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Okay, we’re still vlogging for Feline! Hi all, we’re at Horse Event! Check this! Hi guys! I’m at my trailer. There were even parents fighting over whose child was first in line. I’m so sorry it had to be like this. Hi all, and welcome to a new video by PimAbigail. Haha, no. Welcome to Feline’s new vlog! With PimAbigail! And Deena. Here’s Feline. Stretching Marley’s legs. Look at all these preparations. Feline’s about to start her first Saturday show. She did a show, a gameshow and a Meet&Greet yesterday as wel. Today’s the 2nd Horse Event day/ Marley’s ready for it, Feline’s almost ready. And they’re about to enter the arena. Good intro Leanne. That’s all I wanted to say.
– Hi! – Bye! Look at this pretty shot with the sun. Let’s walk/ Add a nice song and this is beautiful. Backstage felinehoi. And Madee (lifewithwesla). Madeefleur. Clips with the rider, the horse and the groom. Only half an hour left before her show. Oh no.
– We can go under it, that’s probably okay. Yeah, think so too. Last preparations. It’s so crowded!
– Yeah, people had to go school yesterday. We’re gonna do a nice piaffe as well. Haha, good luck with that. Okay, we’re still vlogging for Feline. For ourselves as well. We’re on our way to the arena. We’re almost there. – In 5 minutes she will start her first show of today. So, were you there? Tell us what you thought of it in the comments below! Great, of course. That’s because Feline’s great! Go Feline! Feline de Jonge! *I was gonna skip this obstacle, but Marley wanted to take it* A big applause for Feline de Jonge. Washing his legs. Particularities about this horse: loves food. Marley loves food. Check out this halter. Horsie has some hay again. You deserve that! And we gave him some new water. Now we’re gonna make a little tour! It’s 11:45am now. You can’t see my eyes because of the hat, but I really have to wear it because of the sun. Leanne, Kim and Deena gave you a nice intro already. And Madee was there as well. There wasn’t much time left for me to do it myself. And I had to rush my warming-up, because I thought I had to perform at 11:15, but it appeared to be 11. The show went well, Marley did good. It was a little less than yesterday though He was giving me a hard time with his head, didn’t wanna get on the bit. And the steering with the neckrope was a little harder than yesterday. But he did good, and the Q&A was very nice as well, a lot of girls showed up. So thanks a lot if you were there. Madee is vlogging too. It’s got drawings all over it, but see how cute. Here, someone added she’s subsribed to my channel. Look who’re here! I just dropped my phone, so it’s broken now. We wanted to make a picture, but Feline can’t work it out with her camera. Hi all, we’re at Horse Event! We’re gonna film Feline. Not you Madee, Feline! Oh, the groom can be in the clip as well. Feline is spreading some signatures. Because she’s famous! She doesn’t want to vlog herself, so we’ll do it for her. She hired personal vloggers, right Feline? We’re at the stand ‘Paardenkamp Soest’, for whom we’re about to do the fashion show. We took Marley in and he doesn’t care. He thought that was stray, which was pretty cute. So we’re gonna dress him up! Marley’s ready! This is all stuff for Paardenkamp Soest. I’m dressed as well. So let’s go! Feline just did the fashion show, but it was a little weird… It was about the whole set, including saddle and bridle, but the guy forgot to say that or something. So the woman who bought it thought she’s getting the clothes, gets the saddle and bridle as well. She can donate it to me. Feline’s changing clothes now. We’re gonna film that for you now. Joke. And then set number 2 is coming up. These girls gave the best gift today! Peppernuts! We’re gonna make a picture and then I’ll eat these. I’ve got the information guide and check! Hi! It’s 15:45 and the game will start at 16:00. We just saw Eva who took Q here for the first tim. Eva was all emotional about it and Madee and I started crying too. Eva crying is so contagious, we had to cry too. We’re chilling at the trailer, Marley’s over there. He’s eating grass, so he’ll stay there. We have to game first and then the Meet & Greet, so the coming 2 hours will be quite heavy. Oh well, coming hour. I’m taking my camera, but I know if I can film.
