Hacker vs. Admin – Minecraft

*Those subtitles in english will be just a commentary react, cause people that lives in USA knows english so let’s react now!* What a beautiful day! 🙂 What a, a, STRENGH BEAUTIFUL day! what a cool day! 😀 Oh, hello!
What are you doing? 🙂 *reading…* Yes! I agree! Hey i’m looking to you!>:( Well let’s just be friends okay? 😀 Haha, me too! This day is so perfect to somenthing get ruined it! OHHH! THE HACKER! OH NOOO!!!! GET OUTTA HERE! YOU’RE UGLY! i think he’s pretty, hot… HES OKAY In MY UNDIES Hey! Old man! Watch out! There is a ugly guy behind you! OHHH NOOO WATCH OUT!!! noooooo!! :O OHH NOO!!! TNT’s!!! i hate you, dirty hacker! can someone please help me!? Bye, I’m going to the bathroom! Well i’m back! What did i miss? OH YES I REMEMBER! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! THIS SEVER WILL BE RUINED BY THIS UGLY GUY! EVERYTHING IS EXPLODING! OH NOO HE KEEPS EXPLODING THINGS!!! AHHHHHHHH!!! HE IS TAKING CARE OF THE SERVER!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! HE IS INVENCIBLE!!! PLEASE, SOMEONE!
HELP MEEEEEEEEEE!!!! ohh! 😀 It’s the Admin! HAHA!!>:D Now you are in trouble, haha!!>:D … He is the ADMIN! watch out little guy! now, you know… you are in O_O O_o _ _
o_o ^_^ I was saying that you, broken a lot of he server rules

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