Here In My Backyard

Hey Here at my backyard uh people are always asking me for tours so i thought i’d show a little bit of my house But more importantly i’m going to share with you, uh how i went from sleeping in a mobile home you know with
47 bucks in my bank account to a place like this in Beverly Hills Hollywood
Hills and some of you three things that made all the difference in my life but
this is like people ask me to do like MTV Cribs like a little tour so it’s a
cool house 56 doors 18 bedroom 18 bath 16 bedrooms, it depends on how you count. Some of
them are… i use as a library but let me show you got all kinds of cool stuff
obviously pool cabanas and stuff my favorite thing it’s got a full court
basketball so if you like to play basketball or tennis and can do big
parties here you know one of the things I’m gonna tell you in these three it’s
important that you understand the how to win friends and influence people that’s
a big one people are still on networking stuff so
yeah squat rack that I’m putting together for
the gym there’s a gym in here there’s sixteen person movie theater and here I
like movies there is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu room that I use so anyway you
know these three things that I’m going to share with you the things that I
teach the people who work for me the CEO’s that I train, I’m an investor that’s
my main business now I’ve done all kinds of stuff you know I’ve been entrepreneur since I was 19 years old sometimes not a
very successful one you know that’s how I end up on a couch doing not
understanding the things I’m a share with these three things with you this I
used as a you know a bar and stuff when I do a party got the infinite there is
the guest house there I didn’t show you that but that’s the movie theater you
got the gym and pool and poker room today so you know know these three things I symbolise them
with three letters. Ok? which i’ll show you in a second when I’m not walking so much and
so every time even to this day when I’m under pressure when like you know I’m
not sure what to do these three letters that my, I have 5 mentors that showed me this,
this is the living room I’ll show you in a second, I’ve got a little fish pond in there but ah
Oh I show you the kitchen I use this little master dining room stuff like that I’m
not going to go through all the rooms as this place has a lot of rooms its 17,000 square
feet so here’s the kitchen I’m not a good cook at all so you know and then
you got here I don’t have all my cars here as I have other houses here in LA
but I think i’ve the Lambo and Ferrari here. Yeah Ferrari and Lambo. I’ve got other cars and some of…
this is a different garage, I shot that commercial like “here in my garage” so i don’t
have bookshelf in this garage I have a my other house up in the Hollywood Hills
this is Beverly Hills though yeah this So Yea. This is a I play the piano got a cool door got
some fish they’re all under here this is why I read you know I like to read a
book and stuff like that so pretty cool cool front door, oh it’s got a elevator in the
house which I never used but there’s a third floor for like guests and stuff got a
cool door oh (sorry) somebody here waiting, i will close the door… and then
you got the Godfather look at people I said is look like Scarface you know
say hello to my little friend but anyway forget all that i’m gonna give you these
three things actually gonna do it on my website as I want this to go too long so
if you click the link on my website on the stand right here and I’m gonna
explain to you these three things that took me from sleeping on a couch you
know including North Carolina mobile home to you know you always gotta go up
you know it doesn’t matter how fast you go up not everybody needs to be a
billionaire a millionaire but it’s all about progress you know momentum so
Im gonna share with you three things if you do these three things going to change your
life so click the link that will take your my website is all free don’t worry
about it I monks and lay it out and if you do these three things you know I
don’t know what you’re seeking in life on hold for people some people want
health wealth love happiness is all this wide variety of human wants but whatever
yours are this these three letters a little way I memorized it will
revolutionize your life I’m telling you and and they continue when I make
mistakes these are the ways that you dig yourself
out of a hole so click the link there should be a link right here may be down
and I’ll take you my website and you can check it out and make a change today
never procrastinate we live in a world full of procrastinators if you snooze
you lose in life you know what I’m saying so click the link and I’ll see you on my
website for free video presentation of of these three steps are gonna change
your life all right talk to you soon

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Reader Comments

  1. Connor Magill

    Tai Lopez has inspired me to do better using the same strategy he used. Tai is a legit person who's really trying to help other people improve their lives. I would know, his methods also helped me improve my life. I'm so happy that his first original ad caught my attention.

  2. Connon Morgan

    Another lesson in life if you have a lot of money don't blow on needless shit, the bare minimum will do just fine. trust me hundreds of thousands do it their entire life.

  3. Seb Brantigan

    Awesome crib buddy…just goes to show if you follow the right people and just copy what they do, you can get those same results too! Thanks Tai and keep rocking it!

  4. Pha1ltality

    Yo Tai! You inspired me to follow my passion of interior furniture design, and I'm on the way to getting my first Lamborghini. I think you're best advice is that knowledge is more important than materialistic things.

  5. Shiro Campos

    I'd love to become an entrepreneur. Any tips and / or advice would be absolutely great. Also, thanks for sharing your story.

  6. Maissan Noor

    my life is a big mess, somehow this video is pinching me in the face..I need to sort my life before it's too late.. I don't want to be a failure, I'm made for more than being the person I am today.

  7. Pablo Aguilar

    I'm glad you made this public! I love your videos! This is the second ad I watched from you and I just loved your transparency with your house! 🙂

  8. V33 SSB

    My favorite thing, it’s got a full court bathroom, so if you like to play basketball, or ballsketbas, or bathroomball, or TENNIS

  9. hofferjerry25

    Published on Mar 7…..Like three hours ago and already has 37 million views? Your videos average around 100k views. I know this shit was originally posted last summer or maybe the summer before. But htf do the views stay with a re-post years later?

  10. Jones

    I got mad love for you and your grind Mr lopez.. me and my brother's admire your encouragements you provide us with, and helps us terrifically.. Thanks for being you man. We need more people like you in this world👌 💯💯💯💯💯

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