Hello Neighbor Epic Water Balloon Battle!  Bunch O Balloons!

– This video’s sponsored by Zuru. (dramatic music) – Yeah! I could do this all day! Uh oh! I’m out of balloons! Now I gotta fill up more of them, muahaha. (dramatic adventure music) (neighbor laughs) Splash to win, I’m genius! (plastic crinkling) (adventure music)
(water hose wooshing) Boom! Oh yeah! (adventure music) Yoosh! (water hose wooshing) (adventure music) Oh yeah! And under thirty seconds I
just made another 100 balloons. Oh, I could win a Nintendo Switch! Or I could win thousands of other prizes! Oh, I wonder if I wanna win
the scooter or the drone? The drone would be good ’cause then I could spy on
those neighborhood kids. Splash here. Yes, my secret code. To see if I won, I’ll enter this in at bunchoballoons.com, yeah. I bet I win a drone. (balls crashing)
(intense music) Hmm, what do we have here? Oh, I think I just found
something to do today. (Shawn and Karlie gasping) Muahahaha. – Oops. Sorry Karlie! – Come on Shawn. – Hmm. What to do with these? (screen wooshing) Oh yeah. (lid thudding) They’ll be back for their toys. – I was really looking
forward to opening those. – What are we gonna do now? (slingshot smacking) – Muahahaha. – What is this? It’s a note. – What’s it say? – Kids, I have your toys. To get them back you have to play my game and find ’em in my back yard. Muahahaha. – [Shawn] P.S. watch out. What does that mean? – I don’t know. (water balloons splashing) (screams) It’s coming from the neighbor. – It’s the neighbor! – It’s over the fence! – Stop it, neighbor! (Shawn screaming) – (mumbles) shooting us! (Shawn screaming) He’s getting us with water balloons! Come on, let’s get outta here. – Oh yeah, this is gonna be a fun day. Oh wait, I gotta get
dressed for the occasion. (curious music) Ah. (curious music) – Now that we’re prepared
for a water battle let’s get our toys back. – And don’t forget the neighbor. We gotta get him back, too. – Let’s go. (mystery music) – Woof, it’s starting to get hot out here. Those kids will be back
for their toys soon. I better get my X-Shot. Oh yes, here we go. (mystery music) (water splooshing) They’re gonna have to get past
me to get their toys back. Take that. – Shawn, check for the neighbor. (Shawn gasps)
(adventure music) The neighbor’s coming up that way. Let’s go that way. (adventure music) – Ha!
(water splashing) (adventure music) Ha!
(adventure music) Ha! (intense wooshing)
Ha! I can sense those kids
somewhere around here. (intense music) – [Shawn] Let’s check the deck boxes. – Wha! – This one’s locked. – Not in here. – Here comes the neighbor, Shawn! Hide! (intense music) – Hey! (adventure music) (shouting) – [Karlie] You’ll Never Win, Neighbor! (Neighbor shouting) – [Neighbor] That was so close. Missed me! (Neighbor shouting) You won’t get out of here dry! – [Shawn] Yeah! We’re gonna get our toys back! (intense music) – [Neighbor] Oh yeah? Well take this! (neighbor shouting) Haha, you missed me! (intense music) (shouting) Got ya! You are naughty kids! You shouldn’t be throwing balloons at me! – Well, you stole our toys! (intense music) – [Neighbor] Ha! (water splooshing) (intense music)
(Neighbor laughing) You’re out of ammo! (screaming) (Neighbor laughing) The neighbor wins! That’ll teach ya! (laughs) Yeah! All right, I gotta set some traps up before those kids come back. Hmm, what will I need? (gasps) Some buckets, and rope, and duct tape! (duct tape thudding) (water hose whirring) I’m gonna need a lot more balloons. (water splooshing) I’m glad these fill fast ’cause I’m in a hurry. Oh yeah. Wha-ching! Gotta get these filled up! (water splooshing) There we go, last one. I gotta get these buckets filled up. All right this one’s ready. Oh yeah. (Neighbor laughing) Last one. (Neighbor) Wait, I almost forgot! (intense music) I think I left it in here. (intense music) – (gasps) I just saw the
neighbor go into the shed. (intense music) – There we go. – I wonder what he’s doing? – Oh yes, here it is. (plastic shuffling) Powering on super slip and slide! (water whirring) Now I’m ready. (intense music) – Okay, he’s gone now. Let’s go check the slide. (intense music) (Neighbor sighs) (intense music) Oh man, he’s not up here. Let’s go check the shed. (intense music) – Whoa! Look at the neighbors buncho ballon stuff! Cool!
