Hermitcraft 5: Episode 83 – INVISIBLE MAZE!

Hello everyone this is Mumbo and welcome back to another episode on the Hermitcraft server and it’s episode eighty-three and today I am going to do something that I’m sure is going to make a lot of you commentators very very happy you guys have been requesting it for probably about the past i would say 10 episodes i’d say 10 episodes is probably about right This, thing right here My tiny little map, I have been told that i should update it now i actually don’t know how to update it. How does one how does one update a map How do i map my base has that done it? I’m gonna have to look this up. Well i would say that’s it updated i mean it doesn’t look that Spectacular from up in the sky, so i’m almost tempted to actually get my own map and do like a mini map of my base I don’t know, what you guys are asking me for. You’re either asking me to update this map Which i think i’ve done or asking Me to actually get a map, and map out the base i think i’m going to do both and three two, one? Whoa, look at that thing! That looks amazing! I mean it’s only covering like, a tiny tiny little section of my, base but i do think that, we should map the entire thing. *excited laugh* I was not expecting it to look that detailed Holy, mackerel i have no clue, if i’m doing, this correctly So i’ve scaled this one else we now have this going on i now have this map over here that i think i need to Scale out as well and hopefully that should match up with the edge of this thing i don’t know i’ve never done this before i think i might have just done it so this should be The full, base all mapped out honestly i’m dicing to be absolutely terrible. This thank goodness i’m not responsible for mapping the entire hermitcraft server because it took me about four weeks i Think i just have to load up all this area. And that should be us done one little bit of oh two bits of leather and Hopefully, another couple i had absolutely no leather in my, base and we need this stuff before all of the item frames you know What while i’m at it you can die as, well sorry Mate so that one grows in the top left This one goes down at the bottom there then this, one right here is going to go there and this, one Goes up at the top It’s not exactly centralised, but there’s nothing you can, do about that with maps But it does look pretty impressive doesn’t it i can’t Wait to start getting things in this section. Anyway aside from all that map making stuff we’re now Going to start work on another layer of the labyrinth and we’re, also going to go back to some of the previous layers and Add some bits and pieces that are going to make them slightly more exciting and add some variety Between all of the layers but this one is going to be completely different we’re going to be going back to the invisible maze concept now i know i said that i hated this i absolutely despise it in A recent episode because it was just so frustrating but That’s because i was working in a massive massive error here whereas someone let me know Down in the comments section that it would be a cool, idea Is kind of section it off so that you have four different sections that you have to get through Before you reach the end so essentially you’re only Solving this tiny little area and then once you get to the end you pop them through this, door and then you Solve this area and then you, solve the next one and so on and so forth it basically chunks it down So then it makes it a little bit easier to solve so you, don’t have to keep going Back on yourself stage one is now complete And i’ve just done a quick play test and it worked really quite nicely it took, about two or three minutes to solve Which is pretty much perfect, for me because i would say, that’s just between Difficult but not really horrendously frustrating the previous design where this entire thing Was just one massive invisible maze That was really really frustrating and i think part of that could be due to the fact that i was using Fences as opposed to cobblestone walls some of you let me know, down in the comments section that cobble Walls are actually better for this sort of thing because their hitbox is different so you Don’t get stuck on them as you walk past Which is a good tip it is worked wonders and it makes this thing a lot Less annoying so let’s design the entire thing And that my friends is that, this thing is entirely built we have got four invisible mazes all ready to go all of some great fun i play tested the entire thing and It’s not frustrating in the slightest. I’m happy to say so let’s gather up, some resources and try our best to build This, thing on the hermitcraft server Yeah i’ll be honest i think i might just crafted up way too many cobblestone, walls what on earth was i thinking? I mean what makes me think that i’m going to need over 20 specks of cobblestone walls to do this Despite the fact of the load dug out this entire hole with A silk touch pickaxe, i have actually run out of stone again i’m starting to see, why You, guys, find it frustrating that i just seem to leave all of my items on the floor during those time lapses Let’s go on a bit of a mining session. Part one of this build has been constructed We have got two all of the sections in place you’ve got all of the stone slabs i’ve just placed those in on the floor We’ve gone the, walls in so now everything is segmented and ready to go i’ve, also gone out and gathered a Whole bunch of wool so, we have all the white carpets You, saw that i’ve gone of the cobblestone walls and we have all of the designs in the redstone testing world so i know how to build this thing i would say i would, say we’re ready to start doing this i Have, no clue, where to start though Where to start now i thought this would look at just a tiny bit better in the form of a third-person time-lapse so while We do that i thought i’d do a? Quick time-lapse chat this time i’m actually, going to be talking about the maze project Itself because as you guys know, we have taken on the invisible maze so that’s kind of layer number one in fact you know What we’re?
Gonna, go from the, bomb, okay, so layer number one is currently a button based System but later on in this episode we’re actually going to change that up to something a little bit more exciting so that’s that one? Layer number two, is then the button, based, system layer number three is invisible maze Which i have built thanks to your comments, and that has really really helped Me out because i was such a smart idea so i mean i hadn’t thought of? But it’s a kind of segment it like that And make it just smaller challenges that the player has to take on that really does help out the impossibility Situation that, we had going on beforehand but, we still have two more layers to go i would say About two more layers and have to go i want to ask You, what should i do for them you guys are, super creative i’m going through all your comments and they are Honest that there’s so many good ideas in there and i’m trying my best to fit them in with all of the hermit card episodes As i go but i actually, want to ask
