Hearthstone Top Decks after the Shaman Nerfs

Welcome to another video guys! Today we will be looking at the Hearthstone
Top Decks after the Shaman Nerfs. The nerfs didn’t seem like much, but so
far, they are doing the job, so in this video, we will see what are the best performing decks,
what are their winrates, how to mulligan with them and if they are worth the craft. If you find the video helpful, a like and
a subscribe really helps me out a lot. If you want to see the decks in action, drop
by my stream tonight as well. Now let’s get into the decks! There are a lot of great decks out there right
now from almost all of the classes, but let’s see what I chose for the top 5. The first class on my list would be warrior. We are seeing quite a few warrior archetypes
rising in power in the past few days, ranging from Pirate, to Tempo, to Highlander and to
Control, but the one I want to talk about would be Galakrond Warrior. Yes, Pirate warrior is pretty strong right
now as well, but everyone has seen it already. Control warrior is old news as well, so let’s
focus on the up and coming Galakrond Warrior. This deck is really interesting to play and
it has so much face damage and control tools in it. The Galakrond invoke is quite powerful and
you can deal a lot of damage with it, if you use it properly. With this deck, you want to upgrade your Galakrond
ASAP, so you get your buffed out minions and weapon swings. You have quite a few card draw cards, so usually,
that shouldn’t be a problem. The matchups look like this. Quest resurrect priest rose in power these
past few days, which is your worst matchup, so if you see too many of those, maybe consider
switching the deck. Control warrior is also trying to come back
in the meta as well, and that’s a no no matchup for you. Other than that, you should have no problem
climbing with this deck. For the mulligan, keeping Galakrond and Kronx
is not a bad idea, since you rely quite a bit on them. Town Crier, Eternium Rover and Acolyte are
also great keeps and Ritual Chopper and even Shield of Galakrond can help you as well. Consider what you might be playing against,
and you might want to keep awaken and warpath for the early game as well. Do I advise you to craft this deck? Well, it’s still a bit dangerous crafting
decks in this unshaped meta, but I think this deck is worth it. All of the legendaries are safe crafts, and
we have the Galakrond for free, so the cost drops down under 9k. If you enjoy the warrior class, I’d say
this would be a some-what safe deck to craft, but in the end of the day, the choice is yours
to make. Next, let’s talk about Paladin. Right now, the only deck above 50% winrate
from rank 5 to Legend is Mech Paladin. Pure Paladin, Holy wrath Paladin and Highlander
Paladin still exist, but their overall winrate is far below this one, so let’s talk about
it. This deck rose in power quite quickly after
the Shaman nerfs and it’s really interesting. You can go slow and greedy with it, or you
can go fast and try to zerg your opponents with small cheap mechs. Sometimes you will find it hard to identify
which strategy you should be playing for, but with time, you should get the hang of
it. The meta is still quite fresh too, so it will
be kind of hard for you to identify what exactly you are playing against. The deck runs Kangor’s army as well, even
though most of the time it feels like a bad card, since you have so many small token mechs
in here. It’s almost impossible to get good mechs
out of it, so if you don’t have it, I’d say try it without it and see how it goes. Not too many games with this deck yet, but
here are some matchups. You shouldn’t see too many Mages and Galakrond
shamans anymore, so you can mark those off this table. Galakrond warrior and maybe Galakrond warlock
will be a challenge for you, but overall, you are mostly in the green. For the mulligan, Crystology is always a keep. Galvanizer, Micro Mummy, Glow-Tron and Hot
Air Balloon could also be a keep if you will go for the early game board, but if you are
going for the greedy strategy, Glowstones would be the play. This deck isn’t too expensive, since Snip
Snap was free for most of us and Zilliax is a must craft anyway. If you have most of the other cards, I’d
say try the deck, but don’t craft Kangor’s for it. It’s just not worth it. Now let’s see how Priest is doing. Right now Combo Priest is back in Tier 1,
but Quest Resurrect priest is next to it as well in tier 1, which is quite new. Combo Priest is literally untouched, with
