Hidden Clues In Your Ex’s Text Messages (Uncover Their TRUE FEELINGS!)

Hey guys, it’s your favourite breakup coach
here, and I’m back with another video that’s going to help you get a second chance with
your ex. My name, of course, is Brad Browning… or
Breakup Brad if you prefer… I’m the author of the best-selling Ex Factor
program, I’m a relationship coach and breakup expert from Vancouver BC…. and I’m here
today to help you figure out the true meaning behind your ex’s text messages. If you’re like most of my clients, I’m
sure you’ve received messages from your ex where you knew they weren’t telling the
truth… or maybe the message just seemed suspicious and you wondered what was actually
going through your ex’s mind when they sent it. Let’s go through some common texts you might
receive from your ex and read between the lines to find out the true meaning. Quickly though, before I begin, let me just
throw in a little disclaimer: no two people are alike, no two breakups are alike, and
there’s no foolproof way to read your ex’s mind. Beware of over-analyzing or jumping to conclusions. One text isn’t enough to determine whether
your ex will take you back or not, so don’t try to read that much into it. if you’re desperate to find out whether
you’ve still got a chance with your ex, you can use the free quiz tool I created instead…
the quiz is at BreakupBrad.com/Quiz, it’s free and it takes about 5 minutes. www.BreakupBrad.com/Quiz Anyway, with that disclaimer out of the way,
let’s start with the first type of message your ex might send… Text #1: The one-word “indifferent” text
Maybe you’ve got a message from your ex that said nothing but “yeah” or “ok”
or “lol”…. You know, those replies that feel like your
ex was trying to shut down the conversation or stop the discussion in its tracks. Well, most of the time, that feeling is accurate,
and your ex just wants to end the conversation. So if you get one of these one-word replies
from your ex, especially if it’s in a situation where you’ve been talking about something
of interest, or if you’ve said something would normally generate a longer, more normal
text in response… then take notice and don’t try to dig for more. Sometimes the one-word replies mean that your
ex is tired of you and you need to back WAAAY off, and sometimes it’s just because they’re
in a bad mood or in the middle of something and don’t want to be bothered. Either way, it’s time to give them some
time and don’t try to force them to continue talking… I recommend you wait until your ex reaches
out to you again and begins the next conversation, and until then you just stick to radio silence. Text #2: The “I miss you” text
This is the most painful type of text you can receive from your ex… often you’ll
receive it late at night, when your ex is lonely and has time to think things over. They might say “I miss you” or “I still
love you” or something along those lines that indicates they perhaps want to get back
together. It might be included in a longer message,
or maybe they’ll saying nothing but “i miss you” out of the blue. Either way, it’s simultaneously both a good
sign and an annoying text to deal with. It’s good news because it means your ex
is still thinking about you, feeling emotional about the breakup, and you’ve been doing
the right things. It’s tough because it can also give you
false hope… I see it all the time where one of my clients
will receive a message like this from their ex, only to find the next 3 texts they send
get ignored altogether. This kind of ‘hot and cold’, mixed messages
behaviour is really common, and it means you shouldn’t get too emotional in your reply. In fact, I recommend either not replying at
all (if it’s appropriate in the context of the conversation) or saying something to
change the topic, like “I miss you too! Speaking of missing, did you ever find that
library book that disappeared from your car?!?”. Text #3: The “Are you seeing anyone” text
This one is a bit less common, but I still get questions about this type of message from
clients pretty regularly. In almost all situations, if your ex asks
you who you’re dating or if you’ve been seeing anyone since the breakup, it’s great
news. They wouldn’t ask if they weren’t feeling
at least a bit jealous, and they’re perhaps worried — even subconsciously — that they’re
losing you to another guy or girl. Don’t drop what you’re doing and reply
asking your ex to get back together… just because you get an encouraging text like that,
or any text that suggests your ex is jealous, doesn’t mean they want you back. But it is a positive sign. Reply with either a joke to get off the topic
— for example, say something like, “yeah well, you know me, I’ve always got at least
3 tall blondes on the go” — or just give a vague answer that will leave the truth a
mystery. Text #4: The “I hate you” text
Sometimes, your ex might be mean and say hurtful stuff. I see this pretty regularly, and it often
comes out of the blue… you and your ex might have ended things on good terms, but then
they begin to get angry or mean for no apparent reason. It’s usually not quite as blunt as “I
hate you”…. Your ex might hint at how they’re so much
better off now, they might bring up old arguments, or they might give you hell for something
you did in the past. Either way, getting this kind of message sucks. It’s usually actually a positive sign, though,
unless you actually did something or said something that would justify your ex’s fury. If not, especially if it seems unnecessary
and comes out of the blue, you know your ex is thinking about you and emotions are still
running strong. ALWAYS ignore this type of message, NEVER
let yourself get dragged into an argument or let your ex know their words got to you. There’s nothing more powerful than ignoring
a text from your ex that’s intended to be hurtful or cause an argument. Text #5: No text at all! Ok, if your ex doesn’t reply to you at all,
it isn’t really a ‘text’, per se… but it’s definitely a ‘message’ they’re
sending. There are two things that might explain their
lack of a reply… ok well, there’s three actually. First, your ex could just be busy. It happens. Second, it’s possible your ex still has
feelings for you and doesn’t want to bring up those painful emotions by chatting with
you, which is generally a good sign. Third, you might’ve been too needy and sent
too many irritating or uninteresting texts, and your ex just isn’t into it. The latter option is the most common, but
regardless of the true meaning behind your ex’s lack of response, the best option is
to do NOTHING. If your ex is missing you and feeling too
emotional to talk with you, they’ll probably give in at some point and reach out. If they’re simply busy, they’ll get back
to you later. And if you’ve come on too strong or haven’t
been a fun texting partner, then you definitely need to back off for at least a week or two. OK, ladies and gentlemen, that’s 5 common
messages and what they really mean… there’s a ton of other things your ex might say as
well that I haven’t covered in this video. If you want my opinion on something your ex
has texted you or said to you, there’s two options: if it’s a quick question I can
answer in a sentence or two, just leave a comment below this video and I’ll get back
to you within a few days.. I try to answer as many of your comments as
I can. If you’ve got a more complicated situation
or need ongoing 1-on-1 help, I offer coaching to a limited number of clients… you can
sign up for coaching at BreakupBrad.com/coaching. Once you sign up, I’ll learn about your
situation, give you my take, and guide you through the process of getting your ex back
for good. So… please, register for coaching, leave
a comment below, subscribe to my channel, shower me with lavish gifts… you know the
drill. Thanks for tuning in, I’ll be back again
with another video soon. See you then!

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