lids. This says, “My granny.” They’re the biggest. It’s my mother’s nickname. “Puppy” is my younger brother. They suck on your brother’s blood and – these suck on your mother’s? / – Is that right? These suck on your dad’s blood. The brother looks very upset right now. Where are the ones that suck your blood? For some reason, they often get sick. What? 8 out of 10 leeches get sick. (That sounds like an excuse) This one says, “My hungry babies.” – They’re quite small. / – They’re thin too. They get bigger as they suck on blood? They get really big. Are you going to kiss it? You want to show us? Wait. Wear gloves. (With her bare hands) – Wear gloves. / – It’ll bite. It won’t bite. Ah! You’ll get bitten. (It’s out of the water!) You’re going to drop it. You’re going to drop it! It won’t bite. (Amazed) Which is the head? (Right here!) The direction it moves in. (Why are you doing that?) It won’t bite. Be confident. (Handing it over to Dongyeob) Kiss it, Dongyeob. It’s stretching out. It’s exercising. Look at how it stretches out. Ah! Don’t! Ah! Don’t! Don’t! (Just a few minutes ago…) Cockroaches aren’t that bad. Jea, you prefer cockroaches? I can grab them with my bare hands. (I want to go home) It’s stretching out. It is a bit charming now that I look at it. It’s cute in a way. (How do you call that cute?) (Oh! Right!) Jaehyo, you said you have a bad knee. Jaehyo has a bad knee. My pants won’t go up. They’re too tight. We’ll censor it out. Take them off. So if they’re full, they don’t bite? No, they don’t. I guarantee it. Do you have names of all of them? They all look the same, so they don’t have individual names. I just call them my babies. (Why do you have babies like them?) I can’t picture it very well. – Can you let them free? / – On the table. Let’s take them out for a walk. So you eat while they roam around the table? Yes. – That’s scary. / – They look like dog poop. (Stretch) (Shocking) It’s long. – This is the head. / – Yes. Why are they so fast? – They’re faster than I thought. / – Yes. They’re really fast. They move quite fast when they’re out. They really stretch out when they move. (Completely focused) How many at a time do you release them? I release everyone in the same container. I don’t think I can eat with them on the loose. (I won’t look) So they’re hermaphrodites? Yes. So they can breed on their own? They give and get from each other. Give and get. I think they’re giving and getting right now. They’re doing that, right? They’re giving and getting. Those little rascals. Can I see one of them? He’s going to touch it with his bare hands. Come here, Kyung. Touch it, Kyung. – Oh, come on. / – The one that won’t bite. Then it’ll suck your blood. Touch it. It’s okay. It’s different when you look at it up close. Touch it. (Will he?) (He finally touched it) How does it feel? – Not bad, right? / – It’s surprisingly nice. – I told you. / – It looks moist. Snakes actually feel good to touch, too. It’s cold. – It’s really cold. / – And moist. (No way) (Mwah!) He kissed it. (He’s thrilled by kissing a leech!) I’m impressed. (Can’t understand) Kyung just kissed it. Yeongja, why don’t you kiss it, too? (It’s fun teasing Yeongja) Let’s put them back in before they dry out. (Thanks for bringing them here) Can’t you be more understanding as her brother? I could understand to a certain extent, but she asks me to give blood to them. She asks the family members. – By drawing your blood? / – She lets them bite us. Who would voluntarily give blood to them? – Right. It’s not like donating blood. / – Absurd. I refused to do it. One day I fell asleep at home after drinking. (No way) For real? I suddenly felt a stinging pain on my arm. Something was wriggling. I saw the leeches and screamed. She said, “It’s okay. They’re done sucking now. You didn’t feel it, right?” (It’s horrifying just thinking about it) I lock my door now, so she comes in through the window. She’s quite thorough. Blood doesn’t coagulate quickly. – It keeps bleeding? / – Yes. When I have to go out, I put 10 bandages on. That’s amazing. It just continues to bleed? The wound is small, but it keeps bleeding. That’s harsh. Bleeding a bit is good when you have indigestion. So it wouldn’t be so bad when you have indigestion. It’d be good for the health, right? It’s more than that. He doesn’t have indigestion. You can’t force them off when they’re sucking? It’s worse if you force them off. They have small teeth and they could get lodged in your skin. You have to wait until they’re full and they let go on their own. It sounds like she’s blackmailing us. So it’s not good to force them off but it’s okay to force them on? I have something to say about that. What is it? I begged them in the beginning. “Let them have some blood.” “It’s a good health treatment.” “They can cure anything.” But they wouldn’t listen at all. I was very disappointed by my family. Who would say yes to that? You do it to yourself for treatment, but your brother isn’t sick. You ask for his blood too easily. I’d pass out if it were me. You don’t feel any qualms about that? It sounds dangerous. It’s healthy. It’s healthy. I told you. Once they eat they starve for the next 6 months. It isn’t that often and he won’t allow it. You’re not getting the point. You may do it because you like it, but your brother doesn’t. Well, he… (She is speechless) You can’t take his blood at your will. You seem to have no qualms about it. That’s why he is here today. Isn’t it bad for health? To have a leech suck on different people? You could get infected that way. That’s the biggest risk. That’s why some only suck on me and some only suck on my mom. Can’t you clean their mouths with alcohol? No. Alcohol is their biggest enemy. Do they have to suck on human blood or can they suck on other types of blood? Other animals maybe? The blood that leeches like the most is cow blood. She can’t raise a cow at home. Who would do that for leeches? (I’m that cow) Let’s meet their mother. Hello. Hello. We heard earlier that you were in tears. Please tell us about that. You saw that earlier, right? She kisses the leeches. That’s fine but she sometimes tries to make me kiss them. I hate that. She put 4 leeches on me while I was asleep. Four leeches? I felt something weird and looked over. Imagine how shocked I was to see them. I’d pass out. I screamed at her. Do you think the treatment was effective? Yes, for my knees. She thinks it was effective. Tell us about it. My knees hurt every once in a while, but they’ve gotten better now. Whether she really got better or if it was just the placebo effect is something we don’t know. Mom doesn’t like her intention. She’s not doing it for mom’s health but it’s because the leeches are hungry! That’s her intent. Tell us another ridiculous story. If the leeches are sick, she cares for them all night. Because her babies are sick. When I come home and say that I’m tired she says, “Let me put leeches on you.” So she doesn’t care about your illness, but only for the leeches, right? She is more concerned about the leeches. – That must be upsetting. / – It is. Hospitals do a good job these days. My mom or brother can go see a doctor at any time. – But my leeches… / – They can’t speak. Right. The vets won’t treat them. You are not making sense. You’re saying that your family can go see a doctor at any time so your leeches are more important. But you’re asking them for their blood. I’m not just asking them for their blood. The leeches can cure them, too. Your brother is fine. He’s not sick. (Stop harassing me…) It’s okay for her to have leeches as pets, but it must be tough for you because she’s forcing you to like them, too. She takes them with her when she goes out. She puts them on the table when we eat out. – When you’re eating? / – Yes. Then other customers complain about – seeing disgusting leeches. / – In a container? So she tells them, “I’m a paying customer. What’s wrong with putting them on my table?” So the rest of us must apologize for her. It was the worst when she