Hack a Forgotten Password for Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 Preview (DON’T ABUSE)

so as you see here you have your normal
windows computer right that sometimes you forget your password huh, incorrect well let’s try it again hm that’s not it ok well their is a way
around this right insert your windows disc in and uh… when i say that in your usb in
my case since we’re doing in a virtual environment where using uh… an ISO Image SO assume you pop it in now will restart the
machine and as you see it’s restarting and what we’re going to do is basically
bypass the security so we can get in and uh… not really have to worry about the
password, right? we’re starting up the windows installation takes a moment and uh… it lot of times businesses or people
with their computers in they set a password on to expire which is great idea but unfortunately
people well, forget ugh, well the password uh… and a lot of times people make
huge passwords, right but the forget what the uh… used so now what we’ll do is will go
through the settings and repair computer which is technically true, right? we’re going to go to the advance options
command prompt in what we’re gonna do still then find
the C Drive see when I say C Drive, I mean the
windows installation okay we found it and lets just double
check okay so we have that tester uh… lance and public, right so what will go ahead and do is go back uh… CD windows and we want to go into system thirty-two OKAY so now what we want to do is make a copy
of cmd .exe to cmd two dot or soviet teeny backed up study obscene now it says he can’t find cv right up there it is will do uh… cmd and if you notice it should have seen
the right that’s okay self it made a copy of cv so let’s go ahead and go to up uh… renew seeing the reacting to the filming dat fences that keep right but yet there is self we know it’s their because we won’t
be able to open it right yes and that’s a message that you will
see uh… so we know that’s there and we
know did work because again cmd backup is there and cmd dot eighteen coordination so we do know that exist now you may be
able to get it to say that um… you know it may be completely fine on
your end immediate says it was successful maybe
not but a lot of time suspicion in windows three point one i’ve noticed that it’s a hit next sometimes payroll saying can’t find uh… the file and sometimes uh… it’ll open cmd tiny exceeding i
can’t explain it so it’s kind of a fitness uh… whether
it’ll say successful or go not successful but they won’t show
anything of just like in my next if it the commander successful just goes to
the next one so let’s go ahead and get out of here we
know it’s their and again we know it’s there because you gentlemen weather window says it is there isn’t
well that’s a good story sup we’re gonna go ahead and add
continue and text is a uh… remove here usbc uh… or stick rather so although hemorrhage in my book for
one and uh… now that a lot of wonders for
us and i apologize for the speed this is
uh… running in the or colva virtualbox so now here we go around not the reason i’m using of my hotmail
slash passport has simply because i want me to see it doesn’t matter if
you use the passport service or local account cell see this little ease of access all-male collectively the util man
something that explains does not exist right so what we’re going to do is net user and as we see we have an administrator
cast a glance now here’s the thing let’s say you needed uh… enabled the
administrator cap bank uh… go ahead and do users uh… ministry there active now that’ll make the administrator
cannot happen in the next and here is that that will be one of the user
accounts that you can log into but do not want that happens and you
know okay but now let’s go ahead and do next
year uh… weekend and somebody one and we can also change the user
passwords alliance but we’re not going to so we’ll do net user testing uh… animal two slash well will probably need a password to vote everybody loves pat flash steps but now if we say haiti is used no i’m sorry users uh… we have a minister gas lines and
testing we can always get rid of testing now if
you want that as a backup account you could always do uh… this is a slash pat with two slash active uh… no and then again defeating it use just tell me that because it is intended
to counts one inside active but just for this just to show you
ordinary activated right and again we have the administrator
account disabled but i should you have to do it begin that slash active is the way to now let’s say you don’t want that
account there anymore right well we could use modified this uh… you just you flash just for testing on a show you so to
exit and uh… as you see doesn’t really seem to get a redo it
again so will restart and that’s the last three server
ineptitude because now we have an account on here at that time weekend log into the computer uh… but now let’s say you’re in
somebody else’s system dot at another camp activate the administrator account
and log in through the administrator m and with that extremely powerful command
prompt that your basically have system wide access technically you can change the administrator
password if there was an administrator password so we’re living alone up and as you see we have the camp testing will go ahead and type in the past for a
fact always i was going to use the on-screen
keyboard with regards suck go ahead and take pac and instead of talking me through this do you know this
is what your forces seem on in a new user account in windows a
uh… eight slash people on health care and windows seven and
doing this you would like to see this belongs to the message because that’s
partly sign-up for uh… uh… when the seventh district we went
to see thing so but this will work in one oh seven and a quick one anyways i mind for the technician of disposition for you

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Reader Comments

  1. Legaceybeats

    this was a very good video , if you could learn to shorten your approach you would be very great at this all the time. thank you for your information

  2. Anne Marijn Horst

    HELP!!!!!!!!!When i can click on cmd it says i need a password😢 So it doesnt work. Is there another way? (Sorry bad english)

  3. Oliver Ilmjarv

    well, my friend has this problem, she forgot her admin password. Can i just change that just aswell or do i have to do some other kind of dark magic?

  4. Carlos Acuna

    Some how I deleted administrator (it just disappeared) and now i cant download iTunes or anything else because it asks the administrator to accept and obviously i cant. How do i fix this, help please.