you what should i do for these layers now i want you to put your ideas down in the comment section and You, see an idea that you really like and you really Want to see me build then hit the like button on that comment And try and get those ones to the top and obviously the ones that have the most up votes i’m more likely to see them And thus i’m more likely to do them and of course if one has thousands and thousands of likes Then of course i’m gonna be like, well people, want to see me build, that so i’ll try My best to build it so that’s kind of the plan here i’m going to do like a user submitted maze based Building system i hope that sounds good let’s pop back onto the hermit craft server now i have to say that was Surprisingly, quick simply because i’ve learned a new techniques i mean i hadn’t thought of doing before but that is to align Myself with the screenshot that i have so i have a screenshot of the maze from My redstone testing world and i have it opened on my other screen And when i was building the other layers i would kind of walk around? Like this and do all this and just get lost essentially i would get so confused because Working and rotating shapes in your brain is a little bit of a challenge, some people are really good at it i am myself clearly i’m not particularly very good so wive done is for this entire thing i actually worked in The, same direction as the Screenshot is facing? And that allowed me to just get everything done without running into any issues whatsoever So that is a bit of a top tip for you guys if you are wanting to build mazes That’s definitely the way to do it i feel there’s a chance that that previous clip didn’t make Any, sense was work just basically point in the direction that your screenshot is pointing in i don’t think i can? Say, any simpler than that anyway it is now time to take on the next project Which is to place in the roof on this thing now so far we don’t have? Any lighting involved so i thought i would go all out with It we’re going to cover this thing in c hansen’s which is now looking Lovely i wonder what this place looks, like from inside Like, some kind of crazy science research laboratory, i think that’s the way that i described it i’ve? Also just realized i actually haven’t placed in the doors just yet Which is going to be a bit of a pain in the backside because of no place in the roof So i’m gonna have to go through the maze to actually place in each one of our doors Okay, that seems a good idea to me now This is actually going to act as a bit of a play test for the maze itself When we’ve literally just completed sector number once we’ll facing this, door and Once you go through, that locks us into this next section and then i need, to try, and work my Way through and i can promise you it’s harder than it looks This is a lot of trial and error here and i built it i know? Where i’m meant to be going that took around, about 12 to 15 minutes i would say very roughly Which i would i would argue is probably the perfect Time you know is it’s not so long that it’s horrible it’s a horrible experience But it’s not so short that There’s no challenge you kind of run through it which is something that i’ve been really trying to aim for with, this entire project Because i don’t want the homies to hate this i want it to be frustrating but i don’t want them to hate it But i also, don’t, want it to be super easy and they just breeze through it so i would say that is good for this layer here and Next up what i want to do? Is kind of change up the button mechanism for the layer down underneath i want to add in some of your suggestions Involving coats i have to say though it’s gonna be a little bit trickier than i was first expecting to do this considering obviously We have everything built i’m actually gonna have to solve the maze to Be able to place in the things to make the maze harder the good news is i was looking for repeaters and i found them? bad news is this It seems that, no matter what i do? When you unload chunks it kills redstone contraptions, yeah as expected i’ve got myself legitimately lost in my, own maze Okay, so there’s a loop, there that’s a dead end i totally thought that, was gonna lead back to the chest where whenever i put it Where on earth, way put it it should be somewhere around here So here we have the take a key chest they have to take a key from this chest over here and place it inside this chest to open up the piston, door which is Somewhere i i don’t really know, where it is i actually? Okay, we took out the buttons, place in that chest so now, we go through into the next section and then We’ll do that for the other side as Well this is so confusing finally this thing is now done i kid you not this has taken a very long time just to place in a few hoppers and a few chests with items on the inside i Can’t believe it but i suppose that’s what you when you’re working in a maze and you You’ve designed a maze is actually quite complicated and you’re trying to find places to put things in the maze Naturally it’s quite difficult to find those things, again so i spent a lot of time just charging About up here looking for the things that i’d literally just placed about 30 seconds goes Insane but anyway this is now done we now have a code based System for the bottom layer so it’s code based on the bottom layer then the second layer from the bottom is the one? Where it’s button, based and then We have the invisible one and then the other two layers that go above it are going to be something completely different And we’ll work on those in a future episode of homographs so i thought the next thing that i do is quickly pop over to Cub, fans place to see how, the world map is doing And i have to say i hadn’t seen this this is next level check Out the odd the upside-down animals the cloud wow, oh? man that is Really, quite something anyway regardless of that if we take a look, down on the bottom here the maps Should, be somewhere where abouts are they there it is Holy, mackerel i mean, oh there i am that’s, me that’s the base So there it is right there That is the mumbo jumbo base in terms of scale for the entire hermitcraft map now this Is math the fact There’s a fact that cub, fan has actually mapped out this area i cannot even begin to understand how Long, that would have taken because this is a lot of flying a Lot of flying to cover up this much land But note, we can, see, we can, see i think that