took the leeches to a convenience store and accidentally dropped the container while paying. So the leeches got out. The clerk was shocked and started trembling while crying and yelling angrily. I cleaned everything up and apologized. Isn’t it too much to take them to a public place? When you take a dog out for a walk and other people compliment your dog, it makes you feel good. It’s the same for me. But leaving them out on the table while others are eating… I have them in a container. – They don’t harm others. / – That’s true. But they’re gross-looking. They make other people lose their appetites. That’s not true. Other people feel that way. Then that’s harming them. It looks like your sister is eloquent and quite intelligent. Does it get tough at times because of that? She doesn’t back down when she thinks she’s right. – She never backs down. / – She’s stubborn. She must do what she sets out to do. Particularly, she’s too obsessed with the leeches, so she won’t listen to us at all. You must be quite frustrated, ma’am. I am. She should be getting married at her age, but all she cares about are the leeches. She must be frustrated. What man would like her? Getting married has nothing to do with leeches. I don’t have leeches, but I’m still single. Are you planning to buy more leeches? No way. Well… Yes. I have a plan. (Of course!) What is it? There are buffalo leeches in Japan. – They’re as long as your arm. / – Arm? They’re this big. I’m planning to bring 3 of them home this summer. Whose blood are they going to suck to live? – What? / – What if they suck a person dry? They could suck a liter of blood each. No, they don’t. Did you just find out? You must quit drinking. Did you know about your sister’s plan? Not at all. Buffalo leeches. Then she needs us to give more blood and that’s just wrong. She should buy a cow. You keep saying that being sucked by leeches is good for the health. You said it’s effective. So we asked a physician about it. He said that leeches are effective at treatment, but raising them at home and using them for treatment could be quite risky. Leeches that weren’t properly sterilized could cause infections and some people must be cautious. People with anemia or low blood pressure could go into shock while being sucked. A leech should not be reused. Even if it sucked your own blood, reusing it on yourself could cause problems later. So you have to be careful. Doctors discard a leech after one use. You feel bad now and that you went too far, right? I’m a human being. Of course I feel bad. But through them, I found the source of energy and joy in my life. But you must remember this. You must use them just on yourself. It’s okay for you to raise them with your blood, but it’s a problem to force others to give blood to them. If you take them out to public places people can be surprised by them, so I hope you are more careful with that. And don’t buy those buffalo leeches. What would you like to say to her? It’d be harsh to tell you to get rid of them. But please reduce how many you have or don’t leave them on the table when we eat. And please don’t put them on me when I’m asleep. You were being considerate, right? How do you actually feel? To be honest, I want to kill them all. Yes, of course. He has tears in his eyes. He wants to kill them all. Squash them all. He loves his sister so much, so he’s being considerate. (Guests’ votes) Let’s start with Narsha. It’s such a grave concern. Your family has been considerate enough. I think it’s time for you to be considerate of them. Jea. A home is where you should feel comfortable. If it’s terrifying to live there… If it were me, I would’ve run away already. Park Kyung. I’m surprised. You understood her stance. You didn’t think this was a concern. As I listened to her talk, I realized that we just can’t get through to her. You keep talking about family. My mother always told me that a family is a little society. You shouldn’t harm others in society. Then even within your family you shouldn’t force them to be understanding. It’s good that you want to share what you like but you’re only focused on what you want. If someone is scared because of my dog, I think it’s my responsibility to carry it and put a muzzle around its mouth. If you complain to others for being scared of your leeches, you will make them hate leeches more. That’s not good for your leeches either. Block B members spoke very well. If you can relate to his concern, please press the button. (What does the audience think?) Please stop. Please say a word to your family. I learned a lot today. I admit that I was at fault to a certain extent. But please help me raise them well. You’re stubborn. I beg you. (Oh, my head…) Your mother hates them so much. Please find a way to love them while being considerate of your family, too. Let’s see how many votes they got. How many out of 200 people will vote for them? – They got over 100 votes. / – 196? – 176? / – 156? I’m sure they got over 150 votes. (They got 156 votes) We will give those 156 people a leech each. (No thanks) It’s called “Tough Middle-Aged Life.” Hello. I’m a mother in my 50s. I hear the same nagging every time I go home. “Ah! Stay right there! I have to clean!” “Ah! Hair! I have to clean!” She keeps saying that she has to clean. The person who harasses me is my 30-year-old daughter. She leaves all the windows open even in the winter and cleans for 3-6 hours. 6 hours? The problem is that when my daughter cleans, I feel uncomfortable being at home. “I told you not to mess up the place!” “My striped socks are crooked.” “Ah! Crumbs!” – “Ah!” / – That must be scary. My daughter is driving me crazy. Why is she so obsessed with cleaning? Please make her calm down. It’s hard for me to go over to the house of a friend who is obsessed with keeping her house clean. It’s more comforting to go over to a dirty place. So we always gather there. It’s Kim Sook’s place. Let’s bring her out. Please come on out. Please help her. – Hold her hands. / – Block B. (Splash) (Rushing over) Ma’am. – Are you all right? / – Hold our hands. It’s like she’s at an amusement park. (Polite) Hello. I’m Eunsang’s mom from Yongin. Nice to meet you. (Hong Seongmi) How often does your daughter clean? Well, unlike her looks… She looks dirty? She cleans 2-3 times a day. And she cleans for 3-6 hours at a time. Isn’t it nice to have a clean house though? – Try living with her. / – What? Then you’d understand. – Why do you burden me so? / – Well… How does everyone else feel? It’d be nice if she cleaned by herself. She makes her siblings clean and nags at them. – Ah! / – Yes. She screams, too. She sometimes cusses. Do you help her out when she cleans? I do help, but it doesn’t satisfy her fastidious personality. “Don’t clean if you’re going do it like this!” Yes. Then she cleans the place herself. Then you can just rest. Then she yells for not doing anything. She yells at you for cleaning with her. Have a glass of water. You must be thirsty. Yes, I am. You don’t seem nervous at all. I took some pills earlier to relax me. I’m so nervous. Why is your daughter obsessed with cleaning? Her dad is quite thorough, too. It’s my daughter and my husband. Once my husband starts cleaning he can’t stand a little grain of dust. He cleans up everything with tape. Let’s meet your daughter first to see why she does this. Hello. Nice to meet you. (Who’s the one obsessed with cleaning?) Hold up the mic. Do you understand your mom’s concern? – No, not at all. / – Of course not. She should actually be grateful if I’m cleaning the place up for her. Why would she think it’s a concern? How can you clean for 3-6 hours a day? I open all the windows and doors. I fluff the bedding, pillows, cushions… I pull out all the furniture out. I move the sofa and the closets and clean out the back. I vacuum the entire house. I spray air freshener and make it clean. Then I start mopping the floor. Then I wipe dust off the TV stand or any place that’s visible. In the bathroom, there’s a tub and