Better take a little bit to Guarantee basically painting What is that my beautiful mars and welcome back to my computer death? I know it’s exchange me at a computer, but we are doing this today. I am playing Roblox Wall today, I’m going to be like trying to Dodge a wall That sounds really crazy, but yeah, I guess there’s this roblox game where you’re just literally trying to Dodge the wall like okay Let’s just watch this. I hit this blue version rather. You should be a practice hole somewhere Oh, I should probably go try that first. Oh, let’s see. Oh. Oh oh that guy definitely do not win, okay? Let’s just go to the prank video. Let me go to the practice area Let’s just do that before I get sucked into there alright. Let’s go to the practice area here we go So I’m going to walk over here. Just want to Want to I think no, no, oh gosh you have to buy the practice room I am too poor for that, so I’m just going to play here. I’m going to play oh I think I just have to wait until my turn. Maybe so oh go clear hey, we did it wait look at that There’s some cool walls here. Look at that cool Techno my way look everyone said everyone counts the same in this so the only you know can have little customizable things okay? Oh Yes, you did do it the angel from above 22. You did it. You did it you do this. Let’s go I want to get in this oh gosh guys It’s my turn, and I don’t know what I am doing don’t worry guys. I got this three two one Oh my gosh, Alison Wonderwall Gonna get oh, okay Okay Yeah, I Did not Dodge it. Oh But she’s gonna hate me. I should have did that one I didn’t know what did what I was like just this one dang it. I’m sorry guys. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Oh, that was a hard water like a little tiny door. Okay round 2 team walls the red team is oh my gosh You’re going at the same time. This is so sick guys look at the portal. I love poodle Oh my gosh, okay there I think they’re about to jump to originally we go team on steam off, but the job this is okay easy Oh, what do you want? Oh, they did not finish we found the pea or something That’s like pee water ha ha ha ha booty. We got this yes. Yes I think we got this all right ok here. We go here we go. Oh Oh my goodness. I have to jump uh yeah, I meant oh my gosh my Shit, yeah, oh We did it. We did it uh yeah blue tooth times what we got 40 points, oh, Mike We got like a that was easy. That was not easy that was awesome That’s what it was Roomie bells my second time doing it and I did it I did it It did a jump through it it didn’t oh My gosh okay, so I’m just jumping around some balls like this. You know look at this we can answer a poll So this is what we can do for 13 seconds play with these I want persistence to the p water come on. Go to the people are oh, there’s like a barrier On this ball. Yeah, oh We’re about to win this game. There’s two blue people. Oh, wait. I’m on the red team I like there’s three last time I won though and I was on the blue here and blues my favorite color so I don’t know how I’m going to do on The red side, but what’s your favorite color guys? What can I do you guys like oh a Minion one or love Millions? I love these all they cleared it. Okay, okay? It’s okay guys we I’m just going to try with this all I got all these balls over here Oh my goodness check this out guys. I want to go out here. We go here and jump in here. Oh Yeah, oh my gosh. Oh my gosh And woman gasps look at this is awesome. Fighting evil guys cuz it’s marlon. It’s Marlon. It’s me. It’s Marlon, please Why does it anyone talk? I want to talk about the angel from above what they have you hi angel? I talk I? Enjoy hot eight. Oh. God. It’s my turn. What is Gucci more? Let’s do this alright. Okay? We got to do this I’m the best in the west at this. Oh my gosh. That one looks hard. All right. We got this boys Oh, no, not that way oh they just know the water ah I think it tricked the game in the figure. I did it, but it definitely didn’t do it. Oh. Oh that was awesome Come on. Ease Oh, what is she in this year the jump is she gonna make it is she gonna make it oh. God? Oh my God oh oh, she doesn’t say ah almost You almost did it angel from above okay? They got ten points here guys we to win this I want to win I love winning. I love being the weiners the weiners whole team jumps all right guys come on. We got this boise girl You know we bout to win this raise up all my gosh. Well this one’s so troll We’ll just jump through this hole alright here. We go. I Want that one person? Hey, what’s goofy? I carried my team though. I got the point What it’s not cleavon, I made it so Dom What the heck my team sucks? Oh he has adjustable guy But to get which the winning side of it. I’m not even matter now 9 matt not even matt. We’re still winning look it I got 10 points. We’re good. We’re good guys they got this easy when we go to see if they did this oh Not clear that guy fell in the water, you’re the one to blame see last time I was the one to blame not to blame, but like I did it I’d had the hard one the other guys have it easy when he is stand there the red team has won again We need up dead. We don’t put good two spikes last like hey What’s up called muggy not too high hello cool McNutt. You’re the best okay? Go under any? 149 More robots to buy lounge access the lounge why there is so cool Row look oh scramble the Team’s? Supposedly and I am still unread apparently that is I don’t know why oh my gosh is in the line What’s up called monkey? No my gosh is my turn alright Focus let’s do this is do this this is what we trained for heck. Yes. I’m a brownie. I’m a Brownie would I do what I do in the situation? drug I did it guys a Clear what’s up street increase the – yes. I am the bad. I am the best I am the best. I did it. I got street. I got street I got streets for a disgusting play for a wild up angel from above. She’s been here for a while Let’s just see how cool monkey does baby girl called Monkey come on You’re not my team, so I hope you follow it But if you’re on my team out with a want you to win welcome lucky, what are you gonna? Do we’re Gonna? Do we’re gonna do oh oh she definitely made it? Oh my gosh We made it what it looked like she just jumped in a wall with the heck what that wasn’t even real? What the heck how did she do that that was? Okay, good job cool monkey. It’s alright It awakens gotta do it for the team right now and do for the team in in a way You’re gonna do for the team right all