0 new cards from the new expansion, so I won’t talk about it. You can just watch a previous top 5, where
I showcased the deck. Let’s see what Quest Ressurect Priest has
to offer. Well it has only 2 new cards from Descent
of Dragons, but still, it’s something. Getting that early board clear is pretty strong
for this deck, so it can handle those early game token boards. It doesn’t even run a single dragon, but
to be honest, you won’t really care for the damage to your own minions, cuz your first
minion is at 4 mana anyway. The quest here is pretty powerful cuz it forces
your opponent not to hit your face too much early on, since you will just want to hero
power anyway. Your worst matchups would be the high value
decks like Galakrond Rogue and Highlander Mage. Token Druid can also be hard, but most of
the time, you will be hell for them as well. Other than that, you should have no problem
with most of the other decks, especially the unrefined ones. For the mulligan, you want to survive to the
mid-game, so taking some early game control tools, should help you out. Vargoth, Inflitrator and Ziliax would be your
best early game minions, and you can revive them over and over again after that. If you are feeling confident, you can even
keep Zerek’s Gallery, but I’d say that would be a bit too greedy. This deck is a bit on the expensive side,
so I can’t really advise you to go for it. Historically, this deck hasn’t done too
well, so I’m not sure if the meta will leave it at the top tier for too long. If you really want to play priest, I guess
Combo Priest will be the safer craft, since it’s just too broken for it to care what
expansion we are at and it just keeps on getting good results for a fraction of the dust cost. Up next is Hunter. Face Hunter was all the rage these past few
days, but after the Galakrond Shaman Nerf, it has fallen in power. Highlander Dragon Hunter and Quest Hunter
were also pretty good and fun, but right now, the Secret Highlander Hunter from the past
is what has the highest winrate. 5 new cards have been included from the new
expansion. Veranus and Dragonqueen Alextrasza give the
deck a lot of power, but make it even more expensive than it was before. We don’t have subject 9 here though, so
that reduces the cost a little. Not much else to say about it. It’s still the same powerhouse as it was
in the old expansions, so let’s move down to the matchups. Token Druids, Pirate Warriors and Face Hunters
would be your worst matchups after the nerfs. Other than that, the grass is very green here,
so it would be an easy climb for you with this deck if you learn it properly. For the mulligan, you always want your mini
Subject 9, a.k.a. Phase Stalker, Dwarven Sharpshooter, Rat trap, secret keeper and Zephrys. Depending on the matchup, you can keep Desert
spear, Snake and Explosive trap and Springpaw as well. Anything else, should pretty much go back
the way it came. Should you craft this deck? Well, for 15k dust, probably no, but if you
played this deck before, you should definitely invest in the new version and keep on rockin
it. And the last class we will talk about is Warlock. The 2 working decks here are Handlock and
Galakrond Zoolock. Handlock can be very powerful but it’s very
expensive and quite hard to pilot properly too, so let’s talk about Galakrond Zoo instead. Nothing too fancy in it. It’s just your typical Zoolock, with the
Galakrond package in it. It plays out like Zoolock and when you run
out of steam, you jam your worshipers for that extra card draw. Galakrond can also be a pretty powerful refill
tool, if you manage to invoke it fast enough, and the weapon helps your cause even further. You don’t have too many popular bad matchups. Galakrond Warrior might be a problem, but
your other bad matchups are a rare sight nowadays at higher ranks, so you should be good. Nothing too special about the mulligan. You want your 1-drops and early game invoke
cards. Everything else should be a dump. Is it worth the craft? Well, it’s not too bad and it’s not too
expensive. Zoolock always finds a way back into the meta,
so in the long run, you will probably be using the core of this deck, so it’s probably
not gonna be a bad idea for you. So these are my top 5 decks so far. Highlander Galakrond Rogue, Galakrond Shaman
and Token Druid are also doing quite well, but I can’t fit everything in a top 5. I hope this video helped you, and if it did,
a like and a subscribe would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for watching guys! I’m Kris O Five and I’ll see you in my
next video!

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