the tiles. I use a toothbrush to clean everything. We used to have a CD shelf. I took out each CD and wiped each one clean. So it takes a long time. Wow. Does it feel good afterwards? I started counting as she sighed. She sighed 8 times. We’d like to see what the house looks like. It must be really clean. Not really. No matter how much you clean, the place looks the same. Sure. The furniture is in the same place. Let’s take a look. It’s clean. What do you mean it’s the same? There’s not a single grain of dust. (Jaws dropping) It’s so clean. You’re quite clean yourself. Look at that. That gas stove looks old, but very clean. – The bathroom. / – It’s so clean. You can’t see any grime. It’s so clean. One more picture. (Awkward) How well do you wash yourself? I wash myself very thoroughly. She’s a great person. But she turns into the Hulk when she cleans. She turns into the Hulk. It’s good that she cleans, but she takes it out on others and cusses. So everyone gets stressed. She keeps nagging. But maybe she keeps cussing and yells in order to relieve herself of stress. Right? You can be angry for a reason. That’s right. When I clean, I get to say whatever is on my mind to my family. Do you get stressed a lot? My mom tells me that I live a happy life by traveling a lot, so I shouldn’t be stressed. But I’m stressed out. – What do you do? / – What is the source? I don’t know what the source is. I don’t have a job right now. I’m studying to get a social welfare license. I don’t really enjoy studying. So I just keep accumulating stress. You said she doesn’t let you make a mess. So you feel uncomfortable at home. If there’s dust or hair she screams at me and nags. I can’t drop any crumbs. So I eat in my room. – You sneak off to your room? / – Yes. Why? Because I don’t want to hear her nag at me. – If you get crumbs on the floor? / – Yes. Then she comes into my room and checks. Then where are you supposed to eat? She’s telling me to eat at the table. Why do you nag at her for making a mess? I didn’t just spend an hour on cleaning. I spent 3-6 hours cleaning. I’m asking everyone to keep it clean. No one asked you to do it. Yes, I voluntarily did it! But still! Then how would you feel if your mom told you what to do and what not to do? I would hate that. Then I would ask her, “Why?” Then you shouldn’t nag at her either. You’re being selfish. Yes. I am being selfish. I know. (Oh… She knows) She admits it. I admit it. I’m stubborn and I have my own say. When it comes to cleaning, everyone must listen to me. Why? They must listen to me. If they don’t follow my rules, I get frustrated and angry. But my dad is a bit worse than I am. Even after I clean, when he comes home from work and sees a single strand of hair on the floor, he vacuums the entire place again. That must be a serious concern for you. Who is here with you? That’s her aunt. My sister. – Hello. / – Hello. Did you know about this? It’s been 10 years. 10 years? I live about 200 meters away from them. She always comes to my place. She doesn’t come with notice either. Whenever my niece wants to clean, she makes everyone leave the house. I can’t tell my sister not to come. She comes to my place angry. “There she goes again.” Like that. So I listen to her complain and after about 3 hours, it’s dinnertime. So I serve her dinner. “Sis, this is good.” Then she takes my food home. You’re talking about your concern, right? Yes. I wanted to get that out. Because of Eunsang, not only her family gets stressed, but also my family, too. Does she ever clean your place? Never. She’s never done that for me. It’s my niece, but this is just too much. Yes. When was that? She was really sick one time. – Your sister? / – Yes. She started to clean the house again. My sister was ill and lying on the bed. My niece told her to get up. She could’ve said that she’s sick. She did and my niece said, “Are you lying to stop me from cleaning?” That’s what she says when I’m lying down. How are you ill? My liver isn’t so good and neither is my thyroid. So after working weekdays, I lie down on weekends to rest. That day, I was ill. It was the worst. I was sick for 3 days. How could you clean when your mom is sick? I have to. But your mom was sick. But I have to clean. Why? I just can’t stand the house looking dirty. I hate the feeling of stepping on dust. – You can feel that? / – Sure. But you must’ve known your mom was sick. I didn’t know. I found out about it later. Couldn’t you check her temperature first? She can’t think of anything else then. – You can’t see? / – No. I have to clean. But you could tell that mom was really sick. Must you clean when you feel like it? Yes. Then I would suggest to her that I clean her room first. She can rest in another room and go to sleep once I’m done with her room. (Sigh) Couldn’t you set a certain date in advance and tell your mom that you will be cleaning that day from what time to what time? That works for someone who really likes to clean and does it regularly. But for her, she cleans when she’s stressed out. How can you feel that you’re stepping on dust? You can’t normally feel that. She doesn’t actually like to clean. She doesn’t actually like to clean. The only other program like this I’ve been on is “My Little Old Boy.” (They must be quite frustrated) Maybe something happened in your early 20s. This started 10 years ago. I think something did happen. Ask her. I used to play sports. Then in high school, I ruptured a disc. So I was paralyzed from the waist down for a while. I’ve been unable to do sports since then. What I love to do is to sweat and work out, but I can’t, so instead I started to clean. When I clean, I sweat a lot. Since she has a bad back I told her not to clean so much. I’m grateful for cleaning, but she has gone through 10 surgeries due to the disc. Why do you clean like that even now? I went through surgery just 3 months ago. It was very recent. Why are you laughing in the back? Do you think your leeches could solve the problem? That’s where she’s sitting. Why don’t you pass the mic to her? Be honest. – See? / – I’m right. Tell us. Is that what your sister said? She told mom, “Leeches can solve that.” How many? She can start with 4 leeches. She was talking about her disc problem and in the back, the mother was laughing. (Embarrassed) So you relieve stress that way. Don’t you think about your mom’s stress? No, because she’s my mom. – Because she’s your mom? / – She’s my mom. That doesn’t make sense. Moms should be understanding about everything. What about your aunt? She should talk to my mom. She must accept it because she’s your mom? She’s my mom. – That’s absurd. / – I’ve never heard that before. There’s no reason. You’re her daughter. Exactly. I’m her daughter. She’s older than I am. Shouldn’t you do more because you’re younger? Do what? So your mom must accept everything forever? Yep. – Until she dies? / – Yep. Let me talk some sense into her. Unless she’s rolling in pain with appendicitis, I must clean. Your mom was concerned about you because you might hurt your back more. How can you say such a thing to her? Cleaning is not the problem actually. When I heard that she cusses in front of her mom I just couldn’t understand it. It’s good to be friends with your mom, but how dare she cuss in front of mom! She’s not even a teenager. That’s a problem. Maybe you were too lenient on her when she was young. My husband and my daughter like to drink. We argue often because of this cleaning issue. One time, she went out past midnight. I kept calling her and she finally answered. She was yelled at and she couldn’t relieve that stress, so she punched a tree while drunk. She hurt herself on purpose. She went to the ER and had a cast for 10 days. That’s why I have no choice but to take it. She has a bad back, too. That’s still wrong. As she punched the tree, she probably thought, “If I get hurt, mom will be upset.” That’s what was on her mind. She just wanted to put you through agony. She did it to upset you. This is the