scar space there so that place is pretty huge i’m guessing that’s tango there the red i Think, down there that’s That is skull and ren, dog i imagine I’m not a hundred percent. Certain i’m guessing that’s exuma void there Yeah, oh this is a really cool, project Really, good work by cub fan here and his base is insane i haven’t been over here in ages there’s so much going on i Feel like i should try getting all the mob heads there’s something that i haven’t really done It does it doesn’t make me feel a little bit less cool, about, my, own maps though Here is impressive is it anyway outside of comparing map sizes and all that other childish stuff we’re going to do Some work on the aquarium and there is some serious stuff that i want to try My best design number one is i want to try and come up with a design for the corals okay i really Want to and i want to make them work so we’re going to get stained-glass involved and everything like That number two is i want to make a, bum bow. Care alone i or corps alone i i suppose, and number three is oh Gosh i’ve forgotten so this, is kind of like, my plan, my plan is is to create? Systems a little bit like this so have i very slightly more sophisticated corals i suppose This is one of the pink terracotta ones and if we take a look from back here I’ve got the right idea or not i don’t know, what i’m doing i don’t know, what i’m doing i? Don’t know what doing i’m kind of growing to like, this, area here but i’m hating what i’ve done With this, so that can go and i would Say just this sauce section here maybe you just expand it a little bit and kind of merge the two Into one another adding in some glass maybe, some terracotta in some of the gaps Yeah, this is going to be one of those ones where it is going to take a lot of place and? Walk, away and then place and then walk, away it’s one of those projects, okay so i have been at this for just over an hour now and This, is what we’ve got so far i you know it’s an odd one because it does look pretty good if i look over here? That looks pretty, boring and bland whereas this is definitely but i feel like? I might be overdoing, it there might be a little bit too many corals in this area i almost feel like I might i’m tempted to take this one out that might remove some of the clutter But then, maybe we’ll have one up there On a stretching across and maybe a little bit of tiny coral action going on here
It’s difficult it’s so difficult i don’t build in this off way a few extra bits and pieces have been added on so we’ve got Some red, going on here we also have, some extra crawl up here a little bit there they’ll be here and there it’s looking it’s looking good i mean Oh it’s so difficult to know i play a lot of minecraft today so i might have to do one of those poll things where you, tell, me if you love it or you hate it i Might have to do one later on in the video it, also doesn’t help that this area is basically unplayable Because the sorting system is currently fully in gear in fact it’s so unplayable that the sounds aren’t working if you listen outlet Do you, hear that all The sounds are getting cut short because there’s so much sound coming from the storage system now i am genuinely very curious to see What this actually looks like What i thought i’d do is try and make like a, rough it’s meant to look, like a coral But it’s, also meant to look a, little bit like, bumbo cacti night I’d say i’d say we’ve almost nailed it maybe sort out his arm a little bit It’s it’s a work in progress it is a work in progress i Think, maybe if we add in some extra things around here maybe add in some extra stained glass around as Well we do have a little bit yellow. Which which could be quite good for kind of doing it around here Make an emergen with the environment just a tiny bit more But no he looks, okay, ah This is difficult though i i’ve said, it before i’ll set up again So happily the super smelter is fresh out of coal and also it doesn’t make sense To, smell small quantities of items inside it because that just wastes loads of coal so we’re playing the waiting game There is another furnace here that i could, make use of well this, is what the aquarium is looking like, for the time being We have got a lot of bright colors going on lots of things are caring I’m not 100%. Certain that everyone’s going, to love it so i am going, to try, my best i Try, by bears to remember to put a poll on the screen right now to let me know if you guys Like the corals i’ve put in here or if you absolutely hate them those are going to be the two options, do you Like them or do dislike them please let me know And then we can, decide what to do from there and if you guys, don’t like, them then i suppose We’ll call it scallion because i do feel, like, this place does need a little bit of sprucing up and you know What one thing i want to do? That’s one solid line anyway, we can, do that we can, do that in the near future but For the time being unfortunately that is actually all i’ve got time for today now before i go i just? want to say i do Apologize that this video released just a tiny bit late it’s come out one day later than you, would probably expect And that is just simply because i was picking up the 100-horsepower panda as you guys know i’ve been talking About getting, this panda for a little, while now i’ve been rejecting My car situation and i decided to go for it they’re dirt cheap and they’re Hilariously good fun like Seriously seriously good fun if you’ve never driven a 100 horsepower panda before then you totally should and if you’re looking for a first car Then it’s definitely definitely one that i would suggest getting because it looks much cooler than the standard panda is still a panda It’s not the best-looking car in the world but it’s just it’s like a go-kart it’s seriously Seriously like your go-kart i absolutely love it So i’ve got that i’m pick up the campervan today as Well that’s all been fixed so that’s now roadworthy and ready to drive about and then the c63 i do still have But the chances are i’m going to be getting rid of it next, year and swapping it out for a classic. Italian, sports car Such as an old 105 series out for a. Mayo or for example at. Lancia Fulvia, or something like, that so that is also come at Some point next, year i’m very excited about absolutely loving the panda but i apologize the episode, was late it’s Gonna, be back to back home and crafts episodes thursdays and fridays This, week, so you can look forward to hermitcraft tonight, which you’ve just watched and also tomorrow’s not too Bad but anyway hope you enjoyed the video if you, did please press that like button if you really loved it then Make, sure to subscribe but thanks for watching guys, this is me mumbo, and i’m out i’ll see you later