*No time to film, so no footage!* Hi guys! I’m at my trailer. I wanted to say… Thanks a lot to all of you who came for the Meet&Greet. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for anyone who wanted a photo, signature or just a chat. Or that you could give me your selfmade gifts.. I think they’ve been collected, so… I might have your gift after all, and I try to put it in a video. Madee’s here. The gameshow started at 4:05pm till 4:20. And then my Meet&Greet from.. let me check. *I’ll finish this at the end of the video* She’s the winner of the lunge.
*We agreed I would give it to her at Horse Event* Have fun with it! You have a pen Madee?
– Uh no, but she has. Marley’s chilling here, and Kim tries to play with him. Hi darling! Nice to stretch your legs huh? You’re gonna cuddle Leanne? Haha Marley, take your pick! Ooooh! You go to Kim, Leanne called you a stupid horse. Give Kim a kiss! You should do it with your right hand. Like he knows the difference between right and left! Oh yes he does! Marley, kiss!
– He’s not getting any candy for it now. He’s doing everything for candy! He’s doing anything for candy!
– Can’t be goof! Hi all! It’s a little later now. It’s been 10:30 pm. I got disrupted while I was telling you what happened and how I’m doing. The people next to us wanted to move their trailer, so then I’m not gonna stay there, crying. After that, we chilled a little, took care of Marley… We made a groupsphoto with a bunch of friends and we checked out the area. Leanne and Kim (and Madee) sleep here, so they’re all upstairs. But I wanted to end the vlog first. The Meet&Greet was a big chaos, and nobody expected this. There was no security or people who took care of it. I was standing in some sort of paddock, and people started to climb over the fences. There were people waiting for an hour or so and then people who just got there jumped the queue. So chaotic. Luckily the girls from Klein Oever started helping me. I asked them, because it didn’t work like that. They lead everyone behind the fences and let people go into the paddock with me one by one. But that wasn’t enough, so one of them went to the Penny stand and got someone who started helping as wel. (s)he made queues, which made a lot of people angry. Because people who were waiting for a long time suddenly had to stand at the end of queue. And I’m so sorry about it. Parents were even fighting whose child was in line first. It’s so not nice it had to go like this. I was supposed to be there for 25 minutes and I have been there for over 70 minutes. People got me and Marley water, because Marley was so thirsty and tired as well. It was really not doable. Ehm, a Meet&Greet doesn’t sound like a lot of work. It seems like all you do is smile, hand out some signatures and pose for some photos. But I experienced today that it takes so much energy. My back starts hurting when I have to stand for a while, so that played up as well. That started after 15 minutes already. And people kept coming! Someone even fainted because of the crowd and heat. Some girls started crying… So at one point, the Penny-person asked me: Feline, are you allright? And I was like: no, I’m not. But we did another 15 minutes. So she came back to me after 15 minutes and asked: Are you alright? And then I started crying. Almost starting to tear up again. So I took Marley and we left. I couldn’t even manage to explain why I left, I was cyring too hard for that. All the stress… All the nerves, the crowd, the pressure… Bursted out of me. And I feel so sorry for all the people who were waiting for such a long time and didn’t have the chance to meetme. But I hope you understand I’m not a machine and I couldn’t take it anymore. And I was feeling really sorry for Marley too. He was doing really good and I’m so proud of him… But we couldn’t go through. Nobody expected this, or we would have taken the necessary measures. So first thing I’m gonna do tomorrow morning is going to the Penny stand and talk about how we’re doing it. Because I don’t want it to be like this again. I’m really sad about how it went today. Not only because I had to disappoint so many of you, but also because my body couldn’t handle it. I have struggles with my body anyway, but… This wasn’t doable. People came to me and said I did a good job. You were there for so much longer than planned. And I appreciate you saying this, but it feels so terrible to disappoint people, especially because some of you came for us to Horse Event. And I asked you in an older video to come to the Meet&Greet, and then this happens… That sucks. So I’m really sorry it had to be like this. I’m gonna get my phone, wait… Somewhere in October… 22 October at the Paardenkamp Soest. Marley and me do two more shows. So if you live nearby, you can maybe come see us here. And we’re exploring the options to organize a hoifamily-fanday somewhere in 2017. But more about that later. Thanks a lot for watching this video and to all of you who came to see us. Sleep tight! You’re probably not gonna sleep now, but I am. And tomorrow’ll be the last day. Bye bye!

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