worst. Why did you punch that tree? We argued about cleaning. So I got upset and went out to drink. The more I drank, the angrier I got. I cleaned for her and she yelled at me. She didn’t do as I said. She didn’t do as you said. So I got frustrated. Who would take my anger? Do you know how selfish you are? – I do. / – How selfish you are? The terrible thing about this is… “This is who I am. So what are you going to do about it? Take it or leave it. This is who I am.” How can you be so uncompromising? Only your mom would tolerate that. Others would end up fighting you. Are you like this with your friends, too? No, not to my friends. See? That’s wrong. Then why are you like that to your mom? That’s worse. You’re taking advantage of your mom’s weakness to harass her. Has she wronged you in any way? When I’m out with my friends, I am understanding and amicable. But I can’t show my anger to them. I take it all out at home. Korean men in the past used to be servile when at work and took it out on their innocent kids and wives at home with violence. I think that’s the cruelest. Why are you nice to your friends? Why don’t you show your true self? Everyone has different personalities. She’s afraid that they’ll leave her. Is that right? That’s partially true. I don’t want others to criticize my personality. But I’m not normally mean to my mom. I just get sensitive when I clean. But you clean so often. I used to clean almost every day. 6 times a week. But I reduced it to every other day now. What if your father was nice to everyone else, but yelled at your mother at home and cussed at her for not cleaning to relieve stress? How would that be? – That’s wrong. / – Why? – It’s his wife. / – You’re doing the same thing. Let’s say he beats his children and tell others, “Don’t butt in when I beat my own children.” “This is how I relieve stress.” “They’re my own children.” “I don’t do that elsewhere.” “I could beat my children to death.” “I can seek treatment for my own children.” We’ve never been this angry ever! Say something. I don’t beat her or anything. – What if? / – Of course not. All you can say is that at least you don’t beat your own mom? I’ll be rude to your mom, too, then. That’s wrong. Why? Only you have the right to do that? Her own daughter doesn’t care for her. Why should others care? She feels anxious because her daughter is being attacked. She sent in her concern. She’s upset because it’s her daughter. Gosh… (It’s my precious girl) She’s emotional. Right now… Because of her back problem, she hasn’t ever held a job for a long time. She’s unemployed now, but what if she gets in trouble in the future at work? What if you relieved stress another way? – Besides cleaning. / – No. – You never considered it? / – No. – Not at all? / – Not at all. She’s swimming for rehab. But she says it’s different from cleaning. Why don’t we go to a sauna together? I don’t like forcing myself to sweat like that. What is cleaning to you? I don’t clean because I like to do it. Right. You don’t like to do it. When it comes to cleaning… I’m so sensitive that I can’t sleep well. Almost every day I wake up from a dream and I’m exhausted. The doctors told me that I have so much stress and so much anger inside me. I don’t get to do sports that I love. If you tell me not to clean, there’s no way I can relieve my stress. You shouldn’t be rude to your friends, but you should show more true feelings to them. Relieve stress when you’re out, too. If you must relieve stress at home by cleaning, do it, but don’t cuss. Don’t get angry or yell. You like cleaning while cussing at others. Don’t take your parents for granted. You’re now 30 years old. You should’ve moved out years ago. You’re mooching off your parents right now. That isn’t your home. Change the way you think. Please say a word to your daughter. You are in so much pain that you can’t even work. Why must you clean so much like that? Please think of your health first and clean less. Let’s start with Narsha. I think it’s a concern. You’re too sensitive. But I always tell my husband that no matter how much you worry, nothing changes. Whatever will happen will happen. I hope you can relax more. I think it’s a concern. She isn’t considerate of her mother at all. She should definitely change that. Kyung. It’s hard to get through to her, right? I want to smack her on the forehead. Like this. – What do you think? / – It’s a concern. Cleaning is just the tip of the iceberg. She has a problem with her mom. I was jealous and scared for her. I’ve been on my own since middle school since I studied abroad. So I was jealous at first. They can argue because they’re together. I thought that could still be seen as happiness. But then after listening to her talk? It’s scary because she’s so used to it. She’s taking her mom for granted and doesn’t realize how important her mom is. I think she should think about that once more. After listening to this story, I realized that I should be aware of what’s important to me. She’s missing what’s most important to her. Block B is good at expressing their opinions. You express your opinions well. If others around you are hurt by that, I think it’s a concern. I also think it’s a concern. Cleaning is not the main problem. Cleaning while cussing to take out her stress on others, despite being aware she’s doing it, is just terrifying. Please press the button if you can relate to it. (What does the audience think?) Please stop. Please say a word to your mother. I’m normally nice to you. It’s only when I clean. But thanks for putting up with me. I am very sorry. But… I beg you. Don’t stop me when I clean. How many times a week? It’s okay if you clean. – But don’t cuss. / – I won’t. Don’t nag and don’t think that you have the right to cuss just because you’re cleaning. That’s just terrible. The first concern got 156 votes. How many votes did they get? Please show us. Will they get more than 156 votes? The last digit is a 9. Will they get 159 votes? I’d rather be sucked by leeches. That was a tough concern. (They got 159 votes) “Honey, Let’s Do It, Please.” Hello. I got married just a year ago. I always tell my wife, “Honey. I will work hard to make you happy.” “I don’t feel like it. Just don’t do anything.” My wife is super lazy. When I get home from work, “You didn’t wash your hair again?” “I don’t feel like it.” “We don’t have clean towels. Why didn’t you do the laundry?” “I don’t feel like it.” The house is always a mess. She doesn’t want to cook, so I only get rice. When she does decide to cook… “It’s salty! How can I eat this?” “I got lazy, so I didn’t taste it.” (How a lazy person cooks) “I didn’t taste it.” “Why are you like this? If you keep this up, I’ll go on Hello Counselor.” “I don’t care. Don’t bother me.” So here I am. It’s a serious concern, right? Please help me. Let’s see how he feels. Please come on out. (Who’s concerned about his lazy wife?) (Park Haeil) (Welcome!) Welcome. Tell us how lazy your wife is. Today is the one-year anniversary of our marriage. – Today? / – Yes. Congratulations! You’re here to expose her on your anniversary. Right. We’ve been married for a year but she has never cooked me breakfast. – Not once? / – No. She only gives me rice when I come home. So you order delivery food at other times? Yes. We eat out or order delivery. You can’t usually finish cooking without tasting it. She really doesn’t taste it? The only soups that my wife can cook are kimchi stew, soybean paste soup, fish cake soup and soft tofu soup. – Just those. / – So she cooks the basics. But she throws everything in without tasting it. She makes me eat it nevertheless. I asked her why she doesn’t taste it and she said, “I didn’t feel like it.” (I want to eat a nice home-cooked meal) Do you both work? No. No? My wife stays at home and I work. What does she do at home? So she stays at home and you work? What did she do at home? Does she just stay home and rest all day? – She takes care of our baby. / – I see. What do you do? I own a small restaurant. I