Hidden Figures (Best Picture Nominee) — Movie Review #JPMN

Enjoyable, if safe. Theodore Melfi’s 127-minute biographical drama
did surprisingly well during its Christmas debut in 2016, eventually earning $165 million
against its $25 million dollar budget. Based on the non-fiction book of the same
name by Margot Lee Shetterly, the Oscar-nominated screenplay shares the heretofore untold true
story about African-American women working as mathematicians at NASA during the 1960s
space race. The diverse cast is stacked with recognizable
talent, with Taraji P. Henson handling lead-duties with a feisty demeanor. Maligned as an outcast her entire life, it’s
an impassioned speech about convenient access to nearby restrooms that resonates the strongest. Manager Kevin Costner responds to this rant
by reminding his employees, “Here at NASA we all pee the same color.” But it’s Octavia Spencer in a similar position
who scored herself a Best Supporting Actress nomination. These are brave women taking on thankless
tasks in a challenging world. And pitted against the narrative’s familiar
‘stubbornly racist and myopic antagonists’ – it’s easy to root for them to succeed and
overcome. The PG rated film tackles an uncomfortable
period in American history with a fun, smile-incuding story – even if some creative liberties are
taken to make things more “Hollywood”. Combine some excellent performances with a
standard Civil Rights boilerplate, and the result is a feel-good bio-pic with likable
characters. “Hidden Figures” makes an important issue
relatively entertaining… even if it doesn’t do quite enough to rise about its predictable
genre. I think it’s a GREAT movie. That does it for this quick excerpt – but
if you’d like to watch full episodes of “Movie Night”, and submit your own reviews to be
included on the show, please visit the Jogwheel YouTube channel. My name is Jonathan Paula, thanks for watching
and have a good Movie Night!

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  1. Robert black

    Name any other decent movie that stars mostly women, none of them great beauties. Bonus points if they are all black and the movie is mainstream.

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