right? Oh, my this is so easy. Thank you pancakes makin bacon pancakes Bicha pancakes little bit the pancakes bacon painted He missed in this one You literally could have tried to soothe there it was the long strip because just felt like this Oh my gosh bacon pancake Bacon Big bang. Oh I’m so bad, why? Oh my gosh, okay. It looked at Boston. I believe it’s hard, but until that anyway It’s all my not so good list because he did not okay. Maybe it’s hard cuz apparently this guy jut knocked out by it to What the heck I don’t understand how that’s hard. There’s no hard you literally stand sideways like this guy. I’m a pro Okay, look at me. Hey. This is not the pro angel from above. She’s on my team so and we’re also best friends I should try to add me so yeah angel from above will do all my gosh This was easy to I think I’m sure do sit down sit down sit down angel. No no, okay. You’re such a show-off She’s said to show up. I’ll just do sit down. Which is like You know what can’t dance, but that’s what I like. You know style point style point giggles all right Let’s see the Coc same thing won 2-0 and up next with the last person then up And then it is time for us to do the team round but look at us watching oh, Miranda sings mouth interesting Alright. This is this got really weird really really really quickly Okay, like I definitely don’t make it Did he make it there’s no way he made it? It looks like he definitely did not make stuff, but he made it. Oh my gosh 20 lawyer guys now It’s time for the team round and I am nervous, and I don’t get a guy that like literally messes up the whole team So let’s do this let’s do this guy Let’s do that alright here. We go here. We go boys and girls here. We go. Oh gosh. Yeah, this one again alright the symbOl oh my gosh, oh my God, no We didn’t make it. It’s okay. Maybe we’ll make it next time I should have just put the jump because I’m good at the jump. I should just let her do it Okay, it’s okay. It’s okay. Please don’t give them easily came off hard on Mahara Don’t come on guys come on to get this is all this was actually for you Just stack one and one person just left a job I literally jumped this one before so I think I can do oh they’re doing the hard mode okay. Thank goodness. Thank goodness They goodness they all just didn’t feel exciting So we’re tied where I don’t know if it’s going to leave it on tie if it’s going to let us play some more But let’s see if we’re going to team wild again or what hi tie game? My game where we’re going to tie breakers both team has tied okay, so they’re just Italian dig it I think we won that one because they had multiple falls of water than us, so that’s just my opinion though That’s that that’s why I think I think that we should have won this but it’s all good I won’t say one more round guys, and then we’re gonna be done with this game I really have a good time playing this looks so much fun right now chicken bella again chicken chicken again I like chicken chicken chicken nah. Yeah Oh, sorry my turn what the heck guys is just started literally. I’m still on the red team Through this right now, okay? Hello top players oh Q That’s the q put the q but there’s a little don’t let that little thing deceive you oh Yeah make it pancakes makin bacon pancakes She’s not against chicken chicken now I get eight I did this I did that I jumped through a hole which it looks really easy But guys trust me to take some skittles some skittles some skittles to jump through these holes trust me. Okay. Come on the t let’s see my predecessor, but see if it’s got ant 808 let’s see he can jump through a wall, and this is my hole see it would’ve been over powered They gave me an assault for this is my hole obviously I’m launched and I’m the father oh my God He jumped in a hole he jiong. He did it he he can go home. He cleared it He looking at me that dory then nemo was right there, but he just jumped into the hole I could have been like I could’ve did it – oh my goodness. Oh gosh oh my goodness – oh you got more people to stop so Which is he nein nein one two zero oh my God. My name is Marlon Everything in capsules looks excited. It looks like I said oh my God I did it well as far as I killed anybody with a headphones on right there by and need to do that I just got excited. My name is Marlon make it better. Make it better gigs were you going to talk to them anything? We’re gonna do jump oh Sorry buddy. Sorry buddy. Got denied by some minion some bananas he get Super denied, oh all right come on. Come on called monkey nut my partner in Crime the person on my team jumped through the hole or Yeah, do what you did I swear. She didn’t do anything So she’s just like stood there, but it looked like she jumped at the end. I’ve already passed It looks like we’re about the window staying for real. We’re 30 and 10 right now My team is still MVP guys are so good. We are truck and we are the best I’m pimping up my team so hard. I know we are the best. Oh my gosh. All right here. We go Stack it up. We Got sixty points with 10 points each so we are doubles. We are the bananas That was really easy though. Don’t tell anybody I don’t know if anybody could see that, but that was so easy I hope they don’t give anything like that DJ Challenge we the best music Did they off on the one where they interest to jump that where’s the hole? I don’t see any hole what the heck is that one? I think there’s just a lay flat for that one don’t look like I was like a lay flat one cuz I don’t see any Holes ooh, we the best But actually see blue team like I see red team wins right here real quick real quick real quick real quick Quickly this game is so fun guys. I really had so much fun jumping through some holes today This was really cool new game in 29 seconds guys We are the champion alright so I supposed to thank you so much my beautiful mar march for coming and watch me play this game today because I had so Much fun lookit ante no way, you know I had so much fun playing this game I wanted to keep playing it for hours and hours because that much fun But you know I had to make more videos than this so I will see you guys tomorrow for another new video You know I’m making two videos a day in july This is just one of them there might be another one coming out right now So if you guys will keep hanging out head on over to stay on this channel like and subscribe and remember…EVERYONE’S A MARMAR!

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