work alone, so I have to do everything by myself. – You work by yourself? / – Yes. I go to work at 10 and get off at 10. It must be tough. So after I come home at ten, the place isn’t clean. So I have to clean and cook. Have you ever talked to her about it? Yes, but it feels like I’m talking to a wall. I suggest that we work hard and live hard and she just says, “Let’s not.” She doesn’t wash her hair for 4-5 days. (Are you really newlyweds?) You didn’t know this before you got married? My friends tried to talk me out of marrying her. It’s so bad your friends tried to stop you? I thought she would change once we got married. I can tell who it is. It looks like she didn’t want to get dressed. She looks very comfortable. In one color. It looks like she’s right at home. I thought she was doing a temple stay. (She has a stain, too) We were supposed to leave at 10 this morning and she woke up at 9:30. When you were supposed to leave at 10? She didn’t wash her hair to be on TV? No, she didn’t. (Oh my) (I don’t care if I look good on TV) She got up 30 minutes before leaving. But I am grateful that she came here today. Let’s meet her now. Hello. (Who’s the lazy wife?) Please hold up the mic. Hello. Are you really too lazy to do anything? Yes. Is that why you’re wearing clothes in one color? No. So you put a lot of thought into your outfit? No. I feel like I’m talking to a wall since your clothes are the same color as the wall (One with the wall) It’s like she’s part of the wall. It’s like she’s sticking her head out of the wall. He just wants a nice, warm meal after work. He’s not asking for a lot. So I give him rice. That’s all you give him. Right. What about the side dishes? He can take them out of the refrigerator. Can’t you put them in small bowls for him? No, I don’t do that. She’s saying, “Why would I do that?” Why don’t you taste your own cooking? I don’t do it because I don’t like tasting it. Then you can’t tell what it tastes like. My husband can taste it later. You don’t eat at home? I do once my husband fixes it. So let’s say you made soup. It’s salty. Your husband adds water and boils it again? Yes. Then you shouldn’t have added any seasoning. But you need to add seasoning to cook. Did you know the recipes beforehand? Or did you get it off the internet? I got it online and add in the amounts I want. – You add in amounts as you see fit? / – Yes. (Can’t understand) What do you think your role is at home? Our child is 9 months old. So all I do is look after our child. Today is your one-year anniversary. Your baby is 9 months old. Were you 7 months pregnant when you got married? – 6 months. / – You got pregnant first. That was quick. It wasn’t cumbersome to do that? (I guess she likes to do some things) She must’ve wanted a baby pretty badly. Can’t you be more understanding if she’s too tired from watching the baby? She’s lazy when it comes to the baby, too. Really? It was before we bought a bottle sterilizer. She was supposed to boil the bottles, but she went 5 days without doing that. (That’s terrible for the baby!) She only rinsed the bottles with water. The bottles? – Even for baby food… / – That’s bad. She went 5 days without giving the baby solid food. – Solid food? / – Yes. How are you taking care of the baby? You’re just mixing formula? No, that’s not true. I do a lot of work at home. I make solid food for the baby at times, but it’s hard, so I want my husband to help. But he doesn’t. When she was 7-8 months pregnant, the baby was upside down in her womb. I suggested that we exercise in the evening, but she’d say she exercised earlier and refused to budge. The baby never turned and she had to get an early C-section. Shouldn’t you have exercised? It wasn’t a dangerous situation. That’s dangerous too. I did exercise, but he doesn’t acknowledge it. What did you do? The cat pose. You mean this? (Is it this?) (Shake shake) That’s a tiger pose. (Hahahaha) Weren’t you told to take walks outside? The doctor never told me that. – She only told you about the cat pose? / – Yes. – That’s why you only did that? / – Yes. It was very cumbersome for her but she made some dishes for us today. Really? Did you taste them first? She said no. We’ll do it. Give us some seasoning. We said there are 8 of us, but she barely made enough for one person. She had a hard time making it. She put it off until the last minute. I think it was 4:30 in the morning. She woke up at that hour? No, she got home then after drinking. Your wife? Then they must really taste bad. It’s not cumbersome to go out drinking? – No, I like to drink. / – I see. She was drunk, but still cooked for us. Let’s see what she made. Oh my. Come and taste them. I’m looking forward to it. There’s soup. Let’s take a look. There’s fish cake soup. Fish cake soup. Kimchi stew. – Japchae. / – They look good. What’s this? They can’t taste bad. These are all tasty dishes. She brought dishes that taste good. (Sniff sniff) I just smelled them. They smell very bland. What is this? Spicy meat stew? What is this? Kimchi stew? Kimchi stew. It smells bland, right? (Sniff sniff) (How can this be kimchi stew?) The fish cake soup smells okay. What’s wrong with the quail eggs? (Help my tongue!) Jaehyo! You must eat. – What is it? / – Try it! It’s salty. You can’t really ruin quail eggs. It’s hard to ruin it. (In the shape of the container) (Japchae is reborn) It’s hard to do that. (It’s hard to make Japchae look like this) (This is not a rice cake) I thought it was a rice cake. (Oh my… I’m so embarrassed) (I’m impressed hahaha) My tongue hurts. (Tasting beef in soy sauce) – My tongue hurts. / – Why? Tell us. My tongue hurts because it’s so salty. Oh, my tongue hurts. (Cough cough) It’s too salty. I like salty food, but it’s too salty. If you eat one quail egg, you must eat 3 spoonfuls of rice. This makes you eat lots of rice. I could finish the whole bowl with this. (It’s so salty) You must eat 3 spoons of rice. (Chanwoo tastes kimchi stew) (Hmm) It really makes you eat more rice. What is this kimchi stew supposed to taste like? You didn’t taste any of these when you cooked? What is this supposed to taste like? How can this be kimchi stew? What is this supposed to be? (What is this?) I’ve never tasted anything like it in my life. And it’s supposed to be kimchi stew. This fish cake soup barely has that flavor. What is this supposed to taste like? (Tasting it) – This isn’t fully cooked. / – It’s not? I don’t know. – This… / – Unbelievable. What’s surprising is that these two taste very similar. What is this taste? Wow. They are two different dishes, but taste the same. Let me ask you? What did you season this with? – Salt. / – You added salt? When you made kimchi stew did you stir-fry kimchi before boiling it? No. Oh… (Speechless) He just sighed loudly. (You realize how serious it is, right?) This is supposed to be kimchi stew. The fish cake soup only smells like fish cakes. – This isn’t fully-cooked. / – It isn’t? The noodles are hard. This tastes like that radish served with sashimi. (Tastes like shredded radish) It’s hard to undercook the noodles this badly, right? I wish I could give all of you here the chance to taste these. It’s not about her being a bad cook. How can I put this? What is this supposed to taste like? I’ve never tasted anything like it. Everything is so salty that I must eat this much rice. – For one quail egg. / – The rice tastes the best. Did you make the rice? No. Oh, this is microwaved rice. Our production crew microwaved it? No wonder it tasted so good. I can only eat a little bit at a time since it’s so salty. (The golden ratio to eat beef) (In one bite!) I don’t know what they’re supposed to taste like. (Now it tastes good!) Look. All she put in the japchae are bell peppers and noodles. I put in onions, too. I can only see bell peppers and noodles. This dish has no meat. There’s no beef in the beef in soy sauce. How did you choose these dishes? To cook for today? They are my husband’s favorites. – Oh, your husband’s favorite. / – Beef