Gundog training tips – Jumping fences

[Music] Fences and walls are not just barriers for
livestock they can also stop your dog in it’s tracks – so how do you train your dog to jump
safely, with confidence, and when is it old enough to start? I like the dog to be over 12 months, its bones
are formed. We start with a very low fence, building up to a higher one. Never barbed
wire. I don’t like dogs going, accidents happen. If they are after a bird they won’t stop at
a barbed wire fence, they will jump it. The more you get your dogs jumping the more confident
the dog will jump you are much better off having a confident dog than one that is not
sure. They are the ones that always get caught up. Today the fencing we use has got rabbit
netting on it to make the fences safe so a dog can’t drop a let down it. I start off
taking the dog up to the fence, a nice low one where you have got the dog on a lead,
command the dog to go over, it doesn’t matter what your command is to jump over. I just
use the dog’s name or a command if I am doing it on a dummy left, right and back. Encourage
it over, but if it won’t go you go over the fence, call the dog over and you can assist
it with a lead, doesn’t mean dragging it over, but try to encourage it over with the lead then once you have got it going over on the
lead you can go to a higher fence which we are using today. Stand off the fence throw
the dog the dummy send it, give it all the encouragement it needs. Tom runs Westhala Gundogs near Perth in Scotland.
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