– Wow, there’s an X Shot! And launchers! – [Karlie] And a Mega Catapult! – This stuff is so cool! We need to find a way to
use it on the neighbor. – Let’s find a place to fill these up where the neighbor won’t see us. – [Shawn] Okay. (intense music) Oh. Hey Karlie, I think I have a plan that just might be crazy enough to work. Get that water hose. (intense music) (plastic crinkling) All done. (water hose wooshing) Perfect. Time to get fillin’ ’em up! Oh, Karlie, look we can win prizes like a Nintendo Switch,
a scooter and a trip! – Awesome, I hope we win! – Okay Karlie, we have to fill them up until they’re this big. – All right, 100 balloons
in under a minute! Let’s go! – Next! More! Whoa, it’s gettin’ full! Wow that was fast! Now let’s get these balloons into bags and get the neighbor. All right, last one. Let’s get the launchers and go. The neighbor’s not in his chair anymore. – We better keep a close eye out. – There’s those kids. Hey! – There’s the neighbor! (Shawn shouting) Take that, neighbor! – [Neighbor] Oh yeah? Well, you take that! You’ll never get me! (Karlie shouting)
(water splashing) You missed! – [Shawn] Take that! – Missed me! – [Karlie] Almost got him! – So close! Oh man! – You guys will never defeat me! – Yes we will! – [Neighbor] No you won’t! – You’ll never soak us! (shouting) Take this neighbor! – [Karlie] You got him Shawn! – Can’t get me! () We’ll defeat you neighbor! – No you won’t! (intense music) – Hurry, we gotta chase after him! – Hurry Shawn, by the slide! – I’ll go this way Karlie! – Okay! He’s not here! – Let’s go check down by the house! – Okay! – He’s not here. Let’s go look back there. (intense music) (Karlie and Shawn screaming) – We gotta get back at him for that! – Yeah! – But, how? (Karlie and Shawn screaming) (neighbor laughing) Run Shawn! We’re gonna need all
the balloons we can get. – Yeah, ’cause we’re gonna
take the neighbor down. (intense music) (plastic crinkling) (water splooshing) All right Karlie, that’s 100. Is that enough? – No, we need more! Let’s fill some up over there. – Okay!
(plastic crinkling) (water splooshing) More?
– Yeah, we need more. (water splooshing) – Oh yeah, this is gonna
be an epic water battle. – This is gonna be the last battle. I’m gonna fill up so many
balloons they can’t win. This will at least be a start. (neighbor shouting) Haha! Wham! – Let’s get the catapult! Karlie, there’s a key! – Grab it Shawn, maybe
it opens the pool box! – Okay. (intense music) – All right Shawn I’m ready to blast him! – Okay, I’ll take the wagon around and sneak up on him, and then
blast him at close range. (intense music) – He doesn’t even know this is coming. (futuristic blooping) – Whoa! Oh yeah? You think that’s funny? Well, we’ll see how you like these! (shouts) Hey! (neighbor shouting) – Take this neighbor! – No, you take this! – I’ll get you! (Shawn shouting) I’ll get you! – No! I’m so gonna defeat you this time! – No, you can’t defeat me! – You’ll never win, neighbor!
– Oh, yes I can! – [Shawn] Take this neighbor! Karlie, I gotta fall back! (intense music) Take this neighbor! And this! – [Neighbor] No, you take this. – [Shawn] No! – [Neighbor] And this! – Can’t beat us! (shouting) I’ll get you neighbor. (intense music) – [Neighbor] (shouts) yeah! – I’ll soak you! – [Neighbor] No you won’t! – Yes I will! – [Neighbor] Whoa! () – I have to fall back! (intense music) (neighbor laughing) – [Neighbor] Whoa! Hey! (screams) (intense music) – [Karlie] You’ll never beat us, neighbor! – Take this neighbor! – [Neighbor] You can’t get me! – Yes I can! (intense music) So close! – You guys are missing! – There’s two of us and
one of you, neighbor! (shouting) – [Neighbor] Whoa! – [Karlie] I got the right! – [Shawn] I got the left! (intense music) Take this neighbor! Can’t get away from us! (neighbor shouting) – [Neighbor] It’s so much, I gotta run! – [Shawn] Yes! (neighbor screaming) – [Shawn And Karlie] Yeah! – [Karlie] Victory! – Yeah, we win! We win! Now it’s time to get our toys! – You got the key Shawn? – [Shawn] Yeah! Okay.
(intense music) There they are!
(intense music) – We got ’em back! – Yes! Let’s get out of here! (intense music) Hold on Karlie, just a minute. I got an idea. I’ll be right back! – Let’s leave the
neighbor a little present! (intense music) – All right Shawn! Let’s open these up! – Okay. (intense music) Whoa! – Don’t drop it! Oh, I got a car! – Oh I got a spaceship! – I got a little octopus! – Whoa. (laughs)
– sticky! – Ah, today was so fun but, those kids got their toys back. Well, I guess they weren’t too bad. (curious music) Huh? Wait, what’s this? What? What is this? (neighbor screaming) oh, those kids. It’s not over. I’m so gonna get those kids! It’s gonna be a long summer for them and fun summer for me! I’m getting pretty tired though, I guess it’s time for me to take a nap. Poof!

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