in soy sauce. Let’s give them to him then. (No… Thanks…) Since they’re your favorite. Does it usually taste like this? Or did she make it better than usual? (Nervous) Give him some rice. (It tastes the same… Oh gee) (He desperately needs rice) You want some more? (Oh, woe is me) (Is it that bad?) They have someone here with them today. – Welcome. / – Hello. How do you know the two? I’ve been his friend since high school. I’m one of the friends who tried to stop him. – Why did you try to talk him out of it? / – Why? They worked together before. I thought they would divide up the chores. But my friend did all the chores after work. She would just watch television and ask him to get her some water. I see. Before you got married, you two lived together. So I tried to talk him out of it since I felt it’d be tough for him, but he didn’t listen to me. Neither of them are bad people. But something is just so frustrating. I feel so frustrated. I need a solution. You let her get away with everything before. It’s not easy to change that now, right? Why were you so lenient with her? She can’t do anything by herself. She can’t go to a supermarket to shop by herself. She always asks me what to wear that day. She asks how she should dress the baby. She asks me how many towels she needs. How many diapers. She calls when I’m at work. – Oh, my head. / – That’s stressful. She can’t talk to her hairdresser at the salon. So I go with her to say what style she wants. That’s quite serious. She can’t order delivery food. – Delivery food? / – Why can’t she order delivery? Since I’m the man, she asks me to do it. I think she is very indecisive. Why do you ask your husband everything? I think, “Maybe he knows a little more than I do.” Know what more than you do? You both are parents for the first time. To whom did you ask these questions before you got married? My friends. Don’t you think she’s indecisive? I think she’s very much so. She calls me whenever the baby cries. She asks, “What do I do? She keeps flipping over when I try to change her diaper.” There’s nothing I can do when I’m at work. So I get frustrated when I get those calls. Why can’t you change her diaper? She keeps flipping over. Then you flip her back over. She keeps getting away. Then you flip her over on her back again. She keeps crawling away. – She does? / – Yes. – Is she as fast as a cheetah? / – No. “Oh, she’s already over there.” “Sweetie!” That’s not how it goes. Is she that fast? So let’s say you asked him and he told you to pack 4 handtowels. Then you can pack 4 handtowels next time. No. I ask him every time. “How many should I pack?” (Ah!) But you already know the answer. – You don’t know? / – No. You don’t know how many you need to take? Right. You don’t know how much formula to take? No. You should find out. Have you ever not called your husband for a day? No. She just can’t. She lost her ID card and had to get her photo taken. She said she couldn’t go alone. She couldn’t go take a picture alone. So I closed the restaurant and went with her for an hour to take a picture. That’s serious. Why couldn’t you go alone? Because I have a baby. How can I take a picture with a baby? You could’ve taken him and ask an employee to watch him while you take a picture. The photographer works alone. Then you could’ve put him in a stroller. There wasn’t one. – There wasn’t? / – No. Oh darn. (Frustrated) You must have some complaints, too. My husband helps out a little after work and plays computer games until 3 a.m. When our baby wakes up in the middle of the night he never goes to check up on the baby no matter how much the baby cries. I want to talk to him, but he won’t talk. Because he’s busy playing his games. When we eat, he only stares at his phone. I can understand where she’s coming from. No wife would say, “Since you worked so hard, get your rest by playing computer games.” You must be zonked out to look tired. – But he comes home and plays games. / – He’s up. I think it’s more healing and relaxing to do something you like rather than sleep. She didn’t choose to watch the baby. – True. / – She was angry. I’m sorry. There must be a home life that you dreamed of. I wish we could live happily as a family. You don’t think you’re happy now? No, I don’t think so. Why do you think that is? Is it due to your husband who only plays games? – Yes. / – None of it is your fault? I don’t think I did anything wrong. (How can she not realize anything after this?) I’m sorry, Kyung. I now realize that he needs to use video games as an escape from this. (Hang in there) When I try to talk to her, but she doesn’t like it she just shuts down. She won’t talk to me. One time, I got mad and stormed out. She just locked the door so I couldn’t get in. We had dinner with family the next day. But she was so angry that she didn’t care whether the baby was crying and just kept sleeping. So I told her mom that she’s sick and went by myself. When I returned, she was still sleeping. You knew about the dinner the next day. You knew you had to eat with your parents. But we had a fight the night before. That’s just between you two. Do you get enraged when you two argue? – Yes. / – I see. When you’re upset, you want to do things your way. Don’t you think that’s why you two can’t talk? No, I don’t think so at all. So you have to talk to her first after a fight and she calls you to ask everything. She’s like a young child, right? It seems like your mom was quite lenient on you. How were you brought up? I was raised… I grew up with my grandma. With your grandmother. I guess that’s why. She must’ve said yes to everything for you. I guess her husband is everything to you. He’s your mom, your dad, your advisor. That’s why you decided to marry him. “I can show my weaknesses to him.” You must’ve thought that before you married him. – Not really. / – I’m mistaken then. (She’s greatly mistaken) What do I know? I am still single. You talked for so long… Forget it! I’m going to raise leeches. Kyung. How would you like a wife like her? I don’t think I could get through to her. Narsha, you should know. You’re married. I’m honestly angry. At him? Or at her? At her. Because… (Getting emotional) Why? What are you crying? You must be upset. You can understand her, right? We can understand her childhood. She needs her own mother to care for her but she wasn’t able to have that. So she doesn’t know how to express herself or what’s right or wrong. Then she became a mom herself. Right? But I think this is why you should be more devoted to your life. You shouldn’t just give up. You’re crying. Why are you crying? All of a sudden… I am sad. Tell me if I’m right. You want to be a loving wife, but you’re crying out of anger and that things aren’t going your way? Yes, that’s partially true. Can’t you tell him how you feel yourself? I didn’t take good care of him. I was terrible to him. I feel so bad. Is this what you think, too? If you had someone else in your life to tell you things you could maybe lift that burden off him? – No. / – I’m sorry. – We don’t mesh well. / – She’s charming. When she says no, she means it. She’s unbeatable. Why don’t you say a word to her? I always tell you, “I want you to have a dream.” I want you to pursue your dream, too. And please do at least the minimum as Soyul’s mom and my wife. I love you. Narsha, we’ll start with you. No one will be nice to you unconditionally. You have to work at it, too. You must help him out, too. I don’t think it’s a concern. I think she feels at a loss. I don’t think it’s a concern. I think it’s a concern. I don’t think it’s a concern. Please press the button if you can relate to him. (What does the audience think?) Please stop. Please show us the result. (Announcing the result) (The last digit is a 7!) (Will they get over 100 votes?) (They got 97 votes) “Tough Middle-Aged Life” won this week. This is a reward to cheer you up. Until the day we are all worry-free… Hello Counselor will continue to counsel you. Thank you. (“Turn It Up” by RAINZ)