  5. Wayne Hugh Everett

    Lance do you have what to do on Windows 10. Grandson stepped on laptop cracked screen so got that replaced but now it asks for power on or administrator password. I don't have a boot usb what can I do?

  6. Ouko Navi

    I have microsoft live ID account and I forgot the password of the email please help.
    I tried your tut vid but it gives me "Error 5 access denied"

  7. davids1700

    I like the way u made this video! n1
    I have a pb with a user account in Wi7: password dont works, but i can enter with my admin account with a password. I dont know why i cant log in useraccount cos i didnt change anything… just dont let me. Any ideas?

  8. Snake

    TechMe Show I noticed you had a picture of a Zumo Robot as your lockscreen do you think you could help my out programming mine for a school project?

  9. Chris Belt

    this doesn't work on my win 8 i get to command prompt it take my to a user name i click on name then it ask for the users password so i cant even use cmd with out the password. so this video is doesn't help my problem at all

  10. Timmothy Copeland

    having the teeny tiny PIP of your monitor and an even smaller one of your mug, doens't do much for even when following the very poor and inacurate subtitles. what's the point then?

  11. Reign

    my pc cant start and stuck in startup repair. i can run cmd while in start up repair but i cant change the user password. please help me

  12. Fat Man

    How do I do the recovery on a Windows 7 laptop? I know there is a launch in recovery mode, and with limited time, it is impossible to go down that route. Is there some sort of DIY thing I can do to my flash drive to make it force the computer into repair mode? I know pressing f8 will bring up a launch with command prompt, but that didn't work. Help?

  13. Papa Smurfington

    When I attempt to copy I get an error, "the file cannot be accessed by the system" and "0 files copied". I attempted to rename the file, without copying and again I get the same error message that I cannot access the file. is there a work around?

  14. Jason Chouinard

    thanks, i enjoyed the production value. You in the corner and cmd window big enough to see clearly. i have watched a couple of these videos and really REALLY appreciate your style. So thanks. I hope my comment , like, and subscription get you some $$$ from Youtube"s funky new "revenue" algorithms!
    Oh, and it was interesting of course.

  15. Cyber Vortex

    I have a unique problem.
    I know personally and have tried hacks like these, but the username i'm trying to hack has a space so.
    net user user name *
    2221 Error code.
    Any help?

  16. kishan rai

    1. Turn on the computer.
    2. Wait until you are on winlogon screen (Where you enter your password)
    3. Hold the 'Shift' key and keep holding it then press the shutdown icon at the bottom right of the winlogon screen and then make sure it shuts down and you're still holding it.
    4. Now it should boot up to the exact menu he had after going into recovery.
    5. Go on Advanced Options
    6. Command Prompt (If it asks for a password to access Command Prompt then leave it blank and press enter and boom it will send you to the CMD screen)

  17. Esther Brix

    I can't get to my command prompt… whenever I try to open it it asks me for the User password again… that I don't have… what can I do?

  18. Free Will T.

    Your too fast for a beginner. you dont even have an instructions on your video. I cant access my cmdprmt on Ease of Access. I dont know How you do it it removing your USB stick after pressing continue. But anyway thank you for your video. .😄

  19. sparkyy0007

    If you don't have a recovery disk, any windows recovery disk should get you to the cmd screen.
    Used an old win 7 recovery on win 8 system, works fine.
    I used cmd.exe to osk.exe (on screen KB ) instead of of utilman.exe, works as well.

  20. mugsytop

    Thank you matey,i tried programs on zip drives and all sorts,this way is easy to emember and works perfedt,got in as admin,changed my password and was back on my laptop as normal. Cheers lance youre a star.

  21. All in One

    There are many factors in how to recover lost windows password. One resource I found which successfully combines these is the Cunning code formula (check it out on google) definately the most helpful info that I have ever seen. look at this simple resource.

  22. reynan delizo

    Hi I try to insert usb with windows 8.1ISO file but when I try to boot my hp laptop to usb then save but nothing happen

  23. junaid shaikh

    advanced option
    command prompt
    and then do this step
    In cmd just type net user Administrator *
    Type a new a password:
    then confirm ur password:
    it will not show the password u will unvisible so take tention
    then restart ur computer again
    and enjoy it
    i have done it before just try it ur self and tell me its working or not

  24. junaid shaikh

    if not so go to change a password and type ur password option is more to have password or create a password reset disk just go through

  25. Douglas McIntosh

    Hm, well I got hacked and the guy created an admin account, set a password I don't know and then did a rootkit loop so I just keep circling and circling. Granted, he didn't get any money out of me, which is why he got ticked and did this. I can't get off the main system administrator password needed page. I'm thinking my laptop is a door stop.

  26. LEO1WOLF

    Here's the problem I've got – – before we moved 3 yrs ago, I created a 16-Digit password for Windows Vista or Windows 10 (can't remember which). I used both alpha-numeric, special keys, etc. When we were moving one of the moving boxes my physical password was located in, was damaged my water & I no longer have access to the very password I wrote down.

    Is it possible to hack into my own P.C., to actually physically see my own Password please?

  27. Ann Cox

    Hello TechMe Show. I just found your site, I'm having trouble with windows 8.1 on my laptop, I forgot my password, and cant get on. I loved your video, I tried to go to your site,
    " http://lance.compulsivetech.biz", but it said it can"t be found. Do you still have that site?

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