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Reader Comments

  1. Lauren Burrell

    you should build a maze that is super complicated that you have a time limit because the roof will be coming down to suffocate
    you should build a super complicated maze that has a time limit because the roof whould be coming down to suffocate you.

  2. Catherine Taaffe

    I am not a huge fan of the coral but coral cactus thing was cool but I think should you take the coral out and make the cactus out of a different material I'm not sure what material

    Like if you agree

  3. Michael Espey

    BBBBUUUUUMMMMMMMBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOO keep the coral also you should add a bonus unlit obsidian section after the end for true maze runners.

  4. Cookiesaiyan TFM

    When you turned around to look at how the coral version of Bumbo Cactoni looked, I thought it was one of those moments where you just backed away and ended the video.

    It was just my headphones disconnecting.

  5. Tex Arcana

    1) For the maze: set up a set of beds for users to use before they enter, then set up at least one "kill box" in each level. Maybe make the final level out of bedrock, then fill full of mobs and the players have to either avoid the mobs (pac-man style?) or kill their way thru.

    2) Coral: looks good, don't overdo it.


  6. The 08 sniper

    Iskall can help you with the corals 😀

    Pssssst… I love you soooooo much mumbo you've helpt me with minecraft and i aprishiate you more than olmost Everyone

  7. ZEBRA RIDER 2.0

    I don't know who the person who hates diorite is, because I forgot but you could make a diorite maze and in entrance make signs that say for then put his name

  8. Damon Weil

    you should have them put their stuff in a chest and get some leather armor and a stone sword, and then make a maze that's like the maze in the movie maze

  9. Sunwell Cleanser

    I feel like if he made a sort of scaffolding railing thing around the aquarium with a terracotta floor and glass pane as the railings it'd look really good

  10. NightCrusher76

    Here’s an idea we’ll probably not in hermitcraft but here it is: a battle mini game that is fought in a maze. Here’s how you do it: make a bush maze and then make two teams who fight it out in the maze

  11. Adriano S. Silva

    I know that is the old season but if you see my comment. You can construct a maze based in glass it can be made all of glass you just make the path through the glasses.

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