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Reader Comments

  1. GDKD14

    The last woman really needs to seek help! I feel so bad for her because she is pretty, she has a pretty face. So if she took more care of herself she would be gorgeous. And if she learns how to take care of the food and the baby and help her husband more, sshe would be so amazing. She is depressed I think.

  2. Hilde S

    If I was the mother of the first girl I would have told her to get rid of them and if she didn't I would have kicked her out! That is just horrifying. Freaking leeches.

  3. Hilde S

    Alcohol is their biggest enemy. Dear brother in the first concern, drown her leeches in alcohol! And if she brings more drown those in alcohol too!
    The sister is a horrible human being. I have not been this frustrated by any other story in this show.

  4. Bewee BW

    I love when they cover up Taeil because his posture just goes from 0 to 100 so quickly and when it's done shoddily suddenly hsi screen time is gone.
    The block b dorm will b filled with leeches soon im calling it

  5. Lu Russi

    LOVED THIS EPISODE!! 😍😍😍😍 My bias was in it!! My FAV Taeil 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 He is so adorable I can never get enough of him! I seriously love Block B and Hello Counselor! Great show with great people!

  6. Nessmza

    Ojalá nadie se ofenda, pero este video apareció en mis sugencias porque estaba buscando acerca de Taeil (NCT) y quede shockeada porque pensé que era Strony el que fue al programa. Obviamente al abrirlo me di cuenta que era otro Taeil jijiji 😆

  7. adila ilyana


  8. smile.123bts

    i think narsha was the only one who really understood the girl in the last concern, but she couldn't voice the fact that she knew the girl was depressed and she had felt the same way.

  9. Mina's 37th Mole

    Watched this episode for Block B but listening to the 3rd story just makes me frustrated. The wife was probably spoiled by her parent when she was young. Now she expects her husband to serve her.

  10. InbornHappy

    This is random but why no one ever noticed that Jaehyun from NCT looks similiar to Jaehyo from Block B? They even have similar names!

  11. rayu shii

    The second concern is so annoying and frustrating shes so selfish and crazy how can she cuss in front of her mom and say that her mom should accept everything she wants until she dies. 😝😡

  12. ThiccyNikky Yee

    I have never EVER skipped a concern but the first one… oh man ewww. I saw all the comments that are like “Ewwwww” in the beginning I was like it’s not that bad but then it got worse. If you want to skip the second concern starts at 36:57

  13. Hiba Ahmed

    The girl from the third concern is just TOO MUCH! she's so frustrating I want to jump in and choke her or slap commonsense back into her 😤😤😤 like bitch I understand that you don't taste food while cooking but there's no way in hell that I'd understand you not knowing anything about your baby, IT'S YOUR BABY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! You need to take some of that salt you put in your food and sprinkle it on yourself or bathe with it or something, maybe then you won't be as lazy and talk a bit more like you're actually awake and not half asleep 😒 Aigooo how frustrating 😣

  14. AyanamiRei5kyu

    what bothers me the most aren't the problematic people but their family who obviously let them run wild and do whatever they want… i don't even feel sorry for those people because when there's a problem you gotta take matters into your own hand and deal with them… not just sit there and whine and complain… if a had a daughter who lets her leeches crawl on my dinner table and suck my blood i'd tell her to quit her bs and keep those "pets" locked up and to herself or she'll get kicked out in no time and if i was her brother i'd threaten to dispose them one by one if she doesn't stop… and the lazy wife…. it's kinda his own fault marrying someone in the hopes that she will change… either you love the person you're marrying as they are or not… if you can't accept their flaws then (just and idea) DON'T MARRY THEM… when i first heard the problem i was like "well that's kinda demanding for the wife to do all the chores" but after hearing he works 12h a day and she stays home the whole time it's really not a lot to ask to get dinner ready or clean from time to time… i could never be with such a dependable and selfish person

  15. esml

    as someone who has lost her mom years ago, the girl in the second concern makes me sick! she'll regret it so much when her mom is no longer there

  16. Donna Kirton

    I enjoy watching this show,please bring back our firemen.we need to do so much for our first responders.thats one of my favorite and best episodes.

  17. Toya

    Park Kyung kissed that leech… I bet she can sell it to crazy loving fangirls for a good price >:D Lmao xD
    Just kidding! xD hahahaha

    I don't think there is anything wrong with leeches. Its not their fault they have a bad owner. As for the lady, she does deserve the blame and she needs to change.

    The caption is fucked up at 25:54 lol

    She can get cows blood from the butcher… why not try that?? XP

    Maybe the leeches get sick because they're not in their natural enviroment?

    Mmmm…. I don't agree with the dog comment Jaehyo made. People who actually care about their dogs dont put muzzles on them for no reason. And dogs are living beings too and they probably feel uncomfortable with the muzzle. However, a person may put a muzzle on a dog if it reacts bad towards humans or other dogs. But that is because of poor socialization that the owner needs to correct. But if a dog didn't do anything wrong and is nice, then it shouldn't be muzzled. It's not the dog's fault that the person is scared of it. If I knew someone who was scared of dogs, I just wouldn't bring my dog around the person if that's the case. But I would never muzzle my own dog just because the person doesn't like dogs. Thats ridiculous in my opinion.

  18. Shino Yagami

    Smaller freshwater leeches don't usually suck human blood, and from what I know European leeches (AKA medicinal leeches) do. She owns medicinal leeches O.O Even if it's beneficial for her, she didn't need to have over 60 of them, more so forcing her family to love them as much as she does (and most concerning is placing them onto her family while they are unaware). She may be "eloquent," but she's also too close-minded to not think about others' feelings about her leeches.

    The second concern was blood-draining as well. Obsessive and bossy. Our house is regularly cleaned as well, but a general cleaning almost everyday is too much. What made it worse was nagging everyone and prioritizing cleaning more than understanding her family.

    I'm just at a loss for words with the third.

  19. yummiwatch

    if she tried to let her leeches anywhere near me i'd hit her, no joke.
    i hate leeches, they're disgusting to me and i can barely look at them. if she likes them that's her own choice/preference but don't try to impose that like on others or even ask for or use their blood without their consent. that's just messed up.

  20. no one

    That first one didn't seem to care about her family's feelings at all – I think a lot of other families would have kicked her out by that point

  21. feminime

    WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?! I can understand up to a human being having leech as their pet and put it in different room for better living condition. But if you force ANY OTHER HUMAN BEING who dislikes leeches to give their blood its really inhumane!!!!!!!!! Ew

  22. adam jeahi

    I love to see how soft block b members gve their opinions… while everyone just pushed the offenders, make they wont stop defensed themself. From what i see, most the opinions that given by kyung, taeil n jaehyo really helped offenders to calm down n think twice.

  23. Nancy Lee

    That wife who does nothing and doesn’t know anything is so triggering. She’s so clueless! Wtf. She doesn’t seem like a bad person either but she needs common sense. It doesn’t seem like she got taught to do anything or knows how to do anything. I feel like she should’ve stayed single especially with having to call him every time to ask and asks the same questions regarding the baby. She’s very immature and clueless. She doesn’t even think to try and change how she is. That’s what gets me so mad.


    honestly, the third concern made me want to cry cause i felt so bad for the wife… but what really pushed me over the edge was kyung, taeil, and jaehyo's reactions to that concern…

    they were very vocal for the other two, but right from the beginning letter of the last one they kinda shut down. taeil even seemed sad and only laughed once at a joke and not at the wife. knowing that they are all familiar with mental illness and have witnessed their own maknae have a psychotic break and had to institutionalize him… makes me think they too realized she was depressed and had anxiety.

  25. moh ad

    the third case made me angry….. she is unbelievable… i really can't live with someone like her… even if i love her…. why only 97 votes!!!!!!!

  26. Aisyah Chumil

    If I was her little brother, I would kill all by using alcohol. Whenever she brings new leeches home, I will kill it again and again and again until she decided to not bring any home again.

  27. Diana Ruby

    Its fine if u take care ur own pet by urself and not burden others. But u ask ur entire family members to love what u love and taking care ur pets. Ridiculous. And the more ridiculous u let the pet out, put on the table when ur family eating, put in the fridge and put in the every room. U can't force other to love what u love. Like I said take care ur own pet by urself, it doesn't matter dog, cat or what.

  28. Min Orellana

    Jea is me and Taeil looks so grossed out . I was waiting for the new hello counselor episode and I am glad i found this episode because I really love block b. Anyways I think it's disgusting that they suck on blood and she kisses them there such ugly bugs.

  29. AnonyRJ LFM

    About that second concern, I feel so bad for her mother. I mean, the mother has been taking care of her, feeding her, teaching her, aiding her, raised her, helped her in every single sense and way as she grew up and she doesn't even have the decency to respect her own mother? Like seriously, her mother has done so much for her and yet the only good thing she's done for her mother is clean the house spotless, besides that there's nothing she could offer her mother. Goodness gracious she doesn't even have a job, so besides cleaning what the hell are the other things she can give her mother who has too much for her?

    Also, the first time I saw that "cleanliness"in the subs, I thought someone was going to mention OCD sooner or later, I mean, isn't it so obvious its that disorder? The mere fact that no one even thought of this is disturbing, she need some serious professional help man, her father too.

    But in all seriousness, all three of them need to see a professional.

  30. Anindya Kautsar

    if my sister let leeches suck my blood without my consent i’ll punch her face and then i’ll run all the leeches over with a car.

  31. ARMY sara

    i think i can relate to the girl in the sec concern i hate when my room is messy but ishare it with my younger sis and she is always messy soo once a week i clean it like the whole place moving furniture mopping folding clothes arranging other things and like making bed and its sooo damn frustrating that the room does not stay the same for atleast one week after hours of clean and drain of energy but its stilll my room and cant stand it messy i guess thats what with the girl in the second concern but its rude to yell at her family well i just lecture my sis only to keep it clean and yeah i do nag but not that much

  32. i don’t like you

    In the first concern, the sister really is just selfish. She knows that her family is against living with leeches and yet she is practically forcing them to accept it. If she really wants leeches that badly then just get your own place or at least keep them in your own room. 😒😑

  33. Jimin's Thighs ツ

    Well, honey.. Leeches arent dogs, they compliment 'your' dogs. Leeches just look disgusting, they might he charming for you but they are mostly disgusting for others.
    Dont bring those leeches of yours in public, you said you wanted them (leeches) to be complimented. Right? Well, all that's going to happen is people with disgusted faces, calling them ugly, disgusting, etc..
    It's better to keep them home rather then bringing them in public just to get the opposite of what YOU wanted. You might get reported, anyway, take care!❤

    Edit: how does it make you feel good if you won't get compliments but rather insults to your so called 'babies'

  34. monica villa

    i'm not sorry, but if someone came in my room (especially a family member) and put insects on me or even leeches, they are seriously getting punched and the door will forever be locked especially at night. Also, the table would be burnt to ashes. but the leech-lady kept reminded me of Velma so it was funny to watch.

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